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  1. I follow her on Instagram and I have been waiting SOOOO long for her weight to creep back up. It seems that now, after several years, she is moving away from that stick model look.
  2. I wondered what she had been up to after she retired. I love how she continued to gain and now appears to be making a comeback. She's as large as a BigCutie now!
  3. I know she's all fake but...I...just...can't...keep...from...staring at...her...BBODY! 😍😂
  4. I love the way that BOTH hotties from the "Wayne's World" movies plumped up in later years!😍
  5. She would look hot in a burlap sack!
  6. Ellana and Ayesha BOTH put on a lot of weight since joining AGT...and BOTH look absolutely sexy!
  7. I absolutely love her figure!😍
  8. I loved her on that show...I DID notice a little curves on her as the episodes progressed.
  9. Hotefatty

    Holly Marie Combs

    Not likely. She will be 46 in December 2019
  10. Those burgers have done wonders for her figure. She has plumped up so much in the couple of years since this thread started!
  11. Her body is absolutely delicious! And I love the way she flaunts every pound of her blubber in those bikinis!
  12. Yes! And let's not forget that she is not a plus size model who got bigger but was once a slender model who blew up! In any event she looks awesome!
  13. I love how her, Diana Sirokai and King Steph keep getting bigger and bigger! 😍
  14. I watched her last season on Fox Network's "911" and it seemed like that in every full body shot there was an effort to obscure her hips and butt, either with clothing or with some object partially blocking the shot. Almost as if the producers accepted that she was going to stay chubby but weren't sure if the viewing audience would.
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