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    Fantastic! Fabulous! Finally! Congratulations Shar! I know that I have told you before how much I have enjoyed your previous videos, but this one really is the best. I loved you trying to hop up on the counter to sit, finally getting there, but then deciding that maybe it's not such a good idea. As I have mentioned before, watching you move around is so wonderful. And your ability to just keep eating to fill that heroic belly is amazing. Watching you struggle into those shorts, even though they are intended to have give in the fabric, was amusing. Luckily, you are blubbery enough that you could push and squeeze you belly, hips, and ass in as you pulled the stretchy shorts over what is now the mass of your body. Personally, I think you should go with the new Shar fashion style that says, if you hips and ass are fat enough, there is no need to fasten your pants - they will stay up and the open waist band helps hold up and push out that ball of a belly. I know that so much attention is on your belly, which is clearly deserved, but those thighs and your ass! Really and truly, breath taking. You look terrific in everything that you are wearing, but that red outfit is over the top. It seems designed specifically to demonstrate how holding your body would be a mind blowing experience, feeling the dimension of your rolls, exploring the depths of your folds, and sinking fingers deep into your squishy flesh. That said, your body clearly has a remarkable character of being dense. The bounce as you move suggests a more inflated, blubbery quality than flabby. I know you previously commented that you were out of shape, but I disagree. Round is a shape and there is tone and strength under those beautiful layers of fat. And finally, the promised weigh in. You are so cute talking to the camera, which you know I really appreciate. I much prefer when it feels that you are talking to me than when it seems like I am just a voyeur, although the definition of voyeur does seem accurate: "a person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others when they are naked." Still, I prefer to be a voyeur whom you have invited to watch and you talking to the camera reinforces that feeling. It also emphasizes your cute personality. I love it when you giggle and smile. And your apprehension about whether your hard work has attained your goal is charming. You really were nervous. Well, you can relax now. Job well done. But please continue to video. There are more experiences for you to document. Part of me wants to say keep gaining, but that has to really be up to you. The reality is that you are perfect as you are and it is not as if you can totally relax if you want to stay where you are. Being that weight at 5'-6" requires dedicated eating. I figure that you need a daily intake of more than 3,500 calories just to maintain. While your binges satisfy that requirement, I know that it is really not easy to eat like that on a regular basis. It honestly is hard work and the experience of digesting that much food takes a toll. I would say that you must have an iron stomach, but the last description that I would apply to your body is anything that sounded hard. And if there is a view that should be in the top three of all time for demonstrating where you are at, it is that final shot, looking over your wide belly sticking out with prominence to see the numbers on the scale as you slap that blubber, which resonates with permanence and density. Thank you!!!
    This is a terrific video that demonstrates that Shar is crossing into new territory. Her belly has been progressively projecting further and further out in front of her hips, but in this video there is evidence that she is now beginning to also get wider side to side. It also looks that her belly is becoming more spherical, pushing out the crease that used to be between her upper and lower bellies. How does she consume so much without feeling like she could pop. After polishing off a generous container of pasta, she quickly downs a massive weight gain shake. She does have to burp a couple of times and catch her breath between gulps, but she seems no worse the wear at the end. She acknowledges that she is filling out everywhere, but that should not be a surprise as she continues her efforts to gain. I saw somewhere that Shar listed her fetish as gainer. Not feeder, but gainer. Her quest is to gain and she is certainly doing a good job of it. She recently acknowledged that there is a weigh in video on the horizon. Since some of us are fixated on numbers, I am hoping that she would also share her measurements. It is also about time for another of her videos that show her walking somewhere. My guess is that we will be impressed with how much her continuing expansion has affected her gait. I would also love to see her rolling hips in action. Thank you Shar for being wonderful.
    First, Shar, you have to understand that a star as big as you are not only needs to have handlers, but deserves to be pampered. It is completely unreasonable that you should have to worry about stocking your refrigerator, ordering in, or cleaning up afterwards. There are people for that. Your video reveals just how inappropriate it is for you to have to be taking care of things like that. Your kitchen should be well stocked in anticipation of what you may desire. And getting dressed and ready? Again, where is your dresser? You should not have to be bending over to put your shoes on. That is just inconsiderate. This video is rather remarkable. Again, you know my favorite, which are those views of you in profile, where it becomes clear that you may be deeper from front to rear than you are wide. My normal attention to the thick rolls around your belly was distracted by the way that your butt seems to have gotten bigger and pushing out further when you are sitting. This is probably what is putting so much tension the way your shorts fit through your crotch. And one other thing that was fun to notice: when you are chewing, your jowls are jiggling. Thanks again for your efforts.
    I just rewatched Shar eating her Christmas donuts. Please don't judge, but I wanted to do this with her so I bought four donuts to eat while Shar ate hers. I honestly don't know how she does this on a regular basis. It is heroic. I finished my four while Shar finished her five and she dipped hers into weight gain shake. I was so bloated I couldn't move. I had to wait a couple of hours just to feel comfortable enough to type this review. One thing I love about this video is Shar filming herself from the side. She is impressive from the front, which is her standard camera angle, but from the side she is amazing. She is really thick.
