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  1. Definitely agree about the amount of muscle vs. fat thing. From this view you can’t even see where most of her weight went (her beer belly) but this shows a part of her gain that she’s in more denial about - her ass. Even though it hasn’t really grown in size like her belly has, it’s completely changed in texture—it never would have jiggled this freely with such a small movement back in her athletic days. No muscle tone left.
  2. So after years of privately enjoying my girl's gain and sharing online, but never really hearing much talk about it in the real world, mostly due to 1. her own downplaying and denial and 2. her remarkably polite friends, finally I start my morning with this text she sent to our group chat with our friends. At long last her paunchiness has leaked over into the public conversation! Side note, I don't really blame that person for asking... do you?
  3. I always thought it was interesting that my girl’s legs stayed pretty thin while her belly continued to pack on the pounds in college. Not fit, mind you, not an ounce of muscle left in them, but certainly skinnier than you might expect given the size of the beer belly. Only when she surpassed around 160 did her thighs finally start to get noticeably fatter. Her belly still remains disproportionately large on her I think, which I think is forever a mark of the skinny-fat chick even one most of the “skinny” is gone. Anyone else notice that in a skinny-fat girl, the limbs remaining pretty thin for a while until finally the fat has nowhere else to go?
  4. gggg

    Wifey weight

    I’ll do you one better, this is my fiancée passed out on a couch at a party a few years back. It was the the first year she had really started getting a belly at college and wasn’t rail-thin anymore, so it attracted some pretty surprised glances from her high school friends who hadn’t noticed it before.
  5. By far the best body type, especially when it’s evident they were fit at one point, and totally could still be if they tried, but are no longer trying. As some of you may know, I’ve had the pleasure of watching my girl go through the skinny fat phase myself, after she stopped playing sports and began eating and drinking a lot in college. The “skinny with a college beer belly” look was super hot on her. I’m not sure if she still qualifies as skinny fat… Nowadays the “skinny” part is all but gone, as her eating, drinking, and laziness have really spiraled out of control since lockdown. But her skinny-fat days were some of her hottest!
  6. A few more from this season. They do a good job of masking her belly and breasts, but what's a lot tougher to hide is those wide hips. It's especially hot to see her next to Rosa (see the last pic) when they used to be almost the same size.
  7. Chapter 6: Boy Talk "Ginny?" Hermione waited patiently outside the door to the girls' dormitory. She had a pressing question to ask Ginny, and she seemed to remember seeing Ginny slip. Yes, she was sure she'd heard Ginny's voice behind the door as well. "Ginny?" Hermione repeated. The door suddenly opened, surprising Hermione, and Ginny stumbled out Ginny, one hand on her bulging stomach. And so, Hermione noticed with a funny look, did Harry, right behind her. "Oh... sorry Hermione, just helping Ginny with some... stuff," said Harry quickly, and walked quickly away towards the common room. "Ginny," whispered Hermione, "what was that?" "Don't—burp—worry about it," said Ginny with a belch, one hand still laying atop her globe of a stomach, which looked absolutely stuffed to the brim. "Is that... chocolate frosting?" said Hermione quizzically, noticing a smear and some crumbs around Ginny's lips. "Oh... all right," sighed Ginny, "but don't tell anyone. Harry likes to watch me... eat." Hermione's eyes widened as she put the scene together. "He likes to... in that way?" Ginny's face reddened to match her hair. "Yes, he likes—burp—to watch when I pig out, and—burrrrp—oh dear," she said, clutching her gut and letting out a long sigh. "Are you all right?" said Hermione nervously. "Did he... did he make you eat too much?" "No no, he doesn't make me eat anything... he just knows I like to pig out on snacks, and he likes to watch... it's my—burp—fault for overdoing it this time," said Ginny. "I suppose I'd better slow down." Hermione looked carefully over Ginny's body, and tried to avoid her goodie-two-shoes instinct to be a little repulsed. She saw Ginny getting dressed most mornings, so her ample size wasn't much of a surprise, but now, stuffed into her Christmas sweater with a good amount of pale gut poking out the bottom and smears of cake on her mouth, Ginny looked even a tad bigger than she did just recently at Christmas. Her prominent, globe-like gut was finally starting to droop slightly under its own weight, and for the first time Ginny's face appeared to be taking on a few pounds—a hint of a double chin was forming on her previously unchanged face. Hermione supposed this was what happened when someone's body realizes it hasn't just been a temporary period of overindulgence, but a new permanent lifestyle. "I suppose it's rather embarrassing," muttered Ginny as she breathed heavily and absentmindedly rubbed her belly, "me being this tub of lard now, and you—" "No!" interjected Hermione quickly. "Not at all! There's actually something I wanted to talk to you about." "Oh?" asked Ginny quizzically, as they walked into the empty Gryffindor common room and sat down. "Well, I saw how happy you've been since you've let yourself g— I mean, since you've let yourself eat whatever you—" "It's okay, you can say I've let myself go," laughed Ginny, her gut bouncing a little with each laugh, "I'm not exactly Quidditch material anymore." "And Ron," continued Hermione, "he's also so happy and content with eating whatever he wants, even with that... butterbeer belly of his," she chuckled a little. "You can say that again," said