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    Here is Blossom sporting a bigger softer fuller belly... so soft and will filled since her last video updates... Heading up that 240+ scale her bed is noticeable groaning having to support the extra weight.... Great belly shape developing... If Blossom keeps giving into those cravings and gorges away then expect to see a ever growing spare belly tyre...😍
    Here is Kitty up close and personal..... Kitty moves and caresses her beautiful curvy body to show you a more intense view of her curves. Her beautiful curvy belly shows that it is in charge by pushing over her increasingly now stressed panties on one side as she moves forward. The weight of her flesh evident as her belly curves push forward relentlessly as she sits up and manoeuvres herself onto her bed that also sounds like it might give way to her increasing size and weight at any time... For - great views of Kitty's growing curves, double chin and full thighs and curvaceous booty, keeping up her calorie intake while soothing her belly as it takes her fill... gorgeous voice / chuckles and slightly increased breathing rate as she moves her body around..... Talk of increasing her size to immobility and servicing her needs with reduced mobility Great video - very hot
    Great video with honest and transparent commentary from Kitty on some frequently asked questions. This video could inspire additional question material for a future video or two.. Great views of Kitty's ever expanding belly and curves... Developing such a sexy belly shelf all round there.... Great video... loved it...
  1. Hi Kitty and Curvage Support, Many thanks for the prompt and efficient customer service on the recent payment issues.... Top drawer responses and attention to service....
  2. Hi Kitty, I am trying to purchase your latest video and apparently my card is not been accepted. Could this be a similar problem?
    Kitty takes a bath in a hotel following some considerable over indulgence over the holidays.... WOW! Kitty has really put on some weight. To a point where her hip girth seals the water flow to the back of the bath as her chubby frame makes a perfect water seal... Kitty has now developed a belly shelf and grab-able love handles as she moves up the scale somewhat....The water displacement created as she struggles to stand up in the bath is immense... Kitty's commentary on reaching future weight gain goals is very hot and something to look forward too this year and perhaps next.... Love the video for the noticeable belly growth since the last video posting, smiles, gorgeous eyes, rolls of soft flesh, belly and hip girth and hot commentary.... x
    I am sure that Kitty is supporting a little more belly poundage and girth in this third instalment of workout teasers....😊 Kitty starts off with some base exercises and cardio fun... Well she completely gets winded and ends up doing a full carbio workout to enhance her curves - A far more easier and satisfying workout all round... me thinks...😍 Love the bed scenes - Gotta say that was very hot and love the commentary of going to the fridge rather than the Gym to get fit - sorry fat.... love it.... x
    These two videos are a total workout for Kitty as she fights to get her old Gym Kit on....🙂 Love the cute giggling and subsequent belly and flesh jiggles that accompany... A total hot combination video set.... Need to replenish lost calories after these two sessions....
    Great video showing the results of Kitty's workout regime over recent months i.e. constantly working her hand to jaw movements coupled with selecting and lifting high calorie content whist simultaneously consuming vast quantities of waist enhancing food. Top marks for the commitment and pre-training 😍 Love the belly giggles and preparation / set up scenes.... very cheeky and hot...... Love the sense of humour too....
  3. Loving the light moans and groans as you swell your belly with lush calories.......following the weigh in.... epic x
    And here it is the first of many (I am sure) weigh ins.....😍 Kitty's constant love of food and recently letting go and indulging in every one of her food cravings and gorging to her hearts and present capacities capabilities has paid off with a definite gain to satisfy a present goal for the time being and just in time for the holiday / party season... Yes - Kitty looks great with her new developing curves and ever hanging heavy belly and widening hips and softening thighs.... Love the weight gain shake intake compliment to the video and confirmation of calorie consumption rate that is sure to accelerate Kitty towards her next goal and beyond as her capacity and ever growing spare belly tyre and belly shelf develop nicely with every new pound of beautiful fat gained and stored.... This is truly a fantastic start to an amazingly well presented young woman in love with her body and happy to grow with it... For the journey...
    Here is part deux.... 😍 Kitty continues to rifle through her past clothes and confirms that perhaps wearing them to the office may not be a great idea or career enhancing move - Or would it??? 😁 Likes - tight fitting clothes that show off Kitty's great growing body, the constant giggles and belly wobbles due to non co-operating clothes as they refuse to be worn, confirmation of been able to wear size UK 12 - well up to her knees anyway.... 🤣 Just great and a must have - Gosh! I hope that there was a shed load of eating after these two video workouts.....
    Here is another well presented Kitty and in this outing Kitty demonstrates that she is definitely not a size UK 14. In fact due to her increasing appetite and constant love of food and her continuous snacking Kitty's size UK 18 jeans that she purchased only a few weeks ago are now too tight to wear out comfortably.... Although I am sure that we would not mind at all 😁 I loved Kitty's outfits and I have to say her curves are continuing to develop nicely as her belly overhang is really something to behold as well as Kitty's widening hips and softening upper thighs.... Clearly Kitty is preparing well for the holiday season even though her outfits are struggling to keep up... Great curves and a lovely curvy full bum and a great butt shelf on show - terrific....
    Kitty's latest video entry is a gud un.... Kitty offers a quick tour of her gorgeously growing curves detailing some belly rubs as her soft belly giggles with pleasure... You can clearly see that Kitty's belly is taking some poundage as well as her hips as there are some nice rolls forming on her bottom belly and a now well defined defined roll on top of her belly that has been forming recently as confirmed by Kitty's constant eating and snacking..... 😍 Kitty comments on growing closer to a higher weight level (You will have to purchase the video to find out what this is!)....... As well as taking her first weigh in soon... By the slight windage in Kitty's breath as she chats - It would appear that her belly is getting heavier by the day and her gorgeously forming hips and glorious butt are a added bonus sight in this video too... Great curves and commentary....
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