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  1. Yep - Jen Lambers Meteorologist extraordinaire and general all round hot gal...🥰😍
  2. New Year - New growing body - Amazing and so hot...😍
    Da Dar....Here is another great video story submission from Ruby. The first thing to note of significance is the videos introductory narrative - this sets the scene for a calorie gorging sensation that's sure to be hot and as fattening as it suggests. And it does not disappoint...😋😍 From the outset we see Ruby's ever growing curves bulging out on all fronts as a result of her constant gorging and cravings over recent months. Her 400+lb appetite that is gaining in strength and stamina to the grease filled, fattening, waistline expanding calorie fest of a meaty meal that is devoured with such love and slickness. As Ruby devours her tasty feast, we get to see Ruby's belly fill up and expand to take the thousands of calories that are sure going to push her belly and hips out wider and further than ever before - I believe both the participant and the viewer gets turned on at this point..... And if that is not enough then to top of the calorie fest a solid heavy chocolate desert to add additional pounds to Ruby's sensational figure as we get to review the poundage that Ruby has put on recently from below. So, so hot...😋😍 Ruby is a real treat - the dedication and love of her growing frame and weight gain is truly sensational and I love reviewing her top drawer videos with a happy heart...😍
  3. And some and that's so damn hot...😍
    What a name - Satanpanties666! What a gorgeous looking gal with great curves too - And a lovely little starter video on Curvage - so hot. 😍 You definitely will not be disappointed and it looks like SP666 has put on a few development pounds in her later videos - even hotter and such a gorgeous frame to enhance too...😋😍
    Another great video from a fatter Ruby - That red dress and little devil horns alone will get you excited....😍 Love how Ruby can literally demolish 3.5K calories in next to no time. Although the third chug swelled Ruby's ever growing tummy that she has to lean back a little to let the high density chug settle. Love your technique for self stuffing - very skilful...☺️ I absolutely love your growing curves and very womanly growing curves at that - you are certainly getting hotter with every new pound of gorgeous fat that you put on...😘😋😍
  4. Ummm hot... But she maybe trimming down a little....😍
    Hi Udderly Adorable its your long distant boyfriend here....🥰 My haven't you filled out since the last time I saw you, clearly all those gift card vouchers and little pressies that I have been sending to you regularly have been well invested. I hope that you have enjoyed all of the good food whilst we have been apart as a result and looking forward to the upcoming candy and festive seasons 😋 I particularly love the way you have filled out in your gorgeous belly and how you can suck it in a little to show your panties and then release to relieve the shear weight. Love also the cute jiggles and wobbles that you can muscle up and my there's a lot less clearance now in that door frame compared to July 21...😍 Missing you immensely and can't wait to see you soon - perhaps your swimsuits of which I love them all equally for different reasons 😉might be a little more snug and your doorway a little more challenging... Missing you already and sending all my love - your long distant boyfriend...🥰😍🥰
    Here is the lovely and gorgeous growing extra lush Lauren...😍 Great curves and extra jiggle here - love the stuffing and camera angles catching Lauren's growing curves.... Missing some of her earlier videos though as they seem to not be available now.... However, always great to see Lauren's newest work and curves...😘😍
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