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  1. Of course it makes them more famous. But the whole premise of the show is that the experience gives them fat-person insights that help them become better coaches (Quite possibly no one really takes the premise that seriously--it's just a responsible-sounding idea that justifies the difficult and sometimes dangerous stunt). I'm just curious if anyone reports that to be true.
  2. For those who have seen more of this show than I have: Do they ever present any evidence that this crazy stunt (fitness coaches getting fat and then losing) actually makes them better fitness coaches?
  3. Nice. The interesting part of the podcast was that, to her surprise, her husband got turned on by her gain (He is in our tribe no doubt ). Maybe that's why she seemed happier than the others about it!
  4. You may be right, but my impression is she's very type A and when she decides to do something she goes all out, be it dieting, exercising, gaining, or whatever. I think when she loses (she probably has started or even finished with that already) she'll go all out and nail it. I doubt her skin will fully recover though. And she might have trouble staying on the fitness regimen in the future.
  5. This is the first fit-to-fat model I've seen who actually enjoyed gaining! She even gained eleven pounds more than her goal! Good catch.
  6. This show, kind of a comedy about the trials and tribulations of a fat woman, isn't bad. But if you like fat girls, check out Episode 4 and the BBW pool party. Some gorgeous fat women on there.
  7. That's very gratifying. I was pretty proud of that scene. Unfortunately the software back then was glitchy and kept blowing up and I could never finish that story.
  8. Of course I should've done better backups, no question there and I'll try to be more conscientious about that in the future! Story lines are not a problem except that I have to make them up on the fly to maintain interest so even if I started with a revenge story it might go off the rails. Do you have any technical comments? E.g. I experimented with different lighting in different panels...were any of them particularly good or bad?
  9. "Likes" are appreciated but I need actual comments or criticisms!
  10. I'm considering doing another story like this one but would like more feedback. Anyone?
  11. Computer went down and I lost all my work!
  12. Just one side-plot idea (change genders if you want): a female character gains weight and all her friends are worried about her and finally do an intervention. She says she's gaining because her boyfriend wants her fat. Her friends are outraged and go after the boyfriend. The boyfriend admits to being a feeder but says that's the reason she wanted him for a boyfriend in the first place--she's a feedee, and only blamed him in a moment of panic. Her friends don't know whether to be embarrassed, concerned or envious as the happy couple go off to All-you-can-eat BBQ night at Jack's House of Ribs or whatever.
  13. True. But other plots ARE possible. I'm not going to hold my breath for a full-on main character intentional weight gain story but I haven't given all hope for a side-plot or two.
  14. I've certainly been disappointed by significant others losing weight but it's never made me angry. There's usually a period after the loss where I'm not as attracted to them but I adjust. That said, I have had the experience of getting mad about something I really shouldn't get mad about. We're human. All we can do is hang in there and try to treat others right despite any wacky emotions we might have.
  15. I never watch football so I shouldn't really get a vote. But if I get one anyway I vote for chubby cheerleaders.
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