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On 10/26/2023 at 4:12 AM, BigD88 said:

She hasn't posted much lately. Just a shot of her drinking wine in September, and it's still pretty safe to have a glass of wine now and then early in pregnancy. 

Well, recent research has shown that no amount of alcohol is safe for anyone, let alone a pregnant person. It's probably not a good idea.

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23 hours ago, demp444 said:

In a recent video a co-worker asked if she had any weird cravings, but I don’t know the context around the question. Anyway, here’s the video: https://www.tiktok.com/t/ZPR77n8Vo/

I just looked up the broadcast in question - it was lead-out from a story headlined "Uber Eats releases odd delivery cravings" so I don't know if we can read too much into it yet.

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7 hours ago, BLTs said:

Agreed! It's easy to get lost in her amazing body but her face is the bow that ties it all together. She's all around gorgeous 

Her face has always been beautiful but even moreso now that it's starting to show hints of her gain. That double chin isn't huge but it's popping up for sure😍

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