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  1. Okay yes that is ridiculous! 🥵 Poor baby ❤️
  2. Is a heatwave in Finland like 15 degrees, Jules? 😏
  3. OMG I've followed geparke on tiktok and instagram for months, I didn't know you had a curvage too! Idk if you're still planning on immobility, but you're incredibly beautiful I'm so glad I found you ❤️
  4. How the fuck does she get THIS FAT with all the travelling she does? She must have thousand calorie breakfasts immediately after waking up
  5. I keep thinking she's going to hit her limit and then she just keeps growing... 😲😍
  6. She's so big she'd probably have to lose 20 - 30lbs before it's noticeable tbh
  7. She's incredible. Definitely getting thicker. I think she might be one of my favourites right now
  8. Incredible how even in a narrow mirror you still look fat as hell 😍
  9. Likewise with her 'queer' shtick.
  10. This photo and description is simply breathtaking 😍 you wont be fitting in those cinema seats much longer!
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