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  1. Chevalier

    Feedee’s health

    Emphasis on training. I myself do things to maintain and surprise with hidden muscles. I don't think most of these feedees train, but I'm not gonna be an asshole to someone who's sole weakness or reason d'etre is eating; I usually am pretty easy to compromise with when I have fun, as that's all I remember, and I'm very thankful if someone wants me to be more interested. People smoke/drink/drug cocktail and nobody blinks an eye because it isn't that visible, and is usually encouraged in groups (except maybe smoking). Then of course as adults, we live our lives and aren't really trying to hear others try to make us change, especially when those judging keep their awful habits, or want to constantly hassle more than those damn truth commercials, to only encourage a worse stress reaction. I think generally short journeys 20-50 lbs, maybe 100 max, are relatively harmless, especially if healthy oils are used (olive oil, coconut oil, or any non-trans fat). Person can always shape up later, and be like that fat guy in god of war movie (the Chinese movie, not based on Kratos), who couldn't do 1 pushup, to being able to fight the hero for 5 mins (a favorite feat of mine to see, especially for some former jobber).
  2. Chevalier

    How do I find someone with this fetish?

    Sucks that instagram damn near removed the feedee tag under recent. Just have to look for stuff and hopefully make it rain for whoever goes live. Surprised this site doesn't have live chat yet. Optional payment feels a lot better for me so I don't feel pressed if I don't know/trust the person, and gradually increment if I know she won't ghost/block me for being attracted (it can be crazy sometimes, but some women manage arousal poorly even if that's the whole point of what they're doing). Things are global honestly (I'm a hit with a couple London ladies here) and I feel online is the best way, though I long stopped trying to engage people much in real life. If there's a chance, I'll be subtle.
  3. Chevalier

    Jessica Rabbit

    That photoset was definitely a great impersonation of this video of Jessica Rabbit minus the squashing lol. Thanks Mamahorker, your eyes hypnotize and you bewitch me when flaunting all that belly. My favorite pic of them all is when you show a kissyface.
  4. Chevalier

    The Case of the Missing Donuts

    Wow Judy, a baker's dozen worth of minutes as we unravel this cute case. Love the short hair, pricing, and the fact you gave a preview which was practically a photoset. The view of that tight shirt and gray dress is phenomenal. So many donuts and calories for quite the colorful fiesta of flavors. Every turn in the beginning is a sneak peek at cleavage. Didn't even know you could lift your dress to jiggle your belly, very alluring. Little by little things get missing and as we get to the bottom of things, especially your bottom as things get revealing and more appetizing. Love that you are enveloped with more excuses to eat (exercise later) than how that dress covers your ever so fulfilling belly. Was a fun trip to play detective for my favorite office sexcretary. Your sexiness made me forget about snitching, especially that cream/powder you seductively lick. With such a beautiful description, thanks for making me roleplay this.
  5. Chevalier

    Rising obesity rates

    lol 1:34 reach as deep as you can eh @John Smith I definitely do that when I am motivated to review something. I could also say the everything built will fall as a lady outgrows her pants lol But to be on topic, people have less overall time and more excuses to gain weight. Whether it be by alcohol, fast food and/or lack of exercise. Edit: Just realized it's intoxication that was against the rules, beer bellies are fine.
  6. Chevalier

    hey everyone!

    Nice flowers ☺
  7. Chevalier

    Hobbyist who create arts of big women

    I am glad you are happy I informed you. Feels like playing matchmaker in a way 😍 but seriously I feel you made a great muse for this, especially given a lot of fan art may go unnoticed.
  8. Chevalier

    Hobbyist who create arts of big women

    Cool work. Didn't know you had a thread. Always call the model with the @ and tapping the auto fill. @Cheeseburgerlover
  9. Chevalier

    trying out making some comics

    I like how in the end she looks like she ate those 8-10 meals, maybe not smallish lol
  10. Chevalier

    My Rugby Kit SHRUNK!

    Wow lol Chubbycupcake is out of breath just for starting. I do feel she reminds me of Mr. Incredible getting stuck too. Superb video quality and cute outgrown panty/bras. At the time of upload, she even broke the internet, outgrowing to make Curvage slow down while I tried to buy this. I love seeing her lay down and really show off every curve pushing everything to the max. The 2nd effort she puts to make things go past that first belly was tough, but the double belly was too much to contain. That rugby shirt was a 3 act story, with the breasts as an easy hurdle, but in CC's shape, she needed a break. Then to the main event to pull that rugby shirt over her first belly, and the 2nd is just taunting us, as though to say not for long, as it rides up when she celebrates pulling it over for a second. In the 3rd act, she becomes wiser and uses the underbelly to hold things together like a paperweight. Power of gravity and voila! She barely made it with a belly weight And yes, CC, be a plus size model even if you have to democratize and be fantastic here. Loved the poses for Nike you pulled.
  11. Chevalier

    Describe the ideal woman for you.

    lol why post then? Thanks for the explanation @aspartamedoublesgains Easy ideals keep me writing in wonder, rather than make me feel inhibited or desperate. For a body type, I'd say this black widow cosplayer is perfect, very busty and flattering. I do like different types and don't put an ideal on a pedestal, specifically because my thoughts/feelings may change.
  12. Chevalier

    WhipCream Stuffing

    Cute veil and leggings. Nice way to make being a one-minute man a good thing 😉
  13. Chevalier

    Pasta Limits

    Wow your belly is as full as that huge bowl. Mix it up any way you want Bigbunny, even if all is pasta goodness with a beautiful 10 min time limit even if the portrait view is like a girdle 😉. Do note that the video loops for 5 minutes after 10 minutes into it. Did love the belly rubbing and subtle movements.
  14. Chevalier

    Female wrestlers

    10:29 all those breast slaps to Goya kong lol damn @ratetankmark just learned Goya meant barbarian room. Only knew of the foods. Glad it's not trademarked.
  15. Chevalier

    Sexy Photo Set

    Wow this is a cute photoset under an old name, chubby_moi. Will add a couple favorites. I love the belly hang over the chair, which must be struggling for its life to lift that succulent girth 🏋️‍♀️. These side rolls just feel like such dangerous curves to drive onto. Makes me feel my hands need the versatility of an all-terrain vehicle to not slide off all that lovable chub. And lastly, that window, wow I feel jealous if someone got to see that from the outside, but then that warm booty on the inside gives us all a treat as well. Such a tough choice to determine what is best.