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    My girlfriend need y’all a help

    I think she may be the heaviest she’s ever been
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    CutieDonut +80 lbs WG

    Thank you all for kind words they really make me feel motivated and i know that im walking the right path. Also thank you for searching for funnel to fatten me up even more. 🐷Now i need to find special someone to use it on me hihi.🤭 I think that we all can agree that you guys should do it instead of me ?😊 Anyone up to the task ? Make me your truly fattened piggy.🐷🥵 Don’t know what is the weather for you guys, but for me there is snowing pretty badly so i need to wear cozy sweaters and tracksuit, that i bought this summer to wear this winter. 🐷This is perfect time for sweet sweet calories like cocoa with marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate and gingerbreads.🤤 Since im pretty greedy i drink couple of these sweet goods a day. Spending most of the day under a blanket with snacks. Someone wants some chocolate?🥰 The best fan of the week award goes to @Decoder congratulations ❤️
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    A few unused snapshots from my latest video ❤️
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    Chubby Chi Chi

    Chubby ChiChi

    I have a few lovely ideas of new videos! Honestly I’m craving a pizza right now and would show that pizza who’s boss 💕
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    Very grateful for all the sales. Bellissima will get fatter this weekend. No doubt
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    Warning: reading through this thread my lead to extreme horniness and vigorous ejaculation 😂😂😂 Hahaha i need to tell you about my aspirational xxxxl shorts that my sister made fun off but am too hi right now. Hope you are all enjoying Friday. Guess what I am doing rn.
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    Candii Kayn

    Make me bigger already 💕🐷
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    Im off to flaunt my curves all over the north island of New Zealand 😘 have a killer weekend your ghoulfriend loves you
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    A thin, fit Casey turns to dark magic to maintain her "perfect" body, but the demon she summons wants to play a cruel trick on the naive and entitled brat. Casey''s wish for the ideal body goes drastically wrong and she completely loses all self control as the demon takes control of her body AND appetite. See trailer below for more! If you love weight gain and expansion - you do NOT want to miss this spoo0o0oky masterpiece! SO much gratitude for @JamesJColey who made this possible with his legendary SFX! You can expect more from us in 2023 ❤️


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    I did, I really enjoyed it! It left me wanting more, I’d love to see you push yourself further!
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    The BOOK is LIVE!!! I’ve worked on this for so long and I’m so proud of it!!! It’s over 70,000 words!!! And SOOOO freaking HOTTT❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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    *bows* All truth and honesty, milady. Besides, its all true. You are sexy, amazing, and awesome
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    💖 ✨ 💝

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    Hi, I'm Alice

    After dinner
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    Kate Elizabeth Sharp

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    Don’t know what is the weather for you guys, but for me there is snowing pretty badly so i need to wear cozy sweaters and tracksuit, that i bought this summer to wear this winter. 🐷This is perfect time for sweet sweet calories like cocoa with marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate and gingerbreads.🤤 Since im pretty greedy i drink couple of these sweet goods a day. Spending most of the day under a blanket with snacks. Someone wants some chocolate?🥰
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    boss frond

    AI chat bot creations

    I really treat it like an interactive game more than anything. If you put very high quality writing in you can get some fun things out. But the more time you spend with these AI tools the more you understand that there is really no "intelligence" there. I started another post about NovelAI which I think has some fun features that let you kind of create a world and heavily guide the "AI" so that you have your own text adventure game that you can glean some inspiration from.
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    This is me 😘

    I would love to play with this cute, chubby body!!
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    Coach From Left 4 Dead 2

    Lauren Jauregui

    Plus two extra pics I found from the performance the other night
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    Coach From Left 4 Dead 2

    Lauren Jauregui

    Screenshots from the new Pina music video
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    feed x me x daddy

    I literally can not stop eating🐷🐷
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    NEW NEW NEW! Gosh my belly looks huge here 🥵
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    Piper Pines

    Piper Pines...

    What is your favorite thing to order from Panda Express?
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    Kaleena Steinback

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    Piper Pines

    Piper Pines...

    New clip drops today!!!! Here is a preview
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    Nikki Maialina

    Though you probably can’t tell, I’m wearing matching shorts 😅😳 But on me they're more like panties 😇 I absolutely love how low my belly is hanging these days and it gets me sooo excited! 😍🥵
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    You have a lot of feminine charms at your disposal so convincing me to rub your belly should be really easy.
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    Love how deep my belly button is getting and I think my sister loves it too 🥵
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    The most sexiest I’ve ever felt

    The most sexiest I’ve ever felt
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    More WG pics :)

