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  1. Are those like those dresses with the color panels meant to trick your eye into thinking the person has a smaller waist? When she changes you see she’s really 10 lbs heavier.
    Shar eats until she looks like she can’t fill her belly any more...then she goes for more plus some big gulps of pop. I’d invite Shar to a cookout, but watch out when you take all the burgers and hotdogs off the grill, Shar might think they’re all for her. 😀
    Shar is so open and honest in this video. Her playful fantasy videos are fun, but it’s great to see a video that’s like Shar behind the scenes. Her personality really shines through as she tells stories from the past few months and laughs about them while rubbing and jiggling her belly. She’s looking extra soft and each embarrassing story is also one I wish I was there for, especially sitting next to Shar on a plane. If I ever get on a plane and see Shar filling up more than one seat I know I’d do the nice thing and offer to switch with her neighbor because I’m that generous . I just hope it’s a long flight and they let you buy lots of snacks...for the person in the other seat.
    Now it’s clear how Shar has been gaining so much. She’s turned to science to discover new ways to get fat and is using herself as a guinea pig. Or maybe just a regular pig. 🐷 This is a fun concept and great shots of Shar’s expanding belly.
  2. That’s a booty that’s just waiting to blow up.
    Great video. For the first half Shar is a fantasy in real life - a sexy plump woman sitting in her swimsuit with trays of food around her as she gorges on meatballs and wraps and fries, washing it down with a big sweet daiquiri. Her pants are unbuttoned one button to give her belly room, then as she fills up, a second button clearly had to be undone. And after more food it’s clear that a third button is going to have to give up to let her belly expand. By the end it’s clear that not only did that last button have to be undone, but she had to get out of her shorts altogether to let her overstuffed belly rest and receive rubs in preparation for her next meal. How can Shar go swimming if you she has to wait 30 minutes after eating to go in the water? From the looks of her growing belly and extra cute rounder face 30 minutes after her last meal she’s tucking into another burger or sundae.
    Shar’s a Barbie girl in a Barbie world She’s getting rounder, loves quarter pounders You can feed her cake, so much her chair might break Over-satiation, Shar eats past inflation Come on, Barbie, let's go party!* *A party with all the treats you can eat. Another fun video from Shar as she gobbles up two big baguettes and comments on how fat she’s gotten...and how she can’t stop getting fatter. 👍😀
    The best transition ever! Shar watches videos of her much skinnier self posing for the camera as she marvels at how thin she used to be off screen. The last video is her greedily tipping back a soda. Imagine if that girl got a taste for sweets and fatty foods like that. Cut to the present day and it’s clear what happens when a girl like that gets a taste for all that delicious food.
    The only way this video could be better is if it was “Wild Thoughts” ft. DJ Khaled and each time she finishes a piece of chicken he just goes “Another one!” 😆 Shar has gotten inside the head of everyone who watches her videos. While they watch her gobble up food now there’s always that little thought of what she’s doing when she’s not sitting here eating. And the answer is eating some more dressed in a sexy outfit of course. Each time Shar cuts back to her KFC binge she looks fuller as she goes for the next piece. The thing that will always make me love her videos is that by the end you can always tell she really ate a lot with her clearly full stomach, overstuffed burps, and soft moans and groans as she slows down shoveling food into her mouth, but never stops. This video has a lot of thigh meat in it too...and I’m not talking about the chicken.
    Love this video. It's probably my favorite (so far) and that's tough since Shar always puts her full effort and full belly into her videos. Shar gives a peek into a day of her holiday as stuffs herself with ice cream and kabobs...and more ice cream. That's what happens when you let your belly plan your trip. The effects of her trip one week later are obvious as she sits on her bed letting her round belly bounce between her plumper thighs as she can't believe how much of a greedy pig she was on vacation and how fat she's grown. What will she do now? Obviously she'll lounge in bed with a big pizza and some sauce balanced on her round belly stuffing slice after slice into her mouth without end. She barely stops to breath as she grabs for more, sometimes not waiting to finish a slice before grabbing another in her demand for more. Good thing her belly can hold the sauce to free up her hands. By the end Shar has had to turn over to let her stuffed belly rest on the bed, letting everyone see her plump profile with her full thighs and growing bottom plus her voluptuous boobs trying to stay in her top. But still she doesn't stop greedily stuffing herself until every slice is gone. And still she reaches for some of the last left over pieces of crust, adjusting her overfed gut on the bed to make room. I hope the pizza delivery guy is on his way with another pizza because Shar looks like she could go for more.
    Shar is so soft and jiggly in this video. You just want to reach out and give her belly a squeeze as she puts away two big cream cakes like they are nothing, clearly enjoying each fattening bite. It seems like only a matter of time till her growing belly demands three or four cream cakes to keep growing more and more plump and plush. Yum.
  3. ronin76

    Hannah Murray

    Well in the last episode it looked like Davos is managing the food and he’s friends with Gilly and likes to flirt with Missendai. He’s probably just making sure they get extra portions. Davos is the true hero of the show.
    Shar’s videos are always great because there’s the perfect mix of her talking/acting and stuffing. And when Shar eats, she always EATS and you get to see her savor each bite. Seeing her finish gobbling up treat after treat and then look around for the next item to fill her expanding belly is great. I’m sure many people will be cheering “Go for more pizza rolls!” or “Chug more pop!” throughout it. This video is also funny, from the premise that Shar thought she needed to eat everything and watching her slowly grow rounder as she follows her mission until her overfed gut wobbles from her success to her friend’s exasperated reaction as she realizes her mistake in telling such a greedy girl to take care of her fridge.
  4. I couldn’t believe only 18 months, then I looked back and wow you have gained so much since then! You are looking extra cute with your haircut and rounder face and all that comfort food looks to be really plumping up your bum and thighs now. Your beautiful big belly still takes most of the cake and I hope you keep feeding it as much cake as it wants
  5. Perfect casting to play Carmen La Fox.
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