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  1. Thanks for the great update!
  2. I've always loved her looks. Beautiful girl.
  3. A classic beauty if there ever was one.
  4. Sorry you miss your old self, especially when the current you is so irresistible. You just more and more desirable; no lie.
  5. You've always been pretty, but you look fantastic now! 😘
  6. Please don't have any work done like a fat transfer. It often looks so unnatural. The path you're on right now is just perfect!
  7. Couch Queenie is one of the top girls on Curvage in my book. She started out beautiful and just has gotten hotter as she's gained.
  8. It seems like longer than two months, but in a good way, like you just belong here.
  9. If you Google her name + height, there are many hits saying she's 5'10" and 209 pounds. Fwiw.
  10. Interesting. I would have figured her for bigger than 3x.
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