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    Hi Udderly Adorable its your long distant boyfriend here....🥰 My haven't you filled out since the last time I saw you, clearly all those gift card vouchers and little pressies that I have been sending to you regularly have been well invested. I hope that you have enjoyed all of the good food whilst we have been apart as a result and looking forward to the upcoming candy and festive seasons 😋 I particularly love the way you have filled out in your gorgeous belly and how you can suck it in a little to show your panties and then release to relieve the shear weight. Love also the cute jiggles and wobbles that you can muscle up and my there's a lot less clearance now in that door frame compared to July 21...😍 Missing you immensely and can't wait to see you soon - perhaps your swimsuits of which I love them all equally for different reasons 😉might be a little more snug and your doorway a little more challenging... Missing you already and sending all my love - your long distant boyfriend...🥰😍🥰
    Here is the lovely and gorgeous growing extra lush Lauren...😍 Great curves and extra jiggle here - love the stuffing and camera angles catching Lauren's growing curves.... Missing some of her earlier videos though as they seem to not be available now.... However, always great to see Lauren's newest work and curves...😘😍
  1. Apparently Jen went on a cruise holiday in the summer....
  2. I think that recent cruise has done wonders for Jen's figure - gosh she looks so hot...😍
    It just gets better and better with Ruby - The first thing to notice is the quality of the video and audio, top class... Then its Ruby's curves - just WOW! she is so hot (got a thing about tall curvy, growing girls)....😍 and finally its Ruby's impressive weight gain and clearly how her continued growing appetite is working to enhance her curves in a hugely more positive way each time...😘 Not long now before a certain milestone is reached - What's next I wonder....😍😘 Great video with measurements and weight gain comparisons - loved the fact that a standard tape does not now meet requirements and an extended tape will be needed from now onwards... Also loved Ruby's increasing belly overhang and the POV as she steps on the scale... gosh so hot...😍
  3. Wow! That's so hot... Can you pinpoint the main reasons for this, other than the obvious...😊
  4. You are so hot.... Great curves, look and skin tone...😍

  5. What a figure...😍... Heaven indeed...😍
  6. Gosh! The pounds will be cruising on then....😍😋
  7. Filling out just perfectly.....long may it continue...😋😍
    Well its back to the Office for Ruby - well almost as she has no work outfit that presently fits appropriately....😍 Looks like all that constant snacking and stuffing has expanded Ruby's curves to significant new levels and growing... I can't believe that Ruby actually managed to get her shirt on and pretty much buttoned up - well almost, without busting more buttons off... so hot. Great video of Ruby's ever growing hot curves and FAR looks so hot too. Well you can come to my Office any day without wearing a shirt - I'll get the snacks ready for when you arrive...😉😋😍
  8. Looking so hot as always and sizing up nicely...😍
  9. Great move... Great gal too...😍
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