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  1. She posted some good looking images on Instagram a day ago
  2. At 3:56 in that video, she acknowledges she likes to eat butter
  3. Based solely off thumbnails on her site and photos shared here, I wonder whether she's depressed or not having as much fun any more. It seems like a lot of her stuff she used to share on social media was a lot of her dancing around with friends or generally hamming it up. Like several of you have said, I hope she continues to post new things but I also hope she posts things where it looks like she's having fun
  4. In episode 9, season 1 of Lights out with David Spade on Comedy Central, there was a brief skit about sending strippers to Area 51. Did anyone catch the name of the writer/actress in the red dress in this skirt? My internet searching was weak. I think she's cute
  5. The long haired brunette was pretty.
  6. Yes that's the one! Thanks
  7. I can't find the thread where someone posted a bunch of gif images that morphed one photo (a before/slim pic) to another (an after/fatter pic). I thought the user name was something like ahorsewithnoname, but clearly I'm daft. This person made a bunch too. Does this ring a bell?
  8. Several months back, someone shared a file that had most of the amazing pictures manliojavier posted in his epic thread. Does anyone have an active, working link to a downloadable file that has his thread of pictures? If yes, can they post it here? Thanks in advance
  9. If anyone can share the video from her Instagram, her chest is bouncy while she rides a scooter. It's quite nice.
  10. I'd love to see her in those same red pants today. What a fox
  11. This photo is like an all star team of curvy ladies. Just for fun, I went back to the beginning of this thread to see some comparisons from 2012, 2013, and this year. She is a curvy goddess.
  12. Every page with her ends up sticky
  13. You have stunning eyes and a beautiful curvy body. Thanks for sharing your pictures here!
  14. I know this is a terrible way to describe her, but there was an Italian girl who partied a ton, gained a whole bunch of weight, kept partying, and eventually died. She used to have a thread here, but it eventually was moved to the Abyss after she died. Does anyone still have any of her pictures? Yes I know it's morbid, but curious...
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