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  1. ijustkant

    Noelle Foley

    🍕 We need a whole pizza emoji for this girl!
  2. ijustkant

    Noelle Foley

    A few more pics. She dwarfs her boyfriend! (first pic).
  3. ijustkant

    Noelle Foley

    Almost all of her recent posts mention food or that she's hungry. Her first story playlist is "I ❤️ food." Apparently she used to be a pretty chubby kid and considering her father's genetics, if she keeps eating like this, she's going to get huge! She's also pretty tall. Google says she's 6'0" but a few other sources say 5'9". Either way, she's going to be a big girl! Her Instagram is noellefoley
  4. New pictures from getty.
  5. Don't get me wrong, I love how big she's gotten but I can't help but cringe at all of her exposure knowing that a lot of people will call her fat and/or unhealthy. And who can blame them honestly? She's enormous.
  6. ijustkant

    Taylor Swift

    Looks like they noticed and started running away from the paparazzi. Little do they know ...
  7. Or 45"-34"-51.5" for those using imperial/customary units.
  8. Video doesn't work for me either, even when I downloaded it.
  9. No, that's her height in centimeters. A lot of websites say 190-195 lbs, which seems right considering she works out and is tall.
  10. I think there's a thread of her on here but I'm not sure where.
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