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  1. This is it, thank you so much!
  2. Good point, she was blonde and also I think as the videos progressed there was a consensus that she might not be the most stable of people. I think she’d even talk about details of her life that we’re not great situations like maybe losing a job or she quit or something. But yeah blonde and blue eyes😅
  3. I remember in the general videos section there was a thread about this girl who tried losing weight over the years. She would post a video every once in awhile and she’d always be bigger. If anybody has a link to those videos or can remember that’d be awesome! It was a longer thread if I remember correctly
  4. I never pictured myself living in Iowa but I do like the weather
  5. Wait is this what she looks like now or is this from awhile back? Cause if it's now, she looks good but I think in my mind I just had her looking bigger
  6. Person

    who is this girl????

    Some clues are better than others, but a first name is half the puzzle. What is that first name?
  7. I think you're best bet is to have this moved to the requests section. I have no idea who it is, but hope you find an answer because now I'm curious too.
  8. Person

    Marion Bartoli

    Shit didn't know that, of course that was probably pretty obvious though. Well I hope she is able to beat her illness.
  9. Person

    Marion Bartoli

    Disappointing looks like she has aged 20 years in 2.
  10. If you find out who she is please share, she is bomb.
  11. Hell I think she looks better now than before. More womanly and less fake
  12. Sarah Spain has a podcast, comes on ESPN sometimes, and has a nice bod
  13. Person


    I'm gonna have to disagree
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