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    Hi I’m cat!

    Feedee on a weight gain journey and want to share it with you 🐷

    I enjoy indulging myself and watching my body change and grow.

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  1. Only a few more hours until my sale ends!

    I'm starving I'm on my way to get some yummy food and keep this growing body well fed 😛


    Running a sale on these clips on top of the Black Friday sales :)


    ❤️❤️6.99>>>>> NOW 3.99 ❤️❤️


    ❤️❤️6.99 >>>>>>>> NOW 3.99!❤️❤️


    ❤️❤️7.99>>>>>> NOW 3.99❤️❤️


    ❤️❤️8.99>>>>> NOW 3.99❤️❤️


    ❤️❤️8.99>>>> 4.99❤️❤️











    enjoys loves!!

  3. Hope everyone’s having A great Monday!

    Check out my new clip

    planning on filming some super sexy stuff this week, as always video ideas are always welcome🐷






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    2. chickenDinner


      Ooh I have a video idea, could you cook and eat a ham 😍😍 #holidayspirit 🐖🙏

    3. gflono86


      Oh my Jeez your getting so huuge!!! 😍😍😍

    4. PeaceAndTrees


      You look amazing girl!!!! Keep it up😍

  4. I woke up SOO hungry, the first the I had to was order food to be delivered to me. I love love eating fast food for breakfast, it makes me ready for being a fat pig the rest of the day. Watch me devour a big burger and fries with of course my favorite coke. My clothes has become so tight and I think you can tell from this video. All I can hope for is that I get even fatter than I’ve already gotten. 😋😘🐷


  5. Posting a NEW VIDEO tonight! 💖

    Check out my most recent videos too!

    Ive  gotten such a great response from them! And as always thank you for supporting me in my weight gain journey!










  6. In the mooood for some Girl Scout cookies 🍪 🐮

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    2. Chubbycat666


      Thin mints and Samoa’s!

    3. Raleighbart


      Thin Mints FTW!! Put those in the freezer 🥶 

    4. Chevalier


      Let's make it happen 😎. I like the trefoil.

      Wear orange lol totally spies passion fatties err patties.


  7. I was curious based on the videos I recently purchased and hearing what other Plus Size models have also said about their gain stories; what do you think is the aspect about gaining weight that makes you feel more confident? Is it something about letting go of how society feels about you because you are letting out your weight.  Is it because it is more evident and obvious to others that you are bigger and it is harder to hide your body shape with clothes when you get past a particular size or is it something else? What do you think it is about gaining weight can cause more confidence? Thanks for taking the time to read this.  

    1. Chevalier


      Interesting, been a while since I've seen Q&A. I was actually thinking of just celebrating the whole black friday by buying a clip from any model who wants to be forward with me, or just give me something to be interested about rather than a repeated clip post.

    2. Chubbycat666


      Hi! These are great questions, for me personally I feel more confident in my growing body because before (growing up) I thought that men only liked thin/fit women and women only wanted to be thin or fit, and when I joined a community where people not only thought that it was not unattractive to be fat and let ones self go,  but it was actually praised and seen and a beautiful and enjoyable thing, it opened up myself to being free to be fatter and bigger than before, because no matter how fat I chose to get I know that I’m still attractive and that there are people that see my fat body or weight gain and see it as desirable,. The thought of a man who is not worried or sickened by their women’s fat body is a major turn on. 

      hopefully this makes sense haha

    3. STCChristopher


      Do think you can pin point to particular moments or things people said or you saw that interested you to being fat or liking fat bodies? Was it a series of things. Like for me even though I saw Cartoons with weight gain I was not really interested until my Freshman year of High School. I never drew fat girls until freshman year in High School. Not sure why. I think it was because dating questions were asked of me more starting in my Freshman year. . 

  8. I recently joined Curvage due to 

    your YouTube video. It was a recommended video by YouTube months ago. I have rewatched this particular video a few times over and over at different times. When I recently went back recently to your last YouTube video you posted it was when I realized you were not making content on YouTube anymore unfortunately. Some how I convinced myself to join Curvage even though I did not know why to join the community since I am not overweight and don’t know what this site is for when I am not plus size. But I was interested in your YouTube video because I liked hearing someone talk about why they liked being Plus Size and gaining and it did not sound staged. I then checked out your Instagram and saw how pretty you looked in the face and that it was not just the mid section of your body. I was curious to see more than just the belly and seeing your facial expressions as you talked about your body. I was curious hearing more on what made you tick and be interested in gaining.

