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    PlayStation, watching TV shows & movies on Netflix/Disney+ especially marvel/star wars. Then of course this place curvage my favourite type of vids I like watching are stuffing, burping Hiccups & farting. My favourite models on here are the beautifully obese nadya, the plump CurvyGothGF, the ever growing chubbie bunnie the queen of burping bbw Kate. Plus the legendary Goddess Shar, the incredibly obese Mochii babii, and the bbw superstar mskristinaxo.

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    CGGF’s role plays are amazing as usual this time she has been catching up with a friend on a video call. It’s very obvious that she has put on more than a few pounds 🐷. Her muffintop is out of control she doesn’t understand how her belly got so big 😍 it can’t be all that pasta right 🤔🤣. 5 star’s hope you have a Christmas vid planned CGGF.
    Bratty Britney has definitely been packing on the pounds since her baby one more time days. Her belly and chin(s) have grown a lot not forgetting her 🍈🍈 and letting rip a huge burp after stuffing the cakes(wish I could have seen you stuff them all, especially the big one). Reiina is such a good Britney in this, can’t wait to check out more of your vids on here. Will you be releasing the Jennifers body vid here too 🤔.
    @reiinapop & @Ero-hime are looking super huge 😍 filmed from some low angles both are getting extremely wide. Ero-himes stretch marks look super red her boobs are literally overflowing her bikini top. Both girls have been eating a ton in recent months double chins are look big too. Reiina is definitely looking the fattest I’ve ever seen her. I have not even mentioned the burping yet these lady’s can burp 🐷🥵 they knock back drink after drink, can’t wait to see how much bigger both of you get, 5 stars.
  1. Was checking out the new McDonald’s U.K. Christmas menu and this pops up 😂 I knew I had to post this here 😍 well done to Scarlett for finally passing her driving test. I see many more trips there in the future for her 🥵. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-11456467/amp/Scarlett-Moffatt-passes-driving-test-failing-13-TIMES-drove-straight-McDonalds.html
    Porky CB was definitely excited to stuff her face and devours the 1st burrito within 5 minutes 🤯🐷. These burritos are not small either, they are huge. Talking of huge 😍 CB’s belly is the biggest yet damn even getting to see her bigger 🍑 too is so hot. After stuffing the 2nd burrito she is full, and ripping some huge burps 🥵. Loved the change in camera angle to get a closer looked at that bloated gut. 5 porky stars CB 🐷 wow the difference between last years vid to this is amazing.
    CGGF is sitting on the couch growing her belly 😍 she shows you how well she is growing and wobbling her new curves. The close up on her belly is so hot 🥵 her growing appetite is certainly having its effects. I really do love how her belly is in her lap in this, also her 🍑 is on show near the end of the clip, another stunning rp from CGGF, 5 stars.
    Rylie is a growing girl and isn’t getting enough food at her friends house. Cue some huge rumbling burps 🥵 as she tells us about how her body is getting bigger 😍 also some people are looking at the greedy girl stuffing her face 🐷 in her car. I always love car stuffings and this is another one of my favourites hope to see you doing more car stuffings on here in the future. Rylie is certainly getting bigger she even shows off her growing rolls while letting rip with huge burps so hot.
    CB is looking porky than ever 🐷 so much so she has to move the camera back and forward a few times to fit herself in shot 😂😍. She is overflowing her top too her belly looking the biggest I’ve ever seen it yet. The way she is touching and wobbling her belly is so hot 🥵 listening to her talking about her experiences about gaining. I can see what you mean I would be very distracted too 🤯 there is so much jiggle now. Even a few burps manage to slip out, love the story near the end, I won’t spoil it here but you will definitely be taking care of things yourself too, if you know what I mean 😏. That’s one hot pov at the end of the clip. 5 horny stars CB.
    The queen of burps is back bbw Kate treats herself to a massive McDonald’s feast after her big weigh in last vid 🐷. Here she has more than a few 🍔 5 to be exact 😮 looking amazing in her lingerie with her belly poking out 🥵 the bottom. Love the fat chat too about Christmas, and knowing the 5 guys stuffing is still coming can’t wait 😍. Love hearing about future ideas for vids, Kate’s belly is literally blowing up in front of our eyes. Plus not forgetting the burps but also hiccups 😍 for the 1st time in your vids and plenty of them to no wonder with the greediness on show here 🐖 (can’t wait to hear more). Over 35 minutes of stuffing from Kate all for 4.99 check out how stuffed she is by the end 🤯.
    Time for another weigh in from Kate and it’s another big one 🐷 I did like how you mentioned yes I’m wearing underwear 😂 it’s completely covered by your huge belly 😍. Congratulations Kate bet it’s another large takeaway for you 🐷 can’t wait to see what you will be stuffing next 🥵.
    Nadya has an uncontrollable hiccups 🥵 I always love to hear her hiccups so hot she is wearing a skintight dress. Which shows every ripple of her bouncing gut, she even chugs a can of cider which surprisingly doesn’t help to get rid of them 😂 luck for us she keeps wobbling they start to get faster has she gets out of breath 😍. Letting a few burps go to try and relieve her belly, love the angle to Nadya’s double chin is on full display. I love it when Nadya’s gets the gluttoncups there is nothing quite like bbws getting hiccups, can’t wait for more.
    Here’s the moment we have been waiting for the big weigh in, love hearing about all the recent changes and reactions you have had from people you know. Those shake ideas wow might try those myself 😂. Your chins so noticeable now no more neck 🐷, it seems like you definitely need help getting off the couch now 🥵. That weigh in 🤯 congratulations nadya 🥳 another big gain and with Christmas and thanksgiving on the way you will be even heavier starting 2023 😍.
    Finding out that GS had done another hot dog stuffing I knew I had to check out. Not 6 this time but 10 🤯🐷 showing off her huge 🍑 more cellulite covered than ever especially her legs. Before taking a seat on that huge bottom, her belly almost covering her underwear she wobbles her growing fat rolls of her gut. Letting her big gluttonous burps run free, this piggy is getting full 🐖. With her old record beaten 6 hot dogs in her big belly she reaches for the 7th. Her breathing becomes slower and burping more often to try and make room for this huge amount of hot dogs 🌭. Can GS do it or does she explode trying. Watch the vid for yourself and witness this display of gluttony.
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