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  1. Thanks man, I appreciate the help 😊
  2. Umm any chance there's a way to watch these videos in the States? If not, no big. Was JW.
  3. Anyone from AZ wanna chat ?
    This was amazing, watched it from begining to end. I loved a the angles from your double chin to full belly 😍 I enjoyed the grunts and struggles towards the end and was really pleaseantly surprised. So glad I purchased this video 😌
  4. Yes ma'am you would 😍
    Amazing as always. I love how you play to the camera and your overly exaggerated orgasmic looks you make. Especially when you do the eye cross 😍 and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The hiding of the belly play among other play is a huge treat and a turn on. Its been a bit since I've seen one of your videos and I was immediately turned on just by how much rounded your face has gotten. Any time you do role play, it's always spot on and this just goes to show that you can hit it out of the park Everytime.
  5. IMG_20211102_123920_160.thumb.jpg.c0472908d6579bb2eaf85cc99a7841ea.jpg 

    Kinda felt good this morning with all the running I've been doing and thought I looked ok with my shirt off, so figured I post this. 

  6. AZ_Guy_88


    I love this story
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