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  1. Just so everyone knows I'm not entirely crazy, THIS is what I was trying to find. And I think the lovely images you shared Ms Macncheese should be added here. It was a thread by someone called Ahorsewithnoname
  2. Off topic, but isn't there a thread with a lot of these style gif/morph gains? If so, could someone share that link and add these incredible gifs to that thread?
  3. It's been so long I don't remember for sure, but I thought there might have been a "files" section with pictures? No idea, but was hoping there might be some classic before and after photos of various celebs to reshape here. Thabks for checking @islanders
  4. I wanted to add that @andygermany, your Mic and Dreamer sites (as well as the posts on various forums) were and are still some of the best posts of gaining girls out there. Thanks for all you've shared and I hope you continue to share in the future. One day, if you do that 3TB hard drive sale, I'd like to be considered for a purchase!
  5. I don't know how I missed this thread, but I too feel compelled to share my history and background with this group. I went by Howard, Howard Donaldson, HD, Monkey Man, Mason, and other monikers because I was too scared to share who I really was - didn't want my family or girlfriends to find out about my preferences. I lurked in the dimensions boards in the late 90s-early 2000s - the yahoo groups, the judgment of Paris site, and of course fat celebs (pre-curvage). At first I was turned on by all of the fat fiction at Dimensions with writers and posters like JayTee's "Jasmine's Secret", Jack Knowles' "The Final Mission", Weight Watcher's "My Athletic Friend", Admirer's "Bakery Girls" and "Rebecca's Grandmother", Maverick's "The Lesson", and too many others to count. I tried writing, poorly and ultimately decided it was easier to admire from afar. When it came to women, I wasn't always fascinated by fatter women. Like many others, my gateway drug was beautiful big breasted women, like Marilyn Monroe and Anna Nicole Smith. I remember Alicia Machado (Miss Universe) and Monica Lewinsky turning me on, especially when I saw them on the cover of tabloids in stores. I also remember a "MODE Magazine" in the late 90s at a Barnes and Noble store that made me do a double take. Once I started seeing plus models in print, I was hooked. I started searching everywhere for plus models and that led me down a rabbit hole searching online. As several others shared though, download speeds in the mid-to-late 90s were slow and resources were scarce to find "sexy" photos quickly. I stumbled across one of the yahoo groups that had posts about women I had never heard of, like Anita Ekberg, Elizabeth Taylor, Delta Burke, and others who were way before my time. [Sidebar - when I joined the yahoo groups and fatcelebs, I remember lying about my age to make myself older. In my stupid teenage brain I though that would make me look cooler and I might meet some hot BBW poster and have a crazy affair. Needless to say, that never happened.] Once I joined those groups, I found myself not just liking and lusting after celebrities, but plus size models. Then amateur models and "candid" photos of curvy women. In addition to the women Iisted above, I remember names of models/celebs that sent me searching through forums and groups, such as: Kate Dillon Emme Liis Sophie Dahl Charlotte Coyle Shannon Marie Jane Monheit Kelsey Olsen Mia Tyler (Liv Tyler's sister) I ended up subscribing to BigCuties Cherries, absolutely loving her gain over the years. I'm sure there are other models, but Cherries sticks out as she was the first and only one I ever paid for a long term subscription for. There are way too many awesome contributors to list but among the old timers I remember fondly pushing me down the FA (fat admirer) path were @JayTee, @andygermany, @TheOwl, and Lardbiscuit. More recently @manliojavier's prolific posting of candid gaining women is incredible and I hope he feels the love from other FA's. In general, I just want to thank everyone who has posted their memories, their favorite women/models/celebs over the years. It's given me a little corner of the internet where my "fetish" doesn't seem so strange. Thanks all
  6. If someone still has access, it'd be great to download and archive some of that here! (Sadly I do not anymore)
  7. I think we need more plus models doing poses like this, that are silly, but also sexy. At least it does it for me
  8. So amazingly curvy and hot. I liked her smaller, but I love her bigger.
  9. I fully support any content in this thread of her. Thought there might be some on deviantart, but no luck
  10. Don't you want to ... fila leg?
  11. She looks happier today than when she was thinner
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