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  1. The Great Hall was emptying out, and Harry was eagerly awaiting Luna's arrival. He was rather interested in a new habit of hers. Ever since the Quibbler had posted a new series of articles about how certain types of candy were beneficial to your health, Luna's body was beginning to show some noticeable changes. Harry was now trying particularly hard to befriend Luna, as he wanted to be as close to her as possible if she continued this new dietary trend. He had always fancied Luna a little bit, even when she was skinny as a pole, but now that the unthinkable was happening—his favorite secret crush unknowingly indulging his favorite fetish—he wanted to be in the best possible position to see (and hopefully talk about) her accidental gluttony. That's why Harry was still waiting for her in the Great Hall after Ron and Hermione had left—he often sat down for an after-meal talk with Luna. While he did enjoy their newly closer relationship, she did not realize it was also partly because he wanted to monitor her gain. Finally, Luna came strolling over, smiling her signature quirky smile. Flowing black robes made it impossible for anyone to notice any change in her weight, until she came and sat down next to Harry. As her robes parted to reveal her white shirt and tie, Harry looked down eagerly and was not disappointed - a noticeable bulge was pressing on her tightly buttoned shirt, slightly overflowing her black skirt. Both her stomach and her breasts were noticeably pressing against the fabric that was clearly now a size too small. For someone who had been skinny as long as Luna, this new belly—even if i it was small—was quite a change. She clearly hadn't gotten any new clothing yet, nor did she even realize she should, thought Harry. "Hi Harry!" said Luna cheerfully, oblivious to Harry's stares. "H-hi Luna!" said Harry, wrenching his eyes away. "How's it going?" "Very well!" replied Luna, "My classes have all been quite easy today, and I've been feeling wonderful. I think it's these pumpkin pasties," she said, motioning to a bag of candies she'd brought with her. Harry thought he noticed her midsection moving around a little more than usual as she gestured enthusiastically. "They're supposed to be very good for you, you know." "I've heard," said Harry, pretending to only be vaguely interested. "They really are delicious," continued Luna, "much more delicious than most of the other diet fads I've seen in the Quibbler." Not too sure I would call this a diet, thought Harry, wishing he could see more of the belly that was clearly not happy being restrained behind Luna's clean white shirt. "So, have you been loading up on them?" asked Harry, hoping the question wasn't too obvious. "Indeed," said Luna, "I think it's been clearing my head." And expanding your stomach, thought Harry, stealing another glance down at her shirt. Harry's heart skipped a beat. At some point in the conversation, Luna's shirt had become untucked and was showing a thin sliver of deliciously soft belly sitting atop her skirt. He couldn't see too much, but it was clear that the candy was beginning to take a toll on her waistline. Her formerly slim midsection was now beginning to form a soft, smooth roll of chub that peeked out seductively over her now-tight skirt. "What is it?" asked Luna. "Oh, nothing," said Harry, hastily going in for another bite of his now-cold meal to diffuse the tension. Thank god Luna was so oblivious. He looked back at her as she reached for her goblet of pumpkin juice, and just then he had an idea. As she took a sip, Harry made a sudden motion. "Oh, Luna!" he interjected, "I think you dripped some pumpkin juice, just- just there," he motioned to the shirt tightly drawn over her stomach. "Where?" said Luna, confused, searching for the supposed dribble and rummaging about with her shirt, taunting Harry with even more delightful peeks of chubby, pale belly, her navel and the surrounding soft fat visible for one beautifully brief moment. "Oh, silly me, my robes have come untucked again," she sighed. Damn, thought Harry, who was hoping she wouldn't notice. "Oh—those stupid robes!" he improvised quickly. "Always coming untucked." "Dear me, these don't seem to be fitting very well at all," she said, half to herself, as she struggled to tuck her shirt back into her tight black skirt. "Perhaps it's something to do with these pasties," she trailed off, absentmindedly laying a hand on her bloated stomach, now once again covered by the tight white shirt. Harry hoped she hadn't made the connection. But she looked up suddenly at Harry with her beautiful sparkling silvery eyes, and continued, "But I don't think so. I don't think I've gained any weight, anyway. Did you know, Hermione tried to tell me this morning that I was getting a 'beer belly'?" She laughed, and Harry quickly let out a forced laugh in unison. "That's ridiculous," he assured her, despite that fact that her hand was resting on the evidence at this very moment. "But I don't think pumpkin pasties would do that," continued Luna quizzically. "No, I think it's just these robes, they're always changing and shrinking... Probably the nargles," she continued assuring herself. "Oh well... Merlin's beard, I'm going to be late for Potions! I'd better be going." "See you later!" exclaimed Harry, who'd hardly gotten a word in edgewise as Luna had explained away the results of her newfound candy addiction. "You know..." he interjected, surprising Luna, "I really do enjoy spending this time with you." It was true—although this had started out as just a clever way to keep an eye on the body of his secret crush, he had to admit, he might be starting to fall for her. "As have I," replied Luna, "I can talk to you about things that would make most people think I'm crazy," she said, her emotional sincerity only interrupted by a stifled burp that seemed to surprise her, causing her to place her hands on her stomach again and blush. "See you tomorrow then! Bye Harry!" she chimed, lifting her books with a jerk that once again untucked her shirt. The bottom of a small but fairly obvious belly protruded from her robes by a few inches as she turned to leave, Luna oblivious to it as always. Harry watched her leave for a few seconds, savoring the brief sight of Luna's gluttony before getting up. Damn, even her ass looks a bit fuller than usual. I need to see more of her. . "Luna!" he shouted after her, just before she reached the doorway. "Yes Harry Potter?" she said, using his full name in that typical, quizzical Luna way, her silvery eyes smiling back at him. "I was just wondering if—if you'd like to go to the ball with me." He was amazed at his own confidence, but also thankful the Great Hall was mostly empty by this point. "It would be my pleasure," replied Luna, who then smiled even wider, adjusted her shirt to cover her stomach again, and turned around with a dainty