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    Chevalier got a reaction from StirCrazy94545 in Natty the Fatty: New videos   
    Glad people become disillusioned to this whole fetish at one point.  To quote the father from the japanese drama, rebound, find your ideal weight. If it's to gain weight, 1 dress size at a time and note changes.  If it's to lose weight because of these real life issues, 1 dress size at a time.  To throw a number as big as 50 or 100 pounds as arbitrarily as those silly weight loss ads is folly.  It's also important to see how a woman carries herself as well, rather than just see people who care as some convenience to be swept under the rug once a better opportunity follows.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from gorJESS in Friends?   
    Lol pay to win but seriously try to make short small talk and check for chemistry. I'll take skinny fat over a hefty honey if she paces and communicates well. I don't really tolerate the type to block or lie at first inconvenience. Not really active on this forum, would say to keep checking other sites. Success is normally low, but see who values your thoughts and lets you compromise with desires. Is actually cute to encourage a few happy pounds (yay to an extra serving) without being obsessive, but fieldtest what works, and I enjoy finding something unique per person, which is quite a helpful filter when things get better. I don't owe the inactive loyalty.
    Godspeed, it may take years, but it helps to note who gives you opportunities vs who makes you do circus tricks, which I recently stopped doing from higher quality of life. Even being able to have responses when fighting and emotions change for the better is a blessing to ghosting/blocking that teaches us nothing but to be inhibited and scared.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from gorJESS in Yes, I love skinny women, too   
    You don't only have to like fat girls. Then of course there are so many dress sizes between 0 and 14 there's probably someone attractive who presents herself to make you forget your preferences for a moment.  I miss that feeling sometimes.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from GH546 in Are Feeders Evil ?   
    Is this fully-functioning brain why so many are insecure, make their sex lives (and work) our business (even when unsolicited), take obsessions too far or find ways to avoid responsibility?
    But then some like being stuck with losers in self-destructive lifestyles too. I generally have to slow myself down once I observe this pileup of scary decisions, especially when I notice higher miscues like forgetfulness as some age too.
    People are way too flawed, especially in shared spaces like work (inappropriate comments, scapegoating priorities, or nepotism) or home (for this topic, go in debt for weight gain is it worth it), for me to say their brains are fully functional. 
    I just wanna know what the master plan and brainstorm is all about. Or is this all on them like a blame fetish. 
    Surprised this topic has me think about all sorts of psychological tendencies, and how useless assent/consent really is given people tend to lie to keep a bad relationship afloat as loneliness is too scary. Or some change their minds like when me too goes wrong.
    Hope my thoughts are food for thought, pun intended.
    I saw your comment to me (can't quote in edit) and people are attracted to these lifestyles. Some do weird or dangerous stuff with BDSM too, but we can't police it. And some refer to feederism as a type of BDSM given the food and weight are bondage, and some don't have a hard weight limit, imprisoning them with a caregiver relationship like with my 600 pound life; and this sucks to do with family, much less a romance, but nothing I can do if someone sees this as a be-all end-all. 
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    Chevalier got a reaction from John Smith in skinny-fat out-of-shape wife getting embarrassed   
    Guess this is the fat version of bdsm lol she's a good partner.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from John Smith in skinny-fat out-of-shape wife getting embarrassed   
    I think she's selling this to you lol and that's awesome. Can't take those types for granted, whether it's by obliviousness or good acting to lower your guard and savor the moment.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from John Smith in skinny-fat out-of-shape wife getting embarrassed   
    you probably have a talent for writing weight gain stories, and yes I'm glad you got my choice of words.  Wordsmithing is underrated.
    I know there are some plus size runners, so if she wants to, she could keep the weight and run. Depends on her lifestyle desires.
    Nice belly ripple too, life is full of surprises, pun intended. And like most things they fizzle out, blocked by this one in the article for just questioning one thing (why be bopo 1 moment and listen to music about slapping hos). But gotta be fat at all costs right lol. Bad guy for suggesting she exercise indoors during pandemic as I have. Compromise is so helpful, without being compromised yourself, is a lost art.

