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  1. Yeah, and KittyPiggy is uploading like two or three posts every day! Incredible
  2. Hey everyone. I was surprised to not find that many threads about this topic so I'm creating one here. What different aspects or trends have you noticed about BBW videos? For example, what the girls usually say or do, how it has changed over the years etc etc... This has the potential to become a very broad topic but since I couldn't find any other ones like this I guess that's fine. I am very interested in this. For example: What about the type of food they eat? To me that can be an important aspect of the videos. It's much hotter to see a girl eating a big fat hamburger or cake than some strange random food which looks "skinny" or just... random. For example, when a girl eats a lot of small heterogenous pieces of something which is just a mix of different foods, or if she's eating noodles or something. It's much better and more popular with big, compact foods that she eats in big bites, right? One trend or popular thing is, as I said above, cake. More specifically eating cake on all fours, which is clearly a thing. I was looking for a lot of different BBW videos where they're eating cake a couple of weeks ago, and I found/realised that very many of the most famous BBW models have done an eating cake on all fours video - and I do think that they have seen other models doing it or heard about it or read that it's popular, so I don't think it's a coincidence - it's definitely a thing. FoxyRoxxie, KyraKane, MuffinMaid, Carmen LaFox, KittyPiggy, GoddessShar, Eliza Allure (while being fucked from behind), Passion etc etc... Another example: I have noticed that a lot of models have made "Mutual gaining" videos during like the last year, where they're "encouraging"/telling the camera that they want "him" to get fatter too... Has anyone else noticed that? Personally I don't like these kinds of videos and I really don't think most FAs do, so I wonder why these have become so popular. But yeah, I don't know... I'm guessing that it's a trend and the models realise that regardless of how many guys like it it's a good thing to have in their gallery for the future so that they can be sure that they've done "everything" within the BBW/weight gain fetish regarding themes of videos. What do you think about what I've just said about these aspects above? And which other aspects or trends of BBW videos have you thought about? It could be anything, like how often they use the word "belly" VS "tummy", whether they comment on it being unladylike to burp, etc etc...
  3. Yes I do love regular porn with thin girls. I don't find it as "interesting" and it doesn't have the same "thrill"/feeling, of course, but I am still 100 % very much attracted to thin girls and therefore watch them as well. Maybe 75 % of the time I watch BBW "porn"/videos - you know, eating, stuffing, belly play videos or BBW sex or whatever - and 25 % of the time I watch normal porn with thin/skinny/normal girls.
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