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  1. gooood morning! feeling a little softer and heavier this week😋 



  2. Go check out my first video and make sure to leave me feedback!


  3. watch me stuff my already bloated belly with delicious mac & cheese and bread! i have been stuffing myself silly for the past week and i'm already feeling the fat building up, especially in my tummy. i scarf down my afternoon snack while wearing jeans and a bodysuit that seem just a bit too tight, and afterwards I assess the damage, examining my jiggly belly and fat ass. How'd you like my body, and what do you want to see me wearing, eating, and doing in the future? Hopefully I can make your wildest dreams into reality! This is my first video, so leave some feedback and let me know what you liked and what you want to see in the future! Welcome to my page, and I hope you're as committed to my weight gain journey as I am!


  4. I have been eating SO good the last few days - been stuffing myself all day with lots of yummy food I feel like SUCH a pig😋. Working on making my first video and I CANT WAIT to share it with you all! Please let me know any suggestions for what you want to see in my pics and videos because i'm new here and want to make sure i'm giving you ALL the content you deserve!

    Enjoy these pics of me earlier today! Excited to watch the pounds pack on and watch my body grow grow and GROW!!!




    1. hertbertfert


      Super excited to see how fat you’re going to get 😋

    2. hertbertfert


      Super excited to see how fat you’re going to get 😋

  5. Hello world!

    This is my first post on Curvage, and let me tell you, I am absolutely STOKED about the journey ahead so get EXCITED❤️

    A little about myself...

    I am 19 years old and am in my second year of college. I have struggled with my weight my entire life (only slightly overweight), and came to college hoping to lose about ten pounds. I didn't lose any weight my first year of school, but I also didn't gain the DREADED freshman 15...

    Coming into my sophomore year, I assumed I would be eating healthier since I am living in my sorority house surrounded by girls who are CONSTANTLY working out and eating healthy, but that has not been the case for me. I weighed 145 pounds when I moved in back in August, and was SURE this would be the year I would reach 135. But since i've been here, high calorie alcohol, extensive unhealthy study snacks, drunk late-night meals, and constant excuses for skipping the gym have led me to GAIN 5 POUNDS. 

    When I hit 150 I was MORTIFIED as I thought I was making progress towards losing weight, but then I realized that I actually like my body EVEN MORE now than I did before. The extra pounds have been great to me, not to mention the yummy foods that got me here. I decided it could be a really fun (and delicious lol) journey to see what my body looks and feels like with another extra twenty pounds, and am excited to share my journey with you all! And who knows, maybe the gain will be so fun and addicting that I won't want to stop!

    Cheers! <333






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