swoosh. Harry couldn't tell whether he was more excited to finally be going to the ball with his crush, or to have the promise of seeing Luna's hopefully-chubbier figure up close again in a few weeks. Either way, he was going to enjoy the hell out of it. -- part 2 -- "Hello again Harry!" "Hi Luna!" replied Harry, his heart racing as Luna strode confidently over to Harry's seat in the now-emptying Great Hall. "Excited for the ball?" "Very much so!" said Luna, taking the seat beside Harry. Unable to stop himself from glancing down to her stomach, as he usually did around this point to see if he thought she'd gained any more weight, he was disappointed to see a large leather bag of books on her lap, blocking his view. While Harry was filled with joy at the sight of her beautiful face, it didn't tell him a thing about the rest of her... He knew the pumpkin pasties tended to go straight to her midsection. "In fact," continued Luna, "that's one thing I wanted to show you today!" Harry looked a bit confused as Luna rustled around in the bag on her lap, before pulling out a single sheet of paper. "Look!" she said excitedly, spreading it out on the table. Now he was interested. A moving photograph of Luna swayed from side to side, dressed in a beautiful flowing silver dress. This must be what she's wearing to the ball, thought Harry as he took in the photo in front of him. Hogwarts robes clearly did a very good job of concealing people's figures, because Harry had never realized just how attractive Luna was. Sure, she was clearly a good-looking girl, and he'd even steal a glance or two from time to time, back when they were more distant friends. But in this photograph, Harry's eyes lingered on the perky pair of breasts and very cute round ass that could clearly be made out through the dress's sparkling curves. Even this slimmer version of Luna was incredibly attractive. And god only knows what that dress looks like on her after all these pumpkin pasties,thought Harry. This thought hit him with both excitement and trepidation—the Luna in this photograph was significantly thinner than the Luna sitting next to him. Clearly the photo had been taken a month or two ago, before she'd stumbled upon the Quibbler's pumpkin pasty article. He doubted she'd thought of that. As clever as Luna was, Harry suspected her dreamy head-in-the-clouds personality meant her changing figure would not be on her mind until the last second. "I know some wizards prefer to keep the dress a secret until the night of the ball," chimed Luna, breaking the awkwardly long silence, "but I think that's a rather silly tradition, don't you?" "Oh, absolutely!" Harry answered truthfully, "You look... absolutely gorgeous." Luna cracked a hint of a smile at this unusual forwardness from her new best friend. "...I mean, it compliments your body so well!" said Harry quickly, trying and failing to diffuse the awkwardness, inwardly wincing. "Thank you Harry," replied Luna, "I appreciate your honesty. Not many people have ever said those things about me." "But..." Harry gulped, convincing himself to be honest, "...you're so beautiful. And you have a great body for it. Of course you're going to look good in it!" "People keep telling me I should make sure I still fit into that dress," said Luna nonchalantly, putting another pumpkin pasty in her mouth, "but I think they're making a big deal out of nothing. People usually do." "Of course," said Harry, watching her munch away on the delicious treat. "I mean, why wouldn't you fit into it?" "It's possible all this candy might've affected my figure a little," said Luna hesitantly, "but I don't think it would do that. The Quibbler didn't mention anything about that." "Well..." said Harry, taking a gamble, "...let me have a look! I'm sure you still look the same," he added hastily. "Of course! Anything for Harry Potter," she laughed, and moved her bookbag. "You must tell me if I've changed too much," she added, and gently lifted up her shirt, just a bit, and what Harry saw almost made his jaw drop. A beautiful, pale roll of flab spilled out over Luna's now-incredibly-tight skirt. Her beautifully smooth white skin bulged several inches over her waistband now, her navel now squished into a flatter shape as the pounds had piled on. Her stomach had graduated from "starter belly" to a pretty significant gut, even just in the week since he'd last seen her. Harry guessed this formerly 100-pound petite girl must now be at least 140 pounds, maybe even verging on 150. "Well?" Harry realized he'd been silent for a while. "Oh—it's—you're—it's nothing noticeable, at all, really!" he sputtered, as she struggled to re-tuck her shirt. "I thought so too," she agreed in her calm, oblivious manner, "but I don't pay much attention to my body. I don't wear dresses much, so it keeps slipping my mind to ask you." "Oh Luna, you have nothing to worry about, you look great," said Harry assuringly, and he meant it. Luna's sliver of a sly smile grew again as the words came out of Harry's mouth. "Although..." she said, looking at Harry with a glint in her silvery blue eyes, "I rather think my breasts have gotten a bit larger." She cupped her hands around her breasts as she said this, and although the robes obscured them fairly well, Harry was certain she was right. "I would hope—I mean, I would certainly think—i mean—" "Do you like me, Harry Potter?" she crooned, taking Harry quite by surprise. "Of course I like you! I mean, you've always been my friend, and—" "No, I mean, do you like me?" she asked, not in an accusing way, but with a charming grin on her face. "You seemed quite flustered when discussing my breasts, and your eyes keep darting from one of my eyes to the other, which is a common sign of love or infatuation," she said, smiling at Harry. "I—I think I do," admitted Harry, once again feeling glad that the Great Hall had emptied out. Luna leaned in closer to him. "I like you too, Harry," she said, and gently kissed his forehead, leaving Harry in mesmerized silence—not only because his crush had just admitted to crushing back, but also because he'd noticed her chubby midsection straining impossibly tight against her shirt when she leaned over. "I have to go now," said Luna matter-of-factly, as if nothing had happened, and stood up to leave. "Next time you see me I'll be in that dress!" she crooned, and winked at Harry, who was still dazed by his luck. "Bye!" he managed to blurt out, trying not to think too hard about Luna's expanding body testing the limits of that silver dress, "See you there!" As Luna struggled to lift her heavy book bag over her shoulder, Harry found himself once again at eye level with the soft gut that was now slightly visible through gaps between the buttons on Luna's shirt. Even in her school robes, it was getting difficult to hide the twin bulges of her growing bust and her bloated stomach. Harry was left staring after her as she walked elegantly away—and