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  1. update on my weight😊😊



    1. grateful


      Beautiful!  😍

      Thanks for the update!  🥰😁

  2. I've reached a new milestone and I am SO excited to share with you! I also discuss what it's like gaining so much weight in such a short period of time, while playing with all my new fat!


  3. new video🥰😆



    1. Hush


      Also, new pounds I can see

    2. grateful


      Good!  😍❤️🥰

  4. I can't believe this... I knew I would outgrow my jeans, but my sweats too?!!! What am I supposed to wear now??!! It's late, and I'm about to go to sleep. I try on my too-tight sweats and finish my late night snack while playing with my outrageously large belly.


  5. thanks to everyone for all the support and don't forget to check out my latest clip on an update on my gain and me trying to fit into a SUPER tight waist trainer!


  6. I have been stuffing myself silly this holiday season, and figured I would try on a waist trainer I used to wear in the past. Watch my plushy belly burst out of my waist trainer more and more as I struggle to take it off one clasp at a time. I then proceed to play with and jiggle my belly while chatting about my experience gaining.


  7. it's so weird how soft and squishy i'm getting😊

    pic (1).JPG

    pic (2).JPG

    pic (3).JPG

    pic (4).JPG

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. regbill


      That squishy softness looks good on you.

    3. Bigmanon


      So good

    4. grateful


      not weird, yummy   😍❤️😁

  8. survived exam season, and I think the added stress may have even contributed to a few extra lbs...

    anyways, I have a new video for you all!



  9. Watch as I stuff my big belly with a delicious mac and cheese bread bowl from Panera. I eat so much that I eventually need to unbutton my pants to make room for my belly!


  10. watch me indulge in my FAVORITE food... 




  11. Who knew eating ice cream could be so hot? Watch as I devour my favorite food doused in chocolate sauce. A LOT of chocolate sauce😋 I also play with my growing belly, bloated from both my big dinner and my even bigger dessert!


  12. figured why not post part 2 today as well😉



  13. I definitely should have stopped at three donuts, but I pushed forward, and went a little overboard! I finish the donuts but was in the mood for something savory, so I stopped by Taco Bell! From embarrassing burps to a super bloated belly, I am a hot mess.


  14. Sorry about the long wait, but my new donut stuffing vid is now available to download! Originally uploaded incorrect video so I kept the post hidden until I could upload the right video! 

    Here ya go! Hope you enjoy!😘


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