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  1. Gotta mispronounce for dramatic effect, glorifying obese city just add diabeetus to guarantee a fun time for everyone 🤣
  2. @John Smith nice one with the Joker, you get what you paid for. I feel sorry for the kids who don't get homeschooled these days and get emotionally abandoned, using TV to warp err raise them, like the cable guy movie.
  3. I don't think the cheerleaders wore less but if you compare it to sexy super bowl halftime shows like Katy Perry (awful groper lady) and Justin Timberlake (strips Janet Jackson to the lyrics I'mma have you naked by the end of this song), I can agree. No such thing as bad publicity given Cardi B drugging men too. People generally fail miserably with cognitive dissonance as they don't seem to normalize contradictions through exception handling and managing volume. This is how people get down by human nature, and just flip the colors if there's a color bias against whitey. Oh fun post to show as I don't have one with Nancy from King of the Hill talking about the age compression with prostitots. Scary normalization. Hedy lamarr suffered too, but thankful for her wifi prelude.
  4. Because it's a family friendly event as opposed to something for adults; the cheerleaders don't do this, when you state skimpy, and she wore less (cheerleaders at least have covered booties). Keep caping. She has a history of shooting herself in the foot and doubling down, like with doxxing doordash lady. But I guess like the n-word, it's cool for women to refer to themselves as 100% that bitch and not be damaged somehow, similar to asserting to be strong every day, as if they're needing to fool themselves. People still traditionally buy into this like it's some virtuous behavior worth risking life and limb protecting, and not contradicting the do it herself ideology for the strong woman. 0:49 in that vid jeez I just wanna spread my love and cheeks with no inhibitions regarding time/place. She reinforced the notion that fat girls are desperate. 1:46 don't look lol, you can't change the channel at an event. Every day at work I hear her songs multiple times. I tuned them out, but it's nearly impossible not to hear about Lizzo (similar to Kim Kardashian or President Donald Trump, where you have to filter them out). I did see this link, and apparently some want to lie to themselves about twerking being political. I just can't, but some need the patriarchy as a crutch to desperately cling to for purpose/identity. https://www.vox.com/first-person/2019/10/18/20920615/twerking-with-lizzo I feel the reactions at the bottom of this link explain a lot, and when you're a star, it's your responsibility to have inhibitions to protect your brand, or just know not in front of the kiddies (which she ignorantly criticizes as censoring herself): https://www.pedestrian.tv/entertainment/lizzo-lakers-game-twerk/ Then when you juxtapose that image with this muumuu for time person of the year, what image does she want?
    Love the space girl costume. Makes such a pleasant classic B-movie vibe. Fantastic assthetic here, with the slow tight fit showing every inch a struggle. Beauregarde has lovely commentary too, and I'm enjoying the imprint the mountain dew makes on her stomach, as well as what lies beneath . Lovely hat too.
  5. Hm, nice taste in costumes and thanks for the affordable price.
    Nice sports bra, remember competitive eating is a sport . I hope Thatfatguineapig follows up with a side by side photoset for this. It is fun to note in between pictures she takes snacks. I also enjoyed how jolly she looks, like a bowl full of jelly here. Sometimes having the clothes on can be sexier.
    This was a lotta fun, with dynamic views and I became a fan of the imprint on Thatfatguineapig's stomach after those tights compressed her. Would love to see more of that. The visible hand guiding to her hot zones gives quite a wish you were here vibe, especially with how good her thighs and legs looked too. Definitely a win for the marketplace. The way her curves poke out of her clothes is intoxicating too. Thatfatguineapig doesn't talk though, so I'm a bit confused by the description only hear her. I did have a lot of fun regardless, and that can easily be corrected as this is more of a body tour vid than a type of roleplay.
  6. People actually comment on here for that? I mean the status updates, repeated for money can be a turn-off at times, but I thought sales were kinda the point; I spent over $100 on black friday. Lack of contact is another story though; I have to be more selective (or simply head out) when I feel that's lost as whining will yeah get punished, even when you have good reasons. Scares me sometimes how people want to say modeling is a job and they just let opportunities cool off and want immunity towards legit criticism because pedestals. There is 1 thing I find passive aggressive, when people have a crazed ideal about proportions or needing a specific weight, and completely flabbergasted, pun intended, when something is an inch or pound off. I'll never compare women, but highlight their strengths if she treats me properly, and try to cover for her weaknesses (until my tolerance level is done, then she can revive me or I'll look for someone else).
  7. Chevalier


    Woot we got a wishlist now. Thanks for listening. I'm really not a bad guy
  8. Wow this ad feels like a weight gain story though it is not a pregnancy. Quite the fetish fuel even if it's a health issue; love the belly pics and descriptions though a lot to click; surprised linking without page number has it all together in incognito mode. http://www.housediver.com/worldwide/weird-preg/
  9. huh? You do know wisdom is the knowledge of when to/not to fight, and even moreso to tip your hand and expose weaknesses by flaunting pseudo-strengths. Let alone it's impossible for a man to completely understand/win an argument with a woman. I can see how women may feel bad the story has Eve damn everyone, though some do like Mary Magdalene and criticize the Catholic Church for marginalizing her https://www.history.com/news/mary-magdalene-jesus-wife-prostitute-saint World is also global these days, with matriarchies and goddesses, so this feels very ethnocentric to some degree, especially when media gives insight to check for different versions. To put this into perspective, even researching the summons in Final Fantasy, you'll find gods/goddesses in various mythologies such as Shiva, which is female in the game but apparently part of some bigger androgynous god with both sets: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ardhanarishvara Thor has Sif/Freya too. But it's easier to complain than simply look for what you like, and play Valkyrie Profile or Okami (Amaterasu goddess) https://www.wicca-spirituality.com/wiccan-goddesses.html Then of course some want to kowtow and let themselves be exploited https://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/8-reasons-why-men-should-worship-goddesses-wcz/ Oh and with the matriarchies, Thai/latin cultures can have them; https://fierce.wearemitu.com/things-that-matter/latin-american-matriarchal-societies-women-rule/
  10. It can slip under the radar when done casually (like Clark Kent saying he's Superman to Lois in a sarcastic way nobody believes him; known as a cassandra truth) and not needing dozens/hundreds of pounds. Women like money anyway and sponsoring a bit to their food budget usually garners thanks.
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