was she moving her ass a little more than normal with this walk? Luna was turning out to be more of a sexy little thing than Harry could have expected. He couldn't wait to see her. -- part 3 -- Harry glanced anxiously over at the clock in his dormitory again. Luna definitely should have been here by now. This was the time they had agreed upon, right? Had he missed something? Had he remembered the time wrong? Could Luna have cold feet about taking him to the dance? Just as Harry was about to get himself all worked up, he heard a pair of footsteps approaching the room. He turned around. There was Luna... in the same white button-up shirt and black skirt she usually wore with her Hogwarts robes... Not in the beautiful silvery dress he'd seen in the photograph. Something was wrong. "Hi Harry," she said, her usual curious smile missing from her face. "Hi Luna," said Harry, frowning in confusion, "What's going on?" "Harry... I have something rather embarrassing to ask you," she said, her usually ghost-white cheeks flushing with color, her usually dazzlingly sparkly eyes looking worried. "What is it Luna? Is everything okay?" "Could you come down to my dormitory?" she asked politely. "Down to—your dormitory? The Ravenclaw dormitory, across the castle...?" Luna nodded. "...the girl's dormitory?" finished Harry. A sliver of a smile brightened Luna's worried face for a brief moment. "Come on Harry," said Luna, taking him by the arm and whisking the couple quickly into the hallway, where they powerwalked in the direction of Ravenclaw. "I think we're going to miss the dance," said Harry helplessly, trying to keep up with Luna's brisk pace. "Everyone's already at the dance," said Luna as they reached the stairs up to Ravenclaw tower. "Maybe we can make it later." Harry was going to reply, but was suddenly distracted by the view in front of him: Luna's tight white shirt was beginning to ride up on her hips as she climbed the steps, revealing a tantalizing spare tire of soft white flesh spilling over the edges of her skirt and jiggling slightly with each labored step. Although her ass was concealed by the ruffled black skirt, he was more than happy to catch this delicious glimpse of her ever-fattening midriff. Harry was also beginning to realize unusually out-of-breath Luna was as they climbed—her usual determined pace had slowed considerably after only one flight of stairs, and her breathing had become heavy. By the top of the stairs her steps were slow and deliberate, each one jiggling her love handles more as she exhaustedly stomped up to the top. This was very unlike the Luna he used to know. Eventually, Harry and Luna entered the common room, walked quietly into the dormitories, and sat down on her bed. Luna's face was red, and the roll of chub visible between her shirt and skirt was rising and falling rapidly with her breath. Harry's anxiety about missing the dance was eased by the excitement he felt, just being in Luna's room. It was silly, but it felt strangely intimate to be here with her, in the girl's dormitory of another house, sitting on the bed that she'd made, with her blankets. Jeez, maybe he really was in love. "So..." began Harry, trying to look the worried Luna in the eye rather than admiring the fat spilling from her clothes, "...Why are we here?" Luna blushed even more. "I... I can't get my dress on," said Luna. Harry's anxiety instantly evaporated away into two things: silliness that her problem was so simple, and excitement that his fantasy was finally happening. This was the moment Harry had been waiting for since he first asked Luna to the ball. He almost felt a little bad for letting her do this to herself without warning her. But, he reminded himself, she did do this completely of her own accord. "You... what?" he said, even though he knew full well what she'd said. She stood up, and anxiously began explaining. "I don't know if the dress shrunk, or if it's the weather, or something in the air..." She must have seen the skeptical look on Harry's face, because then she looked down abashedly and continued. "I suppose it could be all the pumpkin pasties I've been eating lately... I have been really wolfing them down lately, in preparation for this dance, to make sure I'm feeling alert and clear-headed," she continued, placing a hand on her stomach. "They've been making fun of me for how much I've been eating lately, but I didn't realize..." Luna's hand was absentmindedly fiddling with her shirt as she talked, accidentally revealing a bulge of stomach fat that was somehow even flabbier than the last time Harry had seen it. Harry was amazed at how right it looked on her, how smooth and pale and beautiful it was, even when packed with more tasty treats than it could handle. "Luna, Luna, you look fine!" assured Harry. "Really, you look gorgeous, and—" Harry decided to slip a little lie in—"you really don't look much bigger at all! We'll get you into that dress no problem." "We?" asked Luna cautiously, looking at Harry, who realized what he'd just said out loud. "Well," said Harry, checking to make sure nobody else was around, "if that's okay with you." Luna frowned, but then sighed. "Okay. Promise you won't make fun?" "Promise," said Harry. "Okay... Here goes..." Luna began unbuttoning and removing the shirt that had been constraining her newly softened figure. Button by button, her beautifully curvy body became visible. The stomach that now protruded significantly past her skirt, the hips that had blossomed into deliciously soft love handles... And then something Harry hadn't gotten to see until now, a very full pair of breasts, pressed together into right cleavage and threatening to explode out of what must have been a B or C cup bra. Luna watched as Harry's face became as flushed as hers had been coming up the stairs, and began pulling down her skirt. A silky, icy blue thong became visible, and then as she turned around, the most perfect ass Harry had ever seen—clearly affected by the extra pounds, very full and slightly dimpled towards the bottom, but still very round and shapely. Luna looked back over her shoulder at the transfixed wizard. "Oh, Harry... you're... you're..." Harry realized far too late that he was displaying a very visible reaction to this impromptu show. "I'm sorry Luna—I just—" "I've never seen that reaction in person before," crooned Luna calmly as she stepped out of the skirt. "Curious... You're really attracted to... this?" Luna gestured down to her body, a quite bloated but still sexy version of the Luna that Harry had known for so long. "God yes," said Harry, "I was attracted to you before this—but now..." "But you like this even more?" asked Luna, her typically calm, innocent lilting voice finally taking on a hint of teasing. "How very unusual..." She put a finger between her thong and her soft hip, and smiled devilishly at Harry with her dazzling silvery eyes. "Luckily, I'm quite fond of the unusual."
