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    Shar didn’t choose the fat life. The fat life chose Shar. 😛 But damn if fat life doesn’t suit Shar. She is looking amazing in this video while she bounces and jiggles all of her growing curves, complaining about how fat she’s gotten, but with a smile on her face (looking extra cute in its roundness) you can bet she’s probably looking in stores for a size or two up from where she is now. After her “workout” Shar reclines on her bed and drinks a big gaining shake that leaves her looking extra stuffed. Hopefully her outfit can keep up with all of her decadence, but why worry about that now when you can enjoy another shake.🥛
    This video is awesome. Shar never stops coming up with great new ideas. Shar really fills out her Lara Croft outfit and you can see how her curves shift as she engages in some action shots - aiming her gun, looking for enemies, searching for the lost key in the jungle,...finding and eating a jungle donut 🍩? Haha.
  1. Sorry that you are feeling that way. You’ve brought a lot with your story and joy in gaining here and I think I can speak for a lot of the folks here in saying you are appreciated. I think some others said maybe taking a bit of time to evaluate what you want and what makes you happy would be good. You came out with a blast and it must be quite surprising when your brain still thinks you weigh the same as you did a few months ago and then you see there is more of you. You deserve to be happy and be with someone who supports you whether you gain another 20 or lose 30. Or lose 20 and then a year from now fall in love with a new flavor off Ben and Jerry’s and gain 30 without even trying. 😉 Someone who makes you feel appreciated at any size. Hopefully your bf is just adjusting too and can do that.
    So, this isn’t a clip. This is a full episode. Why watch an episode of any other show when you can watch Shar for over 40 minutes in this exciting story? Shar takes it to the next level with some great angles that show off her gain from front and back, right and left, under her belly, and now hovering over her for some great shots, especially the last one. 😍 Whoa! Love the story and how it progresses with Shar starting out with good intentions before her love of junk food just spirals further and further. Also, didn’t know Shar loved ribs so much. 🍖 Day 5 might be a good day to pick up some more clothes with stretchy waistbands and then start planning your a trip to the U.S. for a tour of all the great BBQ rib joints. Shar’s BBW BBQ Tour 😂
  2. Imaging you inviting your friends out to dinner at a buffet that you got to early and have already eaten yourself immobile. You just sitting there with plates piled up and motioning to your bf to bring more.
  3. Have you prepared your friends and family for the shock when everyone is out of lockdown and you come waddling out of your place looking like a massive ball who spent the months gorging on fatty foods?
  4. Haha. That does sound like a great gaining story - curvy girl gets loads of male attention so eats and amplifies her curves. Her friends see the attention and start gaining too. She loves the food and gaining so much she keeps going even though some of the guys think she’s too big. No worries, cause even more guys love her big gain.
    The first few seconds of this video with Shar flaunting her sexy curves in some lingerie is enough to make getting this video worth it. Her plump bum looks amazing as she gives some close-ups of her figure. Maybe that was early in the day for Shar being stuck inside. By later she looks bored as she stares out her window and chugs a giant shake. This must be what Shar does when she gets bored, and she must get bored a lot from how her round her belly looks in her pink pants. Careful Shar, I've heard that going to bed on a belly full of cream like that might give you weird dreams. Later we join Shar for a story of her dream, and of course she is eating some fries while she talks 😉. She says her dream involved gorging on cakes. If you ask me, Shar is looking like she some of those cakes in her dreams found their way to her body in real life, but you can't get fatter just from your dreams can you? The dream sequence is great for scenes of Shar stuffed with cake as her masked friend/enemy forces her to eat more, sometimes roughly, but mostly in a way that just seems meant to annoy Shar as she gives her dream tormentor a side-eye look like, "Bitch, stop poking me and let me eat my cake." And eat she does until she's overstuffed on the floor, covered in icing, with her buttons popping off. Too full to move it looks like dream Shar needs a nap to dream about more cake herself.
