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  1. She's beautiful at any weight, but she really is ultra hot at her current size!
  2. She seems to be reveling in her own girth nowadays. Which works for me, since I'm reveling in it, too!
  3. I can't stand her. OK, I lied.😍
  4. The new weight looks tremendous on those feminine curves. Beautiful from head to toe.
  5. There's a great new modeling photo of her smiling on her IG. She's wearing baggy clothes but her chubby face is so cute.
  6. She's an absolute knockout! Thanks for posting!
  7. She certainly knows how to fill a bathtub!😃
  8. pet sounds

    Amber Nova

    But with a lot better shape!
  9. I can't even put into words how attractive this woman is. It's great that she's happy with her weight. I certainly am!!!
  10. I guess I was including photo selection and angling as part of photo editing. You're right about how the angle of a photo can really be deceptive in minimizing weight.
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