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  1. I know a few I've met through feedist meet-ups. But I have to say, the feedism fetish is an awkward thing for two straight men to bond over. I doubt you're missing much.
  2. Dr. Feeder

    Sara Sampaio

    Boobs on a woman are sexy; abs are very unsexy. Interestingly, Hugh Hefner, who strongly preferred slim women, did not like muscle definition on a woman either.
  3. Just started a "Comebacks to fat-shamers" thread. There isn't much there now, but it might give you some ideas in case you want to prepare yourself! And hopefully there will be more contributions.
  4. Feel free to post your own comebacks to these shames, shames you would like a comeback for, or shame/comeback combos. --How are you going to find a boyfriend if you're that fat? --It filters out the superficial ones. To someone about to eat something fattening: --You don't need that! --You eat what you need. I eat what I want. --Look at that fat body! What a waste of a pretty face. --Look at you! Such a waste of a troll--there are so many bridges that lack one. --Oh my God! You're so fat! --At least I'm not rude. Or --At least I'm not verbally abusive
  5. Hope this isn't too off-topic, but: What posted weight-gain story would make the best movie? (I'd vote for Schlaraffenland but maybe I'm biased!)
  6. Updates from Candii Kayn and others. http://askdrfeeder.dyndns.org/walltestgallery.html We now have 30 Wall Test photos posted! Thanks so much to all who have contributed.
  7. Have you shown her sites like this one? Maybe if she sees how many curve-positive folks there are she'll come around.
  8. Anyone ever tell you you look like Deborah Ann Woll?
  9. A few tips here: How to Get Fat
  10. You're a great curvy model, the video is gorgeous, plus I love Billie--you really knocked it out of the park!
  11. She's on pheebee under the same name.
  12. Okay, you're up! http://askdrfeeder.dyndns.org/walltestgallery.html?stopbkg=0
  13. Very nice! Looks like you're "In progress". Can I use that on my site?
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