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  1. Dear lord, what a bombshell!! You are more beautiful than ever, but also fatter than ever. You've eaten yourself into a true fatty!
  2. Thanks so much HolySmack! Let's hope she keeps letting her boyfriend spoil her with tasty, fattening treats!
  3. This is a wonderful gain/story! I'd love to know more!
  4. Super hot narrative from an amazing woman. Your out of control gluttony and beauty are only matched by the generosity you show by sharing your ever burgeoning growth with us.
  5. What a shocking level of fatness! I'm not shocked though. I bought your latest video and the fullness of your face comes through there even more than your spectacular photos. Your out of control gluttony has blown you up into a true fatty. You may have just realized it at the museum, but you passed the point of no return a long time ago. You'll never be that thin conventional hottie ever again. You are hopelessly addicted to gorging yourself and getting off when stuffed to the max, so you better get used watching that beautiful body of yours grow. Before you know it even your museum outfit here will be too small to fit into. Now, eat up like a good girl. 😉
  6. Holy shit! What have you done to yourself? Every time I check back after a week or so you are visibly fatter than the week before, but you are just stunningly fat and round now! You have clearly given in entirely to your gluttony and hedonism. You've let yourself be ruled by your pleasures and it's turned you from a slim, fit, conventionally attractive girl into this fat, soft, round glutton who seems to do nothing but eat until stuffed to the max and then pleasure yourself. It has been amazing to see, and we are lucky beyond words that you are sharing your amazing journey with us. Thank you!
  7. Amazing! You just gorging yourself so stuffed you had to open your straining pants and lift your shirt to try giving your aching belly some relief. Of course you could have stopped eating, but you lack the willpower for THAT and were way too turned on so you just kept stuffing yourself...
  8. This is amazing! I saw these pics on Tumblr and I didn't realize it was you until I saw your tattoo because you are so round and bloated. Your beautiful, swollen belly seems to grow by the day with all the food you are hedonisticlly stuffing yourself with. The will to maintain that (now almost completely buried) fit and toned body has become as weak and soft as your muscles are getting. Thank you so much for sharing your slide into gluttony and plush decadence with us, you are a treasure.
  9. This might be the hottest thing ever posted. The pants opening on their own under the pressure of your bloated and growing belly, the genuine look of surprise on your face as it keeps going and the obvious change from surprise to sheer and obvious arousal, so powerful you can't help but go weak in the knees and have to clutch the chair for support as you ride that little wave of arousal. And the cherry on top: you are still eating the whole time! Thank you so much for sharing this and your whole gaining journey with us!
  10. I only just found this thread and its already one of my favs. Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us.
  11. Hey, I think you and I have very similar interests and it would be great to chat them.through if you fancied it? Unfortunately my Curvage inbox doesn't work (long story) but if you have an email we could do that? I'm mackieleadstheshow@hotmail.com 

  12. While part of me doesn't want to see anyone suffer, there is still a huge appeal to seeing someone essentially destroy their body through reckless hedonism and gluttony. And then the payoff is often when that overindulgent person has their growing lack of fitness, unhealthiness or weight become an undeniable obstacle in some way, but basically change absolutely nothing about their habits. So, by all means please continue to share with us how you have eaten and continue to eat yourself into a soft, lazy, marshmallow of a body if you like. We will happily listen. :-)
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