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  1. She is so fat and perfect. Thickening up so nicely.
  2. All I can say is WOW (still having embedding issues sorry)
  3. I'm just gonna... leave this here. (It won't embed sorry)
  4. And here is day 3. Really missing her being over 300... she looked damn good but she's always going to be beautiful. Never knew she had a problem with her weight but guess she does.
  5. Well... from a whopping 313 down to I think a 285 shown in her third day video... Nothing gold can stay fellas.
  6. Haven't actually made a real post in a while so I'm taking the advantage of being first. A few shots from her concert last night. I don't know how she fits that fat ass (and now her belly) into leather but damn I'm glad she does. These suck but I'm busy so didn't have much time to get anything better. I'm sure you all can get better shots.
  7. Wow I forgot about this thread... This is one of the best stories on here honestly. I'm excited for some updates!!!
  8. That is a denim jacket. The flap closest to her stomach is a collar.
  9. Good for her. Honestly, she's been my favorite throughout the show and not just because she's insanely sexy with an unbelievable hip-waist ratio. Woman's got a lot of talent. I hope she succeeds greatly without getting too sucked into the fame.
  10. Damn I forgot all about her! Age and more weight is looking great on her!
  11. Dear God is she pregnant again?? That is the fattest I ever remember her being. Those first few with her in grey are mind blowing
  12. IG is having issues so this cannot embed properly. This massive ebony blob of sexy fat with the most adorable face on top is a whopping size 4x with measurments 50-39-65.
  13. The other woman definitely ain't ugly as well. Big chest, big ass. Certainly doesn't beat the fat round Nzinga we all love but they are both easy on the eyes. I was surprised this wasn't already posted but we got it now. Nzinga is even fatter now which is saying something considering her apparent size in that interview.
  14. I don't think this was posted but she looks damn fat in this. It's almost a year old though sorry.
  15. I was surprised to see this thread again. Did she suck more fat out of her waist or did her hips get even wider? Her shape is crazy!
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