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  1. You've answered the question of if you'd be even more beautiful fatter 😍 Wow Wilson, you look absolutely stunning.
  2. hgee

    News Anchor Jen L

    rocking that witch costume, what a babe
  3. First off, this is what I prefer at this point in time, the great thing that I find happens to me as I age is that I get turned by a wider and wider variety of shapes and sizes. But let's be honest, there are some bodies that will always be super hot:) Gender: female Shoulders: narrow, petite and delicate. I love the look of a small framed woman with tons of extra fat sexily enhancing her body...a body that was probably meant to thin, but in 2022 there's so much good, cheap food available, she's become addicted:) Chest: small to medium sized. I have always liked the look of bodies where the breasts don't overwhelm things, and let the belly protrude nicely and obviously. Waist:/belly: I love an hourglass shape and thus a small waist. Pears are so sexy too. I really like a soft, untoned body, with an obvious softness...dimpling and with many rolls popping up in all kinds of places. I love a hanging belly with an upside down heart shape sagging down. The point at which a woman's body gets fat enough to where her belly begins to hang is one of the greatest things in the world. Hips: Big hips are a huge part of the feminine shape that turns me on. And when the owner knows how to swing them sexily, look out. Legs: Thighs meaty and with cute cellulite. Soft enough that when wearing just the slightest shorts, the fat spills out and jiggles seductively, Skin tone: Anything Hair: Thick and long, Wavy and radiant. Eye color: Dark brown/black and sultry,
  4. This might be not something everyone is interested in but I was wondering if anyone has fantasized about creating real looking fat prothesis for their feedee inclined partner they could wear in public on certain occasions? This is really hot to me and one way to have fun if you and/or your partner have worries of the health effects and life altering nature of real weight gain. It is potentially doable given the right time and money allotment ( and some talent). Silicone rubber can be cast to do the job and if you have ever held it in your hands has a remarkable similarity to real, fat flesh in terms of weightiness and jiggle. It's a bunch of work involving life casting and sculpting the fatter version of the person but would be worth the payoff for me. I am attracted to women, so a torso suit that augmented the boobs, belly and butt would be the way to go. I picture it being worn in a place far away from wear we would be recognized and just role playing it as skinny man with sexily obese date out to dinner! Painting the prosthesis for realism so you would actually show some skin is a whole new level of skill and would be beyond me, but that is possible. It's really intriguing as you could create whatever type of fat body you wanted, be it a potbelly or a sagging, jiggling double belly, for example. Sounds like so much fun! Anyway, just a thought seems to keep popping into my mind from time to time and was curious if it did with anyone else!
  5. well done! Love the fat dimpling effect on her lower belly, looks so good. great on the body shape as well and her face looks radiant!
  6. Off the charts sexy and beautiful. When you look this good, you could convince the world "morbid obesity" is the pinnacle of attactiveness, wow you take my breath away!
  7. Off the charts sexy and beautiful. When you look this good, you could convince the world "morbid obesity" is the pinnacle of attactiveness, wow you take my breath away!
  8. She looks more beautiful than ever, wow, one of my favs!
  9. hgee

    Natalie Conti

    Beautiful woman, wonderful gain!
  10. Thanks, great pics! So sexy and it gives me the warm and fuzzies to see so many well fed babes enjoying life❤️
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