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  1. Don't think I could weave a more epic tale. If anyone feels I oversold, it just shows how stunned I feel doing mental gymnastics and weaving a beautiful story with you to propel this masterpiece forward so I can backflip like the Rock.

    Only time will tell if anything better happens, though I definitely need to pace myself reviewing should I continue. Haven't felt sold on something this much since a thin lady was doing tricks with knives and I just had to buy.


  2. Chevalier

    Milk and Cookies Stuffing

    Before I review Judy and see just how lovely she began before illuminating the world of Curvage with her face, I will commend her for having a generous preview section, with an animated gif, and a small photoset below the description (disclosing the set are not screenshots in the video). Say hello by making a purchase and enjoy Judy getting stuffed to hopefully double stuffed Oreos. Definitely the best possible way to begin curvage modeling. Her belly jiggles 3/4's through is to a vibration level, like a Richter scale. That tray of cookies she opens as though to say, "all mine," taunts as much as her bra barely hiding those nipples to bend but not break Curvage rules. It's sexier when strings or I hope 1 day, emojis to be funny, cover the naughty bits ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Way to show and tell, to make dialogue feel like too much work ๐Ÿ˜‰ and even a burp is naturally cute. Her navel ring looks reinforced too, prepared for this intense action, holding strong, must be made of titanium not to break. The milk trail down her breasts and seeing massive underboobs makes me feel like I went in deep, perhaps instead of 20,000 Leagues under the sea, 200 pounds under boobies.
  3. Chevalier

    Cut-Out dress

  4. Chevalier

    Chocolate Cake Piggy

    Wow those previews are literally half-assed. Can't capture all of it until you enlarge and wow can you enlarge. I gotta admit that is a clever trick to do.
    Interesting to see Casey go from crossfit to fat and explain her fitness differences. Thanks for the sale. Spectacular view in the front to begin things. I can't say no to what softness lies in front of me, especially where her beautiful thighs lead to those royal purple panties; they're like air traffic control lights to guide my eyes and guarantee happy landings ๐Ÿ’•. Talk about a royal gain ๐Ÿ˜‰, those "panties" used to be a type of spandex shorts but they look so much smaller now. I mainly saw preview side pics so I didn't know this view could be so captivating. Her exercises are modified pushups, situps and planks. I truly loved how the situps show inertia damn near forcing Casey to fall back on the way down. So much weight to keep moving is hard to restrain. Never knew I could have a physics lecture here ๐Ÿ˜.
  5. Chevalier

    Bday Cupcake

    Happy Birthday Bunny, The cupcakes may be small but your appetite is as big as your name ๐Ÿ˜Š. Loved hearing you sing Happy birthday to me ๐ŸŽ‚. Even better is seeing you sway and even lift your belly to see how color-coordinated your panties are to that wonderful bra. So much cleavage, and those side jiggles are quite a bewitching dance, especially as your beautiful legs spread the fulfilling love of motion everywhere. Curves on top of curves as the whipped cream and milk add onto your soft packaging ๐Ÿ˜€. Looks like a birthday wish has been granted for us all ๐Ÿ˜Ž.
  6. Chevalier

    Bday Cupcake

    Love the bra. Don't think I ever forgot about you ๐Ÿ˜˜
  7. Chevalier

    Late night snack

    Cute job Bellydream ๐Ÿ˜˜. I even love the subtle effect that your shadow makes you look even larger (like in the preview pic). Unfortunately, a couple pics are out of focus. Feel free to update and I'll easily update my review to 5 stars. Will show a best/out of focus one. Also love the chips as well, so inviting, and I like your reflection off the wood as well.
  8. Chevalier