    It's been a while since I watched this video. I guess I was paying so much attention to Shar's belly and thighs that I didn't really notice how thick her back fat had gotten and how demonstrative it is as it squeezes out of her too tight swimsuit. I also think that part of what makes Shar so special is her muscular undercarriage. When she is standing in her shower, it is obvious that her muscles, although well padded, contribute wonderfully to her beautiful shape. I know that there are different opinions on the perfect figure, but for me it includes being in relatively good condition, regardless of total weight. It has been a while since Shar did a weigh in and she has commented on a perception that she could imagine herself gaining to 300. Even if it takes her a bit longer to get there with exercise in her schedule, I think the results could be amazing.
    Hayden, I am worried that you have made a significant mistake in your projections for the New Year. In your video, while you bounce and play with a distinctive belly that may really be challenging your remarkable hips as a defining feature, you talk about getting to 400 pounds. First, I am a bit worried, since you are so already big with your weight taking a significant step into the 300 pound category. But then I checked your math. As you explained it, you are making a commitment to hitting 5,000 calories every day to start and then working your way to 10,000 calories every day. You make the assumption that 2,000 calories is a pound, but it is actually 3,500, although you accurately assume that you could be gaining around two pounds a day. However, you seem to be thinking that if you hit those caloric goals, you would achieve 400 pounds by the end of the year. At 5,000 calories a day, which is not that hard to hit with some commitment to a healthy appetite, and your "maintenance" caloric need of around 12 calories per pound per day, assuming that you don't commit to an inactive lifestyle, you need 3,756 calories a day to not gain nor lose weight. If you eat 5,000 calories a day, which is just one Burger King Double Cheese Whopper or Shake Shack large shake a day extra, 1,244 calories would go towards weight gain. That would mean gaining a little more than 10 pounds a month. Working against you on this is that, as you gain, more of the 5,000 calories is going to maintenance. For example, to maintain at 399 pounds you need 4,788 calories a day at the same 12 calories per pound per day. That means that it will take you more than 16 days to get from 399 to 400. BUT, you would hit the 400 within the year. In fact, when you hit maintenance at 5,000 calories a day, you would weigh 416 pounds. However, 10,000 calories a day is a totally different situation. Where hitting 5,000 calories a day is really not that hard to do - I am surprised that more of us don't weigh 400 pounds given the availability of quick fattening food every where, 10,000 calories is a major effort. It is actually difficult on a regular basis. For example, assuming a typical Dunkin Donut at around 350 calories, you would need to eat almost 29 donuts in one day to get there. Double Cheese Whoppers are a bit more viable, although similarly daunting: you would need to eat 9 to 10 every day. My experience is that if I were to eat 5 Double Cheese Whoppers in one day, I would not have much of an appetite for another one the next day. Same for the donuts. To achieve a consumption of 10,000 calories day in and day out would require a carefully balanced diet, with a heavy dependency on weight gain shakes mixed with ice cream. Ice cream is actually a good target for calories. You would only need to eat a little bit more than a gallon of Haagan Daz Chocolate Chip ice cream a day to maintain the 10,000 calorie consumption. But again, while maybe I could manage a gallon in one day, I am not sure what my appetite would be the next day. Have you ever eaten a gallon of ice cream in one day? Have you ever actually hit 10,000 calories in one day with any combination of foods? Maybe at the Vegas buffet, but did you have an appetite the next day? And the impact of 10,000 calories a day would be daunting. Starting at 313 with the same 3,756 a day required for maintenance, the extra 6,244 calories would find their way to adding 1.78 pounds a day, at least in the beginning. That would be more than 50 pounds in the first month. At that point, your 365 pound body would require 4,380 a day for maintenance, leaving only 5,620 calories a day for growth. That would mean that by the end of the second month, you would have only gained an additional 37 pounds or so. But that would put you over your 400 pound target in two months. Now if you simply committed to the 10,000 calories a day for the year and didn't check your gain until the end of the year, you would find that you had far surpassed you original target of 400 pounds, topping out at around 833 pounds. Of course, that assumes the same 12 calories being burned each day. My guess is that by the time you hit the 400 pounds in two months, the lifestyle of bed and television would become the reality, reducing you caloric requirement to less than 10 calories per pound. That math is easier to figure: by the end of the year you would be tipping the scales at 1,000 pounds. In your prediction, you talk about limiting your exercise so that you have an easier time gaining. I think you should rethink that. It doesn't look like you have had that much trouble putting on weight. As this video shows, you have gotten generously thick. My recommendation is that you commit to an exercise program specifically so that you can maintain your mobility and health as you expand. I realize that it may be a matter of personal preference, but I would be much more attracted to you at 400 pounds, if you could still dance, than a 400 pound you that had trouble walking back and forth to the buffet, at least until you have had your fourth or fifth plate, after which I would gladly do the walking. And, to be very honest, I think your 313 pound body already looks like it could fulfill every fantasy that I could have. Although at 400 pounds, it would be interesting to see if you affected the tides. I think the 5,000 calories a day is a good target. Adding the 87 pounds over 12 months will give your body the chance to keep up with itself. Thanks for sharing.
