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  1. Dr. Feeder

    Frustration/anger at girls losing weight

    I've certainly been disappointed by significant others losing weight but it's never made me angry. There's usually a period after the loss where I'm not as attracted to them but I adjust. That said, I have had the experience of getting mad about something I really shouldn't get mad about. We're human. All we can do is hang in there and try to treat others right despite any wacky emotions we might have.
  2. I never watch football so I shouldn't really get a vote. But if I get one anyway I vote for chubby cheerleaders.
  3. That's actually kind of a sub-plot in the movie "Mean Girls".
  4. Dr. Feeder

    The Wall Test

    The links didn't show at first but now they do! All good.
  5. Dr. Feeder

    The Wall Test

    Looks like you can't put links in status updates...
  6. Just created the Wall Test Gallery, pics of people taking the Wall Test. Check it out! And submissions are welcome.

  7. Dr. Feeder

    The Wall Test

    Not sure what you mean. It's already in a status update from my original posting of this. But thanks for bring this up. I think I'll put it in "Links" as well.
  8. Dr. Feeder

    The Wall Test

    Not sure what this means.
  9. Dr. Feeder

    The Wall Test

    Who'd go to my site if I post it all here?
  10. Even in Western cultures many people don't know about feedism. You're just making excuses. If you care about this person, be honest.
  11. Dr. Feeder

    The Wall Test

    I created the Wall Test a few years ago. I've gotten a few photos of women taking the test and have just created the Wall Test Gallery. Submissions welcome! It doesn't matter if you pass it or not, I'd like to post the pics. Send them to [email protected]
  12. Dr. Feeder

    Inconveniences at various weights

    I only remember one of them. She was sitting on a bench and did not look happy. Of course I'm not sure she was waiting for friends, but that seemed the most likely explanation given where she was sitting and how big she was.
  13. Dr. Feeder

    explain it to me like I'm simple, why do you like me fat?

    I figure a fat girl must have powerful appetites. Maybe for sex as well as for food. If that's not a win-win I don't know what is!
  14. Dr. Feeder

    Going to have my first bbw/feedee experience - advice?

    A woman told me about her boyfriend who would bring her to the brink of orgasm and then stop until she ate more...she got so stuffed with him!
  15. Dr. Feeder

    Inconveniences at various weights

    At Great America you occasionally see very fat gals waiting for their friends outside of rides they're too fat for. Sad but hot.