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    What a vid kitty where do I even begin you are right this vid does get very messy indeed 🥵. The moans in this make it so hot 😍. Kitty starts the vid just picking at the cake before diving straight in literally. Then Kitty starts eating the cake on all fours pausing for milk at points and every time she does it gets harder to lift herself off the floor. Plenty of burping in this clip especially at the end. Just like kitty I haven’t put any pics of how messy it gets you have to see it for yourself. It makes me wonder how much bigger kitty will be when she does cake addict 4 🐷.
    I always love your holiday vids shar this one shows how much more greedier you have become. The vid starts with shar eating some ice cream I like how you are just sitting with your belly out and your shorts button already undone because they are to tight 🐷. Then moving on shar has ordered a kebab and you guessed it that button is undone again even though people are watching her shar loves it and carry’s on eating so hot 🥵. But she is not done with ice cream just yet and at the next place orders another much larger ice cream and tucks straight in. Lastly one week later shar is back home showing off how big her belly is now from all the holiday food. Before tucking into a large pizza, eating slice after slice love the placement of the pizza dip shar right on top of your bigger belly 😍🍕🐷.
    Can’t believe someone wrote that this shar vid is just alright if I was going to one word review this I would call it “amazing”. This is a nice little update as shar shows off how a lot of her bras from earlier sets fit now. Especially after your holiday shar, I’m still rewatching skittles pig that vid is so hot 🥵. It’s funny that your parrot guest starred again in this vid I think I heard him in a previous vid doing the McDonald’s theme 😂. Has ever this is a 5 star vid 👍🏻 Shar.
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    If you can’t tell by my avatar I’m a big fan of resident evil, also I like mortal kombat, gears of war, uncharted and the old god of war games.
    Shar is back from her holiday I’ve definitely missed seeing her, stuff her face and in this clip she does just that 🐷 😍. I just googled this cake it actually serves 20 people or one very greedy goddess 🐷. This is one hot 🥵 clip, where shar remarks that her belly has never been so big as she takes big bites of the cake, getting it all over her face and belly. Seeing you eat like this makes me realise how you broke you dress while on holiday.
    There is no stopping kitty every vid she is eating something, this weigh in is no exception even starting the vid with a 🍩 in her hand. Even as kitty weighs herself she is eating an eclair 🥵.(I even spotted your mountain of snacks on the side in your kitchen.) After the weigh in kitty treats herself to whole tiramisu because she has to maintain her figure 😉😍. You have to check out this vid her gain is so amazing, congratulations kitty 🐷.
    Join kitty has she gets up in the middle of the night and starts devouring food from her fridge 🐷. Kitty has no control over her gluttony in this clip has she pulls up a chair and starts eating her way though cream cakes, cheese, and even a banoffee pie🐷. You can really tell kitty loved filming every moment of this, and so will you watching it 😍. Her moans in this clip are something else plus kitty cannot keep her hands off her growing jiggly body. I love the loud belch you do before you tuck into the banoffee pie also a few hiccups are in this clip too. You will love how kitty ends this clip let’s just say she she doesn’t need a spoon to eat the rest of the pie 😉. Buy it now, you will NOT be disappointed.
    Wow another amazing vid from kitty 🐷 who is getting even greedier if that’s possible 😂. After a big burger at the beefeater with CC, kitty then on the way home makes a quick pig stop 😂 at McDonald’s. Burping her way though the entire meal kitty mentions that she can’t stop eating recently even getting up for a midnight snack of cream cakes. You can definitely see the results in this vid on her legs, belly and face are looking so much rounder. You mentioned about trying out some of newer items at McDonald’s I know they have added two new burgers recently, it would be great see this in a future vid. Lastly kitty seems full after her McFlurry but not before burping a few times to make room for the Apple pie 😍 if you love stuffing vids you should check this out.
    I like the idea of this new series kitty, and what a way to start with this hash brown challenge. I liked how much the seat was squeaking under your weight. You can really tell in this vid how much more you have filled out 😍🐷. Love the bloated burps that go with eating fast. Can’t wait to see what you have planned next for this series. I had an idea you could add to this series, I think it might already be on your list for set ideas. A how much you could eat out of the fridge challenge would be good.
    Wow shar you are so greedy, we have all definitely helped to make you fatter 🐷 it’s so hot 🥵 to see devouring donuts with spray cream in this vid. Then just when you think shar is full she then pulls out a bake well pie and covers that in spray cream too. I noticed your good vibes tattoo now has its own roll to sit on 😍. Love the use of slowmo in this, shar can’t keep her hands off her big belly in this lots of wobbling 🐷. I have included pics and a gif of this amazing update from shar in my review.
    Wow kitty you and CC are always great together. I’m amazed that the corset didn’t pop open at any moment the way you were packed in there 😍. I noticed your belly was trying to escape from the bottom of the corset a lot 😂. The look on CC’s face when she said how solid your 🍑 felt made me laugh I had to make a gif of it. I hope you two make more vids together this is another great one 👍🏻.
    Lovely vid has always kitty that dress definitely shows of your curves it almost looks like the dress you wore in your 1st McDonald’s stuffing. It’s amazing how see though it looks. I think you should keep the dress for a future vid it would be great to see how it fits (or doesn’t 😂) when you get to 300 pounds 😍. I have also included my 1st gif of you on this review, hopefully I made it okay.
    Wasn’t expecting this clip kitty, very different I like the music and just like your oiling clip it’s definitely best listened to with headphones on. You are looking amazing 😍 love the strawberries and bananas being dipped in the chocolate, I think I caught the moment in one of the pics that you dropped the 1st bit of chocolate on yourself. I can tell you definitely enjoyed filming this clip kitty you made your way though the fruit very quickly before setting to work on the chocolate. As usual I have put a few pics from this amazing set on my review. Plus I didn’t realise we could make gifs on here, I will definitely have to figure out how that works.
    Join shar in this amazing update as she snacks on two cream cakes, she mentions she eats them every day 🐷. I like that you have already unzipped the jeans, are they too tight shar? 😍. Love the side rolls you have now as shar grabs and wobbles them to show us how big and heavy her belly is getting 🥵. Plus I love the comparison pic from your phone to now as you mentioned you are definitely getting wider. I had to include the following pics but I had to change from portrait to landscape to fit you all in on some of them 😂😍.
    Wow 😍 it fit you better than I thought kitty. It showed off your back rolls and of course your 🍑 well. I liked all the jiggling around to try and it get it on kitty so much wobbling 🐷. I liked that you had to take a quick breather while changing, it seemed like quite the workout to get it on. You could wear it to the beech how long it would last is another thing 😂. I could just imagine you sitting down in it at the beech eating some food and the straps just popping off 🥵. You are definitely beech body ready kitty, great content as always.
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