  2. Jim loved Pam, nobody could deny that, least of all him. And he certainly wouldn't complain about her body - her cute face and sizable breasts were often attractive enough to garner attention from their other coworkers (much to their chagrin.) But there was only one thing that could pull Jim's thoughts away from his girl... And that was Karen.Yes, been there, done that. Literally. He'd not only spent a good amount of time dating Karen, he'd gotten to see her fully naked and do things to her he'd only ever done with Pam. But that was in the past now, right? The inseparable Jim and Pam team were back together at last... so what about her could possibly still be pulling at Jim's mind?He finally realized the answer himself as he walked into the lunch room. There, as always, was Karen reading a book and nibbling at a glazed donut... and there, sticking out like a sore thumb, was her belly. Just under the lip of the table, a luscious golden-brown roll was sticking out between her starched white dress shirt and her tight gray slacks. She seemed entirely unaware of this wardrobe malfunction, but to Jim it was a revelation. THAT'S why he'd suddenly caught himself stealing glances at her from across the office. He headed over to talk to her."Hey, long time no talk! How have you been?" asked Jim as he sat down across from her. He prayed for a kind answer—he was pretty sure they were back on good terms, but he could never be too careful."Hey stranger!" replied Karen, looking up from her book with a smile. Phew! "Really well, actually! I got a pretty huge raise last month, I don't think I told you.""No way!" said Jim, relieved to still be friends with his lovely (and... growing? or was that just his imagination?) ex-girlfriend. "You deserve it, I really think you do.""Aw, thanks," said Karen, taking another bite of her donut and beginning to laugh through her full mouth. "Honestly I've kind of splurged on everything since then," she admitted, "including food. Look, I brought a whole box of these in this morning... and yesterday morning too." A blush crept across her beautiful face as she swallowed her mouthful.That would explain a few things, thought Jim. In fact, he'd be willing to wager she'd spent all her new money on food lately, if he'd seen correctly... He had to sneak another glance. Jim, too, began blushing as he quickly thought of a way to see if his sexy ex was really beginning to fill out. He began to take out a packaged salad and plastic utensils, but suddenly dropped his fork to the ground with a clatter."Oh man, I'm a mess," joked Jim unconvincingly as he bent down to retrieve it. Just then he paused, his face under the table, and looked in Karen's direction. Holy mother of god—he practically felt his boner jump in his pants. Karen's typical clean, white button-up blouse was pulled tight over a very noticably pudgier belly than he remembered from back when they were dating. It was a beautifully soft mound of perfectly tanned pudge, squishing her navel slightly closed, spilling out over her very professional work pants. He'd studied every inch of her naked body a few years ago, and it certainly hadn't been in this shape. Those donuts were really starting to—"You get lost down there Jim?" came Karen's voice from above the table."Oh—yeah—it was—under the table leg," sputtered Jim as he shot back upright."Haha... You've always been a weird one, Jim," laughed Karen, finishing the last of her donut. "Well, sorry to cut this short, but I am loaded with work," she apologized, and got up from her seat. For a split second, that wonderful bulge of pudge was visible, protruding proudly from between her garments, but with one habitual tug it was hidden beneath her tight white blouse... Although that blouse, noted Jim, was way tighter than it should have been, the fabric straining around the buttons, with just the slightest hint of golden brown flesh visible through the gaps."Hey—" called Jim, still in a daze, as she headed for the door—"Wanna grab a drink after work? Not like a date or anything—I mean, Pam can come too obviously—"Karen raised one of her perfect eyebrows at Jim, her eyes sparkling, chuckled, and said "Of course Jim. God, you're so weird sometimes," she teased him with a wink, and left the room.Jim was left sitting there with his lunch in stupid silence, trying not to watch her ass as she strolled confidently back to her desk. Was it just him, or did that look a bit fuller too? He'd always considered Karen's ass pretty average, but something about it now was magnetic. He closed his eyes, shook his head, and went back to eating his salad. -- part 2 -- Jim had been wondering if Karen's new belly pudge was just a rare fluctuation caused by her first big paycheck, or if she really was starting to let herself go. His answer came when he walked into the break room to eat lunch with Karen, as he'd increasingly been doing. His eyes landed on her body right away, and there was no mistake—Karen was looking even softer than she had the other week. Her belly now prominently bulged out in her lap, straining the poor buttons on her work shirt... which were now also being strained by a newly enlarged pair of boobs. They had never wowed Jim before, always being of a fairly normal size, but suddenly they looked quite plump and round, and Karen may have noticed this because she'd unbuttoned the first few buttons of her shirt, leading Jim's eyes to her tantalising new cleavage. It was hard to tell under the table, but her thighs looked surprisingly juicy as well "Jim!" she exclaimed, breaking his stare. "What's up?" "Oh, uh, nothing much," said Jim, even less convincingly than last time. "Just heating up some leftovers," he said, putting them in the microwave. "Leftovers, huh? I bet you wish you were making the big bucks like me," teased Karen, pointing to her enormous grilled sandwich, two sides, and a slice of cake she'd brought for lunch. "Oh, you bet," said Jim. "Gotta admit, I'm pretty jealous of that cake. You sure you can eat all that?" he added, excited to hear the answer to his leading question. "Watch me!" laughed Karen, taking another bite. "Although, I gotta say... I think it might be having an effect on me." Jim nearly choked on his breath. "R-really? No, I don't..." "Look," said Karen, pulling up her shirt to reveal her plump belly. Jim's eyes widened. No longer was this a "bit of a belly" or some mild effect of weight gain. No, Karen now had a legitimately chubby midsection. Her prominent gut was flanked on both sides by a muffin top running most of the way around her sinfully tight waistband. She must have weighed at least 150 by now. "Oh, don't worry about that little thing!" lied Jim, thinking quick. "It's hardly noticeable!" "Really? This?" she laughed skeptically, jiggling her gut with one hand to show how soft it had become. "Really! I mean, I actually kinda like—i mean, some guys actually kinda like... that..." Karen's eyes sparkled as she stared Jim down with a smile, the realization dawning on her. "What's that? You like... This?" She leaned back in her seat and stretched, causing her already hopelessly tight blouse to ride up, exposing the full length of her flabby midsection as it drooped over her pants. "No, it's just—I meant, some guys, they—" Karen got up and walked over to Jim, intentionally not fixing her shirt, and Jim marveled at how far her gut protruded from her body. "Okay," she said with a wink, and left the room, pulling her shirt back down over her belly. --- Jim