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    If you enjoyed my new bikini, "Svnflower Babe" is now up! 🌻🌻🌻
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    Weigh in and measurement clip coming soon 😈 any guesses?
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    I know you love watching me play with my blubber 😘 NEW VIDEO PENDING
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    Hey y'all! New to this site so any tips are much appreciated! Come say hi!
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    Hi, Curvage! I’ve missed you all! New video pending approval - fat feeder farmer is ready to inspect her hog 😈
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    You may want to make sure you have these videos in stock before my next video drops
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    🥥Love this okole? Now's your chance to see it in action! I know you're gonna like this one... 👅
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    In bed...have a good night💕
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    😘 😘

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    Good morning all! Ugh, looking for jobs is the worst!!! What are you up to today??? 💋❤️😍
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    Growing Greedy Girlfriend

    Hah no not that I’m aware of. Her mom is a bit Indulgent herself and only ever supports her. In fact when she’s back home she does a lot of eating and she always comes back looking a little softer than before. She’s only be there for a few days so we’ll see what happens, I’m supposed to see her tomorrow so I’ll definitely see the results soon hah.
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    I share pictures of my belly which took a lot of fat. My clothes really fit me smaller and smaller. My belly grew so much that it blew the button on one of my dresses! Don't hesitate to ask me questions and encourage me, it will motivate me to be more active here Envoy Ps: A new video will be coming soon!
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    Watch it jiggle, see it wiggle! Watch my first video! I’m proud to be a Curvage model. If you have any suggestions of what you want to see, let me know! I love bouncing my big belly and fingering my belly button for you. 7
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    *50% OFF* Girlfriend in Denial

    Oh Leda, Such a hot scenario. Everything rings true as you have obviously been eatin' very good. You are thriving. All pink and rosy, jiggly-wiggly, and roly-poly. And it must all feel so good for you. Realizing your natural inclinations have been right all along. Blossoming evermore desirable and luscious as you indulge yourself. Your body rewarding you with visceral pleasure as you bounce enchantingly. And yes. I love seeing how much you appreciate the gifts your fat belly brings to you. The fat femme bosom, the reassuring praise of worshipers, the affirmation of your own innermost desires. You are swelling with pride and gratitude and it is oh so evident.
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    Autumn Lynn

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    🔥 NEW NEW NEW NEW 🔥 🍪COOKIES MOUNTAIN🥤COKE BLOAT🍦ICE CREAM🐷STUFF😋BURPS💨BELLYBUTTONPLAY💦 ✨MY COMPLETE HAPPY HOLIDAY!✨ 25 minutes of PURE GLUTONY!! 🚨🚨🚨 SALE CONTINUE!🚨🚨🚨 🤩SSBBW in Gipsy Dance n BellyPlay very sexy, shaking the belly and moving body fats ONLY$4,95! 🤩First Time Mentos & Coke Belly Bloat / by Brazilian BBWCamilla! ONLY $4,95! 🤩Roast chicken stuffed with Brazilian BBWCamilla! With Soda 😋 ONLY $4,95! 🤩Stuffing and Burping marathon! Salty and Sweet in Relay🐷 ONLY $4,95! 🤩 🍔 COMPLETE CHICKEN FAMILY BOX 🍗🍟 ONLY $4,95!! 🤩👅 Sucking Iced Lollipop 🍭 ONLY $4,95!! 🤩🍿NETFLIX & GLUTTONY🍿 ONLY $4,95!! ➡️ Watch my special and fetish videos! ⬅️ 💬Talk with me!
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    You should be a queen and just lay on the couch and eat, your belly will take all the place
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    Try on haul coming soon 🙊🔥
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    Italian Celebs who gained weight

    Diletta leotta and Ludovica pagani gained a lot of weight
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    I think it might be time for a name change from HungryLilKitty to InsatiableLilKitty 😏
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    Your creation is finally complete, you've spent the last few years programming just to finally build your perfect girlfriend.Just enter her name, her skin color and the fun begins! You can choose everything about her: hair style, clothing and.. body size, of course.
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    NEW VIDEO - 😳I RIPPED MY JEANS! 😳 Come watch me huff and puff as I stuff myself into tight and outgrown jeans. I’m out of breath before I even start. And then out of nowhere... RIP! I ripped my jeans on camera and was totally shocked.. and turned on. My gut is wobbling like a big ball of flab in every direction the entire time, so damn hot! I nearly had a heart attack lol. You need to see this ❤️
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    Check my Planet Fitness tee shirt…I’ve very serious about making my gains…lol
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    Curvage Casey