    My Measurements and Weight In

    Judy starts off on the right foot here, very generous preview and it feels she opened up to a whole new world in quite a lovely outfit. The measurements are cute and I like the mirror to see her back as well, a bit like a picture in picture whenever she's on the side. Approaching the camera to flaunt with more to love is a blessing. It gets even better as she uses the measuring tape to heave her booty/belly too. Her thighs are so thick too and I enjoyed her talk of boob growth as well as the belly closeups/jiggles. Thanks for the icing on the cake that's the weigh in as well. Speaking of icing, I do hope to see that on a lovely cake in another video, and my words satisfy Judy.
  9. Chevalier

    Fetish Fuel

    Thanks @Batman76 it's really a lot of fun when it's not expected. I also think of Bertha fashions which I just found with Katy Keene. There are just ideas for what's engaging/attractive, but simply aren't marketed, and I feel this thread helps find a lot. One more to show; Etta Candy wasn't really drawn well in old but that clip was hilarious, some models should use it. Damn I forgot about wonder woman and bondage too, this time Etta Candy: Legend of Wonder Woman is a great serious approach with her, which I feel sad that Faith who primarily almost never looks good and simply rips off better books by references gets more credit. Plus Etta looks fantastic. Well these next 2 are more serious since she plays manager for Wonder Woman, at least but lol riding couldn't help for this thread. And this is what i meant about Faith just referring to better stuff, especially ripping off Clark Kent/Superman in the last one.
  10. Chevalier


    This is so tantalizing honestly. Bellydream is a natural, and yes to answer my question she does show her glorious belly. First pic is the best start I've seen. What makes this set so special is the way she just lifts the skirt and uses so many different angles to attract. I even love her heels and the dynamic positions her feet put them in.
  11. Chevalier

    Donut Stuffing Photo Set

    Is cute to see how the 1st 2 preview pics are literally bite size and then the 3rd one you get supersized ๐Ÿ˜˜
  12. Finished my reviewing gauntlet of about 6 in an hour.ย  Appreciate being engaged to want to keep doing more, and the compliments I received about my own body too.

    I feel I actualize rather than fantasize these days.ย  It's tough for me to imagine going back and hoping to get noticed, while being unable to keep things electrifying.


    Nicole resumes in act 2, ready to get thicker and meatier while dining on a beautiful Japanese cuisine. For the first half: The evening at such a lovely corner to feel so private and hold nothing back. Her commitment to wear that tight dress and lick her beautiful fingers just makes such a picturesque scene. I love how she bends over and examines herself too. This video feels like a silent film even with the background noise. There are so many cute sways and movements Nicole has to really flaunt her curves while she eats. Appreciated this dinner date as it shows so many attractive things can happen without words halfway through. Loved the way her belly bloated after chugging, and yes while the lipstick may be gone as she says, the night is still young and she gets ever so delectable as this finishes. Onto the 2nd half: Nicole opens up with how attracted she is to everything she eats/drinks. This is quite the marathon session; she even shows off more of her gorgeous belly by arching her back, and the view changes from below at times to show there's more to love with every morsel and caress. She even says at one point shes too full to bend over; that's amazing determination as she does it anyway. Bet those cute burps freed up just enough to make the magic continue. She even slaps her taut belly like a drum. As she gets up and turns around, I think I just noticed her booty got bigger. Can't wait for part 3 to wrap things up.
  13. Chevalier

    **SALE** Fatty Outgrows Jeans

    Casey's belly slaps are as enormous as the portrait view. Superbly seductive and very frequent, with beautiful side views too. I do feel the loud slaps are very unique, maybe due to the acoustics as well, as though I can hear her get fatter. I hope she wears those cute glasses again soon too. The jiggling as she struggles to put on the pants is definitely a beautiful fat test. And no bed as a handicap to cheat them on. Best part of it all is when she bends over and her belly spills out. The shimmy to celebrate this victory of the first pair of jeans is a fanfare we all can enjoy. The cute giggling provides for more jiggling. Keep up the fattastic work, lovely Casey. Good one about that last one as your waist goes to the next level for those high waisted shorts, needs wide waisted.