had finally gotten Karen out of his mind again due to the one thing he hated most... work. He hung up the phone after securing another sale, took a sip of coffee, and ... There was Karen again, heading over to his desk. Oh Lord, what now? "Sorry to bother you Jim, I just need to—grab—this—file," she grunted as she reached far above her head to the very top shelf to retrieve a binder. Jim immediately realized why she decided to retrieve this particular file... Reaching up above her head, her tight shirt came untucked from her slacks and shot upwards, giving Jim a prime front row seat to see her chubby stomach as it stuck out just inches from his face. He tried turning away but he couldn't bring himself to do it. Hell, he could even see up her shirt to the bottom of her bra, and wow, those b**s had definitely grown since the days when he got to see them regularly. Apparently, Karen missed those days too. "Ugh, sorry about that!" she teased as she pulled the binder down and sloppily adjusted her shirt with one hand, partially obscuring her prominent stomach. "I'll just be on my way now." As she turned to walk away Jim caught himself staring at her ass again—definitely rounder than it was when he got to spank it. Just then he caught Pam's eyes, and he looked away. God, if only Karen could just stop getting sexier by the day... He had to do something. -- part 3 -- After another few weeks, it was clear to Jim that his workday wasn't going back to normal, thanks to the newly promoted—and newly fattened—Karen Filippelli. Excited by her increasingly successful career, and with plenty of extra cash now burning a hole in her pocket, the formerly responsible Karen was now habitually bringing rich, decadent meals to work, and topping it off by constantly purchasing more snacks from the office's newly installed vending machine (seriously, it seemed like every 5 minutes she was up there again getting another bag of chips or cookies.) Now at a weight that must have been pushing 170 pounds, Karen had passed the point of no return—rather than catching herself while she was ahead and not letting herself go, she was instead eating like a Queen and letting her ever-fattening gut peek out of almost everything she wore. But what surprised Jim the most wasn't Karen's fattening. It was Pam's reaction. It hadn't taken Pam long to notice the way Jim looked at Karen, the way he would always look up whenever there her shirt rode up, and how he turned beet red whenever Karen's ever-fattening paunch was nearby. And she was not happy about it. If Jim wouldn't stop looking at that lazy fat bitch, maybe she would start letting herself go and see how he liked it. It was partly curiosity to see if he'd like it, but also revenge if he didn't. Unlike Karen's carefree, luxurious self-feeding, Pam's newly unhealthy diet was consumed in little bursts of frustration, or, at times, even rage. "He likes that fat pig?" she'd mumble to herself aggressively whenever Jim was absent from the family house. "Oh yeah? He likes that big stupid wobbly gut she's grown?" she'd continue under her breath, furiously taking the lid off a chocolate cake she'd snuck home from the grocery store. "I'll show him." And she'd sit back and shovel forkful after forkful of luscious chocolate cake into her mouth, spilling crumbs down her blouse as she rushed to finish before Jim got home. She'd finish the whole cake, thousands and thousands of calories worth, and just sit back, rest, and burp. She couldn't tell whether she was in ecstasy from the delicious dessert, or in a jealous fury from the way her husband couldn't keep his eyes off that cow. Perhaps both. Jim never discovered her sneaky binge eating, but after a few weeks had gone by, he certainly began noticing the effects of it. After days of peering over his desk to spy on Karen's stomach flab, he suddenly found himself glancing back at his wife too. Jim looked over at Pam again. Jim—just like Pam herself—didn't know whether it was due to happiness or jealousy, but he sure didn't mind it. Pam's breasts had already been bigger than Karen's, but now they were really starting to attract attention. A pair of what must have been at least 36Ds, if not DDs, were straining the buttons on her plain button-up shirt, resulting in a bursting, stuffed-in-place cleavage that none of the men seemed to be able to look away from. But what Jim personally liked even better than that was just below that: Pam was finally starting to get a noticeable gut as well. From most angles she looked like her regular old self, with maybe a bit more chest than usual, but from certain angles it was all too clear that her unforgiving work shirt was struggling to cover the fresh new jelly roll accumulating on her midsection. Pam's ass had definitely taken some of the calories, too—it was arguably even nicer than Karen's after just a few weeks, and Pam's refusal to spend money on new pants just made it all the better. Whatever baby weight she had lost, trying in vain to get back to her young 110-pound figure, she had most certainly gained right back and more. Though she wasn't fat, she had to have been pushing 145 pounds or so, for the first time in her life. Amazingly, Jim now found himself in a crazy position: now he couldn't keep his eyes off either of the two hottest girls in the office, one of them a tantalizing golden-tan seductress eating herself fat from her newfound wealth, and the other one his very own jealous wife revenge-eating herself into misery (and out of shape.) He glanced into the conference room at Karen, leaning back and chugging what must have been her hundredth Coke of the day. He glanced back to Pam, buried in her paperwork, pretending not to notice anyone else around her, fiddling with the waistband of her pants as they dug uncomfortably into her newly softened hips. It was going to be a fun year. -- part 4 -- The Subaru bounced and jostled as Jim ran over a pothole on his way to work. He couldn't help but look over at his wife, who was starting to become the definition of "letting yourself go." Her ill-fitting, un-ironed, button-up work shirt sat unevenly on her body, revealing a sliver of her newly fattened stomach as it bulged over the seatbelt. Her breasts, also struggling to stay within the confines of her shirt due to their newly massive size, now jiggled very noticeably whenever the family car hit a pothole or a rough surface. Her hair was a frizzy mess, bags were beginning to form beneath her eyes, and she was lucky she'd even buttoned her pants—she often forgot to do so before leaving the house. Turning his attention back to the road, and then back to Pam, Jim marveled at Pam's transformation: with each and every day she got a little fatter and more slobbish. Not only was she putting on weight—no doubt due to the passive-aggressive stuffing sessions he'd managed to secretly watch in the middle of the night—but she was also making no attempt to hide it anymore. She'd walk around the house with her pants and shirt unbuttoned, she'd no longer excuse herself when she burped at the dinner table, and here she was sitting in the car on her way to work with a pasty white fat roll spilling over the seatbelt, and she didn't seem to care one bit. Jim still didn't know exactly why she was doing this, but he certainly wasn't complaining. It wasn't a bad way to start off a boring weekday. And truth be told, he was also excited to see Karen, who had just returned from an extra-long weekend. --- Jim entered the break