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    Haha, I lasted all of 10 minutes, that pile of blubber Gee used to call a stomach just gets me everytime. That said, this is such a creative and hot vid I'm gonna need repeated viewings.
  1. I came across an old abandoned milk truck in the woods yesterday and my weird brain took me right into a fantasy of being a devious milkman in that era.  Imagine it, you're the nice smiling milkman everyone loves but secretly you're swapping out milk for the most fattening heavy cream your suppliers have and everyday you get to watch the neighborhood ladies swell up bigger and bigger.  

    Ignore me, I'm strange.  🥛


    1. goodgirlgrow


      You’re great, tone

  2. I'm so sorry DH, you're such a sweet person, you didn't deserve that.
  3. No need for apologies Jai, we understand. You are right though, unfortunately there are some scummy people out there who will steal your content without your permission, but I will say I think we've gotten better at looking out for each other and getting stuff like that pulled down. Anyway, glad you're still around! 😁
  4. Hey Kat, im sorry that it's been difficult for you. Sometimes we forget how much hard work you lovely ladies put into your content. Personally I've been meaning to buy some of your videos, just some obnoxious things drained my budge recently. Do you guys see it when we add your clips to our wishlist? Also is there any other way we can help, like promoting you on a tumblr page or something?
  5. Oh man, look at how the button flap presses into your soft lower belly roll, you're getting chunky 😍 What'd you end up ordering btw?
  6. Oh you've definitely flabbed up quite a bit, your stomach is turning in to pure jelly. The next few months are going to be a lot of fun as you'll get to watch yourself expand as you add pound after pound of blubber to your frame. Just remember to enjoy yourself and not look at this as a race.
    Nikki's feeder clips have been doing some damage to my waistline, her little mocking laugh and biting comments will get you eating more before you know it.
  7. Oh tubby, look at what you've done to yourself! That protruding gut has gotten so round and full while your love handles have plumpened up beautifully. And talk about udders, those puppies look ready to start lactating on their own any minute with how swollen they've gotten.
  8. Oof, your belly is just enveloping those poor shorts now! I'm not sure how you're even still getting them on at this point. How much have you packed on since last September?
    It was legit shocking to see how fat Kelli has gotten, she absolutely ballooned up in just a few months. Just wow! 🎈🎈🎈🎈
  9. Hmm, I could see you being 100lbs bigger, your frame can definitely carry the size. Don't get me wrong though, you'll be massive! 😅
  10. She's a cute little chubster! What have been her go-to snacks now that she's not dieting?
    Wow, DH is really sporting a potbelly in this vid, I was actually more shocked by that than the number on the scale, which got a small gasp out of me.
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