    I was surprised that you could not pinpoint what things may have been the origins to you wanting to gain or what got you interested in fat bodies. For me I know I can pinpoint it to when I may have been very little like 2 or 3 and watching and rewatching cartoons like the Mickey Mouse cartoon with Goofy from 1948 by the title “The Big Wash” there is a water expansion scene I found interesting. I was always told about big kids and intrigued and intimidated by kids and people taller than me and the idea of growing like that probably fascinated me rather than a slower process of getting taller. Then the Rugrats had a 1994 released an episode called Chuckie’s Wonderful Life. A Parody of It’s a Wonderful Life staring Jimmy Stewart. I found Chuckie’s Wonderful Life a bit disturbing but shows a Fat Angelica but with power over her parents.  

    So I joined a few days ago To learn and see more. When I did I recently bought 3 of your videos such as the most recent Q&A, weigh-in goals, and belly button video. I finally got the chance to watch them yesterday and I have to say I was very  satisfied in hearing your stories and perspectives because it is not always the norm to hear. Thanks for making the content you do and I hope to see more content here, Instagram, and see some sort of content on YouTube. It is a real pleasure watch and listening to your content.  

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    2. Chubbycat666


      :)) yes! I’ve seen people say that they are confused about liking this fetish or related fetishes and they watch videos like mine and it makes them feel like it’s not a bad thing, so that’s nice to hear @Chevalier

    3. STCChristopher


      My thing is I am not sure if what I have is a fetish or a body type preference. Like for me I prefer girls with long hair and cannot stand seeing a girl with short hair because seeing short hair seems to communicate a male type and then can be a turn off for me. But I also like Thin bodies to so I am not sure if what I have is a mix of fetish or preference. There are particular body shapes I prefer over others. But it also matters to me the personality of the person. If I am totally against what they are saying and their views on particular issues are not related at all then I will be completely turned off by the person because their views are completely opposite so I am not sure if what I have is a fetish or a body type preference. That is one reason why I ask what was it that convinced you about liking fat bodies. Was it the look, weight, body movement? What was the points that changed your mind to think that way? 

    4. STCChristopher


      I just wanted to let you know I did leave a bunch of comments asking questions on the particular video I posted the link to on YouTube. My name on YouTube is Mythdusterds. Thanks for being so interactive on Curvage to respond to any comments or questions I had. It is much appreciated. 

  9. Just in case you missed my latest video !

    my second weigh-in and I’m so excited to see how much bigger I am after thanksgiving 😋



    1. Zipzach


      Wait... after thanksgiving?? 🤔

    2. Krounos Demetrios

      Krounos Demetrios

      So well fed and sexy as hell.

    3. Heavyhitter


      If you're seeing any distant family or friends for the holidays you're going to have to re-introduce yourself because there is NO WAY they are going to recognize you 🤤

      I'm sure they will be VERY shocked👀😲👀 that you look like you've partnered with the local bakeries as a professional cake taster 💜🍩🍰🎂🍰🍩💜

  10. NEW VIDEO! 

    See how much I’ve gained in my first month on curvage








    1. degek2001


      Wow huge update! Your belly is enormous... ❤️ Henk

    2. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      So big and so beautiful 😍😍😍😍

  11. This is my second time doing a weigh-in and I’m shocked by how much I’ve gained since my first weigh in. ( one month ago) I knew before I weighed myself that I had gained weight, little things like being out breath and clothes tightening were telling me that I’m the most out of shape that I have ever been. I hope you continue to follow me on my weight gain journey after all the holidays are coming and I always blow up around that time 😋










    1. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      Lord thank god for feedism. It did wonders for you love. ♥️😍😘

    2. Mmmmmmmmm


      Those gifs rock.

      I love how tight your belly is😊

  13. Hi! Finally got around to posting a Q&A with some of the questions you have asked! I talk about my feedee dreams and desires, favorite foods and what turns me on the most about my growing fat body. Hopefully this tells you a little bit more about myself and maybe we can keep getting to know each other! * uploaded in MOV format


  14. Posting new video TODAY!

    Until then check out my newest video 😈





    1. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      1000/10 would marry you and that belly. 😍😘♥️

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