room, honestly just expecting to retrieve a snack and a coffee, but not at all displeased to see Karen Filippelli sitting in the same spot she always did. It was practically like she worked in here, with the amount of time she spent in here drinking her endless supply of soda, and the amount of money she spent picking delicious treats from that conveniently-placed vending machine. He couldn't see much of her body behind the food-laden table, but that soon became a non-issue as Karen stood up to greet Jim. And for the second time this morning, Jim was pleasantly surprised. Even more so than Pam, Karen was now positively fat—she must have been nearing the big 200-pound mark. A newly formed double chin appeared as she smiled seductively and said "Hi, Jim!" Her hips had grown wider than Jim was used to seeing, filling out a pair of pants that was definitely several sizes larger than before—and yet there were still bulges of golden brown fat peeking out between her silky pants and blouse, as if demanding an even-larger size. Her previously average lower half had become deliciously shapely with the added weight. Less traditionally shapely, though, was Jim's favorite part of her: the fat gut that protruded from her middle even more than before, positively nine-months-pregnant in size, straining her shirt, and sagging over her waistband. He also noticed an ample amount of jewelry she hadn't been wearing before—clearly she was enjoying her newfound wealth in several ways. "I said hi, Jim," repeated Karen, smiling devilishly as she noticed Jim's eyes wandering. Jim snapped out of it and realized she was extending her arms for a hug. "Come on, don't you want a hug? It's been forever since we hugged!" "Of course!" Jim couldn't think of any decent excuse not to do so, so he obliged. As he squeezed Karen's newly blimp-like body, he was amazed by just how soft every single part of her was. Her breasts and belly pressed tight against his own body—surely not by mistake—and even the parts of her back and sides that his hands landed on seemed to be coated in a soft layer of pudge. Suddenly Jim noticed that Karen's hand had been wandering up to the blinds and closing them mid-hug, so he could no longer see out into the workplace. Before he could say anything, she let go of him and struck a pose for Jim, highlighting the new bulges in her shapely figure. "I didn't get too fat on vacation, did I?" she asked innocently. "Karen, listen, I know we had a moment before, but—" "Are you sure?" interrupted Karen, and Jim now realized why she'd closed the blinds. She was slowly pulling up her shirt, revealing a truly massive gut to Jim. "I don't look like I've gained any weight, do I?" she teased. "That's funny, I was sure I would, drinking all day long and having ice cream sundaes between every meal..." "Karen, you look great, you know you do, but—" "Thank you so much, Jim! I just didn't know if you'd be able to... feel the difference..." She grabbed Jim's hand and touched it to one of her protruding love handles. Jim shuddered, as he dreamed of doing this, but knew he couldn't. "Karen! I'm with Pam, and I love her, and—and she could come in here any minute," he added hastily. Karen's expression changed to one of genuine interest. "Oh, Pam, that's right... Pardon me for asking, but hasn't she been, uh..." "What?" asked Jim. "...packing on the pounds, herself?" Karen finished. "Y-yes, just a bit," said Jim, unable to deny what everyone in the office surely noticed by now. "It's just been a stressful time for her, and—" "How much has she gained?" asked Karen with a smile, knowing that Jim probably knew the number by heart. "44 pounds," said Jim under his breath. "Oh my," replied Karen with a glint in her eye, "That is a lot. You don't suppose she's, uh... jealous, of what we have here?" "We don't have anything here," said Jim firmly. "We're just friends and you know that." Suddenly the door opened, and in walked Pam for her 10 o'clock coffee. She slowed down at the sight of Jim and Karen standing in the corner immersed in conversation, but kept walking towards the coffee pot. Both Karen and Jim noticed the bouncing of her body in her now-ill-fitting shirt as she paced across the floor. "Pam!" cried Jim, jogging over to hug her, and relieved that he had a way out of Karen's taunting. "How's your day going?" "Not now," said Pam groggily as she poured her coffee. "Just, not having a great morning. Need some peace and quiet." "Okay babe," said Jim comfortingly. He looked back at Karen and noticed she was raising her eyebrows and motioning towards Pam's ass, which was noticeably bigger and rounder than before, topped by two love handles that were quite reminiscent of Karen's, though much paler and with an angry red mark towards the bottom where her pants were digging in. Jim frowned and did his best to mouth "Stop!" at Karen, who continued smiling. Pam turned around with her cup of coffee, got something out of the fridge, and sat down, her poor, straining shirt sliding up slightly to allow some of her pale white spare tire to leak out into the open, much to the delight of her two officemates. They both sat down at Pam's table. She opened the box she'd gotten from the fridge, and Karen had to stifle a laugh. It was the very same rich, dense chocolate cake Jim had seen her wolfing down in the middle of the night as he sleepily watched from the staircase. Karen leaned over to Jim. "At least she's on a diet!" she whispered. Pam swallowed another bite of the cake, and looked up to see Karen and Jim sitting down. Jim could tell she was paying attention to Karen's newly huge size, with something between disgust and envy. "How was your vacation, Karen?" asked Pam coldly, her eyes still lingering on her protruding gut for a second. "It was wonderful, thanks for asking!" chimed Karen, stretching her arms above her head in what seemed like an innocent stretch, although it revealed the huge mound of smooth, tan fat spilling amply across her lap. "That's *burp* good," mumbled Pam through her burp, as she continued digging in to the rich cake, looking darkly from Jim to Karen and back again. "Well, I have to get back to work," sighed Karen, getting up from the table and walking towards the door. "See you two at lunch!" As the door closed behind her, Pam looked at Jim. "Do you think she's pretty?" she asked. "Well—yes, she's a good-looking woman, but not as beautiful as you babe," said Jim confidently. "You really mean it?" asked Pam. "You really think I'm *burp* pretty?" Crumbs of chocolate cake stuck to the sides of her mouth and littered her lap, where a newly-developed roll of belly flab still sat out in the open. "Of course I mean it," said Jim. -- to be continued --
  3. gggg

    Gal Gadot

    Between the shitpost-y title and the bone-thin model, this most definitely belongs in the Abyss.
  4. Wow, okay! I've posted another one here
