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  1. That’s awesome dude, congrats!! How tall is she again?? My wife hit 213 lbs back on 2/23, but has since needed to lose weight due to cholesterol issues. Prior to this vacation we’re on, she managed to get herself under 180 lbs for the first time since… Let’s say July 2019 ( she was 185 lbs on 9/5/2019 @ 5’7” - 5’8” ). She’s likely swung back over the 180 mark on this vaca, but not by much 180-185 now. #atlanta
  2. Amazing update. She looks like a completely different person. Well done and congrats to you both!! Here’s to continued gains and outgrown bikinis!! Cheers and thanks for sharing!!
  3. By throwaways math above (~ 0.8 pounds a day gain), if you add another 650-700 calories to whatever it is you’re doing, you could literally up your gains to 1 pound daily and by 5/31 be up another 30+ pounds, ie. You could reach/surpass 250+ in a month! Whatever you’re doing, keep up the eating and wow, heavy cream certainly does wonders... cheers and thanks for sharing!!
  4. Nope, not at all, and if she’s on board with it, well damn. Lucky you!!
  5. 1 cup heavy cream ~ 720-800 calories alone!!! I also enjoy the stat analysis of it! Orange soda + heavy cream, sounds lovely, like an orange cream-sicle. Heavy cream (as you likely know) is an easy additive to many drinks (coffee, soda, yogurt smoothies, etc) — gotta love the ease of liquid calories!! Drinks as well as meals: pasta sauces, mayo based *creamy* salads, soups, casseroles, etc. them calories could sure add up quick!! anyway, totally interested to see you undertake the *month of intense gaining* challenge again!! If memory serves, didn’t you pack on something like 40-50 pounds in a month? It was a crazy number for only ~ 30 days time. In heavy cream alone, that’s like 3+ pints a day to gain 40; 4+ pints to gain 50... that’s a lot of heavy cream, a lot of saturated fat, but there’s no doubt nothing works quite like it to add the pad, expand and soften the curves, gain the weight and grow them inches!! if you do decide to give it a whirl, please please make sure to weigh in before and of course, at the end! Cheers, good luck with whatever you decide and thanks so much for sharing!!
  6. Did YOU send it to her while you were at work? Cause if you didn’t, you should... surprise pizza and surprise Taco Bell- guessing she’d enjoy it all up too... give it a whirl, just a thought, More so, let her order some herself (exhibit A above), then an hour or so later, your *extra* treat arrives... if she orders pizza, you order her Taco Bell, etc.
  7. Wife had a doctor's appointment on Friday (no weigh in). 

    bloodwork results received today. 

    wife obliged with an at home *final* weigh in today, 213 lbs. 

    previous was 206 lbs on 12/17

    This journey all begin on 1/21/2019 after a 10-day cleanse where her final weight was 165 lbs.  so, 48 pounds over 2 years and 2 months time... it was a good run.  ✌️

  8. Bigger belly; deepening button. 






    1. SVegan


      I love bellybuttons.

  9. Excellent to see she continues to gain, seemingly. Guess it’s time to go Up in pant size again, maybe 2 sizes... cheers and thanks much for sharing!!
  10. Text from the wife today:

    ”I’m eligible for vaccine in GA as of 3/15!!!!  ... I dunno my weight — Over 200.”

    💯 + 💯 + ? = 💉, ❤️ 💗 💕

  11. Wifey breakfast intake this AM:

    - 1 blueberry muffin, 450 calories (with butter +25 calories)

    - not 1, but 2!! Sausage patties — 220 calories each; 440 cals total!!

    - cheese cracker cuts: only 1 slice thus far (of 5), but I’ve been bringing up leftovers for her to enjoy thru the morning, ~175+ cal

    - orange slices ~ 50 calories. 

    With her cheese slices, I plan to bring her some snacking nuts (almonds), so... 170 calories. 

    She’s already enjoyed over 1000 calories in breakfast food and could add another... 310 calories or so and that^ doesn’t even include her 24 ounce, coffee w heavy cream!!

    1300+ calories for breakfast alone.  Last confirmed weight is 206 lbs back on 12/17 and it’s likely she’s added at least 4-5 lbs since then, maybe even 10+, 🤷‍♂️ (Again, she’s 5’7”-5’8”, eating great while looking fat and fabulous!!).  Cheers y’all. 

    1. Submissivefeeder


      Calorie counting is so hot 😍hoping to see an updated pic as well hopefully 

    2. mattkoty


      If she powerhouses a meal or is very ravenous on a given day, I do try and back-calorie track, just to see the numbers for myself, :) 

    3. Submissivefeeder


      How many calories did she hit?

    4. mattkoty


      Oh, it was just a special count for breakfast, so I don’t know...

  12. Amen to that^, southern eating plus quarantine equals weight gain for sure... just ask my wife!! Welcome to the South!!
  13. Have You thought about ordering her Uber eats at all times of the day? That way, she’ll be the one wondering while enjoying whatever you’ve had delivered to her!! If she enjoys Taco Bell, you can order A LOT of high calorie food for cheap!! Just saying... graduate school, plus working leading to stress eating — she’ll be distracted... just keeping throwing food at her, snacks she likes, if she has a sweet tooth- you’re made in the shade! She will gain massively this year... with your help!! Good luck and thanks for sharing, amazing gains thus far!!
  14. I always keep a solid stock of that Kroger heavy cream in the fridge. No shakes for my wife, per say, but her daily, 24 ounce morning coffee might as well be. I’d venture to guess at least 1/3 of a 16 ounce bottle is in her coffee, which is 500+ calories at least!! Keep it up as you’re filling out nicely, and thanks for sharing.
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