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  1. mike64

    Kerry Katona

    lost a lot of weight with one of these celeb diets last year. First pics are from february. Since then she gained back some of it. Almost like expected😁
  2. Former The Voice Brazil contestant gained 35 kg. That´s one of the most impressive weight gains I´ve seen for a while. And she seems to be happy with the gain Before Now
  3. Her progression is pretty unbelievable
  4. mike64

    Chanelle Hayes

    At least she doesn´t loose any. Good news for me😊
  5. mike64

    Paulinha Leite

    Was in Big Brother Brazil. Pretty nice body at that time. Slimmed down a lot afterwards. And now she is back at the beginning. Gained 27 kg during the last few month That´s what you call a yoyo girl
  6. mike64

    Josie Gibson

    Oh yes, she is. And gained a lot. Good girl😊 https://closeronline.co.uk/celebrity/news/josie-gibson-weight-pregnancy/
  7. Italian TV personality, before and after weight gain
  8. mike64

    Lana Del Rey

    is it just me, or did she gain some?
  9. Some holiday pounds obviously
  10. No real beauty, but her gain is unbelievable
  11. mike64

    Yeliz Yesilmen

    Turkish star; definetly on a good way One before Recent
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