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  1. I've yet to see an unflattering image of this woman
  2. Nothing starts the morning off right like like seeing beauty like this
  3. Can words describe what has happened to this beauty's body?
  4. The gap between your belly and hip roll 😍
  5. Fat shoulders dont get enough appreciation and you are a shining example
  6. I guess it's been a while since I've checked in, shes gotten huge!
  7. Shes becoming the size I'd always fantasized about but never thought it would come. Especially no double chin. Her before and after pics are pure magic. Despite how skinny she was, with those doorframe hips, she was doomed to becoming a blimp anyway
  8. It's almost like the past version is seeing the future version
  9. As we look at her taking a picture with these cookies, they have already been absorbed into her ass fat
  10. A video of you singing I'd actually love to see
  11. A video of you singing I'd actually love to see
  12. The fat is even consuming her face now
  13. That skinny model is definitely thinking 'at least I'm not the fat one' Actual belly peeking out in that last pic!
  14. 🎶All I want tor Christmas is youuuuu🎶
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