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    Beautiful eyeshadow with lots of dynamic camera angles.
  1. Sure you are, you changed your current text from this: Notice how you changed the text that you had based on encouraging a hedonistic lifestyle, which binge eating is an eating disorder. Topic was about overuse, which was selectively rewritten to be about the last thing @dania201 said, which is a blatant lie to tell me to reread. You correlate size acceptance with a fetish that has serious downsides when overused. They're mutually exclusive. It's like blaming a poor person the same way as a wasteful one. I'm finished with this forum, since this is the best someone can do.
  2. That'd be part of assuming the risk I was talking about. You can have conditions similar to smoking for damage control, and not be obnoxious or a drain about it, and it's fine. Just a simple where will it end question, is a nightmare to some people, who need to feel this way at all costs. You are cherry picking things, unfortunately. No one said to discriminate against fat people, and it's very obsolete to believe some value in being thin, especially in quarantine. Topic creator who left due to gridlock (maybe I should do the same too) just asked if it's evil to create unhealthy situations by obsessing over a fetish. The fetish of feederism should be done responsibly. Otherwise you get what I said in my earlier posts. And if you wanna make yourself a target while enabling a potential slob/hoarder (too fat to move means no spring cleaning), be my guest. You can also pressure someone into a type of binge eating with ultimatums, as I'm seeing in this case, it's similar to a drug addiction, but with comfort food. When people get defensive and can't acknowledge basic priorities, it's almost cultish groupthink. Meanwhile I could playfully stuff a woman who isn't gonna ghost/take me for granted, to celebrate memorial day weekend. I just wouldn't do it every day nor have every conversation relate to being overstuffed, because it would be an obsession. I'll take someone nice who may lose weight every once in a while and play games in helping me find than passively aggressively compliment for more.
  3. The non-sequiturs between biking and blonde hair are quaint I admit, because it can't refer to any third parties, like when people reproduce and have children they are too obese to be active with, or pass down the bad dietary habits as child abuse. But yeah feel free to bleed nutella if you want to assume the risk and know that the weight (and debts/sick care if you're spending $100's bingeing) will stay long after the person leaves.
  4. Very flexible 👍 and creative colors.
  5. People still talk like this? Different weights and body types to notice things that escalate with unique thoughts and personalities. I'd see it as a firecracker that wears off as a novelty if I don't see anything backing it up honestly. In a way it's kinda similar to being a sugar daddy (there's no such thing as a free lunch need not apply here) and needing a variety of fulfillment over a one trick pony that's a novelty at best. Maybe a positive checklist helps, like who I can do certain things with, who is more likely to show initiative/desire, and who rewards me for putting up with her, lol big meal I'm sorry food b.a.b.ies are kinda cute. Does help safeguard from the constant excuses or fighting over a few pounds. But you don't have to take my word for it. I just experience a really potent clientele these days and just wait for a special someone to get hungry enough to pull the trigger to encourage me, and then I'll go after her lol, trusting things won't fizzle out by communication, and respecting by not doing the same things with everyone.
  6. I'd have to be manually informed or buy clips and stumble upon. Guess it's not frequent enough to bother with
  7. Is there a means to tell when a video or photoset is gifted? I didn't see notifications but it helps as a good reminder.
  8. Is this fully-functioning brain why so many are insecure, make their sex lives (and work) our business (even when unsolicited), take obsessions too far or find ways to avoid responsibility? But then some like being stuck with losers in self-destructive lifestyles too. I generally have to slow myself down once I observe this pileup of scary decisions, especially when I notice higher miscues like forgetfulness as some age too. People are way too flawed, especially in shared spaces like work (inappropriate comments, scapegoating priorities, or nepotism) or home (for this topic, go in debt for weight gain is it worth it), for me to say their brains are fully functional. I just wanna know what the master plan and brainstorm is all about. Or is this all on them like a blame fetish. Surprised this topic has me think about all sorts of psychological tendencies, and how useless assent/consent really is given people tend to lie to keep a bad relationship afloat as loneliness is too scary. Or some change their minds like when me too goes wrong. Hope my thoughts are food for thought, pun intended. I saw your comment to me (can't quote in edit) and people are attracted to these lifestyles. Some do weird or dangerous stuff with BDSM too, but we can't police it. And some refer to feederism as a type of BDSM given the food and weight are bondage, and some don't have a hard weight limit, imprisoning them with a caregiver relationship like with my 600 pound life; and this sucks to do with family, much less a romance, but nothing I can do if someone sees this as a be-all end-all.
  9. Have you watched court shows? They deserve each other, and when things go sour, usually money is disputed as gifts. You went the wrong angle with this given it's a paid job, that has a lot of risks, and you're undermining their autonomy to concern-troll for their health. Like in my paragraph above, when someone prefers food over memories and positive qualities of a person, they deserve each other. I wouldn't tolerate not having my fawning over and wits being a package deal to provide money/food for someone, but I know when to call it quits. These people are adults and it's our responsibility to bow out of a relationship that we believe cripples who we are, or sign up for it beyond a third party's capacity to understand. We also do not know people's lives, or if this is a coping mechanism for trauma. I need her too fat to leave, for example (though some disappear with money with minimal effort anyway). Like how messy Bill is in king of the hill after that divorce. It's a miracle when someone even phones things in because of how bad ghosting is. I hope I explained this. Personally I'll lose interest when people don't read messages or can't even give a civil how are you, and thanks for the opportunity while having more topics than food or their next status update is worth more than keeping a foundation of a relationship, especially when money is involved. My excitement and interest actually burdens a lot of dishonest people so I have to be very careful about frontloading things, or else they'll find a way to do nothing and call it a gift. Shallow Hal is a recommended viewing, some may not want the truth and we can't forcefeed them, pun intended. Quarantine also enables it, though I need my desires rotated, with new stimulation and emotional spikes rather than a one trick pony.
