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  1. Good Lord, you are sexy!😍
  2. Happy Halloween, Cupid!💕🤡
  3. Hello dear! A belated welcome to Curvage to you!😊🤗
  4. I have seen a lot of fat Velmas (and fat Daphnes) but you are the sexiest one yet!😊😍
  5. Of course, you always have support in this community, Casey... it's the "few bad apples" thing, I guess. Let the good outweigh the bad as it always does. Take care of YOURSELF FIRST, dear...we're not going anywhere either! ❤️😊💪
  6. I remember way back when she looked like she did in the photo on the left but wanted to look like the photo on the right and so she started trying to gain. She got sidetracked for a while, I believe by negative feedback on her social media, but it's good to see she has finally reached that happy, dreamed-of realm of fatness!🤗😍❤️
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