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Watch me take gulps of soda and let out some super satisfying burps along the way, one of my favorite things on earth is soda and I drink thousands of calories of it a day, even though my friends and family think I should stop and start drinking more water and literally can’t stop. 
If you like watching cute fat girls become sloppy pigs then you will want to see this, I know it’s not lady like to burp but I don’t care I love how much of a slob I’ve become 


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Cat is REALLY turning into quite the BUTTERBALL 😲🙃😲

She discusses her obsession with Coke as she slowly expands from chugging out of the 2 liter.

Her already REDICULOUSLY tight 2XL Coke uniform gets stretched to it's limits and beautifully displays Cat's bulging soft arms, huge doughy belly, and love handles. Then, once the belly is released it is clear just how much of an INSATIABLE piggy Cat has been lately. Her belly juts forward for what seems to be an eternity and EVERYTHING is jiggling with only the slightest movement, including Cats super chubby double chin and cheeks (which have grown A LOT) 💛💜💛

This vid is a must own! Super sexy weight gain talk, belly play, chugging, burps, outgrown clothes, jiggling etc. I mean it has IT ALL!!!



Response from the author:

Thank you!!!! I’m so HAPPY that you enjoyed it and were so generous to leave a review! 
I guess I should celebrate with some COKE! 😘😍☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Chubbycat is looking really fat in this video 😍 She talks about how much she loves Coke as she drinks her 2L soda and lets out some huge burps 🐷 She also tells you that she is obsessed with gaining weight, and shares insights into her strategy for getting fatter. It's a must-see, 10/10 👏

Response from the author:

Thank you!!!! So glad you enjoyed and kisses for leaving a review!! 💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️

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This is one of the best videos! The great thing about it is the candid, open and honest talk about the weight gain journey Cat is going on. She does not hold back on talking about what she enjoys about the weight gain process. And I totally empathised with the comment about the bread. I love to eat white bread on its own, and can easily eat a whole loaf quickly with no problems! and I LOVE the burps! But what I love the most is the open and honest discussion about weight gain and eating habits - that is amazing!

Possible suggestion for future vid - bread eating lol?

Love this video! Purchase it! You won't regret it!

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I recently bought this set in April 2020. I will say that I think that this is one of Chubbycat666's better videos thus far. Obviously she looks pretty in this video based upon the fashion outfit seen in the photos and hair style. Who is not a fan of Coca-Cola? I would not mind seeing more Coca-Cola themed sets. For me personally what works the best for me is the honesty in this video. There is a real impression you get that she means what she says, she feels pretty how she looks and she likes how she looks. Nothing about this does not give an impression of being scripted or repeated. It is great hearing positive vibes on how someone likes how they look pretty when many are not satisfied how they look themselves.

On a side note I think it is cool seeing the objects in the room like a Garfield related item. It is like looking at a Where's Waldo book or a Pixar film and finding the hidden Easter Eggs in a picture. I almost think it would be cool to see a Garfield or Snoopy related set. I am a big fan of Garfield and Charlie Brown and Snoopy. 

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I think calling you just a slob or a pig doesn’t do you enough justice. You’re practically the queen of slobs at this point. You don’t care how your gut is sticking out, you love burping up a storm and you’re like one stuffing away from constantly oinking and snorting. I love how absolutely hedonistic you are and how invested you are into this kink. Keep burping up a storm! ❤️

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