    Curvage Casey: Out of Control

    My mobility is honestly horrific nowadays.. I've just gotten SO lazy. My ass is parked in some form of chair all day long. I am super duper sedentary now. Even just heaving myself up out of a chair gets me out of breath. And I love it, hehe
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    🚨NEW VIDEO: INTRO PRICE LAST HOURS!!! 🚨 I've gained soooo much... but how BIG do I want to be by next year? 🤭 My Gaining goals video is finally live!! Last year was a big one for me: Establishing myself as a Curvage model, becoming a full-time BBW Princess and of course...gaining a whole lot of weight. 2022 however, will be a HUGE year! In this video I answer your questions and discuss my growing goals. I can't resist playing with my bigger body while we chat. My now massive boobs, my full round belly, these wiiiide hips. I can't keep my hands of my new size now...just imagine next year 🤤💕 ⬇️ SCROLL DOWN FOR THE QUESTIONS ⬇️
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    Many of you might be wondering if I'm still a feedee and gaining weight, the answer is ofc yes! Don't worry 🤎🤍
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    I loveeeee this one! Sexy raver got FAT 🐷💗 with MEASUREMENTS✨
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    Hank Scorpio

    Female wrestlers

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    How’re you magical bbs doing this morning?! 🕯✨🍀🌙🍒
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    FeedeeBrooke's Gain Train!

    Guess who just joined the 300+ club? Mommy did 💋
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    Goooood morning!!!! 💋💋 I have been up for awhile doing my mom duties but man, I've been feeling myself lately! I'm so happy I get to share it with you ❤️😘🤟feel free to DM me content suggestions
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    chubby belly.jpg

    © solangecurvage

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    FrenchPiggyRomi journey

    @Kenzo998 i hope it will be harder and harder 🐷😘
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    FrenchPiggyRomi journey

    @bing3333 im so glad you enjoy my content and journey 🐷😘
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    Soda, burps and new weight


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    In this video you watch attempt #3 me squeezing my big flabby butt through a doggy door! I've actually gained quite a bit of weight since the last time I tried this.. so there's that lol I will say this video is better than my #2 and #1 attempt but you would have to purchase to find out for yourself 😈 This file contains: stuck content | fat chat | struggling | moaning
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    GainingGothGF 🖤

    🚨 Important announcement for our community: PLEASE READ🚨 (If this is tl;dr please skip to the end of the post for an important way I need your help). 36 342.08 kB 7 53.27 kB 7 88.46 kB 0 175.92 kB 0 71.83 kB As most of you probably know by now, I (GainingGothGF, currently going by CurvyGothGF) was very publicly doxxed on the front page of Reddit 2 days ago (in r/all) with a before and after weight gain photo which was stolen from a weight gain fetish subreddit. The post of me was made on r/cringetopia where it recieved 34K+ upvotes and got to the main page of Reddit for many hours, where it left me (with face showing and content creator username mentioned in comments) exposed for friends, family, clients from my career, etc to see. I was bullied and harassed incessantly with a couple thousand (mostly) hate comments before they were shut down. Needless to say, this whole experience has been emotionally exhausting and basically one big panic attack for me. If you want to know more details, about what happened you can see more in my GainingGothGF forum on here. But why do I say all of this again? Two reasons. I need the models here to know that this subreddit is currently focusing on making as many fatphobic posts as possible right now, and ripping apart fat people (and even some other fat content creators they found on tik tok and shared there) in the comments. I have followed their discussions about me/ our community on and outside of Reddit and they know about all of the subreddits we post in. They are even trying to come on to my sites, take my content and share it “all over the internet”. Don’t know why they hate/ us me so much, but they are out for blood. Reddit is not a safe place anymore. Despite these fat fetish subs being made private, they are still getting in and re-posting content on Instagram, Reddit etc for anyone and everyone outside our community to see. Please consider deleting your fetish reddits and laying low on social media. It would break my heart if this happened to anyone else. Reddit isn’t worth it, we have better options. Secondly, I need you all to do me and this whole community a favor. PLEASE report r/cringetopia to the Reddit proper mods (NOTE- do NOT interact with cringetopia mods- they are the ones making these posts). Go to the Reddit helpdesk and file a report. They should be reported for bullying on the basis of fatphobia, sexual identity, gender, race etc (all are things they bully regularly). But please don’t post about this on other Reddit subs, they will find those and be fueled more. Simply report r/cringetopia and do not engage (other than to report specific users making these posts). Your help could save other members of our community from getting doxxed and/ or being forced to quit making content. Thank you for reading and for your help! 2
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    You have got to see my big ass struggle as I try to wiggle my way through this tight doggy door
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    💞 hi new people! come hangout in my thread ❤️ 🥵 cum talk to me or buy my clips
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    My newest clip is now available in the clip store!! In this 29-minute video, I drink soda, talk about my gain, burp, and play with my bloated belly. Check it out HERE!
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    Misc. Fat Celebs

    'Tis the season for cheap, bad, Hallmarkesque Christmas movies, and I noticed that the writer and female lead (Lauren Swickard) in 2020's A California Christmas and its 2021 sequel has really filled out. 2020 trailer: 2021 trailer: Pre-pandemic: 2021 trailer:
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    Addicted to street tacos and bean burrritos 😋
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    More of that soft, creamy body 😍 one of her reels has her belly and muffin top spilling out of skirts that she no longer fits! 🤤🤤
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    Jem Wolfie - another curvy aussie girl

    Rip this figure ⬇️
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