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  1. Her body is absolutely delicious! And I love the way she flaunts every pound of her blubber in those bikinis!
  2. Yes! And let's not forget that she is not a plus size model who got bigger but was once a slender model who blew up! In any event she looks awesome!
  3. I love how her, Diana Sirokai and King Steph keep getting bigger and bigger! 😍
  4. I watched her last season on Fox Network's "911" and it seemed like that in every full body shot there was an effort to obscure her hips and butt, either with clothing or with some object partially blocking the shot. Almost as if the producers accepted that she was going to stay chubby but weren't sure if the viewing audience would.
  5. Refer to comparison pics post by Well1 on page 299 and then see if you still think she's slimmer now.
  6. Thanks for starting this thread: I am a fan of hers and of both shows you mentioned. I too noticed some extra weight on this season of "Preacher" and it seems to me they tried to cover it up with the white suit.
  7. She is in new movie "Blinded By the Light" about Pakistani-English teenager growing up in the 1980's who has a personal revelation after being influenced by the music of Bruce Springsteen. She plays the kid's teacher. She looks to be about that recent weight in the film.
  8. Yes...that's really all that matters, isn't it? Maybe her fat fetish/gaining/stuffing experience was an attempt to transform herself because she felt not right about what she was. I hope now she finally finds happiness. That said, from a selfish standpoint I am a little sad because fat or thin she was a GORGEOUS woman! But again, I am happy for her if she...no HE...has found peace and comfort with himself.
  9. Yes you are correct; I think she's heavier now than she was at the end of that WG video. My theory is that once a fit woman lets herself go as she did for that show, her metabolism gets altered to the point where she gains weight all the more easily if she is not vigilant. This is true for many men as well, and especially so for people who are no longer in their 20's or early 30's anymore, as applies to Claire In any event, I think she looks great; even better than she did in that old video! I said then (her choice of course) that she should have stayed that way. I particularly love the chubby face and fuller bosom!
  10. Perhaps you misunderstand me, my friend: I never said she wouldn't have lost ALL that weight without lap band surgery, I was simply saying that she admitted to having had lap band surgery. She didn't LIE about it, at least in any of the videos I have seen.
  11. I don't care how she made it come about but she transformed herself into a freakishly hot woman. She was attractive in her "natural" state but now with those massive thighs, hips, butt and breasts she is simply phenomenal. 😍
  12. I agree with your general sentiment regarding her attitude, but I must say that a couple of years ago I saw a video in which she did say she had used lap band surgery to keep from gaining weight back after she had lost a lot on her own, and that the surgery had allowed her to get down to an even smaller size.
  13. Jenn was steadily gaining before she adopted the Lardi B persona. I think she's just a nice (musically talented) gal who likes to eat and is very body-positive about her larger size.
  14. Hotefatty

    Nigella Lawson

    "Never trust a skinny chef."
  15. Yes me too! She was one of the sexiest BBWs ever! And in fact you will recall she was fired from the show the following year for those real life issues you mentioned.
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