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  1. @Dert477, your posts never disappoint!
  2. Stunning is definitely the word for her. She makes me melt every time you update this. Thanks!
  3. My honest feedback is that she's beautiful and my only suggestions are, treasure her and let her know you do.
  4. Nikki is a big enough person to take a joke about being a, ahem, big person.😈
  5. I was just thinking about her yesterday. Thanks for the beautiful update! She's looking better than ever.
  6. So glad you found Curvage, Amber! You're already kind of a star around here. Please do post more pictures of your gorgeous self!
  7. Thanks for all of your contributions, @Ms. LovelyMeow!
  8. Brooke, have you ever noticed what a fat wife your husband has? 😈
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