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After a long week, CC decided it was time for her to stop delaying her workout. She finally does it but realises that she's a lot fatter than last time!


This was so tough! This is a 10 part workout which used to be really easy for me to do. Watch how I struggle with my massive body and dance on camera for you. 

I'm obsessed with my body and I can't stop looking at it here!!


All the love and hugs 

CC xx

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I loved the trainer on the tv. This is how you encourage anybody overweight to work out, as a beginner. 

Chubbycupcake goes the extra mile in celebrating the "uncondition" with that hearty jiggling celebration.

Those beautiful floral pants CC squats in make such a lively garden. Her belly rolls bunch up in so many ways as she changes to lifting her legs.  So many curves to love as CC shifts her weight, even showing great foliage as she bends over.

I appreciate CC doing her best and having everyone enjoy. I suppose before this site, no pain no gain wasn't a fetish.

Did crack me up to hear the female trainer get to "girl pushups" rather than the PC modified pushups term. Chubbycupcake's outrageous reaction for this, and even jumping to a new cut to catch her breath before even trying is worth the price of purchase. I wholeheartedly support her kneecaps for never giving up no matter the weight.

CC then gets serious, stretches back with her bra out, and jiggles for days. 


I enjoyed the variety of exercises, as well as this sexy defeated pose.


The belly hang from the planks gives you a true sense of CC's size.


Her unwillingness for that bridge and last exercise were a ton of fun. Watch for the lovely views and priceless reactions.

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I love 'workout' (in the loosest sense of the word) videos and Chubby Cupcake's videos. Combine the two and you get this absolute goldust here. It's adorable watching CC watching trying her best but ultimately struggling, and failing, to complete the workouts. We get an awesome view of her whole body in her skintight workout gear as she struggles to make her way through even the most basic of exercises. She gets more out of breath, and struggles even the more, the further she 'gets through' the workout. And to make it even better her top rides up too exposing that big delectable belly. CC eventually gives up and eats instead which, I think, we can all agree is definitely a better option for her TBH. It must be said too that CC's personality in this video, and indeed in all of her other's helps carry the video through. She is so adorable and charming. 

If you like fat girls trying and failing to workout then this is an absolute must! For the views of CC's body alone it is a must. 

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Wow. This here’s an extraordinary display of curves in motion from one of the absolute best ladies around.


The stunning CC is in a skin-tight workout costume, and has a fitness routine playing on her TV. The camera is positioned so that we get to see a full, head-to-toe view of her. First up are some squats. You really, really must experience the sight of ChubbyCupcake squatting.  Oh my. When she’s at the lowest point of the squatting movement, CC’s fantastic body almost looks spherical. I’m not kidding – the curve of her thighs and butt being met by her tummy moving down to nestle between her bent legs... Mmmmmmmmm.  It's an image to mentally store away and retrieve at a later date to brighten up a really dull bus journey or work meeting.


Next, CC ties her lovely, luscious hair back (yay) to keep it out of the way during her exercise. This really shows off her pretty face and neck. Sure, she’s panting and looks a bit worn-out, but she looks absolutely beautiful. Soon, she’s down on all fours (hello), and giving a very funny dialogue to the upbeat fitness instructor, who continues to chirpily call out directions.


Off comes CC’s T-shirt, to reveal that rounded, curvaceous belly in all its glory.


As CC continues to bounce around, and is super-cute and amusing, my attention was (obviously) drawn to how her belly moves. It’s hypnotisingly perfect. It hangs, but doesn’t sag. It’s got a gorgeous perky plumpness to it. She holds her weight so, so nicely.


Make sure you watch the last minute, in which CC gives us her verdict on her workout and what she’s about to do straight after!


These eleven minues are so much fun that they shoot by really quickly. CC has a personality that matches her jaw-dropping physical beauty. What a woman...


5/5, just ike every other video from CC.

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Great vid. I love where 5:47 begins......you are precious...

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absolutely stellar vid as always coming from CC! looking lovely in those workout clothes too

totally earned the pizza for sure, after such a high intensity jigglefest - the dancing was the best part imo 😄


Response from the author:

Thanks @ghrian - I’m really glad you enjoyed it! The dancing was definitely my favourite bit too because I definitely didn’t want to do what she was doing in the video 😂🥰🐷

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