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    Wait till you see how fast I get both of these milkshakes down 🤤 I’m soooo bloated I look pregnant 🤰🏼 ✨Video to come next week! ✨
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    My dinner tonight: 12 meat empanadas ✨ Do you want me to make a video eating them? . . On my profile you can find my first video eating my favorite snacks and chocolates 🍭🎉🔥✨
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    This video is so extremely hot. Good lord I love being praised for my fat rolls. 😍
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    fuck I’ve gotten fat 🥵🥵🥵
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    another transformation pic 😈 had an amazing tipsy stuffing today! working towards that summer body 🥰
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    Loving myself chubby

    Loving myself chubby
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    Rosie Marie Feedee's Thread

    Hello my darlings!! ❤️ I just wanted to pop on here and ask you all what kind of content you'd like to see from me? You know I value your opinions and needs.
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    She did loose weight since her heaviest but recently put some on, a shame she never performed in this outfit at her biggest
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    Curvage Casey

    Curvage Casey

    PLOP 🖤 I wonder if I should post a belly plop/drop video soon 😏🤰🏻
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    A bit posy from me but still cute
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    Ira Corpse


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    Advice to keep wife bigger?

    Dinner went well with old friends. My friend’s wife has always been a little thick but goes from skinny to thick, she’s more top heavy. But not fat. She’s also very outspoken. Her and my wife had almost identical outfits. Tucked in shirt to jeans, and my friends wife was more on the thinner side of her weight yo-yo. She just said “damn girl I needed to work up the confidence to wear this outfit, you look great!” She says this as she maybe has a small belly outline while my wife’s is legit massive. We all are and drank well and had a good time. Then as always when we go out, we stopped for ice cream on the way home.
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    I was so Bloated I thought I would 💥
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    Captain Kayos

    Maria Makarova

    More recent Maria (Mary) Makarova:
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    Looking round and huge💜💜
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    Pretty brown princess

    Why not lol

    Here's some more. Got a little too wet in the first one, accidentally fell into the bath decided to take some sexy sexy pictures and I love pink so decided to love myself in them
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    Oh, this pure pulchritude at every stage!
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    Getting sooooo chubby!!

    Getting sooooo chubby!!
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    Ahahaha that's hot 🥵
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    Queen Celeste

    So I married a feeder...

    Here are a few more picks i dont think? ive posted here before. i love the second one cause its a few months after I discovered delta8 and my husband started really spoiling me. I dont think yall know just how much of a fat lazy pig ive become. but yall will. yall will. coming very soon...
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    Just when I sit down I feel it really more for now. Yeah I have the same shorts ahahah 🙈🙈🙈
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    That's the fact just a beer and meal belly 🙈🐷
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    My boss its away so i will be a naughty maid and eat all he food over he bed, letting crumbles everywhere. Then i will be so stuffed and play with my belly.


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    Gaining weight with dietary restrictions

    It's easy to gain weight as a vegan. These days there are so many brands that make tasty vegan treats and pastries, and it can be really fun to explore what's on offer. They are no healthier than ones with dairy and eggs. You could also try baking vegan desserts together. Also, explore uses of cashew cream.
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    Your favorite BBW SSBBW is partaking in her favorite hobby. EATING. I eat all day and all night. Usually while watching tv. I live on the couch or in bed. It is hard to know when one day stops and another begins. Suddenly my massive belly is gurgling and swelling. I am blowing up with fat. I am gaining weight like crazy. I burst my seams and rip through my clothes. I am fattening up like a hog. I wobble to the bathroom to see the scale and to my horror the numbers are climbing before my very eyes. I try to leave but my hips and ass are too wide for the door. I am stuck! WHEN WILL I WAKE UP FROM THIS NIGHTMARE! Contains: Nightmare elements, weight gain, body expansion, food stuffing, fat shaming, stuckage, standing on the scale, clothes ripping, big belly, full body fattening
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    Curvage Casey

    Uh, is that a trick question? Yes, you obviously should lol
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    Curvage Casey

    Oh Casey! You are so well filled out and pretty. I'm in love with your proudly coy little girlie smile (oops, it seems I fattened up!) in contrast with your hyper-voluptuous figure.
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    It would be perfect to have a beauty like you and gain weight
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    Cant wait to stuff this belly with breakfast tomorrow ❤️
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    Curvage Casey

    I've always wanted a gf that would be comfortable in a bikini. It'd be really hot if you decided to just wear your hottest suit, let that belly out and relax by the pool (of course with plenty of food and snacks) sure Bae would appreciate 😉 but do what makes you comfortable
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    Oops, I’m really starting to become a fatass 🥵 this gut is swelling by the day..
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    CutieDonut +80 lbs WG

    It's so hot today! 🥵 ‼️24 HOURS SALE JUST STARTED! ‼️ Belly stuffing - Cutie Donut eating donuts $6.00 to $3.99 My First Fast Food Stuffing - 5k Calories $7.99 to $5.99
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    Rosie Marie Feedee's Thread

    It would make my day to see some reviews if you folks have time. It helps me know what I'm doing well so I can continue producing great content for you all!!
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    Really hoping i start to feel better by my birthday on Friday, but even if I'm still bedridden know that I can't wait to make content for you all! ❤️
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    As several of you know, I've been gaining weight too easily lately and that's the reason why any of my clothes fit on me anymore, so I had to update you trying some clothes to show you my advance, and here is it, my new try on clothes for you, so enjoy :3 Oh, right, also in this video did the new viral sprite challenge trend, about trying not to burp until you finish the soda, so this is also funny to see


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    Booty preview.
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    Does the grey bodysuit still fit?
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    Have you see my new weigh in video yet? ☺️☺️
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    Mmmm me encanta como me veo en estas fotos so hot
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    So I married a feeder...

    Wow you look so hot... good that you married that feeder of yours
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    Queen Celeste

    So I married a feeder...

    Funny you should say that! Got home, took off my work clothes, and im about to eat mountains of yums and film my first clip to post tonight! Then after THANKSGIVING🤩 tomorrow im gonna do a certain.. comparison with a belly filled to the brim!
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    Queen Celeste

    So I married a feeder...

    Home and feel like im about to pop! Woo!
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    Queen Celeste

    So I married a feeder...

    We got married around 4 years ago! I knew his kink before we got married, but once I moved in I told him i'd give the lifestyle a chance and let go... He indulged me while we were dating, and I definitely gained, but I really blew up when we starting living together. Not having to lift a finger is paradise. And food is addictive! I'll just say it's nice 😁 So to give a timeline.. The picture with the stuffed animal is when we started dating, and then the one with me sitting on the ground is my wedding rehearsal, the last one is me high as fuck eating a whole bag of halloween candy while my hubby takes funny candids 😅
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    Devi Thikk

    It's Pizza Phriday!

    It's Pizza Phriday!
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    SSBBW feedee new here!

    Hi there. I’ve been in the feedee world a few years now but I’m excited to explore this website ...even if I’m a little overwhelmed 🙈
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