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  1. This is the internet. If I record with 6K camera equipment I give my best. If I record with a cell phone at home, I give my best. All models give and do our content with a lot of love. If someone loves it, he is welcome And if someone doesn't love this... Well, you can always subscribe to $5 profiles recorded with a nokia. Merry Christmas to everyone at Curvage! I love you Carmen 💗
  2. @Carmen lover @John Smith @Alex44 @DailyDose @mrfatfatfatlover @Bmo94494 @Belly worshipper @toolbus @Birdo @wdyw @bozak @MarshallT @fatgirlsdream @sackdaddy @Weedlover33 @senorclean @regbill @Sigismondo @Antonio.C @Heisenberg809 @Renaissanceman @Gabbo @scottp @Lt. Chubs @extra_m13 @FattyFreya @Howard Roark @NikeLove1986 @DanteSparda45 @go4thegold @Nickmpt @Hotefatty @Juan_23 Thank you all for your support and nice comments!!! 💖💖💖 You are the best!!! It is true that I am becoming a dough of muffins and my body is very fluffy! I also want to send a “healthy” message to all the girls who read my thread. I always receive messages from girls asking me why I don't have stretch marks or why my body is huge but I don't have that much double chin. Well, I take EXTREMELY care of my body, I use a lot of rosehip oils etc and for my face I do little invasive surgery to keep it fine since if it were not, my double chin would be waaay bigger. I just want the girls to know that on the Internet we all improve ourselves but sometimes there is money and paid jobs behind. Stay mentally healthy Please, today nothing is "natural" I love you !!! 🌷🌷🥰 I hope all your families are safe
  3. @barrywhite @Steviehull Sincerely, sometimes I think you are the same person, You`re always hating everything. Please, I don't want to take you to Catfish Program hahaha. I Always post showing love this is not fair for any model, have a chill life 🌷
  4. Is the onlyfans page in her name legit?

  5. Does anybody now how much she weight? 

  6. @stoimabelud People like you create complexes for all the girls in this community. When girls get too fat "you're too fat" or "you have too much chin" "you're not fat enough yet" You are literally disgusting and very toxic. My weight is higher than ever and so is my self-esteem 🤗 @regbill @jackal27 Thank you, handsome. You guys are so cute 😍 @DanteSparda45 Like I said, I had a lot of work to do in my real life 🥰
  7. Lol I've never been pregnant! 😂😂💞 Thank you all very much for your unconditional love 💘 I wish you all good health and hope you are all stay safe 🌷
  8. Como se puede ver tu clips4sale en España?? 

  9. Man hahahahahaha Thanks for the edit, but I literally look like an overweight version of MEG from family guy 😂 Today I have seen the news from America, I wish you all my love and strength in these times for you and all your families. I pray for you and I wish you to be safe! 💖💖💖
  10. Hahahahahah Thank you all very much for your words and support with my work/studies! You guys are the best and send you much strength for these difficult days in the world! I predicted this a month ago and bought 1500 dollars in food in case such a situation occurred in Europe 🌎 I am calm in this regard!!! I hope you are well too! 🧚🏼 I'm sending you some random pictures from the last few months/weeks in my life. I was in Amsterdam! It's very nice, I enjoyed some beautiful days with people I love 💖 💖
  11. Can you do something

    with Amanda Rosie please?

  12. You'll never loose fat girls who are happy being fat!!! Thank you very much everyone for your comments of love, sometimes I get to read them. And your beautiful comments are exciting!!! I've been studying and working, since I needed to be off the Internet for a while. You are the best in the world!!! (Although you filter my content in the forum, I love you either!!) See you soon!
  13. Where are you Carmen? You haven't uploaded anything new in 3 months :( Are you getting bigger? :)

    1. DWK


      Would like to know as well, we miss you Carmen!

    2. DWK


      Would like to know as well, we miss you Carmen!

    3. foball1290


      Yeah been wondering myself, miss her!

    4. Manilus


      You can bet on her having family/private issues or maybe she just stopped gaining for no reason...who knows and wtfc? There are tons of hotter girls out there.

  14. Thanks guys!!!! Really do not care! 💖💖💖 People sometimes do this even with Netflix, demand personalized content without giving anything in return! They can always buy a $ 6,000 camera and do it themselves. Oh no, I had forgotten that some people prefer minecraft style videos recorded with a mobile phone, always in the same room. Enjoy it then. Happy Saturday to all beautiful!!! 🥳👏👏🌷🌷🌷
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