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  1. I fucking called it:
  2. Carla from the test kitchen is where it's at. She's got that mom donk.
  3. BigD88

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Is that site even around anymore? Looks like that address doesn't work.
  4. It's a safe bet, but Adele will return to her bigger self.
  5. America Ferrera, Camryn Manheim, Queen Latifah, Octavia Spencer, Beanie Felstein...
  6. Where was this photoset? I sub to her P***on and I don't see it there.
  7. She really was pregnant. She gave birth in December.
  8. Hence my point earlier. She's gettin that NBA cock.
  9. Oh my sweet summer child.
  10. She's gotta be gettin some of that NBA dick, right? Like it's a given at this point.
  11. BigD88

    Dana Jacobson

    She used to be so much thicker back in her Cold Pizza/First Take days.
  12. BigD88

    Jessica Simpson

    She's 5'2 1/2, which at 240 put her BMI at a whopping 43.2
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