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  1. I want see you eat more fattenings foods and grow more big and fat! You are wonderful!😍 Ho scritto in inglese ma sono italiano sei meravigiosa voglio vederti ingrassare ancora!
  2. Ora sei molto meglio...è molto sexy il tuo before/after
  3. Sei bellissima! La tua pancia è meravigliosa! Noi dobbiamo contribuire per vederti ingrassare ancora di più… Aspetterò con ansia la tua storia e le tue prossime foto before/after che mi piacciono molto
  4. Great! I want see you more and more bigger and fatter!
  5. Hi you are wonderful! I want see you continue to gaining more and more weight! I want see you become very big and very very fat! I want see you become huge! I love your sets when you are eating...eating women are soooooo sexy! I love see you eat more and more of all fattening foods (Mcdonal's burger, chips, cake, pasta, caloric snacks, a lot of sweets) I would like more eating sets of you in the next times. Do you have an Instagram account where we can follow you all around the day? Thanks

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