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  1. A beautiful Whale that walks among us.
  2. It really is true what they say. Fatter people are happier people. Fat wife, happy life. 😍❤️
  3. When the belly gets big enough to plop itself on the sink is both cute and GF goals.
  4. I really hope Katy did some "method acting" and gained the weight for the role. Or just more Covid pounds overall. Or just a fat suit on top of her already fat body.
  5. We need to get to the bottom of this.
  6. 2020, Lockdown Day 1. Alanah's alarm on her phone buzzed as she wakes up and rolls herself up. The sound of the coffee maker as it warms up coffee overshadowed the news report on the TV on the entire United States going into lockdown over a virus. She goes to the fridge to get milk as she makes a bowl of cereal and eats it. She watches the news as it reports that since the entire country shall be under lockdown until further notice due to the Covid-19 virus, all travel is now limited to getting essentials as supermarkets and pharmacies remain open while places like movie theaters and dine in restaurants Are now shut down. However working from home and ordering in is highly encouraged. Alanah then changes into her usual work clothes as she sets up her computer for work. She does her usual send emails and FaceTime meetings. Makes lunch. Eats while she works. Finishes up for the day, and showers in the evening and makes dinner as she sat on the couch and ate. She would watch the news as she would see that this lockdown would be longer than she thought and she was gonna have to settle in. Alanah's new routine was essentially wake up make breakfast, sit and work, and eat. As the days went by, she realized she didn't really want to make lunch during her lunch break time so she decided to order in to save time. Every day empty take our bags of McDonald's, subway, Chipotle, Taco Bell to nearly every fast food ** in LA. Even squeezing in time for Chinese and pizza. When she would have free time, she would walk to the store for her groceries or even order it all in as it was delivered to her door. Doing as minimal physical activity as possible. 2020, Lockdown Month 30 Within the first 3 months of lockdown, this life adjustment has made noticeable changes. Alanah sat in her pajamas having cereal and scrolling through Twitter as the news background played. "A new study shows since the pandemic, there has been a rise in weight gain. The Quarantine Fifteen as its called. With people locked in their homes, working from their tables and with nothing to do, people have been binge eating either out of bordeom or just more often seeing a side effect of gaining weight" As this was playing on the TV, Alanah changing I to her work clothes. She unbuttons her pajama top and takes off the pants as she exhaled a bit. As if they felt a bit constraining. She then grabs her work jeans as when she got them up to button, she felt some resistance. She couldn't get it to close up. It was as if her pants had gotten smaller in the washing machine, or something else got bigger. Alanah then struggled as began to force her jeans to close up but due to her eating habits in recent months, all that has definitely affected her waistline as her flat stomach has now grew out to a softer and slightly larger mass of body fat that was bulging out from her. She squeezed and tugged as her belly squished in the way blocking her jeans from being buttoned and zipped up. What also made it uncomfortable for Alanah was her thighs also grew and made it unbearably tight around her legs and butt which also grew larger. Alanah continued to heave and squeeze until she could fit. However as she was running late, she then breathed in and sucked in her newfound gut as it was barely enough to get her work jeans to button up. As she exhaled a sigh of relief as her stomach bloated out pressing against her button tightly and uncomfortably. She then goes for a sweater and heads to her laptop to start the workday. Ironically a news report on Quarantine weight gain and Alanah herself falling victim to it. The weight gain wasn't the only change. As the days went by and the more food she orded, her posture changed as well. From sitting up straight to slouching back into her chair. Giving her a sluggish feeling. As she worked on her laptop, she had some snacks next to her as well as her ordering in for lunch as she still had empty bags of food delivery nearby. Along with beverages to keep her hydrated throughout the day. As she snacked and worked, she felt her pants digging into her stomach more and more making it uncomfortable. Even during her lunch break. Luckily she managed to power through the day as she logs off. She puts her hand on her face exhausted as she sighs. Alanah goes to her bedroom to pick out a pair of sweatpants, tank