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    PlayStation, watching TV shows & movies on Netflix/Disney+ especially marvel/star wars. Then of course this place curvage my favourite type of vids I like watching are stuffing, burping Hiccups & farting. My favourite models on here are the legendary Goddess Shar, the incredibly obese Mochii babii, the plump CurvyGothGF, the ever growing chubbie bunnie & of course mskristinaxo and bbw Kate.

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    Kate starts the vid with some measurements before burping 😂 and then stepping on the scales. Congratulations on the weight obviously not mentioning here what it is of course but damn it’s a lot 🐷 not surprising with what you have been stuffing yourself with recently 😍. Kate has shocked herself with the numbers on the scales 🤯 find out what they are by checking out the vid now. Enjoy your holiday kate can’t wait to see how much you pile on while on holiday 🥵.
    I’m super late with my review but wow this is one lucky guy who has goddess shar sitting on top of him seriously that’s a lot of weight her gut is looking huge 🐷 and it’s about to get stuffed with donuts from Krispy kreme. He even gets to jiggle her belly 😍 then the angle changes damn shar you look even fatter 🥵. He feeds her donuts and gets to jiggle her big belly a lot, something that everyone on curvage would love to do. The end of the clip seeing shars belly and big 🍑 jiggling so hot 💦.
    Kate is tucking into a cake meant for 6 people or one very greedy 🐷😂. I noticed before she even starts the zipper on her jeans is already half way down 🤣. Her top can hardly contain her loves handles 😍. Letting out some huge burps you are right sprite makes you really burpy. It’s not long before she has to release her flab 🥵 damn those jeans must have been tight. One cake done in less than 15 minutes is impressive and the vids only 2.99 check it out right now and watch Kate get even bigger.
    It’s my payday and what better way to treat myself than getting the latest JJ vid 😍 damn that’s a lot of beer of course this vid contains lots of burping too. Her gut looks so swollen fitting 12 beers is definitely taking up some room but thankfully there is plenty 😂. Then it happens hiccups 🥵 her belly and boobs just keep on jiggling so much wobble even mentioning her bra broke earlier after another huge meal. By the end even her clothes are struggling to contain all her fat she even stops for pizza and that end weight 🤯 wow a must buy 5 stars.
    Kate has invited us to join her watching her stuffing her face with not one not two but 4 McMuffins 5 hash browns 🐷. Washed down with a coke to produce some big burps 😍 sitting on the same chair as the last vid which sounds like it’s going to break at any moment 😂. 34 minutes for 3.99 this 🐖 is out of control seriously it’s amazing how much she has gained in the last few months 🤯. Like the comment about those small cakes you mentioned the ones that are meant to serve 6 people 🤣 you ate that before this explains the huge belly 🥵. Can’t wait for your next weigh in, the queen of burping 😏. Oh and since you mentioned five guys we definitely have to see a stuffing from you when they open 👍🏻.
    You are not wrong about the chair it definitely is having a hard time holding you up 😍. Join Kate on her return to curvage she has been eating a lot I can tell 🐷 as she stuffs down chocolate and chugs down some coke letting out some huge burps 🥵. Lots of jiggling in this vid, damn that belly’s got huge 🤯 check out this is vid right now almost 10 minutes for 2.99.
    Join CB for a rp clip 😍 I love it, all 3 bikinis look amazing on her the blue one really shows off how round her belly and boobs look. Then then the last one is definitely my favourite 🥵 because when she sits down you can hardly tell she is wearing bikini bottoms because her well fed tummy covers them she is excited to see that you really like it and gives you a closer look by moving the camera and sitting on her bed. As she does this her bed makes a noise I did wonder if it was going to give way for a second 😂. Jiggling her curves just like in the gif for this clip is so hot, she is pleased to know that you want her to get bigger and she knows that the pounds will pile on fairly easy just like the last 30 pounds 🤯. This is easily a bikini busting 5 stars clip that you need in your collection.
  1. God damn 🤯 she piling it on, that dress is holding a lot of gut in 🥵.
  2. Just watched and reviewed now everybody should definitely check this out, you have created another amazing character CGGF for your hot rp vids, can’t wait to see your next one already 😍.
    Wow nearly missed this hot new vid from CGGF 😍. You should definitely check this out because it’s another hot rp. You agree to go on a date but when you get there she is a lot plumper than in her photo 🥵. Already stuffing her face with pasta 🐷 her muffin top is hanging over the top of her jeans she shows you the benefits of dating a bigger girl by jiggling her love handles then showing off her big 🍑. This definitely would be a date you would never forget, and she wants to get bigger 🤯 too. 5 stars don’t miss out on this vid.
    It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Casey clip 🤯 her belly is huge and reiina has been packing it on too 🐷. I just love hearing bbws burping and damn there are some great burps in this 🥵 both there guts are so round and it’s no surprise with the amount they have been eating. It double chin city with Casey & reiina both their faces are so round 😍. The jiggling and wobbling is so hot definitely 5 star and that burp at the end 😂 it made its way out eventually 🤣.
    1st off CB tells us about her sunburn before giving us a bit of 🍑 shaking to some music in the same bikini she wore when she got sunburnt. Before diving into her bucket of chicken 🍗 which is meant for 3-4 people or one very hungry 🐷 CB her belly sounds tightly packed as she inhales piece after piece of chicken & mash potato 😍. CB is looking huge in this, stuffing her face letting out huge burps 🥵 hardly taking a moment to breathe before shoving more food in. Telling us how fat she feels and wow she has totally beached herself after greedily eating this mountain of food. Plenty of wobbling, jiggling and slapping of her huge gut is so hot then CB waddles onto the scales and 🤯. 5 stuffed full of chicken stars ⭐️.
    Alice knows you have been feeding her a bit to well, her muffin top is huge 🐷 even her tattoos have become hidden because of her fat rolls that keep growing. CGGF rp’s are always amazing this to is five stars. I just can’t get enough of seeing CGGF getting wider I do love watching her jiggling all her new flab 😍. Watch this now for 5.99 and see Alice in her tightest clothes yet I don’t think I have seen her with so much belly pouring into her lap 🤯 she has been eating well 🥵.
    Join CGGF in her kitchen listening to some tunes, while stuffing herself with chips I love how the 1st few minutes is just her literally wobbling about 🥵. Even putting her belly on the counter 😍 I like how you didn’t even notice at 1st when a chip fell into your hair but did eventually 😂 and ate it. Even struggling a little to get herself on the chair making her belly bulge out more before trying hide it when her husband comes home early no chance of that 🐷 there is a lot to hide. Then she shows off where some of the pounds have gone to 🍑 especially oh wow 🤩 it hangs so much over the chair and then some jiggling of her belly while she grabs her fat rolls followed by some hot fat chat. 5 star RP at its finest from CGGF.
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