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  1. Hotefatty

    Kate Lambert from Teachers

    Yes me too! She was one of the sexiest BBWs ever! And in fact you will recall she was fired from the show the following year for those real life issues you mentioned.
  2. Hotefatty

    Kate Lambert from Teachers

    Definitely worth the watch- but we aren't THAT old- LOL!
  3. Hotefatty

    Kate Lambert from Teachers

    Delta Burke had a massive weight gain in just a few years on Designing Women back in the day, but the producers decided to make an episode about how her character is fat-shamed and regains her dignity. The episode is titled "They Shoot Fat Women Don't They?" and it won an Emmy as well as earning Delta a nomination.
  4. Hotefatty

    Have You Missed Me?

    Oh, it's so good to see you back again! How have you been?
  5. Hotefatty

    Newbie! BBW Casey

    I'm a big fan! Welcome!
  6. Hotefatty

    Rebel Wilson

    Yes, no matter how body positive they claim to be, the pressure to be slimmer usually wins out. Hopefully she won't go too far down that path.
  7. Hotefatty

    Rebel Wilson

    I like her and I am so glad they cast her as the lead in "Isn't It Romantic" instead of just the comedy relief/sidekick. Plus-sized leading actress scores!
  8. Hotefatty

    Rebel Wilson

    Well, she LOST weight...IDK if she is still actively losing to become skinny.
  9. Hotefatty

    Toni Braxton

    I have always thought Toni was very attractive, as are her sisters. She has always tended to be a little curvy, but I have always pictured her plumping up a little more as she got older.
  10. Hotefatty

    Swathi Naidu

    That dimple on her butt is simply adorable...
  11. Hello there! I am following you on Tumblr and now I am so pleased to see you on here! Welcome!

    1. Mamahorker


      Thank you for the warm welcome! ❤️

  12. Hotefatty

    Is the President a (Secret) Feeder?

    I have been saying she would look hotter with curves for a long time, and she seems to be just a few good months of hearty eating away from getting them. But, sadly, I don't think she will let it happen so long as she is in the international spotlight. Maybe after her husband is no longer in office. One can only hope...
  13. Hotefatty

    Bryce Dallas Howard

    She's gotten as thick as hasty pudding. I can just picture her trying to run away from dinosaurs with those chubs.
  14. She's incredible!😍
  15. Hotefatty


    Very attractive lady! She reminds me a little of a plus-size Scarlett Johansson.