  10. People are shallow and envious when it comes to relationships. Weight can be a shocking first impression, especially if the person is oblivious, cannot shift well and risks breaking stuff by sitting on it. Family is the first prison (quote from the creeper), and I'm really too old to bother when they're too incompetent to detect/intervene for important things like financial abuse, disrespectful/uninhibited behavior, or drug addiction. Nobody wants to passively get together and exercise, which would be very polite and encourage good habits. Internet helps normalize and give a sense of privacy, though to expect double standards to cease to exist is a pipe dream. At the same point, the fat women who need to remind daily about their weight aren't exactly pursuing Homer Simpson or Mike in Mike and Molly. But they get a free pass similarly for being shallow or needing to feel beautiful at the cost of belittling people's preferences/commitment with their overcompensating narcissism. I also tire of people needing to give me unsolicited information about their lovelives, but I accept it won't stop.
  11. Glad she felt normal about it and didn't remind in unflattering ways. Always helps when a woman wants you to notice desirable things about her.
    I picked up a lotta things as sexy Lexi wants to become family sized. Her thighs support her belly and those mcnuggets very well. Her lower belly looks like it breaks out of jail with how it juts out her stretch marks and wasplike upper waist. Feels like she's on the road to recovery, making videos frequently and having good quality. Every bite makes quite the quality time.
    Really loved the belly lifting Lexi does here to reveal panties, as this red, white and blue combination makes her quite the firecracker to match, and all I can think is God bless America. Her pigtails are cute and it's alluring to see her use that popsicle as a proxy. Volume may have to be raised if you want to hear her seductive audio. Hope Lexi has some ice cream melt her boobs next time.
    Lexi is super eager, basically intimidated at first but wanting to come back strong to make up for lost time. An energetic, boobs first approach with her old videos returning works wonders. Do admit the vibes of her gaining weight feel like finding old friends, especially when she turns and moves to mesmerize. Hope there's lemon meringue pie visible soon, it's her favorite.
  12. Crushed pelvis from sex with a larger woman, though they're more muscular in Futurama. Even crushinator has a fan base, wish I could find the vid Bender says a woman that fine, I gotta romance first.
  13. Lol pay to win but seriously try to make short small talk and check for chemistry. I'll take skinny fat over a hefty honey if she paces and communicates well. I don't really tolerate the type to block or lie at first inconvenience. Not really active on this forum, would say to keep checking other sites. Success is normally low, but see who values your thoughts and lets you compromise with desires. Is actually cute to encourage a few happy pounds (yay to an extra serving) without being obsessive, but fieldtest what works, and I enjoy finding something unique per person, which is quite a helpful filter when things get better. I don't owe the inactive loyalty. Godspeed, it may take years, but it helps to note who gives you opportunities vs who makes you do circus tricks, which I recently stopped doing from higher quality of life. Even being able to have responses when fighting and emotions change for the better is a blessing to ghosting/blocking that teaches us nothing but to be inhibited and scared.
  14. Guess this is the fat version of bdsm lol she's a good partner.
  15. I think she's selling this to you lol and that's awesome. Can't take those types for granted, whether it's by obliviousness or good acting to lower your guard and savor the moment.
  16. you probably have a talent for writing weight gain stories, and yes I'm glad you got my choice of words. Wordsmithing is underrated. I know there are some plus size runners, so if she wants to, she could keep the weight and run. Depends on her lifestyle desires. https://gearjunkie.com/what-i-learned-plus-size-runner Nice belly ripple too, life is full of surprises, pun intended. And like most things they fizzle out, blocked by this one in the article for just questioning one thing (why be bopo 1 moment and listen to music about slapping hos). But gotta be fat at all costs right lol. Bad guy for suggesting she exercise indoors during pandemic as I have. Compromise is so helpful, without being compromised yourself, is a lost art. I think I simply gotta wrap stuff up before I get told what up with that?
  17. Whatsapp has a million of these lol but yeah it's fun to search, quite normal to stumble upon too: This is a favorite lol some think being Mike and Molly is below their tastes. Speaking of Mike and Molly: Also feel this vid is kinda a roleplay too lol lie about the food budget or 1 slice of cake (or maybe the size of the slice lol). Large slice
  18. This is perfect honestly don't need exaggerated weight gain, a healthy belly that isn't distracting in public, and she can choose her own pace if she wants to get slightly back on track or just quit. Lucky you 😎. Forgot Skinny-fat is a term, and yes that can be very attractive too, like those fit to fat to fit trainers weight gain. Just realized about the roleplay that you are asking about, busting out of old clothes that are too small is always fun, especially button down shirts where the belly pops out. If she's really comfortable, calling her your piggy in a blanket when she's in a comforter is fun. But yeah I'm in a similar situation with a woman who wants me to notice her growing curves, and likes when I show her fat art to compare. She's a little smaller, but it's fun to feel like I'm on an expedition to find new softness.
  19. Helps with sales honestly, go all in . But yeah there's always someone who's going to misclick despite several prompts before the actual purpose. Maybe a separate section for what's on sale, like with the video game stores. That really helps, whether it's for that specific model, or for all of them.
  20. isn't that bigcuties site kinda obsolete between this and onlyfans? It's not really a forum, let alone messages, but yeah that lack of communication is just bad business if you sent followups. We have so many options now, and means to network with people who fulfill our needs.
  21. Sorry I'm only the 2nd person to reply, but i wholeheartedly enjoy your art
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