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  1. Awesome curves, you’re a very lucky man!
  2. You look amazing. Being put out to pasture at chick-fil-a is doing wonders for your figure! 😍
  3. You have an incredible figure to be very proud of! 😍
  4. Firstly, you are incredible and you don’t need to bounce off others to show your worth, unless you’d like to. If you are looking forward to making content with others, @goodgirlgrow is amazing, @reinapop and @Curvage Casey, also @AlissaB, but again you are every desire known to man within your current form.
  5. Looking epic in these latest pictures - Proudly piling it on!
  6. I’d say at least 15 pounds. Very hot that she is up for such an incredible step change, but also no matter the end number, we’re looking to the curvaceous result!
  7. Love your freckles… and your amazing belly growth!
  8. I’ve been so excited to see you post an update… hope all is well! 😍
  9. For me, the ‘buzz’ comes more from eating the wrong things, enjoying what is consumed and being ‘guilt free’ when it comes to what is expected. We’re each different, so enjoy yourself, but don’t feel pressured to drink shakes of goodness knows what, if it doesn’t give you pleasure. I’m loving the updates and love gains of every variety, but don’t feel that it has to be at any cost - enjoy yourself!
  10. Thanks for the follow ❤️ 💋

  11. She looks awesome, definitely an extra 10-15lbs!
  12. Today is a good day, glad to have your weirdness back!
  13. Looking incredible, curvy in all the right places! 😍
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