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  1. Hey cuties🥰😘 

    hope everyone’s having a great Saturday night! Check out my latest videos :)  




    1. foball1290


      Bought and love all the of them!😁

    2. Chubbycat666


      Thank you!! Will be posting more today!🥰😘

  2. Join me as I eat my nightly pint of icecream before bed! I filmed this about 3 months ago and I feel like I’m noticeably fatter since then, my face and belly have grown the more I’m that short time. What do you think? See a difference? I thought I’d post so we could look back at how my bodies changing Looks like the nightly pints of icecream are doing their job of making me fatter, *video is a bit darker than my normal videos.


  3. Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a great weekend :)))

    Waiting for approval :)



    1. Onen


      Those glimpses at your double chins in the stills are so distracting 😍

  4. Join me! I step in my shower and start to lather up all of my soft juicy fat. I get nice and wet and start rubbing soapy bubbles all over my hanging belly. I’m so turned on my by growing fat body that I have to sit in the tub and keep squishing and feeling all of my new fat. The only thing it makes me want to do is keep eating and get even more fat. I cant help but fantasize about how I hope to be too big to even fit in this tub.


  5. All I want is for someone to make me fat as fuck.. 


    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. buck_sumo


      Those shorts are rapidly disappearing every time you wear them!

    3. Mrfeedher


      I’m here I’ll feed you queen 👑 

    4. Mrjoecool234


      Say no more. Keep putting out great content and you got my money.

  6. Just filmed a super sexy shower scene.. check out my latest video while I edit this one😛😋👙🛁 



    1. fatchicksarelovely


      Looking forward to it all - and to every new pound and jiggle!

    2. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      Lord I wish you was on top of me like that. 

  7. One of my favorite things to do is sit on my skinny feeder and ride him while he plays with all of my delicious fat, feeling how heavy I am and how hard it is for him to breathe while I straddle him is so hot. Seeing how much more my belly hangs on his skinny stomach let’s me know that I’m doing my job as a feedee. Watch me get my belly rubbed, squeezed and played with. I even get rewarded with some yummy cookies. 😋🐷


  8. Thanks for the follow😚 

    I bought several of your videos😁🔥

    Can't wait to watch them all, hope it contributes to fattening you up!😏😉🐽🐷

    1. Chubbycat666


      Wow thank you so much! That means so much and I appreciate you! 🤤😘💋

  9. Hope everyone’s having a great weekend, filming new stuffs tomorrow 😛 



    1. fatchicksarelovely


      Hard to wait... I hope you are doing fine!

  10. *Waiting approval 

    my first cake stuffing video! 

    Who wants to see me be a gluttonous fat pig while I eat cake on all fours🤤🐽🐷🐖🍰



    1. regbill


      Oh my!😍

    2. Belly worshipper

      Belly worshipper

      *rubs belly after seeing you eat that whole cake* piggy need a belly rub? 

    3. Chubbycat666


      I ALWAYS need a belly rub, 😛 especially when I’m so stuffed 

  11. I’m in the mood to be properly STUFFED to the brim. Watch me eat a delicious 2,000+ calorie chocolate cake in this fourteen minute video in multiple different angels. I start off on all fours like the good piggy that I am, With every bite I feel myself getting fuller and fuller until my belly is rounder, tender and so stretched tight at the end of finishing it Off. I can’t contain how turned on it feels to be such a gluttonous slob, I rub and play with my stuffed belly as I enjoy all of the calories that my growing body badly needs to keep growing and gaining.


  12. Ahh man I totally forgot!! Next workout video forsure! 😛😘
  13. I Want to film a Q&A video maybe while I’m stuffing my face with some food yummy food

    send me questions and if I get enough of them I will have it up tomorrow evening :)



    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. maf


      No it’s even one further below... 

      (thought my post wasn’t posted🙈)

    3. maf


      Here are another few questions;

      What percentage of your currect wardrobe have you all ready outgrown? And what are your plans regarding clothing, knowing you want to gain more?

      What are comments that you’ve received from friends / family about your latest body changes?

      What pops in to your mind when you’re asked about the most desirable food ?

      Does your gain have an influence on your daily life?

      Are you more confident at the moment than you’ve ever been? Or are there other parts in your life where you were more content about yourself?

      What had been one of your most embarrassing moments?

      What has been one of your most special moments?


      That’s it for me now, I’m curious what you’re going to answer! 😉

    4. fatchicksarelovely


      Hi @Chubbycat666,  so looking forward to your Q&A video! I'd love answers to these questions; and maybe you'll have to do two videos... :-). 

      1. How did you learn that you are aroused by overeating or feeding - has it always been desire or is it a more recent discovery?
      2. Was or is it difficult sometimes to embrace your desires?
      3. Who in your circle of family and friends knows, or suspects, that you are a feeder, and do you care about it? Do you have a job where you can get fatter?
      4. Would you walk around in public with your pants open, visibly overstuffed? Would it be shameful, and / or a turnoff?
      5. You say you want to be 300 pounds. Do you believe you can stop once you get there... and how much do you weigh in your feedee daydreams?
      6. How do you imagine your dream body? Your next 100 pounds - where on your body would you love to gain?
      7. What's your favorite daydream? Which weight gain stories do you like best? What do you like most about these daydreams / stories?
      8. What's your dream of a perfect feedee day? What's your dream date with your feeder? And have you already had it (why not :-))?
      9. Have you had feeding sessions or feeding weekends?
      10. What's your favorite food, and which food seduces you the easiest?
      11. What are you doing to make these dreams come true, and do you have help with it?
      12. What has been, or still is holding you back in getting fatter?
      13. Do you like getting questions about your weight or eating habits outside of the internet, or is that awkward?
      14. What excites you especially about your big round growing heavy hanging belly?
      15. If you could choose to gain 10, 50, or 100 pounds in an instant, would you go for one those options?
      16. What do you think about force-feeding, and about being so helplessly full that you can't possibly move?
      17. Do you have feedee role models who inspire you with their gains?
      18. What would you like to be famous for as a feedee?
      19. If you were a fat animal, what would it be? Does it turn you on to be called names?
      20. What turns you on more: To so get totally out of shape that you have to minimize waddling around huffing and puffing, or getting such a fat belly that you have a hard time reaching around your gut to satisfy your desires?
  14. Love feeling my fat belly plopped on top of my skinny feeders stomach 🐖🐷   

     Btw filming a video of this 😛😋





    1. fatchicksarelovely


      He is such a lucky man - I hope he knows that! 

      Looking forward to that video!

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