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    So no one noticed (only expected my day ones to do so) but this this the same shirt. January 23rd to now 😳45-fucking-lbs🤩🥳🤤💦
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    Yes my belly is def a lot rounder..I just measured myself 10 days ago & I've already grown so much...I can't wait for you guys to see how much I weigh now 😁💕 just keep it a secret hehe ...also check out these stills from my video.. showing off my tiger stripes 🐯
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    My ass...is gigantic 🍑

    My ass...is gigantic 🍑
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    Good morning everyone 😊
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    oops😳 filmed a video today, and popped a button! I noticed afterwards that the hole didn't rip all the way through so i put the button back on and popped it again (gif below). today is a good day😋
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    I’ve been poking around on this website a bit trying to figure things out. So I hope I’m doing this right. I’m not a model, just a chunky girl. Since high, school I have gained over 100 pounds, probably more like 120 pounds. Currently around 270 but not sure since I’m scared to weight myself. None of the gain was intentional. In fact it was unwanted, but many failed diets later, here we are! But I’m trying to appreciate my body the way it is now. And I thought you guys might appreciate it too.
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    Here's a little tease for my finale video, coming very soon! 6 Fast Food Feasts in ONE DAY Chick-Fil-A Burger King Wendy's Taco Bell Dominos McDonalds
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    little belly of my friend

    Hello I share with you my friend's little belly after a day when i cooked her food thanks you
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    Only a little jiggle, I just want my gut to fill my lap and these stretch marks are growing on me 🥰🥰
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    Mochii Babii

    💞 Mochii Babii 💞

    Calorie Totals for 6/13 - 6/14 and the final week total! This is officially the last week and final day of my 50K Calorie/week challenge! Of course I finished things off strong with a 26,000 calorie final weekend and a 65,000 calorie Week! Weigh in is tomorrow and I feel BIG!
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    I'm alone in my room, wanna' sneak in through the window?
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    Anyone here like before & afters?
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    OMG you guys, I just stepped on the scale & I'm officially at my heaviest I've EVER been by a long shot! I was 190 but skipped a bunch of lbs apparantly *IN SHOCK* NEW VIDEO COMING WITH RESULTS!
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    Mochii Babii


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    I THINK TODAY MAY WELL BE WEIGH IN DAY 😬😬😬 I’m so excited to see how much I weigh 😍
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    Curvage Casey

    Curvage Casey

    The most joy I get is that indescribable, FULL feeling. The sensation of my stomach being full to the brim, too full to move, too full to breathe properly....I'm ADDICTED to it. I crave that feeling above all else in life. I am OBSESSED with the way it feels when I'm so full after a long day of stuffing. I am completely addicted and that is forever the best part.
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    Good Morning All you Cool Catz 🤩💓 empty belly this morning ... going to eat some big sugary breakfast! check out my Tan 🤩🤩🤩
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    Curvage Casey

    Curvage Casey

    Weight gain stories are a huge part of what got me into this fetish and a huge factor in my emotional development as a feedee. They will always mean so much to me ❤️ And I do love a good WG scene from a movie! I love that one scene from Mean Girls where Regina puts on some weight and others like that
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    Plumpers Paradise

    Lol yes we are still together. Actually getting married finally this summer. Maybe I'll post a couple bridal photos. 👰 Thank you all for the sweet comments. I always loved how this community made me feel so confident. Nice to see it's still a good group. I've been meaning to post for a while now. I will try to be better about posting.
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    Don’t you love this belly?!? It’s out in my new video
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    jus wanna say thank you for fostering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere 💞 i come from a broken home where there was abuse i saw my mum die miserable at 40 from being tortured about her weight and cheated on by my dad constantly. i was molested by my cousin who is a MANIPULATIVE TURD and one day i will hunt him down Beatrix Kiddo style haha needless to say i was filled with hatred for my body. i spent a lot of time living with my grandma or living in care, never knew what its like to have a stable home life. p much all the girls i was institutionalized with were mixed race or non white and we all hated ourselves a lot and did a lot of abuse to ourselves (i know girls who died of suicide in state care, girls who had their stomach pumped from eating rat poison, i know infant girls who will never leave psychiatric care because they are unable to live a normal life). I am so blessed to have move forward from the abuse in my life and this site has been a really supportive spot to work on body image and self love, so thank you all x
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    Hey Everyone! 🥰 Just so you know, I am online pretty much 24/7! So PLEASE do not be nervous or afraid to talk to me in chat or even send me a message! ❤️ I love to chat and get to know people! - I also love to hear your input on clip ideas and such too!
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    Watching sauce drip from titty to belly is so satisfying 🥰
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    Plumpers Paradise

