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  1. I haven't checked this thread in ages. I kept hoping the loss was only temporary, but it looks like she's essentially a straight -sized model now. It is disappointing, as others said. Tara Lynn, who was once so hot and curvy, seems to have gone the same route.
  2. Obviously, her body is her business, but I think it's a shame that she has gone from a body positivity icon to a diet culture denizen. She was amazing at her peak weight. She does still look good, though.
  3. If you check out her IG, you'll see she really is closer to her heaviest than to her lightest. She looks fantastic to me.
  4. pet sounds

    big cutie rey

    She's reybbw on Tumblr.
  5. Super post! Thanks.
  6. Her middle name must be Notso.😂
  7. Emily's truly one of the sexiest models for my tastes I've ever seen.
  8. Aw. This is so sad.
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