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  1. Omg your tummy looks so rounded and stuffed in that dress. Must have felt amazing. Do you make custom videos? Would love to see you squeeze into a leotard and try exercising and stretching.
  2. Oh wow youve grown so much. Your looking incredibly round. Thanku for sharing your progress with us. Do you have any new videos planned. Would love to be able to support your gain. What about doing a tight clothes try on vid to show all the things youve out grown. Or another exercise vid to show off how much you struggle. Ps that picture of your belly hanging down between your thighs was amazing
  3. Still fit? Hm i think you might have to make a video for us to buy. Showing us just how fit you really are. Or should i say just how out of breath you get trying to exercise
  4. Welcome back. So please to see you! You look fantastic! Will you be making any new content? I'll definitely buy it
  5. Omg so good to see you back. I missed seeing your posts. Hope your well. Your looking fabulous
  6. Damn shes so pretty. Would love to see Ariel get chunky af
  7. Ktm303


    Her cable management upsets me
  8. Damn piglet you're getting plump. just look at that pudgy ** belly you've developed from all that snacking you've been doing. Not to mention how tight your sweatpants are getting. I'm sure it wont be long before they dont even fit over that thick ass of yours.. PS. love your posts and videos, your awesome.
  9. Oh awseome, thanks for replying! also a video trying on those jeans you found sounds like fun too.
  10. Wow you're looking incredible with your new curves. Do you plan on making any videos? I'd love to buy some!
  11. Damn you're so gorgeous. would love to see more videos with that phat booty? What about doing a back and butt massage video with your partner?
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