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  1. My Weight Gain

    What do you think of these before and afters!

    Before is 2017... After is today.

    My panties are so tight they are squeezing into my hips now! I need to size up.... Should I do a video where I talk about my before weight and my goal weight? 


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    2. fattony20


      Ok well the carbs make sense. Your belly has ballooned up like crazy. My favorite part are you love handles though, they have gotten plump!

    3. Ruffan345


      You should absolutely do a video, especially if you've got any footage of before-you in motion for comparison's sake. :D

    4. FabC992


      Please, you grow again! 

  2. Intro to me...


    Hey i'm Sophie and i'm new here. I've recently put on some weight and feeling very bloated all the time. But it's funny because it actually makes me feel so sexy to be getting fatter. My belly jiggles when I run and my thighs are kissing eachother. 

    Here's how bloated I got on vacation last week!



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    2. Rebeljoe


      Welcome. Damn you look good.

    3. Jay Rock

      Jay Rock

      Beautiful shot! :) 

  3. Hey, I'm a new Curvage babe and want to share my weight gain in this positive space. What kind of videos do you like best? What's your favorite food to watch me eat? I love all sweet things like cake, donuts, chocolate and cream based desserts... especially chocolate mousse! Tell me yours xx
  4. babe i am new too! I am so excited to be in a community that celebrates weight gain xxx
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