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  1. Fine I'll play along 😂, Charlize Theron, she's done multiple movies where she's had to gain significant weight....anything there?
  2. fattony20

    Cute piggy

    You're very beautiful and have kind of a chubby Veronica vibe going on. I hope you'll be posting more.
  3. fattony20

    RIP tumblr

    Yeah I don't see you cursing at me now do I? Good boy! On the topic, section 230 was snuck in to exactly under the guise of fighting sex trafficking. May it has some benefits but all I see is it being wielded against the LGBT community and everyone who likes seeing naked people. As far as jacking it, you conservatives love to vote against your own self interests all the time...this is no different 🤣
  4. fattony20

    RIP tumblr

    I don't take sides, you can just see a clear line from a bill passed by this president to what we are seeing now. And I don't think they are done, not by a long shot. Its something we should be cognizant of. Also yes, fuck Tumblr!
  5. fattony20

    RIP tumblr

    https://www.vox.com/culture/2018/4/13/17172762/fosta-sesta-backpage-230-internet-freedom Try doing some research!!!! Section 230 on Fosta-sesta it what the government is using to leverage websites. And don't curse at me again.
  6. fattony20

    RIP tumblr

    How? Republicans put this bill on Trumps desk and now sites are being targeted. It happened on youtube, craigslist and others. The also had a hard-on about net neutrality and I guarantee you porn sites will start to run slower cause of it. You aren't thinking big picture, wait until they come for sites like Curvage. I don't hate conservatives or anything I'm just calling it like I see it. This shit didn't happen under Obama...ask yourself why.
  7. fattony20

    RIP tumblr

    And who do you think is pressuring Apple and Yahoo? This is about money AND power...conservative power. Trump signed the bill, this bill gives leverage to the government over websites. Conservative bible thumpers don't like porn, especially LGBTQ and fetishistic porn, you know, what we are all on here for. Trump is just an idiotic patsy who will sign whatever the GOP puts on his desk.
  8. fattony20

    RIP tumblr

    They are hiding behind the few instances of child porn as a justification for banning everything that may get you off. It stems from a bill signed by Trump which gives the government leverage over websites. It has very little to do with feminists.
  9. fattony20

    RIP tumblr

    They flagged pics of Cherries in a bikini, and even fully clothed pics showing belly. All the Nazi propaganda is still up though so they're ok with genocide but not anyone getting aroused.
  10. fattony20

    RIP tumblr

    For now, until they take it away next.
  11. fattony20

    Oh, hi!

    Welcome Luna, I've brought a lot of your vids over the years, glad to see you around here!
  12. fattony20

    Cake & Burps

    Fantastic video, Lexy looking heavy.
  13. fattony20

    Allison Raskin

    You like her personality and empathize with her so you feel uncomfortable sexualizing her. Understandable but it's ok to still find her hot, I do.
  14. As I understand it, women's bodies are designed to be able to carry extra body fat. It's a genetic evolutionary trait that's good, to a point. Fat on the lower belly protects the uterus and fat on the butt & hips help with child birth. Obviously there is a point where the fat becomes a problem. I'd say avoid going to obesity levels. Personally I think women's bodies are more flexible with these different sizes than is given credit too. That said I'm not a doctor, these points are all just my observations.
  15. fattony20

    From feeder to feedee

    Here's one I wrote a while back. Feeder -> feedee. There are 8 chapters deviantart.com/art/Exposure-Chapter-1-492196799.