    Hi, my wife...
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    Thankyou again guys for ALL of the love and support. ❤
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    Do you like.. Findom, Femdom, & Domination? THEN BUY THIS CLIP NOW 😈
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    OKAY HOLD THE FUCK UP. Usually I don't post stuff like this but really!? I LIKE WOMEN. I LIKE CURVY, FAT, CHUBBY, SEXY WOMEN. I ALSO LIKE MEN. IM PANSEXUAL I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU ARE. LOVE IS LOVE! I BUY CLIPS. BECAUSE THEY'RE SEXY. AND I LIKE ALL THINGS FAT. SOME of my girl crushes WHICH I HAVE PURCHASED CLIPS FROM include @Mochii Babii @Goddess shar @goodgirlgrow @HungrylilKitty @BigBunny ETC! IF YOU DONT LIKE, THAT I LIKE WOMEN, GTF OFF MY PAGE. LIKE REALLY. I will continue to watch and support all these absolutely wonderful lovely women! And ill get off on it too 😏 so suck my non existent 10 inch Eggplant. 🍆
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    🐷 BIG FAT CLIP SALE 🐷 ALL CLIPS UNDER 20 MINUTES - $8.99 ALL CLIPS OVER 20 MINUTES - $13.99CLICK THE LINK BELOW NOW! https://curvage.org/forum/index.php?/profile/94938-cytorah-rose/content/&type=downloads_file
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    Lady Gaga

    You can see a bit of this moment in live-action here - check out her hot little strut
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    Bluebell's 2019

