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  1. With an error code profile privacy. I've Seen it a few times with people who used to have public profiles and curious what it actually entails Is it basically the same as deactivating a social media account?
  2. Wondering if you guys/girl with feeders/feedees view them as a romantic partner who you share a fetish with or more like a fwb who comes over for fetish related fun ? Personally I wouldn't do it with someone I wasn't prepared to date but maybe that's not the norm?
  3. Both good points. I tend to go through phases where I become really sexually charged and the kink tendencies obviously grow stronger in these times, I don't want to demonize it either but I much prefer how I feel when I'm in a more platonic mindset and finding more enjoyment in other things - when I'm in a horny mood, other areas that should compel me don't really have the same appeal and I feel unbalanced. I think long term the ideal would be partnering up with someone who I really like and who has a bit of a belly (perhaps even overeats once every now and then because they know I have a bit of a kink for that) and I'm not pressure her into anything she's not comfortable with, and besides that it's just a normal healthy relationship - so many of these relationships based primarily in fetishes strike me as really unstable and questionable but if it works well enough for both then power to them I think I'm going to move for a while regardless. I guess places like mexio/southern states of america/india would have me surrounded by women with bellies, but I'm not prepared to move somewhere just for this, rather just move somewhere I'm interested in living and if it has more chubby women than here (which is likely since Australia is the most fitness conscious place) then that will be a bonus
  4. I've got this thing for girls with bellies and deliberately overeating which most people find really weird but some of you guys might be able to relate to it?
  5. Just my annual whinge into the void since I obviously can’t talk about this with anyone I know - feel free to ignore it In my experience... Most girls do not want even a slight belly to put it mildly and feel extremely self conscious if they have anything other than a flat stomach… even that’s not always enough these days… they want abs (especially in Australia) which are comparatively way harder for a girl to achieve than a guy given how women sit at a higher body fat naturally. Of course I support people achieving their goals (even if they are motivated by insecurity). Most girls don’t have the genetics to gain mainly in the belly anyway. Most girls dress in a way that conceals their belly if they have one ( understandably ) Almost no girls like having their belly drawn attention to, touched or even complimented, even if they have a pretty flat stomach, it’s almost like an area you have to pretend doesn’t exist on them. Most girls will freak out if they find out you think stomach fat is sexy, even the open minded ones Most girls deliberately never eat much around guys they’re into so they don’t look bloated. Or sucks being attracted to the B which unlike boobs and butt - which are often fat as well - is so widely undesired. Half of my female friends are borderline anorexic and literally starve themselves but think they look great and get compliments which confirms in their mind that they’re doing the right thing. We live in a time where the “curves” that are in are even more unattainable than the emaciated model look and require most women to get implants and wear a fucking corset - I’m yet to see a “body positive” model with a gut - they always have wide hips and hourglass figure and yet supposed to be promoting the message that all shapes and sizes are sexy. The only women I see out and about with bellies are mums or middle aged women, and it’s understandable but it sucks. Then there’s the fact that I’m in fairly good shape and have a reasonably healthy diet, so even if I were to meet a girl with a cute belly and I convince her that I find her body sexy, my lifestyle might lead her to feel self conscious. Then there’s the fact that I’m not always thinking with my dick and do actually care about peoples wellbeing so I wouldn’t ever persuade someone to gain against their judgment and would always support someone losing weight if they thought it was in their best interest, but I can’t deny that it will slightly dent my attraction to them. And personality is still the most important aspect of any relationship. If a girl has a serious belly and she doesn’t have a kink or fetish for feedism or stuffing or gaining or anything then honestly the question does arise… is she just really fucking lazy? Because that’s not an attractive trait in a life partner if it’s something that spills over into other areas of life; I want someone who would also be down to do things, travel, and who has some self restraint too. In the past I have found myself getting magnetised to girls with bellies before realising that I actually cannot stand their personality and it would be ridiculous to try and be with them simply for their body shape. Then I feel bad and wonder whether I’m fetishing women, but the fact is yes I probably am but also so does everyone to some degree - is my friend who’s into stick thin women with enormous booties not doing that as well? I just see it as being part of my natural sexual attraction to women plus it’s more natural to be attracted to a woman with extra pounds given one hundred thousand years of evolution where that was a signal of fertility, although I’m not sure why the ** belly look has always been the sexiest form for me. Either way I don’t feel too bad about it because I know I would always put the person first and hold their best interests at heart but I still question it sometimes. I’ve got to be the only guy swiping on dating apps hoping that the nice girl I’m talking to is actually chubbier in person than she is in her photos. Tried being with a thin girl with a flat stomach (and abs) and while they can be pretty there is 0 sexual attraction. Ladies who are chubby all over don’t do it for me either, I wish my damn preferences weren't so narrow. But I’ve been into this my whole life so it’s not surprising… but man I never realised how frustrating it would make dating. Does anyone relate? Any advice or anything you want to share I’m all ears
  6. Damn sexy story, crazy how someone without any fetish for this can allow themselves to gain so much so quickly, although it sounds like she wasn’t too embarrassed I had a coworker who was sexy and pretty slim with a hella belly and would eat tons at lunch break, I literally couldn’t think clearly when I was around her, if she wasn’t engaged I would have risked my job to make a move
  7. ✅ sexy ✅ smart ✅ has the same weird fucking fetish as me *falls onto one knee and presents you with a Cheetos ring*’
  8. Actually I retract everything I've said, you better not pass up that opportunity! ...but yeah, that would probably be the last time anyone hears from you. Also fantasies are great, I don't want to be the fetish police pissing on everyone's picnic, but some people need to be kept in check so their fantasies don't fuck with other people
  9. @CarlGnarl that's incredibly amusing but I'm sorry you got played like that. Perhaps the other guys also did and that's why they were so quiet and shocked. Hopefully she got her just desserts, not literally.
