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  1. McK

    Camila Cabello

    Figured this was worth a post just because shes mentioning food.
  2. McK

    Chloe Moretz

    This movie was terrible and her being a little thicker didnt help anything.
  3. McK

    Jennifer Love Hewitt

    Didnt show very much of her though and it always seemed to be in dark rooms. Why show her and mention the pregnancy if theyre going to cover it up?
  4. McK

    Jessica Simpson

    Can you imagine if this was a full blown photo shoot or even a side shot in better lighting? But Im happy for what we can get. I dont think anyone thought wed ever see her trying to fit into a two piece during this pregnancy. Im surprised people dont seem to be insulting her on her Instagram. Some are giving her respect, saying shes been pregnant forever and other comments but no one seems to be yelling cover up or anything.
  5. You raise good points but have you ever read 'Tank Ass'? https://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/threads/tank-ass-bbw-xwg-fa-dom.94178/ Shame this story was never finished but picture Lalia like the main character of this story. That may work as well as she struggled with her weight the entire time and her man only lived to feed her and watch her grow bigger. In fact he lived for it.
  6. I understand but the problem is that I dont think many of your patrons are CC fans. As I said I would not be surprised if many of them left after you discontinued the series. Now youre talking about doing one but only three to eight pages? I mean people are signing up again for a single comic? I dont mean to be pushy in any way so please dont take it that way but I dont think people are really compelled to sign up for a month just to vote again. I think after you wrap up Baby Fat just throw a few CC comics out there. Test the waters. Maybe you can get the CC fans back. Then once your numbers start going up again you can do the poll. Im sure it wont be surprising to you to find people want CC. In fact IIRC you actually had to do Baby Fat due to your rule of one comic only being able to win twice because CC won each and every time but I could be wrong. It has been awhile. I suggested something similar to that before but adding pregnancy in. I know that isnt part of the story but hey. What if Lalia stayed with Trevor? What if Lalia got pregnant? Just how big would she really get? Think about that for a moment. Now she would have a real reason to go all out as she would repeatedly say shes eating for two. Relationship wise, would she be happy with Trevor? Im sure people would be interested to see that kind of angle on the story. Especially because its obvious that she gets very aroused after feeding. Her trying to jump Trevor after and then her clearly grabbing the pizza guy, would she be happy with a man that loves to feed her and see how big she can get? Heres another one. What if Jane let go and joined her? What if Jane become her feeder? There was something like that on Deviantart recently. https://www.deviantart.com/blame-thrower/art/COMMISSION-Lalia-Loses-Control-Pt-1-763532987 https://www.deviantart.com/blame-thrower/art/COMMISSION-Lalia-Loses-Control-Pt-2-763534527 In this Jane became her feeder and they had a short lesbian affair. Im not even into that but I found it a very interesting read. If youre doing 'What If' angles theres so many ways you can take it that youll have stories for more than enough time for you to get back to the main series with a new plot idea.
  7. McK

    Jessica Simpson

    And more black? What would happen if she did a half nude preggo photoshoot right now? How would people react? Would they shame her or embrace the beauty of pregnancy?
  8. I was always a little curious about this but I didnt want to ask. I know that its rather hard to run your site and cater to both fetishes. You do Baby Fat and I understand that but many people may have dipped from your page after you stopped doing Craving Control. Im sure that when you started it many people joined and when you announced you were done many left. Ive said many times before that if Arthur or even you did Craving Control youd no doubt have a ton of money because the desire is there. People are very much interested. You could even go around and make comics of some of the other stories people have already done on DeviantArt if you desired. People just want to see Lalias continued adventures. But once you said you were done many may have figured theres no reason to continue to donate. Donating for one month for an eight page comic is alright but then again you may see donations jump up exponentially and drop again. In this case why not continue to do Craving Control on and off? Maybe like every other week do a Craving Control comic and then Baby Fat switching it up? Then everyone would be happy and youd still make money.
  9. McK

    Jessica Simpson

    What is it with her wearing all of this black? She dressed so much nicer in her last pregnancy.
  10. McK

    Nicki Minaj

    Shes looking good if you ask me but most people seem to be insulting her for this so Id be surprised if she keeps this weight on.
  11. McK

    Haylie Duff

    Wait, Haylie and Hilary are pregnant together? Is this Haylies third child?
  12. I seem to recall a Tumblr or Instagram such as this also threatening a comeback and it has yet to happen.
  13. If anyone is looking for more Craving Control blame-thrower on Deviantart has started a new series called "Lalia: Social Media Star" which seems to use the newer version of Lalia and her social media following. Its on Part 1 right now and its a story not a comic but it seems promising. https://www.deviantart.com/blame-thrower/gallery/ He also did my favorite Craving Control stories "Lalia's Triple Date" and "Lalia's Dream Job so Im looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
  14. Itd be nice if he sprung out to his own ** and offered Custom artwork or even the chance for someone to pay to have Lalia in their own adventures. I think Ive mentioned before how awesome it would be to see some of the stories on DeviantArt made into comic form and I have no doubt people would pay to see some of those if offered the chance. Personally Id easily contribute to a fund to make Lalias Dream Job or Lalias Triple Date into comics. But I recall someone once saying that Arthur didnt want to mess with Lalia too much because it would take over his life? I am very sure if either you or Arthur spun off into a Lalia specific ** the money would flow in so I know exactly what he means. But at the end of the day Lalia is his creation, very few can draw her properly and he calls the shots. Hopefully well see some more Lalia again soon.
  15. https://adjectivenouncombo.deviantart.com/art/Craving-Control-Double-Dip-21-749918993 https://adjectivenouncombo.deviantart.com/art/Craving-Control-Double-Dip-22-750498025 https://adjectivenouncombo.deviantart.com/art/Craving-Control-Double-Dip-23-750554017 A couple new pages went up. Im trying to figure out what kind of metal stand is holding Lalias belly up in strip 22. Where did it come from and did it break in strip 23?
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