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  1. You kind of went from "She hit a plateau" to "It's over. She's done. Nothing to see here. Pack it up!" pretty quickly. Evidence to the contrary: 1) Her recent videos include some serious eating where she is looking and acting pretty overstuffed. You might not see every bite, but I've always enjoyed the authenticity of Shar's content. It's one thing to cut away, put some icing on your face, and cut back with, "Oh my, I ate so many cupcakes." It's another to come back to see that clearly some time has passed and not only are the cupcakes gone, but the pizza in the background that was never addressed earlier in the video is half-eaten, the soda started is half drunk, a container of pasta has clearly appeared and been emptied, and Shar is reclining with a belly that looks fit to pop while sipping a beer. 2) In at least 2 of her videos in the last month she's drinking a shake. She's been away from actively gaining for the past week or so...and she still gained weight! I do think some of her content has changed recently, but I like it personally. It seems less focused on gaining like it's her job and more like she is either having a lot of fun or just can't control herself and is just indulging her appetite because she loves the food. She just got a new camera and it looks like she's gearing up for even more so hopefully Shar is someone we'll get so see a lot more of soon.
  2. I remember her. Not sure if the first one is her, but the others look like a match.
    Just a fun little video. Shar hasn’t even been trying to gain this week. Just eating like normal. 🐷And eating. 🐷And eating. Now she’s looking wonderfully round as she pokes and jiggles her belly. Shar talks about her goals and how her highest weight isn’t behind her, but hopefully it will be soon. 🍑😉 With her uncontrollable love for food I’m sure it won’t be long before her curves get even rounder.
    Oh my! This video is good until Shar changes into her red banded lingerie...then it becomes epic!!! 😍 You will want to see Shar in her barely there outfit voraciously stuffing pizza, fries, and chicken wings into her swelling belly. She is surrounded by pizza boxes and takeaway and only stops to chug soda and let out a few deep burps. She tries to say a few things about how greedy she is and wonders about how much she’ll weigh when she steps on the scale, but she’s so busy grabbing the next greasy food she only gets a few words in before her mouth is filled with more fries and chicken. Shar the next day is the flip side. The first part of her video was sexy stuffing to the max. This is her just sitting and talking to the camera (and drinking some gaining shake). I always enjoy when we get some candid Shar. She is worried that she won’t have hit her goal and looks really concerned as she finishes off the last sips of her shake. Maybe that’ll help. Poor Shar. Has all of her stuffing paid off? Time to step on the scale. 😬😮 Absolutely amazing video!
    Once again Shar doesn’t disappoint. It’s amazing how fat she is looking all over but still her belly just keeps up to make sure it is the biggest. I can’t believe her jean shorts have survived this long! She looks so soft and bloated in this video. Especially after she finished chugging her gaining shake. I love the little satisfies smiles Shar gives while jiggling her belly and commenting on how fat she’s gotten. Keep satisfying your hungry belly Shar!
  3. All of the restaurants are those all you can eat Brazilian steakhouses. You take your skinny gf out a few times and by your 3 month anniversary she’s doubled in size.
    The premise for this video is so good. Great set-up for when Shar rolls herself out of bed showing how much she has lost control over the week as she immediately reaches for more junk food to feed her already bloated belly. Once up it's non-stop gluttony for Shar as she keeps eating and drinking more through burps and groans that show how overstuffed she is, as if her huge belly wasn't clue enough. I couldn't stop staring and how fat her arms have become as she shovels kebab meat past her grease-shined lips. All this food this isn't missing her hips either since she is looking extra wide here and her thighs have become so soft as the jiggle with each movement or swallow up her shorts when she sits. This video is also full of some fun Shar moments, which I always love. Shar going for some pop to wash down the pounds of kebab she just ate, after just talking about how fat she's getting, only to find it's Diet and giving it a disgusted and disappointed look before taking a swig. It's not loaded with calories, but I guess it'll have to do. I sure hope Shar doesn't lose her movie job when they see how her cheat day turned into a cheat week of pigging out until she can barely fit her dress. That would mean she'd have to come home to finish off those leftovers, if there are any left, and her cheat week might become a cheat month, or cheat months. Seeing Shar after a few months of uncontrolled eating like this would be amazing. I'll mark my calendar for swimsuit season.
  4. That’s a girl who likes her hamberders. MAGA: Must Aquire Gigantic Ass
    Shar is looking so deliciously fat. There are shots where you can’t tell that she’s still got her jean shorts on because her thick thighs and expanding belly swallow them up. In others she stands with her big belly protruding out, one hand supporting its weight as she absolutely guzzles whipped cream, greedily gulping it down faster than the can can fill her mouth. With each movement her belly, thighs, and rapidly growing butt jiggle and when she does her fatwalk catwalk...oh my! The look of her overstuffed belly tottering on high heels 😍. I’m pretty sure Shar eats enough cream in this video that she is officially an eclair. By the end her belly looks massive as she groans with pleasure with each additional drag of cream. So good.
    Whoa! This is such a personable video. If you love seeing a fat girl laughing about just how fat she has gotten, this is the video for you. Shar is really starting to look big all over and hearing how much she loves her new level of fatness and as she pokes her always impressive belly is why her videos are off the charts. There's no story or anything fancy. Just Shar eating cream with a big smile and laughing and loving how much of a bbw she is becoming. The keen eyed observer will also notice a Kinder chocolate bar on the table. It takes a lot snacks to keep that growing figure expanding and I hope she never runs out!
  5. Shar eats (at least) 6 donuts. The bag says 5 donuts? 🤔 Notice there's a second bag of donuts. 😲 Imagining Shar going off to bed with a big beautiful belly full of 10 donuts, a half a pitcher of weight gain shake, and a bottle of wine. 🐷😍
    Look out Santa! Shar’s bringing the belly that shakes like a bowl full of jelly this year. Amazing to see how Shar’s recent holiday gain looks as she eats donut after donut like she can’t stop. And why not wash them down with half a bottle of wine and weight gain shake as thick as custard. If Shar spends the month getting ready for Christmas like this we’re in for some treats this year.
  6. I’m guessing a bit longer than that since she’s got 2005 written on her belly in the one. Looks a bit like some college gains then a lot of post-college gains.
    Shar’s holiday is really having effects on her waistline. Get this video if you love to see Shar driven by her appetite. Even when her bum bag bursts off of her because of the pressure she just gives a bloated shrug and goes right back to stuffing her face. Later she shakes her hips and big belly for the camera while greedily eating chips. Her shorts look like they are going to follow the bum bag and burst at any moment. I hope Shar has gone shopping while on holiday because she’s not going to have anything that fits for her flight home soon.
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