    June 2020 “Wow, I haven’t had a picnic in ages!” Bosh laughed, as she saw Bluebell beached on the tartan rug lain on the grass. “I know, but as long as we stay 2 metres apart, we can picnic together as much as we like” Bluebell raised a mini quiche to the sky as if to say ‘cheers’. “Well, I can go one better. Do you wanna be in my bubble? None of this socially distant fannying about. Nah, proper hanging out. Bish, bash, bosh!” Bosh proudly stated, causing Bluebell to laugh. “You know what these ‘bubbles’ are about, don’t you?” Bluebell asked, deeply amused. “Yeah, I watched that bloke with the unbrushed hair...” “You mean our Prime Minister?” “Yeah, that’s the fella. Anyway, he said we could have ‘social bubbles’ so one person in a household can visit one or two people in a household, now. It becomes a ‘bubble’. And that one person can visit this person they’ve bubbled with any time they like. I want you to be my bubble partner” Bosh elaborated, showing that she actually watched the news. “You do know ‘bubbles’ are just so people can hook up, right?” Bluebell burst into laughter. “No it isn’t! It’s about grandparents seeing their grandkids and shit. Isn’t it?” “It’s so single people can get laid. Think about it – you couldn’t hook up with people unless you lived with them before, but now you can. It’s for all those couples who don’t live together and haven’t been able to shag. ‘Bubbles’ are a euphemism for sex, Bosh. And you just said you wanted to ‘bubble’ with me” Bluebell managed to squeeze out the words between laughter, having to actually rein it in just to manage her breathing. “Fuck off!” “Do you want to bubble with me, Bosh?” “No!” “We can bubble at your place or mine” Bluebell continued to tease. “Stop it! I didn’t know” “And can we spoon after our night of passionate bubble-making?” “Right! You can get in the bin, you cheeky fucker. I am innocent, okay? You can’t say that about a lot of things, but on this it’s true. Bosh is innocent. She didn’t know bubbles were sex bubbles, or whatever” Bosh argued, shouting but smiling at the same time. “Of course you can bubble with me, Bosh. You’re my best mate, and it’s just nice to hang out again in person. Not via fucking Facebook chat or zoom” Bluebell smiled at Bosh, who rushed over to give her best friend a hug. The two girls then sat down on the grass in the local park, enjoying the sunshine. June sunshine raking down from the sky, warm and comforting. Everything looker brighter and more hospitable in the light. The oppressive threat of the coronavirus feeling a little less ** out there in the park. Just two ex-girlfriends lying in the park together, eating from Bluebell’s picnic basket. In the picnic basket that Bluebell brought was a rollcall of all the vices that she had developed, bar one. She didn’t want to or couldn’t dare to bring it up, but she had decided that maybe alcohol was best avoided. All the times that she’d talked to Bosh since that chat where Bosh admitted that she’d given up drinking, neither had broached the subject. Bluebell was pretty sure that Bosh was an actual alcoholic. Because that just sounded so extreme. I mean, she did drink a lot when they were together. But that was mainly because she partied a lot. It was never out of control. It was controlled drinking. Wasn’t it? Bluebell instead focused on indulging other vices. And the kitsch wicker basket – like something out of Winnie the Pooh – was filled to the brim with all the sugary multipacks and greasy carb-fests that had, over the last year and a half, transitioned from indulgent treats to mainstays of her daily intake. There were the twelve pack of Wagon Wheels (jammy ones of course!), there were the six pack of country slices, there were the two packs of Pringles, there were the four pack of lion bars, there were the six pack of doughnuts. Bosh had become a safe space over the past month or so, where Bluebell could talk about her weight without fear of judgement or reprimand. And she felt like she deserved a treat. “I must admit, I could get used to this” Bosh said, enjoying the rays. “Yeah, it’s nice” Bluebell smiled back, feeling emotionally lighter than she’d felt in a long time. “I mean, not great for the old waistline, but still...” Bluebell sat up and looked at her girlfriend when she said that, in concern. “Are… are you okay about… y’know? You said you’d put on a few and...” “Yeah, I mean, it’s nothing. And it’s only while this lockdown is still going on. When gyms open up, I’ll be back to normal. I’m Bosh, you know I’ll get back to where I was… and oh my god, I sounded like you did last year!” Bosh’s eyes went wide with realisation. “Oh my god, you actually did. ‘My name is Bluebell and I’ll never gain weight because I never have’. You fucking sounded like I did. And look how that turned out!” Bluebell giggled, shimmying her soft body in the sunlight. “I’m not… like, I’m not gonna… should I be worried?” Bosh suddenly looked a little unsure of her self, apprehension drawing lines across her face like a kid with crayons. “About spinning off into morbid obesity? No, I think you’ll be alright. I mean, you might find it hard to get your abs back but...” “Ohhh, I liked my abs though!” “I really liked your abs. But a bit of squidge isn’t the end of the world. In the scale of things in 2020, a bit of squidge is way low of the likely causes of the end of the world. The world’s been getting its Roland Emmerich on, I think a smattering of softness around your midriff is no worry” Bluebell reassured, while eating a mini roll. “Yeah, I just miss looking fucking hot. