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  1. @S77 Why are my vids I purchased taken down in addition to the private message ban when I haven't messaged any models in months, let alone say something inappropriate? No paper trail to prove something I am accused of saying, let alone anything at all. This is not professional at all, let alone reinforces cancel culture over something that isn't even true. And you were anonymous with whoever it was, taking a guilty until proven innocent stance.
  2. Where? I don't see an option for those anywhere.
    Plethora of lovely positions. Chubbycupcake has more room than I thought, and I appreciate the generous set/pricing full of tub pics, entering a door and lotioning/lathering up. Nobody presents draws a bath better.
    The twists and turns make this quite a wild ride. I am pleasantly surprised that little pool/basin moved like a boat and didn't break. The watermelons put up a great fight even making CC cutely frustrated. So much jiggling to mesmerize. Then to celebrate the victory squashing by eating and lathering with it is sheer delight. She's very innovative with her technique as well and it's fun to see her use her love handles to try to crush a banana too. Thanks for keeping things fresh. I had so much fun watching CC react too; just one more pic with the mango...clear!...RIP
    This was fantastic. I want a handful of CC like she has a handful of donuts with each finger in that preview pic . Softness surrounding every finger, definitely feel a new fetish with this one. The before pics to compare with her beautiful belly spilling out of that nightie are a fantastic treat.
  3. It's killing the site to not be notified when I'm gifted or I get a response to a review. If there's a means, please let me know.
  4. Thanks for the info @oatmeal and glad the kids are having fun to hopefully make her belly like their favorite submarine 😃. Pleasant memories regarding body parts always help.
  5. I think eclipse does that too, weight gain comic https://www.deviantart.com/kastemel/gallery/44774585/eclipse
  6. Sure, special events for eating spice things up imo. Every day not so much, let alone kill a budget. Countdown to halloween candy in 50 days for example, than monthly eats with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Surprised people are so optimistic in this age of needing to feel sexy without valuing reactions, so I'll merely hope for the best.
  7. Did i say something funny?

    1. Chevalier


      You threw a Hail Mary pass to someone known for ghosting and judging by your contempt for me, you ain't got no response 😝.

    2. dj2k1357


      Contempt? I dont even know who you are but ok cool.

  8. like getting/being promoted at a job it takes a long time to get a meaningful relationship. I'm unlearning the idea of going all in honestly because foundations are generally very weak, and not worth throwing a ton of money for a day or 2 of fun. Easier to go a bit more every day I get a chance rather than feel owed. I would say to socialize and do what you can online (always observe, doesn't have to be a fetish forum), and ignore the white knights who want to pretend they don't start fights (those equal lefts equal rights videos prove otherwise). Wonder if I should make my signature, until ghosting do we part.
  9. This ad says it best lol wish I could find a clip Wuncler from boondocks says in that soul food restaurant, bitches love free food. People are gonna eat anyway so it's easy to simply offer extra or have fun poking some fun at chub in a cute way.
    This was a beautiful challenge Chubbycupcake pulled off her skirt here. Loved seeing her beautiful booty and the reflection on the TV for good double vision. Even did a few stretches too. If you ever wanted to thank or reward Chubbycupcake, just buy this as I've done. So many fun things to see as she giggles and jiggles.
    This is a beautiful whale-watching adventure, as the cold water sprays against Chubbycupcake's beautiful soft skin. The ripples feel therapeutic, as even plopping her belly makes the water fly out of the pool as well. Lovely shades too. Plenty of surprises and even suncreen rubbing that feels quite intense. Beautiful pricing too.
  10. Online: Pay to win, try again after a feud, or someone else if given absenteeism/irreconcilable differences. Can also check out stuff like deviantart if you prefer art/writing too. Sometimes it's like a bit of an interview to see who you want to support too. We're always observing, and new angles always help. If you're doing something offline, subtlety always helps, having fun times with food can be useful. It really isn't that difficult after the first time, comment after changes are made and hopefully see if there's some compatibility with other things as well.
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