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  1. Here me out with this one. It's been on my mind for the past several months and it really made me think about it. For those who want to get fat or even fatter of they're already fat, feederism is the next best thing to turn to right? Feeders are a gainer's personal trainer because, meal prep, provide weight gain shakes, make and set up a routine daily for calorie intake to help get the body you want. In this case, the body most people avoid having and intentionally lose. Maybe call this a new kink within the FA/Feedeism world. Think about it. If so many celebrities have to get personal trainers to get on serious shape for roles, why not trainers that help them get fat for roles too? Sure they're likely to opt for prosthetics and all that but for those who really want to put in that work outta have people that help them gain weight for those kind of roles too. Sure men and women who love being fat and getting fat love doing the work themselves but when they need a little help? The feeders are that personal trainer.
  2. Hey there hot stuff 🔥😍❤️
  3. If only she would lean into it more.
  4. I think this is probably the biggest question of all when it comes to being a FA/Feeder. When your significant other starts to put on a noticeable amount of weight, and they ask you "does this make me look fat?" or "you think I gained weight?" does that give you a sense of a shrinking window? Or if they tell you that they want to start going to the gym again because they've gained weight, but you don't want them too because you like it. Be honest. Has that made you feel more inclined to come out as a FA to the one you love for the sake of honesty and transparency? Or do you still feel a lingering worry of Judgement because if you admit to your love that you like fat people and they don't like that, you might lose them. Honestly I'm on the camp of, "you gotta come clean eventually, you can try to hold off as long as you want but one of two things would happen. 1. They'll find out eventually 2. You'll lose that chance that you might not get another one at. So even if you want to start small and make their gain feel as if it's the sexiest thing in the world and try to sway them away from the gym and try to lowkey fatten them up a bit, eventually they'll figure out something is up. Be honest, be transparent no matter the outcome. Maybe it'll work out in your favor.
  5. She kinda sorta addressed her weight gain around the I wanna say hour fifty four ish mark. Went into little detail about how the gain during the Pandemic affected her confidence with doing cosplays which the chat was super positive and supportive of her's during the stream. Which surprised me considering how much of her Beautiful gut was on display. Which then lead to Kira saying she's a firm believer in "cosplaying whoever you want no matter your size". But she wants to be for comfortable in her own skin as she's trying to get back into it. Now if I may fit a second: 1. She pulled off that cosplay so well especially more so with her weight gain 2. Knowing how much of these Conventions have at least a good portion bigger than her weight wise have that much confidence to cosplay without caring about what others say, if Kira does it more often now, I think she could genuinely set a good example of her practicing what she preaches.
  6. I wish it would be so easy to convince her to do so.
  7. Would you be willing to date someone who's way past 300 pounds? Or fatten them up beyond 300 because you are interested at the idea of your lover at 400 or maybe even 500 pounds?
  8. Are FAs and Feederism the best of both worlds you can possibly hope for? Or is it up to a certain point for you?
  9. https://twitter.com/FearHavok/status/1573115781679833088?t=n5bjxNumjSwQuMs2UIiZjA&s=19
  10. It just means your still fattening up real nicely.
  11. What I wouldn't give to make and feed her pancakes every day.
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