  1. You are impressive.

    This just may be the best video that Shar has made yet. It is so fun and personal. She is smiling, and laughing and telling stories about embarrassing moments and experiences that she had while on holiday that made her more aware of just how big she is getting. She gives us a side view of her body, which is my favorite way to appreciate what she has accomplished. It is that combination of round belly offset against her round hips and ass that demonstrate how deep she is from front to back. She punctuates her stories with long drags on her can of whipped cream. Is there anything sexier to watch Shar eat than whipped cream? As she told the story about having to climb the stairs at the resort, I couldn't help but think that Shar is closing in on on a $5 belly: that is how much the bill has to be laying on the ground before it makes sense to suffer the challenge of bending down to pick it up. I just love her smiles, laughter, and how her personality comes through in this video. And talking about laughter, Santa's got nothing on Shar, when her belly shakes as she laughs. And, before I forget, the way that she makes eye contact in this video is powerful.
  2. Carmen and Shar are both beautiful women who for whatever reason decided that they felt more like themselves fatter. They are both wonderful and very generous sharing themselves with those of us who, for whatever reason, feel that fatter women are either beautiful also, or maybe more beautiful when compared to the more commonly accepted, but more limited, standards that beauty belongs to slimmer women. As much fun as I think it would be to take the two of them out to dinner together and see them compete with one another on who has the bigger appetite, I don't think that there is any benefit to think about one being at the top and the other successor. I have no idea why Carmen decided to stop posting, but it is clearly her right to do so and not ours to question. Hopefully, it is for a reason that is bringing her happiness. Shar has been here since the beginning and has always been remarkable in both her appetite and beauty. I think we are all so lucky that there are beautiful women who are willing to share there beauty with us. For anyone who has not already done so, I recommend downloading Shar's latest video in which she eats donuts dipped into her weight gain shake. I find her commitment to the combination of getting fatter and succumbing to her appetites amazing. As she says, it is going to be a fat Christmas. I just wish she would step on the scales soon. It would be fun to know if she has achieved her goal of gaining to 250 pounds, at which point she will have doubled her weight when she was living with a physical trainer perhaps to obsessed with women needing to be thin to be beautiful.
  3. In my review, I meant to say that with her budding double chin and rounder cheeks her enhanced lips are now in proportion with her face.
    Shar, Thanks for the great video. It is amazing how much girth you have added to your torso. You are deep, thick, and wide. Your developing second chin has combined with your rounder cheeks as a result of your 100 pound gain that your lips are no proportionate with your face. I remember when I first saw you after you got your lip treatment, I thought that they were a bit large for your face. Now it is clear that you had a plan. The view of you with your legs up in the air with the straps cutting into your chub is priceless. It would be nice if next time you could walk around a bit so we could see you from the back. Your hips look like they are really starting to get wider. I know I have asked for it before, but you have to have a weigh in and measuring video on your calendar. If anyone likes sincere burping, this is a must have video. How often are you drinking weight-gain shakes? While they seem to be helping augment your gain, it is also clear that you are doing what you can with regular food. Thanks
    Shar is truly amazing. The amount of food that she starts with is daunting, but after she has powered that down, she is onto cheeseburgers. In the end, her belly is distorted by how stuffed she is. Normally, she can show a pretty good wobble to the softness of her belly, but in this video, she finally gets so full that her belly is stretched to the max. When she lifts up her lower belly, the extent of that stretch becomes obvious with new, red stretch marks forming along the crease. I would have liked to see her walk around a bit with her belly that huge and then collapse back on her bed to show how her belly would defy gravity, We have to be getting close to a weigh in and measuring episode. Remarkable!
    Thanks, Bianca. Your weigh-in video shows the dynamic results of a clearly dedicated effort. The one thing I wish that you had done was give us a better understanding of your success in a 360 degree view. Also, having the dimensions of your bust and waist is demonstrative of your girth, but the dimensions of your hips and thighs would help complete the picture. Thanks again for the wonderful video. What have you been eating to have this success?
    Shar is so sad! One of her best friends has decided that Shar is too fat to be seen with. The friend figures that, if Shar is there in one of her too tight outfits, the men will pass them by. I think the friend may be ignoring the fact that a lot of men like curves, and Shar certainly has them. Still, this makes Shar upset and she tries to drown her sorrows in a half gallon of weight gain shake. Maybe there are men that this will chase away. But there are certainly others who will be drawn like moths to a flame. Shar is so hot.
  4. Shar needs our emotional support. One of her best friends just unfriended her on the basis that she thinks Shar has gotten too fat to go out with. The friend is worried that with Shar in the circle, the men will pass them by. Shar just released a video in which she tries to drown her sorrows in a half gallon weight gain shake. I know that if I saw Shar out and dressed in that tight orange dress, I would have a hard time not staring. I might even have a hard time not drooling.
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