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    Amazing video, Juicy gets completely stuffed and clearly loved every second of it!
  1. Well you certainly put on quite a chubby little belly huh? Are you enjoying the umm...extra lbs?
  2. She has some seriously cute rolls! Also you might need to size up that ring of hers
    Families are tough and I appreciate Gee going into such detail about an awkward experience just to please us. But yes, why should you buy this? Umm because Gee is fat...no like real FAT, she looks absolutely huge and her pendulum of a gut wobbles all over the place. Buy this video, support G and be mesmerized by her massive blubber belly!
    Wow, Barbie put on some lbs since her last vid, you definitely want to see how big her belly got!
  3. Like what really gets me is how smooth your stomach used to be compared to all the rolls, bulges, love handles and cellulite you're sporting now around your middle. You must feel SO fat! 😁
  4. You have that "Feed me donuts or I'll squash you peasant" look
    MPF looks bigger than I've ever seen her in this, the girls must've been feeding her nonstop! And seriously, how'd they not break that bed!?
  5. Man, the weight really shows in this pic, your belly just looks so over-fed and plump here
  6. You put an absolutely adorable little belly, im excited to see where this goes!
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