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  1. It's 70%. The amount the gainers put on has nothing to do with the percentage of gainers.
  2. This may be misleading. I have a feeling a similar percentage would gain weight at that age even if they didn't go to college!
  3. The chubbier side of what? A prison camp?
  4. Why expect her to have confidence in being bigger if you won't even admit you'd prefer it?
  5. Don't say you'd be okay with her bigger say you'd like it! Don't pressure her or anything, but you should put your cards out on the table.
  6. I wouldn't make any hard-and-fast rules about it. There is a problem that a guy you meet on here just views you as a fetishistic object but that could happen outside the community as well! Dating is mostly figuring out whether the other person is right for you.
  7. I don't think it's an "accidental" gain any longer...

  8. Based on the trailer it looks like there's just a side character who's an out FA and a chubby woman he gets with at some point. I doubt there's any feedism.
  9. I know, right? Meta-necro-posting might be even worse than necro-posting! We should never do it. ...oops
  10. Sorry! Thought you wanted feedback.
  11. It is simple...just don't add links that point to nothing.
  12. Exactly. In 1995 everyone was making websites that had links that took you to some "Men Working" or "Coming Soon" page. Why enable the link if there's no content? It's a pet peeve of mine. Maybe I'm just grumpy, maybe no one else cares, but I find it annoying and amateurish.
  13. bigbeautifulmovies.weebly.com Nice, but what's with the links to nowhere? What is this, 1995?
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