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    Hi I’m cat!

    Feedee on a weight gain journey and want to share it with you 🐷

    I enjoy indulging myself and watching my body change and grow.

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  1. Ello loves! 

    new clip is live! 💋





  2. Hey babes! It’s been a while and I just wanted to chit chat and show you my newest (sexy) outfit. Watch me talk about some things that have been going on in my life lately, including a recent situation that I encountered with NOT FITTING in an amusement park ride for the FIRST time in my life 🙈 Also I discuss what kinds of steps my feeder and I are taking to ensure that I become the best and fattest little piggy that I can be 🐷 as always thank you so much for your support, it means the world to me xoxo- Cat


  3. @Chubbycat666 How have you been doing? How was your summer overall? Have you ever thought of doing a Q&A video or doing a Instagram livestream chat? 

  4. That first funneling was amazing … you should try putting 3-4 bottles in the funnel each time instead of one really Push yourself 

  5. Happy Saturday! My newest clip is now live! 

    This is my first ever funnel feeding and trust me when I say I found my new addiction 🤤 






    1. Heavyhitter
    2. ShoeshineBoy


      I love how your belly fills that denim.

    3. Onen


      You have gotten so fat! And the way your feeder jiggles your belly 🥰

    4. Mathhash6666


      You look amazing, keep gaining beauty your man are lucky ❤️

  6. Ello loves! I’m finally back with something new and I’m so excited for my FIRST funnel video. This clip features my feeder (kinda) pouring super high calorie shakes into my funnel for me to gulp and devour. You can hear us discuss how much he EXPECTS me to drink and how many calories we think would be good for my ongoing weight gain journey. He has to loosen my pants to free my belly and I receive belly jiggles and rubs of course for drinking all of my yummy fattening shakes. we make plans for our future shake funneling and I’m so excited to see how much I can gain from adding this to my feedee routine as always I appreciate your support so much xoxo-Cat


  7. Can’t wait for the next video. We really need one where you just unleash your gluttony and just eat and eat as much as you can before you literally cannot eat anymore.  That would be a wonderful video 

    1. STCChristopher


      @Chubbycat666 Does a great job making content. Honestly I just enjoy listening to her stories, interests and strategies about fat life in the videos. 

  8. My newest clip is live :) 

    Also everyone have a great and safe weekend!








    1. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      It really amazes me and turns me on how you keep getting bigger and fatter with each new update. Like you just looks so soft and cuddly with all that belly and fat. Your feeder is keeping you well fed. 😍😍❤️❤️

  9. New clip is awaiting approval

    Ello loves! Happy Saturday 








    1. Learn2$ELL


      Prettiest girl on Curvage.  Such baby sweet cuteness !!!  I eagerly await each Post you make, knowing you'll be even BIGGER the next time you come back.  Now, this time you're clad in mysterious Superhero garb.  I'm going to come with a new Name, and a range of Superpowers for you.   QUESTION: What Super-Names had you thought about ???  🤔

    2. Onen


      One of my favorite video game series ever and one of my favorite fatties! That belly in the zero suit 🥰🥰

    3. Guest


      I can definitely see why you feeder couldn't keep his hands off you in that suit. You look so damn big and sexy!! I am so glad you put it on again. I look forward to seeing how it fits again next year!! Hopefully at that point you will be bursting holes in it!!

  10. Oh I’ve missed you! And I want to show you all how I’ve been doing so far on my weight gain journey! Watch me as I do a Check in to see how much I’ve grown, and try and squeeze my plump body into a skin TIGHT zero suit samus outfit. I had to call in my feeder for help to try and zip myself in (even he struggled 😳) he also had a hard time keeping his hands to himself as he sees how good my fat body looks in super sexy outfit 🤤 as usual expect lots of taking (sorry I can’t shut up lol) and showing off my favorite obsession which is watching and fantasizing how big my body will get one days. As always your support is always much appreciated and I’m thankful for anyone that’s followed me on my weight gain journey xoxo-Cat


  11. Got yourself a man’s yet to really

    help you balloon ? Haha

  12. Ello loves 🥰😘

    I found this this picture in my phone from over a year ago and I wanted to share it with you... 

    zero suit Samus but make it FAT. 😋

    Im thinking I should pull it out and see how it fits..(or if it fits) tbh it was pretty TIGHT then so I don’t know what it’s gonna look like.

    xoxo -Cat


    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Guest


      Please for all that is good and holy pull the suit out and take a picture of how it looks now! I bet you will be exploding out of it in multiple places!

    3. alex03


      Absolutely stunning! We need way more photos of you in that suit!

    4. dlc6669


      My favorite Samus! 😍

    5. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      So damn plump. 

    6. DeeDeethefeedee


      Omg . I want to look like you . I'm gaining so maybe I will soon.

    7. DeeDeethefeedee


      Omg . I want to look like you . I'm gaining so maybe I will soon.

  13. So we gotta know … you got anyone that’s been helping your gain and I don’t mean the curvage community lol


    1. Chubbycat666


      Haha there might be a guy that’s been helping me stuff my face... 😉 

      but I gotta be careful, you feeders can really make a girl blow up 🐷 lol

    2. Paycost


      Oh ye well he must be a lucky guy

    3. Paycost


      Looks like he’s been doing a good job as well 

  14. Hey there beautiful your really ballooning up I would love to see a funnel feeding clip so.on xoxo

  15. Happy Thursday! Also  checkout my newest clip!  xox-Cat





    1. SonofThomp


      Officially mesmerized by your fat 😍

    2. Jordan Gonzalez

      Jordan Gonzalez

      She is truly blowing up in proportions! Everywhere! Such a beauty.

    3. Guest


      Talk about a big bellied girl 😍 keeeep gaining 👏🏻

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