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  1. Considering the fact that these were taken only ~2 months apart, I think your whole gut will be covered by the end of the year! 🐮
  2. She's so much bigger than she looks in her photos 😍
  3. Her friend's Instagram is a goldmine of content. It's clear she's put on weight too, as there are visibly fresh stretch marks adorning her belly!
  4. gyorgy

    Iwamura Natsumi

    She's been getting nice and thick lately! Unfortunately for us, Japanese women tend to dress quite conservatively, but Natsumi's size is clearly visible through the dresses she wears. A Chinese article stated that Iwamura Natsumi had swelled 25kg as of March this year. Surely, given how frequently she posts photos of food on her Instagram, she has plumped up further. Photos from her Instagram: A couple of others I found on twitter: (Far left)
  5. Man, gotta love how that tank top easily covers her pants at the back, but BARELY covers the gut she's growing 😍
  6. Been lurking in this thread for months now and it's been amazing. This is easily one of the best threads on the site right now! I love how you can see her deep belly button through just about every form-fitting top she wears! Incredibly hot 😍
  7. Edit: Feel free to delete. Is a repost.
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