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  1. I know Lisa is a p0t smoker, thoughts on a video where you get her all doped up and you two stuff her? What do we think, guys??
  2. Cake, pizza, pasta, pastries, ice cream, whipped cream, heavy cream, fries smothered in cheese... anything really carby but also dairy!
  3. It's so incredibly hot seeing these short snaps of your real life, and the lengths you're going to gain 🥵 No wonder you're becoming such a big, round, lardy butterball, carrying literal sticks of butter around 😍
  4. Now imagine how huge she'd look on the right wearing the same white dress now
  5. Look at all the cellulite on her thighs, and that's even with airbrushing
  6. You're definitely going to be known as 'the fat girl' in work 😏 Your co-workers are definitely going to be whispering to each other about how much you've grown How they mistook you for being pregnant at first because it's so rare a woman has a potbelly like yours 😍 You should definitely do a big stuffing sometime before you leave, if you get an adequate lunchbreak, then waddle your poor stuffed body to the bathroom to show us just how huge you've got 💕💕
  7. I'm not sure how much longer that wooden bed frame is going to hold you, Ruby! Shall we start a gofundme so you can get a nice sturdy metal framed one? (queen sized ofc) 🥰
  8. Hi Casey sorry for the noob question but do you still lift for mobility or any mental benefits? I just ask as I saw a photo of you in a before/after and the before photo was of you performing a power clean! As a lifter myself who loves a big woman, I was impressed to say the least with your transformation!
  9. Ahhh I'm excited to see what you got?!? Hopefully you're tucking into it right now
  10. Love the way you're covering your nipples there even though you have a bra on?? 😄
  11. Absolutely huge woman. How much does these women consume to maintain their figure? I swear I couldn't get as fat as them unless I was on 5000+ calories a day
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