  10. Pleased with the direction this discussion has taken considering my initial post came out a fair bit more caustic than I intended it ot be It was crass to use the term weirdo - Id be considered a weirdo in many peoples eyes as I've got ADHD and my interests and preferences differ pretty significantly from what seems to be the norm, I suppose I meant more the types who you wouldn't be surprised to discover have a decomposing crow in jar sitting on their windowsill and frequently lick said window. There's some facetiousness when I say this sort of thing, but I've been floored by the ineptitude and depravity of so many comments and messages I've seen over the years, especially when it's not asked for. I think we've identified most the underlying factors, and whilst I'd like to see a lot less of this shit, it's pretty hard to get through to someone who has compartmentalised this fetish from their personal life and morals and values and objectify everyone they see here - possibly because that helps create a semblance of distance between them and the fetish, which they may not be willing to embrace [yet] I know in my early year I had a cut and run mindset; look up S-31, blow my load as quickly as I could, then delete the browsing history even though I was the only one who used that computer, as though I was washing filth off my hands. I never really objectified anyone but I wasn't willing to be myself and I never would have predicted that I would be writing a message like this on a forum oriented around the fetish. Maybe responding to obscene messages with a reasonable response reminding them that you're a human being could lead to some reflection, or maybe the best approach is just to block and possibly report them.
  11. I learned quite quickly that this isn’t a body positive community, nor is it really even a community so much as an omnium gatherum of individuals with somewhat similar kinks and fetishes that happen to imbricate with aspects of the broader body positivity movement. For 90% of guys here bigger is better, and just because it runs contrariwise to the mainstream beauty paradigm doesn’t mean it’s any more virtuous than holding the more common view that thinner is better. Many will claim they’re in support of weight loss or maintenance in the service of being healthier but we know that deeper down they’re hoping the diet fails or they decide to gain again - it’s their fetish after all. I’ve also seen thin and conventionally attractive women being instantly shunned as gold diggers who are just trying to fleece people, or being criticised for their appearance as though their self esteem should be bulletproof since society considers them attractive - nothing body positive about that. Much of the weight gain encouragement is also predicated on the notion that they are not enough as they are - If only they gained another 100lbs they would be beautiful, then if they gained a further 100lbs they would be a goddess, even though they’ve stated that they’re only interested in gaining a few pounds. I speak as someone who doesn’t have the weight gain kink as such, but the obsessing over the numbers has always struck me as absurd even as a fetish. Again, even if this is considered sexy and requested by the gainer, it’s still the antithesis of body acceptance. There’s also a great swathe of the “community” who flatly ignore the preferences and conditions laid out by the models and just foist their own desires onto everyone else. In their twisted world a young girl who’s tentatively experimenting with gaining a few pounds after overcoming anorexia is on the same page as someone who’s aiming to become an immobile blob. Or they assume that everyone is wanting to be brutally insulted and called a fat worthless fuck pig. In many cases it’s disrespectful but in some cases I think it’s just a testament to obliviousness and social ineptitude that abounds. Many of the models who drop in frankly need to talk to a psychologist rather than a den of horny strangers on the internet who are thinking with their dicks and not their heart. For years I made it a point to privately messaged many newcomers over the years to give them a heads up about what they can expect to hopefully make their experience positive and insulate against the darker side - that would sometimes draw out their backstory and half the time I would encourage them to leave because it was obvious that they had joined for the wrong reasons and they were in two minds about it from day one. To join a fetish “community” under the naive assumption that it’s a supportive place only to be bombarded with disrespectful requests and superficial flattery and to realise that very few people really care about anyones wellbeing has to be crushing, and I’ve seen many people realise the hard way. A few years ago a girl I had been speaking with sent me a screenshot of a formally written message she had received from a man. He was making her an offer - he would cover the medical bills with an additional ten thousand dollars if she became so obese that she needed to be hospitalised, and was able to provide evidence. He