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  1. Maybe youtube it (unlisted if sexy) and share links since this auto embeds.
    Wow there's so much hidden potential I gotta show here with Thatfatguineapig. From the glorious underboobs to plentiful stretchmarks that lifting those stockings will do, I am just enamored. I enjoyed the stretch on the plaid as those boxes looked like they were about to burst; that is a Hall of Fame shirt to outgrow. It's amazing what this lady can do. Even poking her belly button shows the softest crater possible, I'm in awe.
  2. Just curious, is the rich people working others for free or not paying tax, capitalism? Just thinking of churches despite scandals, NCAA not allowing athletes to make money despite making a ton off their backs (this includes others not paying them which is messed up), and Trump's $100 Million golf game on taxpayer money. Free R&D on prescription drugs that gets more overpriced wuth healthcare while always having lawsuit money for the tons of side effects. My question makes me thankful for receiving benefits despite disappearing like 401k and holiday bonuses instead of pensions/raises respectively.
    This video is wish fulfillment as I always wanted to see Thatfatguineapig in workout gear and she has many superb frames although the camera pulsates. Don't blink or you'll miss good views like these: The way she burns herself out after doing 10 jumping jacks and tries to keep going is admirable. It is such a turn-on to see her fight through despite every kilogram holding her back, only for her padding to win and have her do 1/3 of her estimated exercises: jumping jacks and crunches, stretches 1/3 too. Thatfatguineapig tries so hard to put her feet behind her head; this point of no return is amazing to tell the differences. Maybe there's sumo wrestling if she wants to still be active.
  3. Classic princess what's her name on earthworm Jim fatomic ray gun. Popular on this home planet/site lol
  4. Just be active on others' channels though they may not respond to you at all. If you have any friends that are heavier than you, you can set a channel up if they wanna join in. Target got big with their older and heftier models too.
  5. Count me in if anyone wants to show me her thick camouflage this memorial day weekend :)


  6. Care for some grilled cheese? Elmer fudd goes crazy too 😂 so seductive
  7. Thanks for respecting me enough to ask rather than judge via misunderstanding. But yeah your personal life is yours to know and hopefully indulge the rewards in. I just need checks and balances for mine. Online/off they feel very stimulated as I can say unique things but it can turn to crap once she forgets things I've done (minimize coworker dating as gossip gets bad fast, let alone you have to still work/see the person after breakup, or they leave the job and disappear without telling you) or decides not to sustain an intimate connection for whatever reason.
  8. Sure, if a woman knows I'm attracted to her and chooses to feel insecure, I know she isnt prioritizing me, especially if she insists I pay to win her over. Wouldn't go to extremes of a soul gem but the bill comes due, always! The other part is I notice no matter how I try to break up with certain women, I am fated to be involved somehow. So I can't desperately chase as it would disrespect those who find a way to linger/rebound to me.
  9. Thanks. I know I posted on another board this is a commitment issue 😂 but seriously eat as a group and compare bellies. It's fun. Or go seltzer and low cal stuff to feel bloated. I see it like wrestling and selling the fetish is a lot healthier than always living it, and it loses its special appeal to me if stuffing every day. Maybe open up and see who can uplift you, I don't know your interest with me so I want to contain myself. I don't know if you like lifting weights but that could be a fun surprise too, to fuel all that effort. Also posted similarly here but my words aren't exactly polite though I know I'm correct.
  10. Glad you know the rules. Also helps to see how far you tolerate some of these damaged women. There's always someone prior, and sometimes they enable, with other times PTSD. I do see any type of weight anxiety as infidelity honestly. More men should, especially if she presses you to be by her sponsor. But I know kid gloves need to be used a lot, but the right ones will return to you like that boomerang fat mama used for her belt.
  11. Fat Princess Adventures though it seems a bit like gender bending. Still cute though. I'm used to bowsette anyway.
  12. Preview has typos and should be proofread. Showing ebook also helps too https://www.amazon.com/Dangerous-Curves-Alex-Turner-ebook/dp/B07PJSXDL9/ref=sr_1_fkmrnull_1?keywords=alex+turner+dangerous+curves&qid=1558342620&s=gateway&sr=8-1-fkmrnull
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