    I think I simply gotta wrap stuff up before I get told what up with that?
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    Chevalier got a reaction from Desdinova in Let's talking about our favorite F.A.s & Plus Size heroes (comics, mangas, animes, litterature, mytho, whatever...)   
    Faith rips off a ton, and is pretty much clothed like a body bag and Big Bertha went from bulimia origins to something even worse with that Doctor.
    Swordi in Lemuria was a lot better honestly; it sucks to be constantly reminded of better media or someone's weight:

    Black Betty too, lots of great fights, though she is more muscular.

    It's a bit of a challenge I admit outside of getting something from a fetish artist. Though at least there's plus-sized elf (elfsan-wa yaserarenai), though the dialogue can be cringy too, especially the constant diet themes. But this pic wasn't that bad.

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    Chevalier got a reaction from zorist in Are Feeders Evil ?   
    Sure you are, you changed your current text from this:
    Notice how you changed the text that you had based on encouraging a hedonistic lifestyle, which binge eating is an eating disorder.
    Topic was about overuse, which was selectively rewritten to be about the last thing @dania201 said, which is a blatant lie to tell me to reread.
    You correlate size acceptance with a fetish that has serious downsides when overused.  They're mutually exclusive.  It's like blaming a poor person the same way as a wasteful one. I'm finished with this forum, since this is the best someone can do.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from Thadeus Jones in Are Feeders Evil ?   
    The non-sequiturs between biking and blonde hair are quaint I admit, because it can't refer to any third parties, like when people reproduce and have children they are too obese to be active with, or pass down the bad dietary habits as child abuse.
    But yeah feel free to bleed nutella if you want to assume the risk and know that the weight (and debts/sick care if you're spending $100's bingeing) will stay long after the person leaves. 
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    Chevalier got a reaction from Thadeus Jones in Are Feeders Evil ?   
    Sure you are, you changed your current text from this:
    Notice how you changed the text that you had based on encouraging a hedonistic lifestyle, which binge eating is an eating disorder.
    Topic was about overuse, which was selectively rewritten to be about the last thing @dania201 said, which is a blatant lie to tell me to reread.
    You correlate size acceptance with a fetish that has serious downsides when overused.  They're mutually exclusive.  It's like blaming a poor person the same way as a wasteful one. I'm finished with this forum, since this is the best someone can do.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from John Smith in Are Feeders Evil ?   
    That'd be part of assuming the risk I was talking about. You can have conditions similar to smoking for damage control, and not be obnoxious or a drain about it, and it's fine. Just a simple where will it end question, is a nightmare to some people, who need to feel this way at all costs.
    You are cherry picking things, unfortunately. No one said to discriminate against fat people, and it's very obsolete to believe some value in being thin, especially in quarantine. Topic creator who left due to gridlock (maybe I should do the same too) just asked if it's evil to create unhealthy situations by obsessing over a fetish.
    The fetish of feederism should be done responsibly. Otherwise you get what I said in my earlier posts. And if you wanna make yourself a target while enabling a potential slob/hoarder (too fat to move means no spring cleaning), be my guest. You can also pressure someone into a type of binge eating with ultimatums, as I'm seeing in this case, it's similar to a drug addiction, but with comfort food.
    When people get defensive and can't acknowledge basic priorities, it's almost cultish groupthink.
    Meanwhile I could playfully stuff a woman who isn't gonna ghost/take me for granted, to celebrate memorial day weekend. I just wouldn't do it every day nor have every conversation relate to being overstuffed, because it would be an obsession. I'll take someone nice who may lose weight every once in a while and play games in helping me find than passively aggressively compliment for more.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from Mochii Babii in Meme Zone   
    Whatsapp has a million of these lol but yeah it's fun to search, quite normal to stumble upon too:

    This is a favorite lol some think being Mike and Molly is below their tastes.

    Speaking of Mike and Molly:

    Also feel this vid is kinda a roleplay too lol lie about the food budget or 1 slice of cake (or maybe the size of the slice lol).
    Large slice