    First things first, Shar, you look amazing! And so incredibly soft! 😍 We are treated to some prime shots of Shar’s bum bouncing on her beanbag chair as she tries to get comfy for her lazy day of lockdown texting and eating. Once set, Shar’s belly looks like she hasn’t missed a meal, and maybe added a few snacks in between, since we last saw her as it rounds out in all directions. Her poor sports bra is doing all it can do to deal. This clip is also funny! 😂 <- and that’s not just a shout out to the great job this guy did in the video. Haha! Watching this video is fun as Shar tries to answer her match’s texts without being tooo dishonest, laughing (causing her belly to jiggle) as each response seems to dig her in deeper. Shar’s optimism that she hasn’t gained that much or that she can maybe work the angles in her bikini to make herself look a little slimmer are extra cute and doubly funny as she says them while she makes her way through a massive baguette filled with butter...or cream cheese...or it doesn’t really matter because it’s definitely creamy and fattening and her bread is so loaded with it, and she eats with such gusto, that small bits find their way to her boob and belly, even her hair, and all around her mouth. Without a doubt my favorite part comes near the end when Shar wonders hopefully to herself that maybe if they meet her guy will turn out to be into fatter girls only to have him mention how he’s been catfished by fat girls before...but he knows this time is different. Cut back to Shar. You have to watch the video to see, but everything about the shot - Shar’s baguette, the way she’s eating, and most of all the look on her face - is perfect. 😂😂😍 I went back and watched the couple of seconds a few times for the laughs. It’s great acting and great editing. Hope Shar’s guy understands that she wasn’t lying at least when she said she is going to get so fat over this lockdown.
    This is an amazing video. A little over a year and a half ago Shar was wearing this outfit...of course that was before she added 100 more pounds of big beautiful Shar into the clothes. Now they barely fit over her growing body. The top needs the help of a bra to make sure this video doesn’t show too much . Shar’s bubbly personality really comes through here as she chugs another gainer shake and gives a tour of her body, showing all the places her new pounds have settled. She talks about her gain and laughs at how much weight she’s put on. I don’t know if those clothes can survive 100 pounds more, but I known I’d love to see them try. 😍
    Has Shar gotten too fat? It sounds like her family thinks so and they’ve bought her a treadmill. Shar struggles on with her fat belly bouncing along and her thighs juggling with every step. I bet the last time Shar ran this hard she was much skinnier. Now she needs some burgers to keep her going and the sight of Shar running while stuffing a burger into her mouth is just perfect. 😁 I’m not a personal trainer, but I don’t think that’s how you lose weight. Better to forget the running and focus on the burgers 🍔.
    Shar is back from holiday rocking pigtails and a bigger belly. She dances around in her barely-there underwear, happy that she gets to have sweets after her trip. Her dance moves slow down a bit as this pig-tailed piggy 🐷 gives into her gluttony and makes her way through the cake. Pretty soon she is covered in icing, having eaten fistfuls of sweet cake, leaving this little piggy with quite the bloated belly.
    I’m not really a big fan of the tied-up and force fed videos (especially when they are hurting Shar. Don’t hurt Shar! Haha) but I enjoyed this, especially for how full Shar is looking by the end. If you live videos like that. This one is definitely a good buy. Shar does a great job acting the part, looking pained as more and more food gets fed to her as her belly expands. Hope the intruder left enough for a Shar to eat once she gets free.
    Shar opens the video drinking a beer and showing off her fat belly as it hangs down over her waistband. Such a big belly, but boy does it have a lot more to grow. After her beer Shar makes a calorie rich gaining shake and chugs that down like nothing while giving her belly some good slaps. No more shake? What’s a fat girl to do? Shar is on to the ice cream, spooning more and more into her mouth as her shorts start to look smaller and smaller on her. That big belly from the beginning is nothing compared to her healthy gut now as it wobbles with every step and pat. Time for the scales...😃
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