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  1. Wow! How is she? Do you have more photo of her weight gain?
  2. The befores and afters of this girl are really Amazing!
  3. I confirm that I have tell before This is a great weigh gain!
  4. She must have almost tripled her weight. She seem another woman compared to past. Do you have also other befores?
  5. She is so much better and hot now! Do you have more photos of her?
  6. Wow This is a really great weight gain!
  7. I remember her from old times she called herself Maria...that second photo is recent?
  8. I want see you become fat like a big pig!
  9. 🍔🌭🥧🍫🍕🍟🍰🍩🎂
  10. and grow a very very big fat belly!
  11. I want see you develop a very big fat double chin...
  12. You need to eat more and more of a lot of fattening foods and drink the more caloric wg shakes to gain a lot of weight. You must become the queen of the snacks and of McDonalds! Fast foods will help you to grow more and more quickly!
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