Ginny. "People act like I'm the only Weasley with a big appetite." "Well, since I noticed all this at Christmas, I've tried to let myself eat a bit... that is, I've been less stingy about what I'm eating, and..." "Your teensy little flab from beginning of term is back?" asked Ginny delightedly. "A bit," said Hermione, looking around and sheepishly raising her shirt to show an adorable, soft little bulge in her previously toned stomach. "It looks great on you!" said Ginny, "What are you worried about?" "Well, this is awkward, but... do you suppose..." Hermione gulped. This time it was Hermione's turn to blush. "Do you suppose Ron will like it?" Ginny laughed. "I'd almost forgotten you had feelings for that big oaf," she said, causing Hermione to redden even more, "but yes, I'm sure. He might even like you better this way. The whole obsession over skinny witches is mostly just made up to sell sleazy magazines." "You don't think it's too much?" asked Hermione, doing her best to pinch an inch of her newly softened stomach. Ginny snorted again. "Hermione, you could put on another five stone and still look great. Trust me. Oh, speak of the devil! I think that's him!" As a few laughing male voices approached outside, The Fat Lady swung open to reveal Ron, who lumbered in and plopped down in a chair, and Dean, who grabbed a few things and dashed off to his next class. "Ugh, Snape's a menace," groaned Ron, a tiny sliver of his impressive gut becoming visible as he sighed. "How're you two?" "Good," said Ginny, "just chatting about the Transfiguration final." "Merlin's beard, that's coming up soon too," cried Ron and buried his face in his hands. Just then, Ginny leaned over to Hermione and whispered, "Show him!" "What?" mouthed Hermione, confused. "Show him!" Ginny hissed, motioning with her eyes down to Hermione's stomach. "No!" hissed Hermione back, going red in the face again. "What's that?" asked Ron, looking up quizzically. "Nothing," said Hermione, "I was just saying I—I need to go to Astronomy," and with a rather abrupt movement she got up and left through the Fat Lady. Ron watched carefully and then muttered to Ginny, "I could swear Astronomy wasn't for another half an hour?" -- The following morning, as everyone left for breakfast, Hermione and Ginny found themselves the last ones in the girls' dormitory as they collected their things. "Listen," said Ginny, "I have a plan." "What?" asked Hermione. "I'm going to prove to you that Ron will like you just fine this way. I know where Harry keeps his Invisibility Cloak—I'll grab that, you hide under it in the common room at noon today when everyone's left for lunch. I'll tell Ron I want to have a conversation." "Ginny, you really don't have to—" began Hermione. "I know you were raised in one of those Muggle households that emphasized thinness even more than we do," said Ginny knowingly, "and I know it's not easy to let yourself be okay with some extra weight. So I'm going to show you, using your lovebird, that it's fine." Hermione rolled her eyes awkwardly at this. -- Hermione crouched under the cloak, waiting for Ron and Ginny. As she waited, she absentmindedly fondled the stomach roll that covered the button of her pants as she crouched. She gulped, realizing it didn't usually do that, but then took a deep breath as she remembered what Ginny had said. The Fat Lady swung open, and in stepped Ron and Ginny, two matching red-headed siblings with rather unwieldy guts leading the way in front of them. Hermione almost giggled—that was somehow kind of cute. "All right, what is it Gin? I'm not staying more than a few minutes, I'm starving," said Ron. "Well, I have a friend that's rather... interested in you," began Ginny. "Oh yeah?" said Ron, swelling up just a little with pride. "Yeah, and here's the thing... she's putting on a bit of weight, and she's worried that you won't like her as much." "'Ow much?" said Ron, munching on a bag of pumpkin pasties he'd brought along. "Like..." he motioned back and forth to Ginny's stomach and his own. "No, not that much!" giggled Ginny. "She's much thinner and is just getting a little bit of a belly." "'Course, why would I care?" said Ron. "Honestly, probably better that way. Means she's not stingy about eating." Ginny threw a knowing glance to where she knew Hermione was crouching under the cloak, and Hermione gulped silently and smiled. "Dunno what all the fuss about skinny girls is, anyway. You looked like a gust of wind could snap you in half, back in first year," he said, motioning to Ginny's body. "'Course, you've rather blown up since then," he said, trying to suppress a grin. Ginny hit him in the arm. "Look at yourself, arsehole!" she said, also grinning a bit, and pulled up Ron's shirt to expose his large, wide gut, which was even fatter now than Hermione had imagined it under his robes. Strangely, she didn't mind it one bit. "At least it matches my body!" said Ron, racing to pull up Ginny's shirt. "Look at this big thing sticking out like a sore thumb! Looks like someone just slapped it on there from someone else! Actually," he said, surveying Ginny's newly developing spare tire, double chin, and thickening legs, "I s'pose you've just gotten fat all around." Ginny hit him again, and he burst out laughing as he stood up to leave. "Nah, honest Gin, I wouldn't mind a body like that one bit. Provided it's not on you," he said. "And provided this lucky lady is fine with this ol' thing," he said, giving his own gut a slap and letting out a belch that was rather deeper and more disgusting than Ginny's cuter ones. "Speaking of which, better go fill 'im up, he's starting to rumble." He stepped out of The Fat Lady and headed out, with Ginny close behind. Wow, thought Hermione. Ron wouldn't mind me even at Ginny's size? I guess I was wrong about boys. And, she thought with a twinge of a smile, biting her lip, I don't mind "that ol' thing" one bit.
  8. Oh, I have! I just forgot to post it here!
  9. gggg