  5. In an alternate Doctor Who universe, Amy and Rory stopped traveling with the Doctor for an unexpected reason... -- "Amy?" called the Doctor over his shoulder, his brow furrowed as he studied an interesting planet on the TARDIS screen. No reply. "Amy? I think I've got something interesting here!" he shouted, still not looking away from the screen. Still no reply. Finally he looked around. "Amy?" he called again. A perpetually confused-looking Rory came stumbling into the control room from the TARDIS hallway. "Uh, she's uh... She'll be right in," he said, nodding his head. "Well where the hell is she? She's been awfully quiet these last few weeks, spending all her time in the bedroom and the kitchen nowadays. Never wants to come on any more adventures with me," the Doctor grumbled. "She's uh, well, she's not feeling so well," responded Rory. "What, is she sick?" asked the Doctor, suddenly looking concerned. "Well, no, it's more of, well..." Rory trailed off. "What, what is it? Is it something important?" "Not really, she's just... well... she's been eating a lot." The Doctor's face screwed up into a hilarious expression. "She's what?" "She's just been enjoying an awful lot of food lately, she realized she could instantly get pretty much anything she wanted in the TARDIS kitchen, not to mention she's discovered the open bar, so, well..." Rory's expression looked pained, as if he didn't understand Amy any better than the Doctor did. "...She's gained a few pounds, and she doesn't really want anyone to see." "Bullocks, she's gained and lost plenty of weight before and I didn't say so much as a peep to her," retorted the Doctor in his typical exaggerated fashion, returning back to the TARDIS screen in a way that signaled he didn't believe a word of it. Just then, a familiar face appeared in the hallway, walking slowly out into the control room. It was the familiar face of Amy Pond, and that familiar face was surrounded by an extremely messy cloud of ginger hair. Between her bed-head, her wrinkled pajamas, and the mostly-empty bottle of scotch she had absentmindedly brought with her, she looked like she'd just woken up from a night of crazy partying, despite it being mid-day. But that wasn't what the two men noticed first. The formerly loose pajama top and bottom were now pushed apart by a bulging ball of stomach fat that looked downright ludicrous on her otherwise slender frame. Her face looked a bit rounder, her breasts maybe slightly fuller, but nothing compared to the sheer size of her gut. She'd have looked 6 months pregnant, if it weren't for the characteristic soft creamy smoothness of belly fat and the deepness of her navel. "You weren't kidding," murmured the Doctor quietly to Rory, his eyes wide. "She's gained 39 pounds," mumbled Rory back to the Doctor, though he was less successful in hiding his words. "Oh shush," slurred Amy, as the Doctor looked helplessly from one to the other, "I have not." "She has though," Rory insisted, the Doctor's eyes widening even more as Amy yawned and stretched, her raised arms accidentally revealing to both of them the truly unhealthy-looking mound of fat she'd accumulated on her middle. The messy nest of hair, the bags under her eyes, and the pasty whiteness of her skin didn't help with her overall appearance. The ginger girl looked like she'd been laying in bed and eating nothing but ice cream for a month straight. "I have—hic—not," drawled Amy, "maybe I've gained a few pounds, but I'm still—hic—the hottest girl you've ever seen." She jokingly flipped her hair and drunkenly turned around in place, which only accentuated how unusual her belly looked on her slim figure, her still-sexy tits and ass completely overshadowed by the prominence of the gut pushing out over her pajama bottoms. "39—hic—pounds, that's nonsense," she muttered, taking the last swig from her now-empty bottle. Rory turned defiantly to the Doctor, as if to defend himself. "She has, Doctor, I saw on the TARDIS screen she's gone from 107 pounds to 146, and it's probably even more since—" began Rory in self-defense, before Amy interrupted again. "Shut up Rory, that's—hic—bullocks and you know it," she slurred onwards, gesturing towards Rory with the hand clutching the bottle of scotch. "You're just jealous of the—hic—the great food I found." She absentmindedly rubbed her bulging stomach with her free hand, apparently unaware of the irony of it. "Amy," said Rory, turning back to her, "I know where the food is. We all do. I just didn't sit in my room watching the spaceships go by and eating 6 meals worth of junk food every day." As soon as Rory finished, he knew he'd made a mistake. "Oh, you think I'm fat?" replied Amy loudly, giving him the look. "You think I'm fat, Rory Williams?" Rory looked helplessly at the Doctor, who only raised his eyebrows, shrugged, and looked helplessly back. "N—no, Amy, you look lovely, I—" Rory stammered. "You think this is too fat?" she continued, pulling up her shirt to reveal the obvious results of her overeating and drinking once again, "You don't think I'm—hic—the prettiest girl in the universe?" "Of course I do baby, you look—you look so pretty, I was just—I was just noting, how you'd been eating a lot recently, and I—" "Oh yeah? You—hic—you think I don't deserve to eat 6 meals a day if I want to?" she said, dropping her scotch bottle on the ground and drunkenly stumbling towards Rory, still holding up her shirt with one hand, "You think I shouldn't get to eat—hic—all the sweets I want?" "Of course you do, of course you do honey, I was just—and you look so sexy, I was just—just noting, how you'd put on some weight—" "Ohhhhh," roared Amy ferociously, trailing the "oh" off with a muffled burp, "Too fat for you huh? Too much of a pig?" Amy began unbuttoning her pajama top, revealing the lack of a bra underneath, until it was hanging off her, her belly and the center of her chest exposed, barely concealing her nipples. The Doctor, slowly moving away from the other side of the TARDIS console, tried to sneak a word in: "Uh, perhaps I should just uh, leave you two here, to—" "Nooooo," retorted Amy, clearly drunk beyond all reason, "Why don't we aaaallllllll take a look at how fat Amy's gotten." With a dazed, sloppy movement of her arm, she flung off her shirt, revealing her beautiful, perky round breasts—the limelight only stolen by the sheer size of the gut they were sitting upon. "Amy, Amy, please put that back on," stuttered Rory, totally unprepared for this situation, "Maybe you should just rest, maybe you should just—" "Maybe I should just get another bottle of—hic—scotch and another tub of ice cream, because I'm so fat—*burrrrrrp*," she roared at Rory, her breasts bouncing wildly as she shook her finger at him, her bloated gut jiggling ever so slightly beneath it, and began fumbling to pull down her pajama pants as well, in some sort of wild display of how sexy she insisted she still was. "Amy, please—" "No, go on! Get it!" she slurred, "Get it, now! Go on!" Rory looked at the Doctor, who dashed down the hallway and returned with Amy's request, trying to look awkwardly away from the naked figure she was drunkenly showing off—a mess of crazy red locks cascading down over a truly sexy pair of tits that any man would lust after, and then over an unwieldy beer belly that would shock most men right out of their lust, her pajama bottoms partially pulled down over a formerly tight round ass that was just beginning to show the telltale signs of weight gain. Amy dizzily lowered herself into a sitting position, her gut bulging out even more obviously and nearly covering her crotch as she did so. She grabbed the tub of ice cream and the scotch from the Doctor's hands, and through drunken tears, shouted "Look at what a cow I am, Rory Williams thinks I'm just a big fat drunk cow." She began shoveling ice cream into her mouth by the spoonful, dripping down across her exposed breasts and down the side of the globe that was her gut. Safe to say, she and Rory were delivered back to her Earth home the next day. --- To be continued...? Feel free to leave comments and requests!
