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    Xbox & PlayStation and of course curvage my favourite type of vids I like watching on curvage have to be stuffing, burping & Hiccups. Watching boxsets on Netflix/amazon and soon Disney+.

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    How did I miss this stuffing it’s definitely Mochii biggest and longest at 18 minutes although it took her 4 hours to eat everything and her gut is massive by the end 🥵 well it was massive at the start 😉 too. I’m super jealous we don’t have Popeyes in the uk, I just love these daily updates and just buying your vids I know I’m making you even fatter 😍 5 stars ⭐ another amazing vid.
    Wow was hoping you would do a set like these, there are some great camera angles of your growing gut in this 😍 Mochii stuffs all the donuts straight into her fatter than ever belly. Also dipping the donuts into the ice cream love what you said while stuffing I’m going to get diabetes from eating all this sweet stuff 😮. I swear I could hear your belly making noises telling you to stop but you ignored it and carried on stuffing then burping a little to try and make some room. Then finishing off by drinking the melted ice cream and getting it all over yourself 🥵 Buy this amazing clip now 5 stars.
    Join BB for part 2 of her PG vid in this she finishes off her 2nd burger and takes off her new PG suit gif below love the jiggle 🥵. Then she try’s on her old suit and wow this fluffy 🐼 has grown 😍 in no way does it fit like before 😂 even the belt is to small. Buy this vid now along with part 1 to see BB continue her gain.
    You simply have to check out BB’s new PG vids part 1 is amazing. Had to include a gif as usual 🥵 which shows BB breathing in her belly and releasing wow how is that suit holding together especially since you are stuffing down 2 big burgers 😮. I love hearing you have been eating lots of ice cream & donuts during the quarantine they have definitely kept your belly looking super round. 5 stars BB now for part 2 😍.
  1. Wow thats a big list definitely answers a lot of questions can’t wait to see more content from you Mochii, with you on the cooking takeaways are way easier. Plus hearing about the hot things about you gain like getting out of breath by doing not very much and the way you eat so much and have put on so much weight it a short period of time 🥵.
    I know Mochii is greedy just looking at the size of belly can tell you this but she is truly is a glutton in this must have vid the chicken is dripping with grease getting food all over herself she digs into this feast, you can hear her stomach making noises has she keeps stuffing herself. Plenty of bloated burps are in this vid too and just when you think she is done Mochii got to have dessert and she gobbles this down too 😮 five stars grab this vid now.
    Mochii’s quest to put on as much weight as possible continues with 10 McDonald’s cheese burgers 🍔 which she stuffs down really fast, did I spot a hiccup when you finished your 3rd cheese burger 🤔🥵. Plus it looks like you have lost your neck now its been replaced by a double chin, wow your feeder was very aggressive when you were tied up but you kept on eating and drinking love the bloated burps too. I just love these daily updates and pictures of your gain its the best and quickest gain I have ever seen, 5 stars.
    Join Mochii for yet another stuffing she has trouble leaning forward now to get more food because she is getting so fat 😍. I love this longer vid with less cuts love the close ups too of your bulging belly. While she stuffs so much food down, ending up with some of her dessert over her face 🥵. 5 stars as always check out this amazing vid.
    This lady doesn’t know when to stop she is just so greedy 😍 60 nuggets, I can only eat 20 and I’m done plus at the moment in the U.K. no McDonald’s they have all been closed due the lockdown 😭. Plus 4 lots of large fries to with plenty of dips @Mochii Babii can definitely eat 🥵 also plenty of burps are in this vid to 5 stars.
    Wow @Mochii Babii you were not kidding when you said you gained OMG that was a lot more than I was thinking 😍. This maybe a short vid but it’s a must buy 5 stars.
    Finally got around to watching this I’ve got a lot more free time now 😂 watch kitty tuck into her 1st Taco Bell meal. She is looking fatter than ever as she begins to stuff her face, that dress is more like a top now 😍. Wow your thighs are getting so big now love all the jiggling about 🥵. Hope you do a follow up to this at some point when all this madness is over, I bet you are missing McDonald’s & Kfc.
    This is shars sexiest chugging vid yet it has everything from chugging, burps & button popping 🥵. Talking about button popping you can tell shar loves destroying this shirt I like the bit of added slowmo. I love how chubby your face looks now especially when you are chugging that shake. Already looking forward to your next vid even if it’s just you eating a bag of crisps 😂. I bet you are missing places like kfc/McDonald’s and can’t wait for this lockdown to be over already.
    Wow this is my 3rd vid of yours and OMG you continue to amaze me, I love that you eat so fast and the messy eating is so hot 🥵. The burps are great too you have really been packing on the weight so far can’t wait to see how much more you gain. One question I wanted to ask is do you ever get hiccups when eating this much 🤔
    Wow you continue to impress me Mochii has she digs into more food even though she has already eaten. Laying back on her bed her belly bulging has she continues to stuff her face. I love how greedy you are and how quick you eat again burping away like crazy. I like how how you balance the food on your belly at one point then it’s straight onto the next tray of food 😍🥵. I love right near the end you say you are stuffed but still continue eating, you are unstoppable.
  2. Having only just noticed you today on curvage I have to admit I’m impressed you have gained so much already the difference is noticeable in each vid. Love the burps too can’t wait to see how much more you gain.
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