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still look hot...” “You do” “But I don’t look fucking hot. My hair’s too long and I have love-handles. I don’t think I’m a 10 or even a 9 any more. I think I might be an 8” Bosh looked worried, as she sat up so Bluebell could survey the damage. And sure enough, Bosh had a muffin top, rising like baked dough above the tightness of her jeans. And sure enough, Bosh’s short hair, more punk rock than elfin, had now grown into an awkward looking mullet. “Call it 8 and a 1/2” “Awww, thanks babe!” Bosh mocked, with a tongue spat out. “What about me then. If you’re an 8, then I must be a 4. I look like I need rolling back into the sea” Bluebell joked, with a sliver of self-consciousness. “Hey! Don’t do that. Don’t do that whole self-pity thing. I’m not a fan of that” Bosh said, her index finger pointed up in objection. “Well, be serious then. I’m below average. It’s not false modesty to say I’m below average. I mean, half the population must be, statistically speaking, below average. And above average contains people like Priti Patel and Tomi Lahren...” “I forgot about your evil woman fetish...” “…so there’s no shame in being below average. And I’m not saying I’m hideous. Just slightly below average. Which, at my size, is pretty impressive. So I don’t think saying I’m four out of ten is that self-deprecating” Bluebell reasoned. “Well, when you put it like that, you actually make a good point… ow!” Bosh flinched as she was jabbed in the ribs. “Fuck you!” “I was agreeing with you!” “Well, don’t! You should have said, ‘don’t be silly, you’re hot as fuck’. You weren’t supposed to agree with me!” Bluebell argued. “But you said...” “Never mind what I said, I can’t believe you actually thought I was a four out a ten. A four! Me! You utter cunt!” Bluebell argued, but with a smile on her face. “Fine… ‘you’re hot as fuck’. Happy now?” “You’re just saying that...” and Bluebell’s argument was cut off as Bosh leant over and kissed her. Bluebell felt her eyes close and her hands find familiar places on Bosh as she gripped her ex and locked lips. It all felt so familiar. “Happy now?” Bosh said, with a cheeky grin. “You’re not a 4. Okay? You are many things Blue, but you are not below average”. “Thanks” Bluebell blushed as she smiled, watching her girlfriend put a pringle in her mouth. “But I can see how you’ve gained weight, eating like that” “Fuck you” Bosh smiled back. “I mean, if you’re not careful, you could go down to being a 7” “Now you’re pushing it!” “Of the two of us, I’d be the hot one. Slumming it, by being with you” Bluebell and Bosh stopped talking, and found themselves looking at one another, deeply. “Okay, sorry, we’re flirting and that’s inappropriate” Bosh stated, suddenly snapping out of it. “I don’t mind” “Well, I know but...” “Honestly, it’s just nice to hear something nice said about me” Bluebell opened up. “What’s that supposed to mean? Is somebody giving you shit? I’ll deck them if they are. I might be 15lbs off my peak, but I can still put my fist through a face” Bosh seemed riled. “Nobody. Nobody is. It’s just… I miss being… okay, I’m about to say something seriously unfeminist so don’t judge me but… I miss being leered at. Is that so fucking backwards? When people used to look at me, there’d be a little part of the back of my brain smug that they thought I was hot. Now, when people’s eyes linger, I feel like they’re just judging me. Is that really superficial?” “No. No, that’s so understandable. You are hot and it...” “I feel… othered. An imposter… “Oh Blue… I’m so sorry” “And then you see this stuff about Black Lives Matter and you wonder if that’s what...” “Don’t finish that sentence” Bosh interrupted sharply. “Sorry?” “Don’t compare your situation to the plight of the victims of racism. I love you Blue, I do. But that’s not fair” Bosh sounded harsher than Bluebell was expected. She was fishing for sympathy a little and didn’t seem to be getting it. “No, I didn’t mean to...” “I mean, do you even have any friends that aren’t white? Any? You live in a completely whitewashed world. A blanched cocoon of ignorance...” Bosh ranted. “Wow! Did you just call me ignorant?” “Name one black friend. Black, Asian, mixed ethnicity, anything. Name one...” “Umm… well, you’re putting me on the spot...” “Exactly” Bosh replied sharply. “What about the bloke from around the corner?” “If you don’t know their name, how can you say that they’re your friend?” “Okay. Fair. What about… Sasha? We went to her flat party together last year?” Bluebell suddenly sounded desperate. “Everyone went to that party. Attending doesn’t make you her friend. And you only went because I did” Bosh corrected. “Look, I’m not trying to make you feel bad – well, maybe a little, you need a broader circle of friends – I’m trying to explain that you racism is pretty fucking serious. Way more serious than anything our privileged arses can compare to. Being female, overweight, gay… yeah, you get treated like shit. But racism cuts different. I know you’re supposed to be the ‘woke’ one or whatever, but you need to empathise from a point of knowledge, and you need to stop making yourself a character in the story of the struggle against racial oppression. It’s a bit… Karen of you”. “Ouch, I… deserved that, I guess” “Like, one of my exes, waaay before you, was Sikh. And that meant she was mistaken for being Muslim, which is predictably ignorant. And she heard some stuff. Real, awful stuff. Lazy, Islamophobic stuff. She was such a pretty thing, and people were saying such things. Except, they never did it when I was around. Until I was. I guess you would say that this was the other stuff, the subtle stuff. The ‘othering’ that you mentioned. Under the radar. Surreptitious. Subconscious thoughts or just policed thoughts, I don’t know. I can’t decide if that’s more or less insidious. But we were at the gym and