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    Chevalier reacted to jake69 in MILFs/women in their 40s gaining weight   
    This topic has always interested me ever since a friend's mom went from thin to massive thighs with cellulite and a huge ass over the course of a winter once she hit 40. She must have put on 50-60 pounds in about 4-5 months. It was strange because before the weight gain she was a typical suburban mom with no ass that became a PAWG almost overnight. She was bursting out of her jean shorts that summer and seemed to really enjoy flaunting her new figure.  
    Another friend's mom around this time gained quickly too but it all went to her boobs, which became massive. 
    Women at this age seem to be able to gain a massive amount of weight in a really short time. I assume it is because of a slowing metabolism.
    Does anyone else also find this topic interesting and have any personal experiences seeing MILFs gain weight? 
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    Chevalier reacted to ComradeCaine in Women comparing bellies.   
    Has anyone ever noticed that when you get a group of young women together once one shows off her belly and complains about weight gain they all do?
    For me at least this tended to happen at house parties in highschool and college. Usually some girl who just started gaining weight complains about her beer belly or freshman fifteen, food baby, ect. Then another does the whole "you're not fat, I'm fat" thing and before you know it a gaggle of women lifting their shirts up to compare.
    You can see this in plenty of pictures floating around the web, I've seen it many of times but mainly with college age chicks at house parties with lots of beer involved. I've had a few coworkers pull that stunt too usually younger gals just starting to fill out, blaming that new gut on bloating. I just think its hot the way girls will compete for attention even if its the "negative" type about them getting fat.
    College parties are far behind my millenial ass so I see less of this in the wild. Do girls still do this? Was it a generational thing like low rise skinny jeans? 
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    Chevalier reacted to bellyluvr in Giving up the feedist dream: Is it worth it?   
    I dated a girl in high school and college that gained for me. I suppose one could say I was living the feeder's dream. She was 210 when we met, near 400 when we broke things off 6 years later. She just ate and ate, especially after we moved in together. She used to tease me to get me going with her gigantic ass and belly. During sex she'd grab her stomach jiggle it, and say "look at how fat I've gotten just for you baby" etc. It was hot, and sometimes I miss that. Other than that, I don't miss anything about that relationship. She got that big partly because she was extremely lazy. I ended up doing all the household chores, working, and going to school. She did none of those things. Tv and playing on her computer filled her days while pizza, pasta, cookies, and fast food filled her belly. When I finally woke up and decided my journey to adulthood didn't include someone like that, I decided it was over.
    I am now married to a really wonderful woman who works hard,  shares my ambition, and overall get-it-done mentality. We were neighbors and we started hanging out together in the evenings and on weekends not too long after my ex and I split up. I thought she was cute with her D cups and a bouncy little booty squeezed into size 10's. She's 5'2", and she wasn't super skinny when we met. She's definitely not now. She's probably 180-200lbs. Her weight fluctuates, and we don't even own a scale. She knows about my fetish and she has told me she is going to eat what she wants, regardless of whether it makes her fat or not. She generally doesn't over eat, and she is fairly active. Of course I try to encourage snacking and treats, but her weight isn't a core part of our relationship. She's chunky, fun in bed, smart, loving, hardworking, and a good mother to our kids. I would never trade her for a fatter woman just to be able to re-live the 'feedist dream' as you call it.
    While this fetish is always going to be part of me(I always get excited when I see my wife jump out of the shower and I think I see her tummy bulging out a little further or her ass jiggling a little bit more) I love my wife for her personality, not her shape. At the same time I don't feel like I've settled either. I don't feel like I traded my ideal ssbbw girlfriend for a less attractive woman that is a better life partner. Admittedly, the first time I had sex with my future wife I was really skeptical about being with someone less than half the size of my ex. I've grown to admire her shape and size more and more over time as my love for her as a person has grown. I honestly think my wife is smoking hot, like every time I see her naked I think holy shit how did I land this total babe. My idea of the perfect size and shape for a woman has transformed into exactly what she looks like at any given time.
    To make a long story short, you have to find someone that works with you for living life. It sounds like you already have, and it certainly seems like she is fairly plump as she is. If you truly care for this woman and she cares for you, you guys will most likely be happy together even if she won't indulge your ssbbw fantasies. I suspect you will find that your attraction to her will grow with your relationship as well.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from Zerogoki92 in Giving up the feedist dream: Is it worth it?   
    People still talk like this? Different weights and body types to notice things that escalate with unique thoughts and personalities. I'd see it as a firecracker that wears off as a novelty if I don't see anything backing it up honestly.
    In a way it's kinda similar to being a sugar daddy (there's no such thing as a free lunch need not apply here) and needing a variety of fulfillment over a one trick pony that's a novelty at best.
    Maybe a positive checklist helps, like who I can do certain things with, who is more likely to show initiative/desire, and who rewards me for putting up with her, lol big meal I'm sorry food b.a.b.ies are kinda cute. Does help safeguard from the constant excuses or fighting over a few pounds.

