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    PlayStation, watching boxsets & movies on Netflix/amazon prime Disney+ and Apple TV. Then of course this place curvage my favourite type of vids I like watching have to be stuffing, burping,Hiccups & farting. My favourite models on here are the legendary Goddess Shar, mskristinaxo, GainingGothGF.

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    CB is wearing some lingerie that is looking a little small on her 😍 not sure how that happened 😉. She takes great pleasure in telling us she has already eaten 6 cake bites earlier that day 🐷. Bouncing on her bed while jiggling her huge belly I just love how fat you look in this vid. She takes down another 3 cake bites, while chugging some juice and burping a lot what a piggy 🥵. For an odd reason at 2.05 a missing file icon pops up on screen but disappears after a minute, just to let you know. But it doesn’t effect how amazing this vid is, check it out now for yourself.
    What are you waiting for grab this hot vid now from GGGF and it’s her 1st rogo too 😍, in this vid she is complaining how fat you made her while eating ice cream, she thinks she can stop any time but judging by the size of her belly I think not 😂. When she is sitting down you can hardly tell she is wearing any underwear because her growing belly covers it 🥵. Her muffin top and growing love handles show just how greedy she has gotten but it’s still your fault she says, time to size up those pants because that belly is only going to get bigger. You also get a great view of her bigger 🍑 and damn those thighs are getting bigger too GGGF. Definitely recommend this vid, 5 stars.
    Wow CB tubs indeed 😍 that overfed body definitely is looking bigger than ever as you struggle into many clothes, loving the jiggling and wobbling in this set, that comparison photo 🤯 shows how much you have packed on. Love that you couldn’t even see past your 🍈🍈 to fasten the skirt 🥵 if you love watching fat girls struggling to get clothes on that fitted a year and half ago you are in the right place. Those gifs to CB are hot your neck has disappeared now love how round your face is getting.
  1. Your poor bed must be struggling 😂 especially after your latest set 😍 that most definitely added even more pounds to you ruby🥵.
    Damn ruby that dress 😍 it’s already struggling with your curves before the funnelling. You certainly chugged it down quickly 🐷. Watching you beached in your chair patting and rubbing that huge gut afterwards 🥵 you are becoming a huge ball of lard ruby that chair will collapse next time. It’s amazing seeing you getting so fat. Like many others could I see the public stuffing 👍🏻.
    No one does vids quite like shar this is another must see. Shar helps herself to about 3 glasses of wine before even trying on one dress. Love the burp you did at the start the dress lady asked if you were ok 😂. Struggling to even get the 1st dress over her big 🍑 she asks if shar has been following her diet 🤣. What follows from here is so 🥵 shar just can’t stop eating and attacks the food table. The dress lady has some incredible patience with shar knowing she is been stuffing her face non stop since her original fitting, loved her reaction to the carnage she walks into at the end.
  2. Wow is that a pancake in there too ruby damn, bet you were still hungry after all that 😂😍.
  3. Damn 🥵 2 nurses with another 30 pounds on you it will take 3 next time.
    There is nothing I love more than watching JA pig out in public, this time stuffing down kfc. With her fat belly hanging out and huge 🍑 in jeans 😮 this is one hot vid. Later in the vid she has to unbutton her jeans because they are so tight 🥵. After all that food she is not done waddling her obese body back into the place to get an ice cream. Back in the car you can see her big belly up close and damn 😍 this is one greedy 🐷 that’s getting fatter and more jiggly the bigger she gets.
    Wow juicy the look of shock on your face when you fit in that chair 🥵. I love how you have your fat belly out on show for all to see 😍, jiggling all that fat is so hot. You are burpy as ever too there are some big ones near the end. Damn that gut is getting huge juicy and it’s not surprising when you see how much food you stuff into it 🐷.
    What a vid kelli 😍 my 1st ever of yours, your rolls are amazing you have quite the belly on you already. Love how the vid starts off with you admiring your double chin. Plus those burps and tons of jiggling of that big belly no wonder it got so big I can tell by how greedily you chugged the milk down. Then sucking down that whipped cream 🥵 can’t wait to see that gut get even fatter 🐷.
  4. The excitement is building for the 20k stuffing Casey, can’t wait 😍.
    GGGF’s 2nd Q&A vid does not disappoint there are plenty of in depth answers while she stuffs down a pizza and fries covered in mayo the largest tube of it I have ever seen 😂. Good to know there are going to be many more of your rp vids and stuffings to come, I love your weight gain journey so far the difference between this and the 1st Q&A are 🤯 wow that 2nd pic of you grabbing your fat roll for this set is so 🥵. The time zip’s past so quickly this almost 1 hour vid feels like 15 minutes by the end. I feel that by the next Q&A it will have to be a buffet you will be eating 😍 I was worried for the fries in the bowl balanced on your thigh it definitely wobbled around a lot during the vid 🤣. I don’t want to say to much more here, check this 5 ⭐ vid out for yourself.
  5. Do you ever get hiccups from your stuffings.
    Wow 23 minutes for 6.99 and a rogo what are you waiting for, get this 5 star vid now. Love how this vid starts too with the lovely candice on her way to this huge stuffing 😍 damn I just can’t keep my eyes off your 🍈🍈. Seriously love seeing your belly it’s looking so round and the view from the side you keep giving us as your belly expands so much you have to undo the button of your jeans 🥵. Love the chat between all 3 of you. Love how you ate far to much you were so bloated afterwards 🐷. Love the cute little fart you did near the end candice, glad you finally got dessert and it was so hot to see Jennie rubbing your belly at the end. I would like to see whipped cream wonderland as the rogo.
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