we’d both forgotten our gym passes but the staff never cared at that place because who gives a fuck when you’re paid minimum wage. It was an unofficial rule that, as long as you were a member, you didn’t actually have to take your pass with you. Apart from, apparently, if you’re brown” Bosh regaled, and Bluebell listened attentively. Empathetically. So Bosh continued. “One of the gym instructors or whatever came up to her and asked if she had her pass, and she said ‘no’ but she was a member, she’d just forgotten it or whatever. And I was right next to her, on the rowing machine next to hers, in the exact same situation, and completely ignored. And this guy, and he didn’t look racist or anything. He looked like a normal, handsome man. This guy insisted. ‘You can’t be here without a pass’. And, again, I was right next to her and also without my pass. Well, Amrit – that was her name – wasn’t having any of it. Like, I was not expecting this. Not from her. I’m always the hothead of any relationship but things just blew up out of nowhere. You see, she had to put up with this subtle racism all her life, she recognised the signs. And I was just oblivious. Ignorant, I guess. So she refused to leave. And he said leave. And she said ‘make me’. And things got heated. And that was when he said it” “Said what?” Bluebell listened attentively. “Go back to where you came from. He said ‘Go back to where you came from’. And I swear to god the room went silent. Cos Amrit is as local as it gets. I mean, not that it matters cos nobody should hear it but she went to the same high school as me, had the same driving instructor that we both had. And he says that. Like, normally when somebody says something bad, the air gets warm, you know? Like, I don’t know what it is, but when somebody calls you a bitch or a whore, the air gets warmer. Not here, it got colder. I’ve never felt anything like it in my life. It wasn’t like any other hate or dickishness or abuse I’d ever come across… and I’ve got into a fair few slanging matches over the years. No, it was different. It was stifling. And me? Miss ‘I’ll Fight Anyone?’. Fucking frozen. Pathetic, I was. Just froze. I don’t know what came over me. My girlfriend was being racially abused right next to me and I couldn’t speak. Because I was a bit like you are now, I’d never seen it outside of the telly. It’s something else, seeing it up front. Horrible. Like, literally horrible, as in full of horror. It felt like horror. And that was what it felt like for the dumb, passive fuck sitting next to her, doing jack shit. What it must have been like for her, I can’t even fucking imagine. And he had the nerve, this fucknugget of a trainer, he had the nerve to backtrack and say he was referring to her home round the corner when he said ‘back to where you came from’. And we all knew it was bollocks. And Amrit, to her fucking credit, tore him a fucking new one. She didn’t take that obvious bullshit. But he was like, ‘I just meant go home’ and suddenly it became an argument about semantics and not racism and he was getting off with it scott fucking free. Fuck, I’m getting angry just thinking about it”. “Oh my god, I had no idea. That’s awful” Bluebell replied quietly, as Bosh’s cheeks went flush with rage. “So… anyway, that’s why Black Lives Matter matters. Because some sentiments, not even words, but just viewpoints, are poisoned with years, sometimes centuries of rotten malice, hate, oppression, persecution and so much more. Words that carry the legacy of generations of hate, all wrapped up in a few measly letters and sounds. People who say ‘they’re just words’ don’t get it. They’ve never belonged to the social groups who’ve heard those words for lifetimes, while all manner of violence and cruelty is inflicted on them. I’m sorry for ranting, it’s just… I feel guilty about it. And then I feel guilty for feeling guilty about it because the movement’s not about my precious white-girl feelings and yet, I can’t help but make it all about me” Bosh said, and suddenly broke into tears. Bluebell rushed to console her. “So, when was this?” Bluebell said, offering an ear to listen as Bosh talked. “Oh, you don’t wanna know” “No? Why not?” Bluebell pulled back, concerned. “She was the girlfriend I had before you and we left in not great circumstances” Bosh admitted, looking at her girlfriend through wet eyes. “Oh? But you never talked about her before to me? Amrit, you say?” Bluebell suddenly eyed suspiciously. “You didn’t break up with her because you felt guilty about your lack of intervention, did you? Or because she was angry with you for not standing up for her?” “No. I mean, I did feel guilty for it, and I kept apologising. And she’d just say that he was the dickhead, not me. No, the reason we broke up was so much worse. I’m not proud of it” Bosh said, with a weak smile. “Why?” Bluebell looked concerned. “She played football, right? Soccer football, not the American sport that doesn’t really involve much kicking so makes it a stupid name for the sport. No, she was a full-back for the university football team and they were playing some game or another, I can’t remember who it was against but… she blocked this shot from one of their strikers at point blank range, right in the face. I watched the game and my first instinct was that it was proper heroic stuff. Put her body on the line, I think is what they call it. Second instinct was ‘oh fuck’, because she didn’t get back up. Well, turns out she’d broken her nose. Badly. Like, she was fine and everything but… and this is sooo bad. She had a crooked nose. Like, she was this really pretty girl and all of a sudden, her nose was like a fucking slalom, zig-zagging down her face” Bosh explained, and Bluebell burst