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  1. ijustkant

    Jessica Simpson

    What a freakshow
  2. If by medical reasons you mean eatingeverythingitis, then yes, she probably has that. All joking aside, her family is heavy and before slimming down a bit c. 2015, she was getting pretty chubby. I'm guessing her body now is just a continuation of her pre-weight loss self. Young, skinny Before weight loss, 2015 After weight loss, 2015 Now
  3. ijustkant

    Noelle Foley

    My guess is that she eats normally except when she posts it on Instagram. Granted, that still seems like a lot, but a lot of her posts could be exaggerated to some extent. With her being 6'0", I'd say she's about 180 lb, so she's not exactly wasting away. She'd probably have to get up to 210+ lb before she started looking chubby.
  4. From earlier this year I couldn't get this one of gyfcat because there's another video before it in the post, but go to the 3rd slide
  5. Probably not. If she was <130 lb and had that ass, then that would be likely. However, considering she's in the mid-200 lb range, a huge butt is par for the course.
  6. Hunter with 5'10" Kate Upton. Even when slouching she's still noticably taller! Looking nice and chunky!
  7. I think she's so entrenched in her body-posi dogma that she no longer has any shame regarding her weight (not that I'm complaining!). Either that or she has a fat fetish herself, which is unlikely. I'm not sure what will stop her now, besides the world's food supply. She even dwarfs fellow plus size model Iskra Lawrence, who also dwarfs average people!
  8. Yes, those are old measurements. She's no longer on Wilhelmina, for some reason, but her last measurements from there were 50.5" 46.5" 55". I don't know if she's 300 lb yet, but she's got to be getting close.
  9. Too bad The Donald is probably already tappin' that 😏
  10. I found this on reddit: Unfortunately, the linked posts appear to have been deleted, which isn't unusual. She posts regularly, yet only has 244 posts, so she probably likes to keep her page tidy. Unless this guy went through the trouble of linking bogus links, it seems likely she claimed to be 250 lb. However, what's strange is that she consistently says she's 6'1"-6'2", but the agency reports about 2" less. Unless she's a feedee, I can't image why she'd over-exaggerate her weight, though. Perhaps the 6'1" claim is meant to "justify" her hefty weight. Anyway,
  11. According to her agency, Wilhelmina, her measurements are. Height: 5'11.5" Bust: 40" D Waist: 34" Hips: 53" As for her weight, the claimed 250 lb seems like a stretch. 220 lb sounds more reasonable, but I'd be great if we could get something official. If she looks thinner, it might be perspective. Even though she has a respectable waist (34"), her hips are so much more prominent (53"), so if she takes pictures which "hide" her hips, she may look noticeably "thinner." I just don't see much of a difference between now and 1-2 years ago. Then again, her Instagram only goes back to mid-late 2017, so she may have been larger before. And here's a recent juicy clip. Just wait for it 😍
  12. Ashleigh Atkins http://www.viviensmodels.com.au/models/ashleigh/
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