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    Nobody does vids quite like shar or should I say barbie shar πŸ˜‰. Your seat which you can barely see underneath you is creaking so much under your weight. It’s no wonder, two big baguettes soon disappear into your big belly. Followed by some of the biggest burps I have ever heard you do 🐷. I love how obese shar is now everything is so much bigger her belly, love handles and wow your boobs too, keep getting bigger shar you are looking amazing.
    A nice little update from kitty here with this Q&A at a great price too. Definitely a great view of kitty's belly has it expands further into her lap. Can’t wait to see an update to this in a future vid. Plus your bed was creaking a whole lot more right at the end of the vid 🐷.
    This has to be shar at her biggest yet, Shar’s double chin is very noticeable in this vid the amount of food she eats to is unbelievable no wonder that belly is so big. I would be amazed if shar wasn’t over 250 by now. I bet that plane seat felt a whole lot smaller on the way back πŸ˜‰.
    Join kitty or should I say Luna πŸ˜‰, has she stuffs down a huge breakfast which would be enough for a few people or one very greedy kitty 🐷. Stuffed burps are here to plus I’m amazed you managed to sit cross legged during this stuffing something I expect must be getting quite difficult to do now. Imagine if Luna had full control maybe for breakfast binge 2 😍. This is one πŸ₯΅ update from KP which you should definitely check out.
    Thanks for the free vid CC and what a vid 5 stars. Watch has CC takes a shower with plenty of wobbling in this vid so hot πŸ₯΅ and the end wow 😍.
    Congratulations kitty 🐷 that is one amazing weigh in, just like you I was shocked at the numbers on the scale. You really are catching up with CC now 😍πŸ₯΅. And just like your second weigh in you are wearing the same clothes which are much tighter on you now 🐷, can’t wait to see your weight climb even higher on the next weigh in.
    Join KP in this great update hotdog hottie, 1st thing I noticed in this vid you have so many more new stretch marks kitty from your constant stuffings has you tell us you have just eaten kfc before filming this 😍. Kitty looks so much bigger when she is sat down taking up lots of room as she tells us it’s because of her fat πŸ‘ πŸ˜‚. You ate those hot dogs pretty quickly to while washing those down with coke and burping loudly 🐷. Kitty jiggles herself a lot in this vid πŸ₯΅ I had to put a few gifs of this below.
    This has to be my most favourite vid of yours yet CC. I love the amount of big burps you did in this, you even shocked yourself with how loud they were. I even managed to capture one in a gif below, (being careful not to show the timer). I would definitely love to see another vid like this, especially if you had a few hiccups in there too.
    This has to be my favourite kitty 🐷 vid yet love the idea too of your clothes being shrunk πŸ˜‚. Also it works so well being filmed in portrait so you are even closer to kitty. Just like kitty says in this shirt she looks like a stuffed little sausage πŸ˜‚. I did wonder if what you were sitting on was going to collapse when you sat on it again at 5.25 in the vid. The slowmo you do at the end is amazing, you have to listen with your headphones on that last button popping almost sounds like an explosion 😍. The way your belly pops out is so πŸ₯΅ wobbling everywhere. Definitely 5 stars kp, it would be great to see more vids like this.
    Shar is bingeing on kfc as she starts this vid even dipping the chicken in with the beans. Stopping every so often to burp to make room for even more kfc. I’m not going to write to much here, you already know that you need to check out this hot πŸ₯΅ clip.
    Wow what an update from kitty, you will feel even closer to her in this has it is filmed in portrait. As ever kitty is very out of breath filming this vid it’s definitely a work out for her 😍. From this angle you get to see kitty amazing double chin, big belly and πŸ‘ you can see all her rolls, stretch marks very clearly from close up. This is a must buy from kitty 🐷. Thanks for the mention kitty the other day with the gifs here is another below πŸ₯΅.
    Join kitty 🐷 in this πŸ₯΅ vid for a donut binge, has she sits on her bed which sounds like it’s going to break at any moment. Kitty eats donut after donut stopping every so often to add spray cream 😍. She tells us what a greedy piggy she has been, and that she can’t stop eating. Burps, belly rubs and more are in this vid too. This is a must buy vid from KP.
    This is my 1st clip from blossom and I have to say I’m impressed. You ate all that food very quickly love the burps and that you had to undo your jeans within the 1st 4 minutes of the vid. I liked the hiccup/burp you did right at the end too. I will definitely be checking out more of your eating clips. Hope you like the gif, I like to include them on my reviews.
    Loving these remakes shar, it’s so hot how many rolls you have now 😍. I just thought 100 pounds is over 7 stone that’s such an impressive gain shar, definitely one of the best on curvage. I liked hearing about your family’s reaction to your gain too. Thanks for answering my message the other day can’t wait to see that remake. This is a great update πŸ‘πŸ», hope you like the gifs.
    Join kitty in this vid has she sits on a stool that can barely hold her expanding body πŸ‘ with constant creaking whenever she moves πŸ₯΅. Of course kitty has to have a snack of cupcakes has she tells us about how her extra weight effects day to day tasks. Including when she goes out to eat if she can still fit into booths, which makes me wonder if driving your car is more difficult now? Kitty looks even bigger when she is sat down, her double chin covers even more of her neck, plus that belly is so much bigger too now or your spare tire has you called it 😍. I hope you do another update like this one when you are even bigger kitty 🐷, 5 stars 🌟 .
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