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  1. Just wondering, do you show your face in this video?
  2. How's the sound for this one? I've purchased a couple of her videos already and have had issues with volume
    PLENTY of gurgles to be heard throughout this video; she was not lying! Worth it if you're a belly noise enthusiast 😁
  3. The overall quality of the pictures are great, but I was disappointed to see that all 44 pictures are indeed censored, like the preview images shown. I thought the paid-for pictures would be completely uncensored, but I suppose that's partly my fault--I should have checked before purchasing to make sure!
    Amazing video. The commentary on your gaining journey and why you enjoy this side of yourself is great. I really do like these more 'casual' videos of you in a more 'natural' state; makes you seem like a real person interacting with us. You wear the weight very well; I'm excited to see what you upload next! P.S. How do you feel about digestion? Does your belly make noise after eating a large meal? A belly sounds/digestion ASMR video where you sit back, digest, and talk to us about what you ate and how everything feels churning around inside you all while we listen to your stomach would be fantastic. Just a suggestion! 😀
    Was pleasantly surprised to see how the real you feels about us and your journey. Really gave me a sense that you're just another member of the community. Keep up the great content, and good luck gaining!
  4. I'm confused. I received photos of this girl towards the end of this March while chatting with someone (who I thought was her) over email. Strange. Care to explain, sterlingredjack?
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