    Geraldine Viswanathan

    So glad Geraldine Viswanathan has a thread on here. It's been tough to nail down exactly how big she is, she seems to fluctuate from picture to picture—but I think she really has gained a good amount of weight the last few years, and just also got better at hiding it as well. She chooses her on-trend belly-hiding fashion quite well on Instagram. But where it's really noticeable is in her TV shows, where she doesn't get to choose the costume. Here are some of my favorite stills from Miracle Workers Season 2 (some adjusted for brightness).
  10. A few other pics from last weekend… She may be proud that she’s got her beer belly relatively under control, but her ass is looking more jello-like than ever in my opinion. Crazy that used to be a toned athlete’s ass.
  11. gggg

    Cecily Strong

    Surprised nobody's posted better screen caps from that clip! Here are some of my faves, with the black dress brightened up a little bit...
  12. I already mentioned this in another thread, but I think it fits here too. My fiancée used to be the same thin, athletic build as the other 3 in her friend group, four very popular and very hot girls who ruled the hallways of their high school. They could (and did) swap clothing and accessories all the time. They could have passed for quadruplets in high school if you didn't see their faces. Recently one of them was in the area and came over for a visit. She'd clearly kept herself nice and fit during and after college, and looked just the same as ever. Meanwhile, my fiancée's at-least-40-pound college gain was all too obvious, her prominent beer belly easily visible through her thin red top. Being good friends, the other girl never specifically brought it up, but I noticed plenty of quick glances at my girl's midsection, as if to say "Wow, I did not realize you'd let yourself go that much". We don't have a scale, but I'd peg them at 120 and 160 respectively. Almost like looking at a before-and-after photo. Oh how the mighty have fallen.
  13. I think I can sum up my specific preferences with the phrase "Once-skinny girl who ate too much in college". (I'm another one that's mostly basing this on my own fiancée.) Gender: Female Height: 5'2" to 5'10" Weight: 130-180 lbs. Chest: D or DD, big and fairly perky but perhaps starting to slightly sag under their new weight. Waist: Fairly curvy, not too wide, but with a prominent "beer belly" out front. The belly is the star of the show here. Round, soft, globe-like, little to no rolls, and slightly too big for her body, as if the calories all landed there pretty recently and didn't get the chance to "spread out" over time. And a good sign that she probably has a few beers every night. Hips and Butt: A nice round butt that's kept its shape but jiggles with no tone. Just a bit too much hip fat to be skinny. A once-skinny girl who ate her way into a muffin top that she can't seem to get rid of. Arms: Soft and untoned but not too flabby. Legs: Relatively average to slightly chubby. Soft, jiggly thighs are sexy, but not really into pear-shapes. Skin tone: Pale. There really is something about creamy, white, untoned skin, with maybe just a tad of cellulite starting to form. Hair: Prefer black or brown to contrast with the creamy white skin, but don't mind blonde. Eye color: No preference, as long as they're pretty. I'm incredibly lucky that my girl checks almost every one of these boxes.
  14. I am glad to say that working out does not necessarily mean an end to her gaining days. My girl recently decided she should start going to the gym because she overate in college and let her athletic body get soft and paunchy. Turns out after weeks of gym visits she's barely lost anything, since she still snacks all day and drinks a lot. "Going to the gym" is not a magic solution, luckily for you and me 😂 Same here! Here's my girl hanging out with an old friend from high school... you can't really tell because of the sweatshirt, but this is one of her skinny friends who kept herself nice and fit all throughout college. And there's my girl next to her, completely unaware of how unflattering her gut is in that red top. She's got to be 40 pounds heavier than her friend at this point, but she still considers herself to be "one of them" like she's no different.
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