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  1. Would you rather date:

    A belly dancer with a big belly who purposely fattens herself to maintain it. 


    A plus size model with a very big appetite who also requires constant amounts of food

  2. This is a literal dream of mine. I would love to spend a day let alone an hour with you two as I feed and play with your bellies. Making you both so big even waddling would be too much. So much fat to go around as a mountain of food would be put in front of you.
  3. Hayley really does come off as a woman who really really pull off curves and the extra pounds. Even thin she's still quite gorgeous.
  4. Dear lord true words. Whew.
  5. If skinny girls can wear crop tops, no problem then bigger girls should too.  There should be zero problem seeing a stomach free out in public. Especially if a stomach has a little jiggle and is very round. Fat girls should wear crop tops too and not be told not to. 

  6. I don't know what's bigger. Those "oranges" or hers, those bingo wings she calls arms, or that belly that looks likes she's one exhale away from bursting her pants open.
  7. She's still a fatty. That's all that matters.
  8. For me, wanting to date bigger girls or wanting fattening one up always has me wanting more. Like on the plus side, a dynamic could involve food and fat fondling. The slight downside is wondering when is enough. As I get older I would find myself saying "250lbs is my limit" then it would be 300, 400, and higher. Like I could make a woman so fat she wouldn't be able to walk anymore cause to me that's kinda hot but at the same time, I don't want to be never satisfied. Even looking up pictures or videos of bigger women, I'm always wanting to find more and more. What would I even need do to fill my satisfaction?
  9. I can just imagine dating a plus size model and more men dating plus size models to help normalize men loving bigger women. Especially with the trend of them getting bigger? Hopefully it'll be a new society norm.
  10. Looks like an easy 25-30 pounds gained.
  11. I hope it continues so bigger girls can get more representation and increase body confidence so more women can chill out with diets.
  12. When people say "I like women with fat in all the right places" they do realize the correct "right places" is everywhere right? It's either you want some fat on your girl or none at all. Simple. 

  13. Still very beautiful and attractive. Even more so with the extra pounds.
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