top and a hoodie to wear for the evening. She unbuttoned her pants as the exhales out feeling freed as her belly slowly bulged out no longer restricted. She essentially peeled off those jeans, threw her sweater off to the bed and walked to her bathroom to start the shower. Unknowingly feeling a jiggle in her step. The hot water ran down her face as she closes her eyes to unwind for a bit as later after getting dressed and her hair still damp, she goes to FaceTime with her family as due to the pandemic, flying out for a visit was out of the question. She takes for hours as the sun went down. "Alright, love you. Bye" she said blowing a kiss. Alanah then sits on the couch as the living room was dark with only the light from the TV illuminating onto her as she sat with pizza next to her for dinner. She watches the news as the news report on Quarantine weight gain was popping up again. "It's possible that with more power opting to eating in and staying home, those quarantine pounds will pile on fast" Alanah only continued to eat ignoring it all as she felt she was exempt from it. Blissfully unaware of she weight she's put on three months into lockdown. Later Alanah lays in bed as the light from her phone shines in her face scrolling through social media until she falls asleep. The next morning, Alanah goes to her fridge adjusting her sweatpants as she sees she needs to go do groceries. But first she goes for an energy drink, sits on the counter and drinks while she goes through her phone. Alanah prepares to head out as she puts on a face mask before leaving to get more food while she's in her sweater and sweatpants. Each of her shopping trips has had her bring home more and more food due to pandemic shortages and high demand. That and so she didn't have to leave her home often plus long work days where she feels like she needs a pick me up just to power through. But being stationary for a few months now walking had begun to make get a bit winded. Later at home, she goes to answer the door for her food delivery that was left outside her door as she didn't have time to cook for her lunch break. Alanah fully embraced wearing sweats now instead of having to waste time getting work ready since most if it was over Zoom anyway. If anything she didn't even need to wear pants if she didn't want to. She had a bag of chips next to her a drink as she was finally caught able to take a break. Deciding she needs some fresh air, she takes her lunch of subway and heads to the roof of the apartment building that gave her a view over LA as she sat cross leggeded and ate her lunch. It was also warm outside so she took off her hoodie as it revealed her tank top underneath and her belly that was beginning to be exposed and caused her tank top to ride up. Which unbeknownst to Alanah, her belly began to hang over her Batman pajama bottoms and sit in her lap. As she finished up, she crumbled the wrapper, picked up her hoodie and stretched as her tank top rode even further up exposing more of her belly for the world to see. She adjusted her top and headed back to her apartment. After finishing her work shift, she closed her laptop and ran her hands through her hair utterly drained and exhausted. She had her hoodie hanging from the chair as she placed her hands on her face again trying to compose herself from the more mundane routine. She scooted her chair back and got up as her belly jiggled to go wash her face in the bathroom. She then looker herself in the mirror for a minute wondering to herself "how long is this gonna last?" She then looked at her tank top and adjusting it to it covered her stomach fully much to her annoyance that it wasn't. Assuming if course if everything keeps shrinking in the wash. Alanah then began to make dinner of Mac and cheese with chicken tenders as the news has reports of protests all across the country. She would watch these protests as she ate her dinner along with more Covid related news. 2020, Lockdown Month 6 The alarm buzzes again as Alanah heaved herself up for another day as she wore her pajamas as they were fitting even more tightly than usual. She sat up as her black button up pajama top was looking tight. The buttons on the verge of popping as her belly bulges out. She yawns and with a jiggle with each step, heads to the bathroom to brush her teeth and her skin care routine. She continued to look in the mirror confused as to why her clothes keep shrinking on the wash again, unaware of her continuing weight gain during quarantine. She stretched and yawned as she walked to the kitchen with her belly more exposed and no longer tight from the top. She turned on the TV and started the coffee machine as she sat on the couch cross legged. "The election is only a few months away. Counties all across the country are preparing ballot boxes for