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  1. I've definitely worried. It's caused issues in some of my relationships - I've opened up sooner or later about what I'm into, at least to some extent. I've found it quickly becomes "my fault" if they gain weight. I'm definitely a bad influence, but several exs have joined gyms and I've supported them etc. So that's one downfall. On the plus side, it was a fantastic part of at least one, possibly two relationships. In terms of it "coming out", I just soften it (bad pun) and casually mention that I like curvier girls. Anyone that laughs isn't worth being friends with. We're in a wonderful age where people can like just about whatever they want, be whoever they want, and kink-shaming is very not cool. I think it's my duty to other FAs, and to body image as a whole, to be at least somewhat open and honest about what I like. If I pretend to love skinny girls and find curves gross, I'm part of the problem, in my mind at least. But I had to start small, to a few of my best friends. Now I just let it roll off the tongue and people have very little to say about it.
  2. Good lord! You look incredible. What a gain, and what a figure. Can't wait to see where this goes. Thank you for persevering with the community and sharing this gorgeous content with us.
  3. I absolutely love the wobble after you stop jumping. You're looking incredible. Keep up the fantastic work ❤️
  4. I love seeing your fat gut resting on your thighs like this, like it's got nowhere else to go. It looks like you have to tuck your shirts up under your overhanging gut to cover up.. shame that only accentuates the enormous bulge. It must be so exhilarating to stuff yourself like that. You look amazing, keep up the great work.
  5. You're looking so nice and plump. Keep up the great work, that belly is really starting to bulge. Re your status - how did you feel when your friend asked if you'd gained weight? Did you try to downplay it? Did you do little things to feel like even more of a fatty? Looking gorgeous.
  6. I know you've talked about this, but this was probably the first time I've opened the thread and really thought "who the fuck is that?" That belly is entering a whole new tier and it looks freaking incredible. I love seeing it move, seeing your whole body shake. That's well beyond the "food baby" of bellies. That's a straight up fat-baby right there. You're like a whole new person. And the old one. "Rolled" into one. Keep up the great work x
  7. This is so fucking hot. That kind of prolonged torture of your belly, pushing it so far past the limits of full, makes for an unreal appetite. Now I'm not suggesting this, but imagine if you could only eat a normal portion for a meal. You'd be STARVING now. Insatiable. Ready to do anything just to get more food to stuff into that ravenous, bottomless pit of a gut. I'm imagining you going to a formal dinner or event with pre-selected meals and knowing it'll never be enough for you, so you go and eat a huge fatty take-out meal on your way there. Except you just can't wait for more food, so you make a second stop and gorge on some more greasy calories. Oops - you accidentally ordered too much, and now that pretty dress is tight and everyone will expect you to eat a third dinner, not knowing you were already full to bursting; gasping for air before the first bite.
  8. Oh my god, you look incredible! How tall are you? Also, I'd loooove to see a photo with those denim short unbuttoned and that belly spilling out... to recreate the moment
  9. You are just divine! What an amazing belly. I was going to ask if it's hard for you to finish that sort of McDonald's order, but you basically answered already How often do you eat a meal like that? No wonder your belly's getting huge! It's so hot to think about it jiggling when you walk, and thinking that you couldn't stop it even if you tried, and that anyone could see it wobble uncontrollably, showing what a glutton you've become... and such a slender face! By the way, you're gorgeous, you don't need filters to look pretty, that's for sure Are you finding it harder to find clothes that fit? Keep up the great work, thanks so much for sharing this with us. Stay safe!
  10. Sorry if this has been mentioned, but how tall are you? Maybe it could be fun to take photos of everything you manage to eat for a day?
  11. Wow!! That belly is incredible. You look amazing, can't wait to see more
  12. So thought it's high time I stopped by again, and god you're getting tubby. Whatever you're doing, it's working. I'd say keep it up, but it looks like you don't need any encouragement 🤔 that belly looks so doughy and malleable. ... Naturally you look incredible and I'm absolutely loving this. The written piece is great too, thanks so much for sharing it. I thought about inboxing you a couple of FA things I've written but didn't know if you'd be keen to read my random drawl. Hope you're keeping well! 🥰
  13. Amazing photos. She's got to be at least a little into it, going by some of the style... like resting her belly on the counter. That's hot, she's either enjoying it for her, or enjoying it for you. Both can lead to her feeling better about it all, which is good. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Welcome! You look great. I'd love to see pictures showing a bit more context - your whole figure, perhaps you standing up with your belly hanging out of outgrown clothes. I'd love to know your history around weight gain and curves. I'd also suggest starting a thread in Community > Women Of Curvage, as it's far more traversed than this end of the forum
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