into laughter. “You dumped her because an injury made her ugly?” Bluebell was in creases as she asked. “No! Well… kinda, yeah. Like, it was just so fucking obvious. I would look at her face and all I would do was look at her nose, shaped like the scar on Harry Potter’s head” “Oh you are such a bad person for that! That is so mean!” Bluebell giggled joyously. “I didn’t explicitly ditch her because of her nose or anything. I wasn’t like ‘bitch, get your life in order and by life, I mean nose’. It was more that I was struggling to get over it when I saw this other girl and she was really cute and...” “You cheated with her? Oh this gets worse and worse! No wonder I find you hot, you are pushing all my evil woman buttons” Bluebell continued to laugh. “And I ended up leaving her for this really cute girl with...” “Wait, you said this was the girlfriend that you had before me...” “...Blue hair”. “You left her for me?” “Yeah. I’m so sorry, it’s so shitty. And it’s so shitty that you’re only finding out about it now but… I never said cos I felt guilty. But yeah, my relationship with her was struggling and you were literally a bolt from the blue. And I’d never seen anyone so beautiful in my life” Bosh admitted. “You really mean that. The most beautiful girl you’d ever seen?” Bluebell sat, open-mouthed. “And your nose… it was just so straight” Bosh giggled, before her face straightening. “Yeah, Blue. You were the one that got away. You were… are the one I’ll never get over. So when I was saying about you not being below-average looking, I wasn’t just saying it to protect your feelings. I like you Blue. I look at you and I see that girl with the blue hair… and I know your hair isn’t blue any more… but I see that girl with the blue hair all over again. I see all the laughs we had, all the scrapes, all the moments where I could only hear your breathing and feel your touch. So, if you learn nothing else from this picnic learn that a) you need to be a better ally to people of colour and b) you are genuinely beautiful” And Bosh pushed in again for another kiss, and Bluebell clasped back. And Bluebell pulled back. “What Blue? Did I overstep...” “No. No, it’s just we’ve… gotta face the elephant in the room here” Bluebell said, cupping her girlfriend’s face. “And that’s me. I’m the elephant in the room. Because I’m an elephant. I’m fat like an elephant. It’s… look, I’m fat is what I’m trying to say”. “You are so hot when you’re eloquent” Bosh joked. “That girl you fell in love with didn’t just have different coloured hair. She was also half my size. And then some. I mean, look at me. Properly” Bluebell insisted. And Bosh did. She looked at Bluebell like she was looking at her for the very first time. Bluebell was wearing a white tee that was loose in the warm weather, and grey trousers that were similarly airy. And they didn’t disguise her size, though they didn’t highlight it either. And, for the first time since they had split, Bluebell looked comfortable at her size. “Blue… I would bubble with you all day long” “Well, we could go and do some bubbling around your place, maybe?”
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    My lil Cheerleaders @Papaguena & @MarshallT omg you guys lol too stinkin cute! & many thanks to you other sweethearts for the support, this is what my long term goal looks like:
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    Same Shit, Different Day 💁‍♀️ CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR YOUR FREE CLIP!!! ❤️
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    sounds hot!!!
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    What got YOU into feederism? 🙈❤
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    Here's a Little SNEAK PEEK of Your Sexy Big Girls Photoshoot 🐷❤ Am I a good Pig?
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    I need friends 🥵
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    Im sure you dont wanna miss it:
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    King Steph

    The issue with her fantasy of losing weight is that she’s probably never actually done it before. She’s just had enough lipo to keep her waist at an ‘acceptable’ size, and never actually developed the self-discipline required to stop stuffing her face. She probably hasn’t done the research to find out that you can’t out exercise a bad diet either, and with legs like those, running’s going to be a struggle anyway...
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    Plumpers Paradise

    Lol that tattoo is about 16 years old now. As are the tattoos on my ribs, well they are from my 20s. That is a verse my grandmother picked out for me. The dates are loved ones, two of which passed away. Lol that is some superb memory about that book. I guess I will be the fat wife cooking up food for brutenga lol 🤷‍♀️
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    Yes I am! And thank you so much!
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    Isnt morph bro, i just take screenshots of the "pizza vid" A bit boring vid, but she is gorgeous
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    Comparisons as promised! 😱 Shirt and shorts are both XL. I got faaaaaaat!
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    It's only 5:30 and I've passed my daily goal 😍😮
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    EH!? You making fun of me, eh? 😂
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    ALOT of you guys wanted to see a "toilet seat comparison" - welp. Im about to break mine can you buy me a bigger one please? 🐷🙈😂
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    I LOVE Showing off My Body 🙈❤
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