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  1. It's subconscious, just like women going breasts first into your personal space, and then claiming you're just friends. Sometimes they bump bellies or just rub it out of habit without noticing.
  2. It really isn't that hard honestly. Form-fitting (think fashion or just how her clothes accentuate attraction), bright (or extra dark, based on her features, eyes, or skin tone), soft, womanly, matronly, (if a mother, can easily remind her that her radiant body created life, and the extra padding is a form of a belly cast). I'd say it became easier and normal several years ago; I just filter for the fat ones to unpleasantly remind me of their weight in narcissistic or torturous ways akin to a drug habit. Even with a skinny minnie, who can roleplay well, stuff works really well. A lot of them have boyfriends, and all that's usually needed is just to encourage them to freshen up given weight fluctuates like so.
  3. you assume the risk, and it's your responsibility to calculate how much is safe for you to lose (gambling with promises/finances). I just got blocked today on instagram by a woman for agreeing with her, but I'm not staying bitter at her, I just write her off as a loss and find something fun to do. Let alone when saying something like this about a model, you'll probably get restricted or ignored. As a whole, We're still cavemen online, needing to be easy and protect any woman (who won't put out) no matter what.
  4. Why bother? People generally don't take care of themselves nor communicate. Then at the other end of the spectrum you have those who are uninhibited and only talk about their weight, like it's the only meaningful thing in their lives. Body positivity is usually a hypocritical movement to do nothing, complain to get attention, and revert to insecurity at private moments. It's a circle of life for them, which is why I don't really check these forums much any more. Though I read halfway through and saw you had a friend who made you tolerate her bulimia (usually insecurities just say no to compliments/money, which is another communication floodgate being sealed). Nobody's taking anything back; it's part of what I said in my circle of life above. Lizzo's just as sensitive and bsing with that 100% that bitch she wants to trademark. Guess the moral of the story is twerk wherever and don't look back.
    Love the pinup vibes in that Mrs. Claus outfit, Chubbycupcake. So much bouncing I'm glad the bed can take it too.
    Lovely workout routine, especially as Thatfatguineapig's thighs jiggle and clap while doing jumping jacks. Also enjoyed her socks too. Her spread thighs from these situps makes me feel like Moses, parting the red sea with such an intense gaze. I also enjoyed Thatfatguineapig's bridge exercises too, and it's nice to see her reward herself with some nice treats after all that hard work.
    Whole lot of creaking sounds on the bed; enjoying the strain of her weight as Thatfatguineapig lotions/massages her belly and flaunts her booty.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thatfatguineapig is the sweet of the day with similar colors to that cupcake in the background; she has so many lovely layers. I enjoyed the deep breathing, and short/tight dress, with a beautiful view from behind. Plenty of yogurt chugging and belly rubbing to pique my interests, especially upon her belly pouring into her thighs like that preview pic. Cute burps in between to end as well.
    Such a mesmerizing view. I feel Thatfatguineapig treats us to a day in her life. The walking tour and chirping birds make for quite a beautiful nature walk; thanks for recycling too. I also feel these dynamic angles welcome my male gaze. It's a beautiful change of pace that impresses me. I liked the relaxed fat and burps that shows everything feels normal around her. This belching beauty somehow creates an inner peace for whoever watches. Glad the elevator makes me love to see her in tight places. Wish I was there as I enjoyed the right fit; very innovative ideas by Thatfatguineapig. Seeing her cradle this lovely belly in between snacking is a beautiful way to give special thanks for supporting all this love over the past year and a half, reliably making quality content and reacting to enhance the experience. I wholeheartedly appreciate the fuel she gives with this gesture to fuel passion without even needing words.
  5. It really isn't much, you find someone you like and have fun. Dating is never easy; I don't understand how people find ways to assume looks always matter, and communication/financial management aren't poor; most people leave within 5 years, some of which do not give a good reason that you can actually improve yourself upon. I'll always take the thinner woman who won't pull something, or actually has a sense to give back rather than always take, which makes the relationship a bore after 3-6 months. Media/fashion is fine, I also like not being reminded of a woman's weight, especially after spending said money on her. Online shopping gives so much rise to merchandise in various sizes too. Thin/fat are kinda relative terms (I never had a woman who couldn't fit into booths nor needed things modified because of her size). Finding a sense of fullness or a couple inches to pinch are a nice sense of normalcy, with a high success rate over needing someone to gain 50 pounds (which can't happen overnight as opposed to the former) and not attempting to find something uniquely attractive about her. Similar to this bit in Shallow Hal: Downside of the obesity rate is that people are less willing to exercise if you're into health, as well as having to slow down for them, and probably eat more junk food with them, though you can modify a bit (smaller portions, having seltzer/juice instead of soda). I honestly value memories, flexibility, role reversals and a sense of open conversations that make me feel my thoughts/feelings actually matter.
  6. Gotta mispronounce for dramatic effect, glorifying obese city just add diabeetus to guarantee a fun time for everyone 🤣
  7. @John Smith nice one with the Joker, you get what you paid for. I feel sorry for the kids who don't get homeschooled these days and get emotionally abandoned, using TV to warp err raise them, like the cable guy movie.
  8. I don't think the cheerleaders wore less but if you compare it to sexy super bowl halftime shows like Katy Perry (awful groper lady) and Justin Timberlake (strips Janet Jackson to the lyrics I'mma have you naked by the end of this song), I can agree. No such thing as bad publicity given Cardi B drugging men too. People generally fail miserably with cognitive dissonance as they don't seem to normalize contradictions through exception handling and managing volume. This is how people get down by human nature, and just flip the colors if there's a color bias against whitey. Oh fun post to show as I don't have one with Nancy from King of the Hill talking about the age compression with prostitots. Scary normalization. Hedy lamarr suffered too, but thankful for her wifi prelude.
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