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  1. You didn't seriously think that she had just gained 20 inches in the stomach and got an outward bellybutton in the space of 5 months did you...
  2. If anyone out there doesn't think this is the ideal feminine body they need their eyes and/or brain checked asap Altho a few more pounds wouldn't hurt
  3. Damn as someone w a partiality for bellies she’s always been the sexiest celebrity. We need her to adopt the whole “I’m too lazy to diet and exercise so I’ll claim I’ve become accepting of my figure” mindset again
  4. ' and I opened up to her about my kink for weight gain and feedism quite early on in our relationship' The two times I've disclosed something similar the girls were disgusted and unsettled. If you've found a girl who doesn't freak out at the thought of it then you've found a winner (that's not to say you should coerce her to gain tho)
    thoroughly enjoyed these pixels and soundwaves 😍
  5. You're giving me a raise whether you like it or not if you know what I mean 😎 edit: pretend that makes sense, I thought you were the boss
  6. Whenever it seems like you can’t possibly get any sexier you go an do this 👌
  7. 1. Phenomenon where people prefer to use their imagination (What a girl may look like under her clothes) than get the reality (Even if they're very attracted to her) 2. People can relate to it more - compare it to coworkers and friend and people they've fantasised about putting on some weight for ages 3. The clothing can accentuate the fat 4. Not everybody prefers clothes to naked anyway Also 5. Stop allowing a few strangers opinions to ruin your experience, particularly their assessment of your character if they don't even know you. That's way too much power to give to a stranger 6. I think you're expecting too much from an online fetish board (I used to as well) over the years I've noticed that a good portion of users are mentally challenged/hypocritical/traumatised/self loathing/severely perverse/sadistic/egomaniacal/socially outcast/resentful (more than the average at least) and that infects the community and it's surely one of the main reasons why only about 1/10 models stick around for more than a few weeks.
  8. why in seven bloody fucking hells can't this be the mainstream beauty standard around the globe..
  9. That’s part of it I guess but mainly just that I feel like it’s difficult to enjoy if the other person isn’t into it..feels a bit exploitative. and you could argue that getting paid to eat a lot and gain a bit of weight is better than getting paid to do a lot of other shit but I think there’s something especially off putting about that, it can have an impact on health and self esteem and stuff you know. That’s if they’re clearly not into it at all like what was clearly the case on a certain site for a while.
  10. Yeah I would love to be more or less satisfied without any of this stuff. But it’s the first thing I was ever into sexually so it’s not just something I can easily detach from or even compartmentalise. Actually I have normalised it a lot because in the very early days I was mostly into pregnancy and stuffing. As you said I worry that if I were to date a thinner girl I would always be turning my head when a girl w a belly walked past, get a bit jealous if friends partners were gaining weight, subconsciously encouraging her to gain a bit. Yeah knowing that there are girls out there who have this kink and try to suppress it because they think they’ll never find anyone else into it or they don’t want to accept it is sad too. It reminds me of that poem “She had blue skin, and so did he He kept it hid, and so did she They searched for blue their whole lives through Then passed right by and never knew”
  11. Ah really? Im not at that level but the girl does have to have a bit of belly fat or im not going to get turned on. But I’m saying that.. A girl had a few dates with, she was kind of chubby in the midsection, anyhow I found her reddit account (accidentally) and a lot of her posts were about weight loss and gaining muscle... I realised it wouldn’t be fair of me to date her long term and try to sort of discourage her from doing what’s going to make her healthier and happier because I’m not into it. Bur if I only went for those who had the kink in my city I wouldn’t really go for anyone ever so I’m trying to compromise. No one is cool with belly fat outside this community though.
  12. Won’t name any names but yeah, gainers and feedees have their reasons for doing what they do and it’s not always expressing a lifelong kink. They’re free to do whatever they want but I’m curious if their enthusiasm or lack of enthusiasm or whatever effects how much you enjoy their content? Personally I’m mostly still into it if the model seems indifferent because I find the physical form and act of stuffing to be sexy, not just what it represents - however if I get the sense that the model would really rather not be doing it but needs to make ends meet (stuff her more than 30 but less than 32 times) , that’s when I struggle to feel anything. Over to you
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