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  1. I love when cuties like her get out of shape.
  2. Can't be a food expert without the gained pounds to show for it.
  3. Headcanon theory: She gains out of spite to the people who told her she's gained weight.
  4. She saying she broke her Spanx is lowkey saying "Yeah I got fat during Covid"
  5. Thank God for that belly of hers.
  6. Considering she's always had a big booty and spent the good part of last year in a leg cast, odds are she might have gained some pounds from not being able to walk let alone train.
  7. Well. My theory was correct. She's gotten so fat, her belly got too big when it came time to zip up her pants. You can just see her belly ooze out. Surprised it didn't cause her button to snap open.
  8. I don't think her zipper is even up in that bottom pic
  9. She really got fat in recent years and stayed fat for the better.
  10. Hopefully between late January into February
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