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  1. No bra? Bold. Her chest has definitelt gotten bigger 😍
  2. There is no doubt that she is fatter! You can really tell in the face but there are signs every where
  3. Spam shouldn't count when it's grade A prime content
  4. I can't believe the goddess herself is a curvage model! I fell in love instantly after finding your youtube channel Olivia and have loved you ever since. You have an incredible fat beautiful body to say the least and you're hilarious, adorable and sweet. It was a dream that you would join this site and now that dream has come true!
  5. Not technically gaining I don't think but there's a fat gorgeous one on twitch Taylorhws. It's HouseWifeSwag if any of you know her
  6. I commend and thank you Johnny for finding these tiny clips of gold. As hot and adorable as the woman is, I can't sit for hours watching her play games. Not my thing. I hope that skirt becomes even tighter on her in the future!
  7. Damn didn't know Diana gained it all back. Looks like you're right sir!
  8. I sprinted to curvage when I saw that post haha. Couldn't have said it better myself
  9. I still don't understand subbing. You get all her twitch content for free anyway. We all fortunately get to see her fatten up her ass and suckers are paying her loads for not much of anything in return. Am I missing something?
  10. @OscarWinner And the Oscar goes to...
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