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    WOW!! This has to be the most sexiest video that PJ has made to date.....😍πŸ₯°.... Such beautiful and sexy growing curves... You can clearly see where all PJ new weight is going and it only enhances her already gorgeous frame more as she enjoys to fill out.... Love the very sexy twerking and jiggles a plenty as PJ shows off her curves from all angles and positions - Very, very hot.....😍
  1. I second the seconder..... KP's curves are really developing nicely 😍
    Part 1 Review - PJ looks absolutely fabulous in this little outfit an my oh my does it extenuate her gorgeous lush curves... 😍 Such beautiful growing curves and her belly is getting nice and big with her growing appetite and she powers down 1000s of calories... Part 2 review coming soon...
  2. I want to self isolate with Ellana....😍
    Here is the adventurous KP sitting pretty and well presented as always...😍 KP is looking to expand her fattening food options in order to satiate and maintain her growing figure and what better way to do this than sample the delights of Taco-Bell.... KP is right Taco-Bell is relatively new here in the UK and is only now becoming more readily available and as such I can see our waistlines expanding yet further as a result...πŸ˜€ I agree with MarshallT KP is looking both wide and heavy in this clip and comparing to a similar pose in a similar spot from her 'Stretch Marks - Two' video in September 2019 - You can certainly see the huge difference... Well having a vast array of fattening foods available 24/7/365 will certainly assist in satisfying KPs growing appetite in order to assist in fattening her absolutely gorgeous hips and belly nicely. Love the pressure been put on KPs underwear from her big heavy belly - not long before it finally pushes over the top and escapes now...😍... Also love her powerful fuller arms and very cute upper arm rolls... Kps hips, butt and thighs are significantly filling out and you can see where the next 50 or so pounds are going to go. Love KPs rounder face and her eyes are truly mesmerizing like pearls in a deep blue ocean...πŸ₯° Its safe to say that Taco Bell meets with Kps approval as her food gets consumed with ease and enjoyment... It also looks like the next order will be significantly bigger in order to satisfy KPs latest feeling of stuffing requirements and allow her body to convert calories to pounds quicker... Love the video and sensual approach and critique along the way - Top drawer stuff again KP...πŸ˜€
    Here is McT24 - Great set of curves, lovely skin and a real cutie.... Great video and super strong appetite...πŸ₯°
    PJ is filling out very nicely from her bigger softer / more powerful upper arms and chest to her girthy belly and chunky thighs... So sexy....😍 That belt won't fit in a weeks time - Not a chance...πŸ˜ƒ Love the happy smiley face too - So gorgeous - Enjoy πŸ˜ƒ
    Welcome back CBL...😍 Wow!! What a video to return with... Such beautiful curves enhanced by some very sexy lingerie and so eloquently modeled with some twerking and belly rubbing rolled in as well.. Truly fantastic... As always...πŸ₯°
  3. Ummm - PJ's belly looks like it has had some attention lately - Looking nice and full and soft these days... Long may this continue...😍
    Happy Birthday!!! Stay safe, eat well and enjoy your special day....😍
    Here is KP perched on her fattening stool 😍 And oh my does KP look nice and big and round in this video... Her side rolls are looking larger (thicker than some girls front belly roll) these days as her belly girth extends further onto her lap and the width of her butt and thighs are truly amazing.. The 80 Popper Challenge was so easy for KP as she barely took any time at all to inhale probably around 2,000 calories in total with thick gravy and a drink... I hope that she found plenty of cake afterwards...😍 I wonder what will give first as KP packs on the pounds - Her fattening stool (it groans a bit in this video πŸ˜„) or the sheer weight and size of her belly girth pushing over on her cute underwear.. Looking forward to the day when KP moves slightly forward to make that happen... Not long now...😜 Next episode 100 Popper Challenge with thick gravy, a drink and lots of cake and or doughnuts to finish... just a more substantial snack to tie KP over....
    Here again is a well presented KP - Looking absolutely stunning as usual... 😍 In this video KP shows especially how wonderfully wide and heavy her well shaped butt, thighs and belly are getting - I can't believe the width and depth of KP's fleshy sexy ass - Gosh, just gorgeous... With a lot of effort KP manages to pull off some very sexy angles and demonstrates just ho low her belly is to the ground when on all fours... Not long now... Love the shape, size, weight and sound of KP's ever growing curves - just so 'mesmerisingly' sexy - Top drawer stuff again....
    The anticipation of absorbing thousands of calories sends the pulse racing in this video... Kitty is looking plush and lush as she gorges her way through several thousand calories on her way to increasing her hip and belly girth some... 😍 Kitty's performance is breath taking as all her fattening food is consumed with such passion and love whilst gently unveiling her growing gut and gently rubbing her tummy to soothe its inevitable expansion... ☺️ This may become the new norm for Kitty as her scales and lard laden body expand on the way up to 400lbs.... Top drawer content and theme - As always...
    This is a great video, love the treats generously spread on Kitty's bed and Kitty gently consuming calories at a good rate.... Love her tight underwear pulled up just under her belly button and whilst laying back looks tight, snug and sexy. But wait, when Kitty sits up her sheer belly mass and size is straining the top band and her belly weight and size nearly forces itself over 😍 Not long now me thinks ☺️.... Keep up those gorging sessions and by early May those underwear wont stand a chance... Another great video and theme professionally executed as usual... Five Stars again....
    Here you get to see the effects of Kitty's insatiable appetite and her growing body.... Those poor scales.... Gosh Kitty is packing it on consistently and quickly..... My review is short and sweet and may not be up to the standard of others before me... However, I am only in awe of Kitty's little site and passion... Truly amazing and truly amazing young woman and quality of content.... 5 stars as usual....
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