people to send in their vote by mail as even now, some are prepping for early in person voting" It was close to election season as the news perfectly puts it as Alanah serves herself a cup of coffee and scrolls through phone. She takes a sip as she puts down her pajama top over her stomach as much as she could anyway. Alanah's breakfast grew as large as her stomach with the portions and dishes themselves changed as the pandemic grew on. She made herself some eggs, sausages, bacon and toast with a cup of orange juice too with her coffee as she ate on the couch. As she ate however, while still on her phone, the bottom two buttons on her pajama top made a faint popping sound as her belly jolting out a bit while the sound of the buttons themselves hit the floor. Alanah's eyes widened open with shock as she looked towards the floor and there they were. She then looked down at her top as her stomach poked out from beneath. She placed her plate and phone down as she sighed heavily with annoyance as she goes to the bathroom mirror. She looks in the drawers and medicine cabinet for a needle and thread but as she did, out of the corner of her eye, the then began to notice her stomach hanging low as she bended over and reached through the cabinet in the mirror's reflection. She lifted her arms up as her top rode up with her, showing more and more of her stomach. It was big. As the pandemic reached the half year mark, all that time of working from home and ordering in continued to take a toll. But Alanah continued to be blissfully unaware or just denied putting on weight. She just figured just start buying more sweats or bigger clothes. So she continued her breakfast and changed into her comfy sweat pants which thankfully grew with her. Since stores and other shops were slowly reopening more she was able to take a drive to the mall and go buy some more clothes. Alanah was in a store searching for some more baggy clothes to wear and some jeans a few sizes up along with more pajamas to wear thag were bigger to wear. During this, she looked around at the few people around inside. Some had also put on the pandemic weight as she did. One of these people she recognized as an old friend from their time working for IGN. Naomi Kyle. Now to both the surprise and no surprise to Alanah, Naomi had also put on an excessive amount of weight. What made it not a surprise was that Naomi had begun putting on weight since she moved to LA years prior, what also did made it as surprise however, was how much more she put on since the pandemic. Naomi was already getting chubbier and chubbier as it was since 2017, but it seems this year she blew up more than anticipated. The two said their hellos and caught up as Naomi felt slightly relieved that she wasn't the only one who got fat. Especially a friend. The two hugged as they barely could get close as their bellies bumped into each other and got in the way. Alanah could not fathom how much bigger Naomi was. How big she got in a few years. Her face was much rounder than here, her arms round and soft that jiggle, her pants barely being able to contain her belly. Her hips and legs so wide that out of the corner of her eyes, she saw people taking a peak. And her butt? Big enough to be at risk of bumping into things. Her breasts looked like mini pillows as Alanah tried to keep focus. The two caught up at the food court as they had lunch, sharing their experiences during Quarantine. Naomi brought up how Alanah gained weight too but Alanah only looked confused as denial took over. "What? Noooo. My clothes keep shrinking in the wash. That's all." she told Naomi. "Riiiiiight" said Naomi patting her belly as it jiggled in front of Alanah as she got a good mesmerizing look. They both ate their lunch and went home. Later Alanah was sitting on the couch watching a movie with a giant bowl of popcorn as she couldn't help but think about Naomi today. She mind numbingly ate as she thought about how big she got so far this year. However that was a story for another day. 2020, Lockdown, November election day. Alanah had mailed in her ballot as she had her TV tuned for the election. She only had to work for half a day as it was customed. This gave Alanah some free time to try to do some sit ups. Over the summer she continued to gain weight and get fatter as her stomach grew even larger. No thanks to 4th of July barbecues and being able to slowly hang out with friends again. But strict lockdowns slowly began to reinstate. Alanah's attempts at sit ups were barely even at one as her bigger stomach made it nearly impossible to do even one. Always squishing up and getting in the way. Working up a lot of sweat, she lays on her back exhausted and breathing heavily as she felt her stomach move as she took in gasps for air. She rolls herself up and hung her head down