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  1. Sonic lost world I literally have to ram this beauty from below in this Nights inspired world.
  2. Thanks @maybejames like a guardian angel encouraging me to post. Honestly a lot has happened, and I just engaged myself with a cosplayer today, which lets me answer this a lot easier @costanza. Ask her first. If you're worth her time (we're talking 5 mins max) and she wants to even give exclusives or allow samples for you to use, everybody wins and she has a new shrine for her best moments. If not, don't bother, it will only go downhill, unless you want to preserve something. Good publicity is taken for granted sometimes, and it helps thin the herd for who wants you to be a superfan. As some doors close, others open, and I'm a whole lot happier today.
  3. Can always talk to me. Thanks for visiting my channel. Lovely swimsuit.
  4. I'm seeing this in movie theaters too, though I do admit the bus has a whole lotta shaking going on lol to quote Jerry Springer. I do find it weird when women want to readjust crop tops or whatever though. Regardless, 10 degrees is a world of difference between a man and a woman, who that latent stripper instinct will kick in asap lol.
  5. Any model in general @ChubbyCupcake Thanks for asking before judging.
  6. Getting educated today with that description, Quad boob, didn't know it's when the boobs spills out. Superior to the mere side boob
    I applaud Bella for that photo set she puts in the description. It really fulfills my curiosity to buy. In the video, I enjoyed the tight oufit she wears and I love her slow and subtle movements. Did have to max out my volume to hear her beautiful voice, but things got going really smoothly. It's a beautiful rhythm as she works off the alcohol to make everything count. Just a fantastic vibe of seeing her move so sensually and the cute moans from being tired and fat make things so alluring. Every inch she caresses feels like a road map to her beauty, and she revs things up in the 2nd half of the video, as though she got a second wind with a twinkle in her eye. I love Bella's approaches and desires, especially as she is so inviting and licks her luscious lips.
  7. Did I say they should be grateful? Nope! Don't you see how big of a difference one word makes? Especially when you want to compare quotes. Context is it will happen regardless so she might as well be identifiable by things such as watermarks (or endings) in videos. There may be a fan who wants to pay to win but never heard of the model outside the pirated stuff. There was a model, who actually deleted her videos and apparently the bill comes due (always), She rejoined, and those pirates inadvertently preserved her old stuff. Naturally tells me she quits but not that she returns. How's that for an off chance? I pray you don't twist my words and double down again. These make for fun stories, I won't publicly name names, but I am thankful for the clean slates that don't compromise me.
  8. I'm trying to turn lemons into lemonade. Knowing where to meet a positive influence exceeds anyone's imagination in my opinion, and you continue to act like you have more control than your chronic misinterpretations of what I'm saying, as though to undermine the return to normalcy. Try me. You could ask/pinpoint instead of troll me. I haven't even broken out the tvtropes type of thing I sometimes refer to, laser-guided karma is my personal favorite as I'm one helluva driver for that one.
  9. Words of wisdom, thanks for your advice and silver lining. And yes, there's just an off chance that someone who viewed in piracy may search you by name and actually buy or talk; I observe prospects all the time, it's a lot of fun, kinda like networking, though I take it as a calculated risk. Hoping they at least have the courtesy to give you a 3 week head start lol as old enough media damn near enters the public domain one way or another. But in the endgame, it is a bit of a virtual cemetery to preserve the works of those who disappear for whatever reason.
  10. Worth it apparently, part of me wants to name change as King Leer on a quest to have his eyes leering upon the most engaging model in Curvageland. I've been successful twice so far, and a few times elsewhere.
  11. A tale of 2 cities, it was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Funny how ironic it is that I could've avoided all this by just pirating, though I didn't and you still found a way to besmirch me. Was just about to say I misunderstood something and apologize, but a broken clock is right twice a day. Though your presents bit coerce my confession below. Live and learn from buying off site; apparently I'm not breaking any chat rules and you're being neutral. Thank you very much . It was worth it lol you win the internets. Unsex me lol and that big serpent with manga classics Lady Macbeth would make for funny porn parodies. A little creativity, a little engaging can do a lot honestly, at least for me.
  12. Dramatic theatrics are awesome. I'm told it's one of my best features, though I know you won't read other things I've read/talked about. It can go positive or negative, based on the person. A whirlwind romance, or a duel. I just promise to fight fairly regardless, though my definition of fair changes with my opponent's antics/patterns.
  13. Really? I think of supply/demand, and to blow on my trumpet, I'm #2 all time in reviews, so don't give me that bs if you're gonna brag that you buy as though I don't. I bought customs from a couple models only to be treated as presents and get nothing, because of entitlement and better things to do, similar to the hello I talked about. Maybe listening to feedback could improve things, rather than scapegoat someone the one day they have to be critical and fair. All I simply need is a good word or 2 and I'm fueling up a passionate romance with what I can wordsmith. With that knowledge, to still be treated poorly is self-destructive.
  14. Your due diligence is the gold standard, worth your weight in gold, to return, talk, explain why you won't be available for a while (hope your knee is good) and actually gift something when I haven't spoken in a while. And even ask me if there's anything I could catch up on. AAA+ customer service. I'll always buy and treat you well if you wink at me Maybe I went the wrong route in thinking everyone should be like that.
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