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    If you want see kitty at her biggest yet you really need to check out this weigh in 😍 it’s amazing how much she has gained in almost a year on curvage, I had to include two gifs of this set 🥵. With Christmas on the way I can't wait to see how much she gains next 🐷 .
    Kitty really enjoyed filming this you can tell, the poor cake did not stand a chance against kitty’s gluttony 🐷 kitty’s starts by taking little bits of the cake before taking much larger pieces. You will not believe how much larger she looks in this had to include a couple of gifs 😍 she has plenty to drink in this vid coke and milk plus some spray cream. She burps a lot and the moans are amazing 🥵 as she starts to get full, you simply have to buy this must have vid.
    Shar is looking super chubby in this vid join her as she waits for her guests to arrive but shar can’t help herself and starts to eat everything 🐷 she has prepared, I love how big shar’s belly looks in this you get many close ups of her belly in this update. Plus her double chin is really starting to be very noticeable now, also I like how big shar’s burps are getting they are so loud 😍 the only thing that would make this vid better would be a few more side on close ups of shar’s belly. I would love to see you do a stuffing vid in that dress your wore at the end it barely covered your now huge belly 🥵 buy this vid now it’s amazing 5 stars.
    Barbie shar is back, I love your attention to detail in your vids shar the use of aqua’s barbie girl and even dr Jones. Barbie looks bigger than ever in this vid she attempts to work out by exercising, even trying to do a few push ups but that doesn’t work out to well 🥵 she loves food way to much. Can’t wait to see barbie shar at 300 pounds, imagining that is just 🤤😍.
    You must check out this latest Laura vid its her best yet, she begins the vid waking up from a huge binge empty bottles and boxes and packets of food everywhere, she thinks that she needs to do some exercise and gets changed into her gym gear. But then gets tempted with the food that’s left and picks up some donuts and milk before wobbling back to her sofa to dig into some more food her belly is looking bigger than ever. Plenty of big burps are in this too, before Laura realises it she is already full again time for another nap 😍🐷🥵.
    Wow in this vid shar plays the part of the wife looking back on pics of her slimmer self and 😍 the change is amazing. So are the burps too, shar is tucking into a ton of subway food and looking bigger with every mouthful she takes. Had to include a few gifs too 🥵. Do yourself a favour and check out the best shar vid yet.
    Just catching up now on all these new shar vids 😍 and wow, shar updates us on her measurements she has definitely been gaining she just couldn’t stop eating in this vid pasta with plenty of cheese and then cakes. Good to hear Ollie again in the background he has been in so many of your vids now no McDonald’s theme this time does he make you feel hungry for McDonald’s when he does do that 😂. You sounded so out of breath doing your measurements, I expect you ate the rest of the cakes after the vid. Can’t wait for your next weigh in shar on your way to 300.
    Wow insatiable 2 is a must have clip but you know this already going by the pics and gifs 😍 you can tell just how much bigger kitty is than when she did the 1st insatiable the way she eats nearly everything she sees is just mind blowing. Eating the cups of pudding in just 3 mouth fulls is just 🥵 I did wonder how that seat you sit on can still hold you 🍑 I was expecting it to break at any moment. Love the hiccup you did just has you started making what you called a monster dessert. I like that you started counting the slices before saying I will just have all of them 🐷. Half the calories you consumed in this must of been in that dessert. Of course plenty of burping is in this too, I can only imagine how much bigger and greedier kitty will be by insatiable 3.
    Wow Laura this is my 1st clip of yours and it’s amazing I wish I could give it more than 5 stars, you seriously love your food I can tell by your big belly. In this clip Laura sees a cake for john in the office kitchen but there is no way he will be eating it Laura has other plans for it 🐷. Letting out big burps that echo though the room this lady can burp even louder than me. With milk dripping down her top and those tight leggings 😍 that get tighter with every bite, as you can tell by the pictures things get a messy towards the end. This is one hot clip you should definitely check out, I certainly will be checking out more of your clips after this.
    This is my 1st vid from ero-hime love how you stuffed yourself in this vid the bloated burping and of course the farting there are not many farting clips on curvage but ones you did in this were amazing 😍 not just a few either your stomach was really playing you up by the end.
    The weigh #7 is kitty at her biggest yet 🥵 join kitty has drinks double cream while snacking on some cupcakes. You are definitely losing your neck kitty your double chin is getting so big now 😍. I always try to guess your weight before you weigh and I’m always wrong now 😂 it’s higher than ever. KP is definitely going to be bigger than CC very soon can’t wait to see that, check out kitty’s latest now its 5 stars has always.
    Welcome back CC this is an amazing vid glad to see you give this challenge another go. I liked it when you ate one of those cakes whole. Also thanks for the free vid too most appreciated. Plus we don’t always see much of your 🍑 that thong did look a bit painful to wear as you mentioned in the vid. You mentioned about getting your hair cut in the vid I think you should go for it, shoulder length hair would look great on you. Was kitty filming this with you? also that was great timing by the amazon delivery driver did you answer the door dressed in just that? That would definitely be a treat for the driver 😍.
  1. Wow has anyone seen scarlett on the great British bake off extra slice, she definitely looks like she had a few extra slices 😂😍🥵. I will post the link below some people have been horrible to her over her weight gain on social media but she doesn’t seem to bothered. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/scarlett-moffatt-cruelly-fat-shamed-19110830.amp
    Wow kitty what a view 😍🍑 this vid really does show of kitty’s gain, she gets very out of breath walking up the stairs I can only imagine how much more hotter 🥵 this will get when you are 400 pounds 😍 you will need to get an escalator installed 😂 by then.
    Make sure you check out this amazing shar vid at a great price, shar stuffs on burgers and hotdogs plenty of burping too. Shar can eat so much more now plenty of great angles of her belly in this plus I even noticed a few hiccups 😍.
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