includes that he was a wealthy businessman and included a most likely doctored photo of his bank balance to prove that he had money. At that point she was so shaken that she removed all of her content and told me she was leaving - which she did - and it was unfortunate because she was a lovely person and she genuinely had a passion for the kink. It was the straw which broke the camels back though, as she had already received her share of abusive messages. I messaged the man and told him that I’d transfer ten thousand dollars into his account if he leapt from the roof of his nearest high rise building, but only once I had evidence that he had gone through with it. He actually replied something to the effect “this is a porn site, stop trying to be a hero”. In another instance, a beautiful soul who I had been talking with for a year or so and was planning to meet at some point abruptly sends me a farewell message stating that she was being blackmailed by a spineless scumbag who had doxed her (I’m pretty certain he was able to identify her with something in the background of a photo she had taken in her bedroom) and he threatened to send her fetish content to her friends and family lest she comply with his demands. I only just saw it in time before she disappeared from the internet and social media and as far as I can tell she hasn’t reappeared or if she has she’s made herself unsearchable. It’s hard to imagine how panicked she must have been all because a sick fuck felt entitled to her. So the root issue is that some people have divorced their (already lacking) morals and ethics from their sexuality, which alongside the relative anonymity of the online sphere, ultimately gives them free reign to be as callous and predatory as they like, as though they’re interacting with sex bots not real humans - it occurs on dating apps to a lesser extent. I still don’t see how they can live with themselves but I suppose some sociopathic types have a mindset of sexual self gratification regardless of the impact on others, although I would argue the examples above (and death feedism) are closer aligned with sadism. It’s challenging enough to manage the social stigma and negative reactions from family and friends, and the physical difficulties and health relate issues inevitably incurred by weight gain and overeating, these heartless gutless degenerates just make it even harder. It’s really no mystery why most vanish from the “community” without a word, I just hope their circumstances aren’t as direful as the those I’ve mentioned. I’m not sure what the solution is, besides condemning it publicly, educating people on signs of manipulation and encouraging them to report any messages which cause them to feel uneasy and IP banning anyone who’s found to be disrespectful or abusive. A gentler approach of trying to edify and encourage the wrongdoers to take more responsibility over their words and actions may work in some milder cases who have enough empathy. Call me a cynic but I think most of the worst offenders are too far gone.
  12. Yeah and the issue is that drawing attention to this isn’t going to deter anyone who’s guilty of it, like anti sexual assault campaigns, they do it because they get off on the thought of fattening someone against their will otherwise they would just openly discuss it. Anyone who shows interest in that should almost be doxxed just so we can omit or them on any social media they have and let their girlfriend know what’s going on. I’d say about a quarter of all feedees I’ve seen have clearly been doing it to appease a partner and some seem to embrace it but most clearly don’t and I can’t believe that anyone would go to such lengths that they’re seriously changing their own body to please someone else, in a world full of other options… well I can for the same reason that domestic violence is so common and difficult to escape from And then the community starts giving them money if they sell content and adoration and it reinforces it then I assume they disappear one day because either they stood up against their manipulative partner and broke off with them, or family / friends / doctors comments got to them, or they got dumped because their boyfriend enjoys the early stages of weight gain. I spoke to a ssbbw once and she had just been dumped by her partner - they met when she was chubby and over a few years he fed her until she was nearly immobile then left her for a smaller woman and she was left feeling like a big unlovable sack of shit yeah it’s sad.
  13. Anyone who can’t understand why a pets death can be so affecting has never had a pet they cared about. I’m sure he was treated like a prince for those 15 years 🐈 sorry he’s no longer around though Dr Seuss said Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened - it’s a lot easier said than done but I try to remember that in times of loss (if you miss someone or something that means you always have good memories to reflect on) Be kind to yourself, whether that’s making videos or taking a break, you know what’s best for you shine on ✨
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