    But you don't have to take my word for it. I just experience a really potent clientele these days and just wait for a special someone to get hungry enough to pull the trigger to encourage me, and then I'll go after her lol, trusting things won't fizzle out by communication, and respecting by not doing the same things with everyone.
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    Chevalier got a reaction from SassyPregnantQueen in Gift notification   
    Is there a means to tell when a video or photoset is gifted? I didn't see notifications but it helps as a good reminder.
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    Chevalier reacted to Lexi Foxxx in Rush of New “Models”   
    I unfortunately had some models attack me on another platform when I started to get back into it again. Thankfully I came running back to curvage where I have always felt welcome.  I have gained quite a bit of weight since i met my husband.  The first year was completely unintentional and all on him.  I caught him putting a stick of butter in my leftovers one Time 😮 which sounds abusive to say it out loud but I look back and think it's kinda funny and cute.  Anyway, off topic. I'm like a damn goldfish.haha. so where  was going is that I love most everything about weight gain and the whole realm of the fetish but sometimes I get scared.  My health, my future, ect.  So I'll take a couple weeks and eat really well and whatever and then i get really into it again. It's a cycle but in the end, I've ended up gaining well over 40 pounds now in 2 years intentionally.  Which may not be "as much" as some and may be "more" than others.  But as @Chevalier said if you can make a connection (either by talking or even just being super attracted to) a certain model then thats awesome and you should support them.  I'm assuming a lot of guys come on here and just get their rocks off and dont really care if someone is "real" or not.  But some do care and thats where you can see who's been on here a while and whatnot.  I dont even know if I made sense here 🤣  like I said, I'm a goldfish at times. Haha.   I guess what I meant by all this is that I seem like im not real because I dissapeared and came back under a new name and what not but I'm most certainly real and living a real life feedee/ feeder lifestyle with my husband so theres no way of knowing anyones real story unless you ask and they tell the truth. ❤
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    Chevalier reacted to Plumpnesslover in My girlfriend is getting fat... how can I make her fatter?   
    Seriously, make sure you start rubbing her belly before she goes to sleep. Introducing that to chubby girls really helps them enjoy their bigger softer bellies more in my experience 
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    Chevalier reacted to ComradeCaine in Coworker has a big belly.   
    Last summer I worked with a gal who was definitely a big girl. My best guess that she was at least 250 pounds, mostly belly. She would alway joke about her weight, talk about her fat, rub her belly, ect. Classic "fat girl who wants attention"
    We were smoking outside in this woodshed where I used to stash a stick lighter. Jess asked me for a light and I told her it wasup in the rafters.  
    With that she reached over her head and her tight shirt rode up over her bellybutton. She just blushed and tugged her shirt down, apologizing. To which I replied, "Don't be sorry Jess. You have a cute bellybutton!"
    After that little exchange Jess really opened up about her weight. She seemed to flaunt her weight more and I responded in kind by ramping up the teasing. Poking her belly and calling her piggy, big girl, ect.
    We met up outside of work for drinks and Jess as usual had her bellybutton peeking out of too tight clothes. I gave her blubber a poke, "Your tummy is really tan, Jess. You must show it off alot!"
    "I can't help it! My belly is hanging out of everything nowadays!" She said as she grabbed handfuls of belly and jiggled it about.
    We were shooting pool and I joked about how I could keep the quarters for the next game in her bellybutton. She seemed to think about it a little and laughed, "I probably could! My bellybutton is pretty deep!"
    Unfortunately this girl was taken so after work drinks was about as far as it could go. That didn't stop me from appreciating her fat belly though. By the end of that summer I had definitely had opportunities to flirt and play with her fat. My favorite was the time I told her I would only give her a cigarette if she could give me 10 jumping jacks.
    That was an amazing summer. By the time she took off Jess was almost infamous among regulars and coworkers alike as the big girl who let it all hang out. 
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    Chevalier reacted to high in Rush of New “Models”   
    Obviously you've never dealt with LMBB, who has been "gaining" the same 10 lbs for years with many deluded devoted followers. I don't care, spend your money on her, but the guys sending her money thinking she's gaining are the same ones on the celebrities board who are talking about how they saw a hint of puffiness on some hollywood skeleton and she's gonna blow up any day now. Gotta laugh. To each his own.
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