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  1. That's Mila from **--not sure if she still updates
    It's nice to see that you're back! Great video, you can clearly see the extra weight you've put on. I only wish it were longer! That, and I would love to hear you talk more in your future videos. I hope to see you post more!
    What a video! This clip has it all. She talks throughout in a lovely accent (about what she ate, what her friends noticed, how her belly feels), plays with her belly a bit, and you can easily hear TONS of digestion going on. The gurgles were my favorite part--though I felt bad for her stomach! It was so loud I could only imagine how much it was hurting. The camera/microphone weren't even that close to her belly; incredible. I had to leave a review I was so amazed lol. I would love to hear more in future videos!
  2. @CurvyBabeJai, I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but your friend that you pigged out with is for sure a closet feedee 😂 Use this information as you see fit
  3. What's your digestion like generally? Does your belly ever get loud after eating a big meal? A post-stuffing belly noise video could be really cool if your stomach is active enough
    I have never bought a video faster in my life lol I agree with @Kysmith247 in their review; this video has solid digestion noises for a good price. Like damn, is your belly always so noisy after a big stuffing?? Your commentary is great, too! I feel like many content creators purposefully don't talk in their videos to make sure they don't interrupt the gurgles/groans, but I like it. My only gripe is that it's only a couple minutes long. Short belly noise videos are to be expected; they're gonna be shorter than stuffing videos and the like. That being said, I would have liked just a few more minutes of your stomach gurgling away 😉 Otherwise, it's perfect! I really hope you make more content like this in the future.
  4. The queen has returned!!! I can't believe you're back; you truly were one of the best content creators back in the day. Videos with/focusing on belly noises are my absolute favorite! The best scenario would be a post-stuffing video where we get the best of both worlds: a great view of your belly as well as quality audio of it trying to digest. Bonus points for commentary, and if you don't even need a separate microphone pressed against your stomach. It's a treat when it's working loud enough for the camera itself to pick up the sounds!
    PLENTY of gurgles to be heard throughout this video; she was not lying! Worth it if you're a belly noise enthusiast 😁
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