as she catches her breath. Alanah then went for a shower as she sat down letting the water cover her. Eyes closed breathing normally, relaxing. After she dries off, she puts on some sweat pants and a sweater while her hair was damp. She then looked in the mirror and saw her face looking more and more rounder as a second chin was coming in. As the day went on, she sat on the couch all day and even laid on it having snacks next to her. However she knew tonight was gonna be extremely nerve wracking so she might have a drink or two as well. Election night had arrived as Alanah cooked some dinner and nervously ate as the night went on. But due to Covid and the massive influx of votes, this would take a while. Four days in fact. Each of those four days, Alanah watched, and watched and watched. Eating and working in between. Becoming more and more mentally and emotionally invested and drained. 2020 lockdown. December. It was the last month of 2020. A little after Christmas time. Close to New Year's Eve. Alanah's family was able to visit her for the holidays as they had Thanksgiving and Christmas together. Her parents have both noticed how big she got this year. But they didn't bring it up because technically everyone did. And it didn't even stop them from having large meals during the holiday season. Large meals during Thanksgiving and Christmas too. All that contributing towards her weight gain. Which during on Christmas dinner, she finally faced reality. "Mum. Dad. *rolls down sweatpants* So I gained a lot of weight. Got really fat" Alanah's family only looked and shrugged it off like "That's it? So did everyone else all over the world". Alanah's reaction was that of relief as she laid back and continued to eat until she was absolutely stuffed silly belly pressed up against the table. It was the day after they went home as she rolled out of bed wearing a tank top far too small and sweat pants that had her belly over her waist. She waddled to the bathroom to do her morning routine, grab her coffee and watch the news. "The FDA has Granted Emergency Use Authorization for the first Covid-19 Vaccine which will start deployment in early 2021 starting with Essential workers and the elderly getting the first dibs of the Covid Vaccine" Alanah's eyes nearly burst into tears as a Vaccine has been made and approved after nearly a year. She could finally go outside more and back to work also outside of her home. See movies, go to restaurants. Everything she used to do. As she realizes this, she looks down at her massive fat belly. She had really let herself go this past year. Put on weight faster than she thought. She placed her hands on her fat belly as she gave it a jiggle and poked it. It felt so soft and squishy in her hands. She lifted up her gut and dropped it and felt the shockwave as it jiggled to a halt. Slowly. She felt a strange sensation feeling all her fat. How soft and jiggly it was every time she touched it and played with it. She shook it a bunch of times as if she had fun doing so. Then she heaved herself up and waddled to the bathroom. She looked at her face and body in the mirror. Her face gotten even rounder and she definitely had a more prominent double chin standing out. Her belly budged out more, her legs and thighs looked nearly as round as hams people buy for the holidays. Her ass so large it gave her instant cushion when she sat down and at times even accidentally knocking things over. She definitely loved how bigger her boobs got giving them a squeeze. "Guess this finally means I have to get back into shape huh?" she asked herself. Deep down, she wanted to go back outside and do all the active things she used to do. But then she thought back to her time with Naomi. The way how fat she was, how in awe Alanah was. It's like something clicked inside her that now she sees the appeal of being overweight. She likes it. She loved how soft she felt. If anything, she began to imagine how she would look if she got even bigger. She knew there was only one person to call. "Hello Naomi? You wanna hang out sometime?" This is far from over. But before we can continue, we must see from Naomi's point of view. End of Part 1
  7. If only she wasn't so keen on losing weight.
  8. Naomi just posted an update video. Nothing much other than she took September to take time for herself and her September ** shoot will drop soon. Since she lost 15 pounds, she still looks a little on the lovely chubby side.
  9. Plus her fiance is definitely a feeder
  10. Considering I saw a reply she made to someone saying she "wasn't happy at that weight" I doubt it'll stick. I mean hey whatever make her happy.
  11. God bless her constantly growing big fat ass.
  12. Nightmares like that calls for even more stuffing and belly rubs.
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