  6. Clara has gained a few pounds, and the Doctor finally noticed. A realistic Doctor Who weight gain story. "How was your date with Danny?" asked the Doctor, looking away from the TARDIS screen to see Clara strolling into the TARDIS from her bedroom, adorned in a leather jacket and a pair slacks (that looked very tight, thought the Doctor.) Her hair was a mess, and a smear of what looked like chocolate ice cream was visible on her beautiful face. They had clearly been having fun."Wonderful, actually," said Clara. "Danny knows all the best places for a good dinner! And then we went out for ice cream afterwards. And he paid for everything! He's very gentlemanly, you should try it some time," she laughed. As she reached up to put her jacket on a hook, the Doctor thought for a moment he spied a sliver of stomach pushing out unusually far over the tight waistband of her slacks, which seemed to be squeezing her unusually tightly."Yes, well, I find that doesn't always work for me," said the Doctor in reply, and turned back around to face the TARDIS screen. Then, suddenly, he turned around to face Clara again."Clara," he said, narrowing his eyes. "You're looking... different.""I am?" said Clara, confused, a few crumbs still lingering on her adorably round face. "What do you mean?"The Doctor's eyes glanced at the smear of ice cream around her mouth, and wondered if her slight double chin had always been there. His eyes then passed over her body, a sliver of her rounded belly still visible since she hadn't pulled her shirt back down, and quite a chest to match. Had she always looked like that? He couldn't remember. Maybe he'd just never taken the time to properly assess her body. And anyway, he'd certainly given up any thoughts of Clara "like that" ever since regenerating. "Probably nothing, I'm just a confused old man," said the Doctor."If you say so," laughed Clara nervously, and pulled her shirt back down over her stomach."All right, off to bed with you now, it's past your bedtime!" "It sure is," laughed Clara, and set off down the TARDIS hallway. But suddenly the Doctor's eyes were averted again, this time because of the love handles he could now see were pushing out over her waistband and jiggling ever so slightly as she walked away, her hips swaying. The Doctor wondered again—was he mad, and she'd always looked like this Or was she getting a bit pudgy? Oh well, thought the Doctor, perhaps Danny's just making her very happy. It wasn't his place to wonder. He returned to studying his screen.---"Clara?" called the Doctor, frowning at a worrying blip on the TARDIS screen."Just a minute!" called back Clara from her room down the hallway.A few minutes went by. Nothing."Clara, I really need you to come out here right now! There's something I need you to see!""Just a moment!" came Clara's reply.That's it, thought the Doctor, I have to go see what is taking her so long.As he passed by Clara's open doorway, his eyes widened.There was Clara, standing topless in front of her mirror—and there was no hiding that her body was now positively curvy, bordering on fat. Her hips formed voluptuous love handles that drooped over the waistband of the pants she was struggling to cram herself into, and her now-bulbous stomach bulged out significantly ahead of her. And, though he tried his best not to look at them, a pair of huge breasts now sat perkily on top of all this. My god, he thought, she really has changed."Clara?" said the Doctor cautiously."Ahhh!" screamed Clara in surprise, and covered her sizable breasts with one arm, though they bulged out above and below it. "Don't look at me!""What's going on?" he asked."Can't you see?" she sobbed. "I'm fat! I'm too fat to get these wretched pants back on, and I'm too fat to keep going on all these missions with you!""Oh Clara," said the Doctor awkwardly, "you're not—I mean, well, you're—""Of course I'm fat, I've gained 50 pounds since last year! You must have noticed! Or if you haven't noticed this fat gut, at least you must have noticed how much slower I've been moving lately... It's all these dates Danny's been taking me on, he knows I have a sweet tooth and he always indulges it. And now look at me!" she sobbed, grabbing a handful of belly fat, "I can't be seen with you like this! I'm an embarrassment! And all because I just can't stop shoving sweets in my face!" She buried her face in her hands and sobbed."Don't worry about it," said the Doctor, half-shielding his eyes to respect her privacy. "Sit down, it's okay."Clara walked over to a seat and sat down, and the Doctor had to hide yet another look of shock as her newly fattened stomach bunched up into several embarrassing rolls, spilling completely over the button and crotch area of her trousers. She may have been sucking in when she'd arrived earlier, but now that she'd been exposed, she had no choice but to let it all out."Listen, Clara," said Doctor. "You should do what you love. And if you love your life on Earth with Danny, and eating Earth sweets, and that's getting in the way of running around all day with me... well then, that's okay.""Really?" said Clara, drying her eyes."Of course," said the Doctor. "Here." He disappeared into the innards of the TARDIS for a brief minute, and came back with a decadent chocolate cake on a platter."You have chocolate cake on the TARDIS??" asked Clara, suppressing a laugh in her astonishment."Of course I have chocolate cake on the TARDIS, I love it!" roared the Doctor comically, handing her a plate with a generously sized portion on it. "Even if I don't eat quite as much in one sitting as you do," he added, eyeing the sizable rolls spilling over her waistband and trying to imagine just how much she must have eaten to make this happen."Hey!" shouted Clara through a large mouthful of cake."Just kidding!" said the Doctor hurriedly. "Just joking around. You know me.""Yes," said Clara, a smile creeping across her round face once more, "and I'm glad I do." --- I have a few more of these, should I post more? Not sure if this is the right forum for fanfics. Let me know!
  7. Well I certainly wouldn't call my girlfriend "mean", but she was definitely hot and popular in high school. Then, well, food happened. Does that count?
  8. Agreed. There's a part of me that feels slightly evil for it, but a while ago I realized the more I bring her food and drinks so she doesn't have to get up, the more she asks for them and the less she gets up herself. I can't think of the last time she actually got up off the couch to get something. I don't blame her - For a girl that still has the slim, weak limbs of her former 110 lb. self, it's probably exhausting to haul around this heavy new beer belly all day. This is a common sight: falling asleep on the couch at a party, after a long day of watching TV, drinking, and eating snacks. This is how many of her friends first discovered she wasn't the slim high school bikini model she used to be...
  9. I do enjoy how my fiancée used to humble-brag about her good mile-run times in high school... and now after climbing the one short flight of stairs to our apartment, she breathlessly plops down on the couch to watch TV and eat a double helping of dinner as if she just ran a mile. 😂
  10. Check out the Jenna Coleman thread from not too long ago. Pictured: Clara in silk pajamas on the Orient Express
  11. I don't generally bring it up... I want her to keep on eating the way she's eating without worrying too much about the consequences haha. But her friends are definitely noticing... let's just say, when they all hang out together wearing crop tops, she stands out a bit now.
  12. Comparing my girl with others can definitely be a turn on. In my case, her friend group consists of slim, toned, "traditionally hot" girls, which she used to be herself. But lately when they hang out, it's becoming apparent that her body no longer quite "fits in" with theirs, that she's the only one beginning to show a beer belly. It's hot to me that she could easily still have that same slim body, but she's the only one that's let herself go. (Pic for reference - my girl on the left)
  13. Sounds like you know my fiancée, haha! One of the hottest and fittest girls in high school, plus a few years of overeating junk food and heavy drinking in college, equals a much slower, lazier girl... 😁
  14. If my fiancée is anything to go by, they often start wearing crop tops when they're thin in high school, then as the pounds pile on in college, the thought never occurs to them that they should stop.
  15. Here's an observation from yesterday morning I found pretty "delectable"... She has this pair of nylon tights with a really tight waistband that she sometimes wears, usually under a professional or business casual outfit. She always used to pull them up to her belly button to keep them tight, but this morning when she was getting dressed she was complaining - "I can't get them over my belly! These fit perfectly just a month or two ago... I guess I'll just leave them under my belly for now..."
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