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    Kitty's been super busy lately.. she's barely got time to do anything..cause she's been busy eating! .... lol.. eating til her heart's content and her belly can't possibly take anymore! In this weigh in/measurements video you'll see just how much she's been eating lately when you see how much she's bursting out of her clothes that just fit her a month ago! She's got her old feeder back and he's been stuffing her with lots of fast food and making sure she's always stocked up on food! .. She's not playing around this time, she wants to get HUGE! .. In this video I reveal my new maximum goal weight. With the help of my feeder I'm more motivated than ever to get this weight gain train going! I'm excited to share with you all just how much I've gained this month and how much more weight I plan on gaining. You've all been wonderful supporters and for that I'll forever be greatful ❤️ ^ check out side by side comparison of my love handles & belly from just a few weeks to a month ago, my belly is protruding so much...I'm ready to burst! 🎈🥵💕


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    My sister’s book launch was amazing. It was the most food I have ever seen at a book launch. There was pizza, cream cakes, brownies, strawberries, mini pies, snack platters. She kept asking if I had had enough to eat and encouraging me to get more drinks. Her book sold out even though the price is insane and it made me think of all the sales I am getting from my clips on curvage which is also stupidly expensive. The best part is she bought the dress she was wearing a weak ago and it fit her perfectly then. It’s now too tight and her back fat was forming a roll and hanging over the elastic. She chose the type of dress that hides one’s belly. It was so hot to see her looking thicker and to take pics of her at an event that was just people praising how brilliant she is. I am not surprised I accidentally left the ND filter on my camera and my pics are gonna be grainy cos I was so excited seeing my sister looking so radiant and sexy. F#%k. Dammit so f%#king inappropriate 🥵🥵🥵🥵 No one said a word about my gain but I saw the expressions and I was wet. When I went to pee I could smell the pussy cum. The smell turned me on more, as well as how bloated I was from eating about two pizzas in front of a room full of posh people in suites and formal wear. One of my sisters skinny friends was sitting next to me and she kept stroking my fat in a way that I thought at the time was affectionate but now that I look back she may have been getting turned on seeing this gluttonous hog gorging herself in public. It was a generally hot and steamy evening and I can’t believe how much I ate. I am struggling to breathe but also wished I had taken a lunch box with cream cakes home with me. Better make a mass gainer shake to deal with Bellissima’s insatiable hunger.
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    do you like it from this angle…
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    After my last stuffing and growing out of my biggest pants taking it as a sign to stop wearing pants and grow freely - wouldn’t you agree? *urp
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    New feedee???!!!!

    Back rolls 😍 my stretch marks are coming in like crazy
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    Just here to say SKIMS underwear are the best. If you have lady past 280…. She needs these britches. 😂😂😂
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    Just a few more photos from this set, since they turned out so pretty ❤️
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    Candii Kayn

    Lovely (a must have video for every Candii fan
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    Ellana Bryan

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    CutieDonut +80 lbs WG

    @Decoder @Albos You’re right, fact that I put on so much weight recently is so hot!🥵 When I look in the mirror I don’t really see that much of the difference but when I’m putting the clothes on, the clothes that I didn’t wear for a long time I can feel how tight everything is, how it’s snugging on my chubby body.🐷 Especially when I can’t button up my pants that fit perfectly fine few burgers, few slices of pizza and gallons of wg shake away.🥵 Gosh, my day is immediately better and I feel like a sexy piggy that manage to gain so much weight. I want... I need more!!!🥵 @jajakeke I’m planning to record something with small clothes😘, sorry for taking a little break from recording bigger videos but I didn’t fell like doing it. Don’t worry I am more than sure that there will be something with overeating until it hurts like a good little piggy🤭 @Berytosz I feel differently for sure. I can see a difference in doing things when I was skinny and now, everything is so hard and exhausting nowadays.🐷 Bending over is so embarrassing when you don’t have pants that fits your fat ass. For example putting shoes on😳, I can’t reach my feet… The most embarrassing feeling ever is when I have to lift something off the ground in tight pants in public!!!😳🐷 Imagine me in public trying to lift something off the ground scared of doing fast moves knowing that my pants may not survive this.😱 Slowly bending over, hearing my pant tearing a part and I am in the middle of the crowd…🥵 Similar thing is with my stamina, I am basically breathless after going up to a 3rd floor, but I always have some excuses: weather, being tired, heavy groceries and so on. Sometimes even when I’m trying to put my favorite pants on, I get exhausted…😅 For real, the best option I can see is to have a man that would take care of me or just help, so I can stay in bed and eat some yummy food ideally made by him than ordered by him, than being fed by him. I’d get so freaking fat with a proper help🥵🐷 Also, I have a question for you, in January I’m going to have wisdom tooth removal😱, so I’ll be doomed to a protein shakes for few days or weeks.😥 Do any of you know where I can buy a funnel for feeding? I wished that someone would give me one on Christmas. I want to be tied down and fed against my will, being fattened up like a naught piggy!!!🥵🐷 @Nuka07 @Kasansky Just give me more time and this belly will grow.🤭 @In Love With Bellies Yes, she’s free and hungry like never haha.😘 I feel so much happier now when I’m looking at my growing body. Don’t worry I love sharing everything with you I have only you and I appreciate that you are with me enjoying everything ❤️ Here you go another cute photo of your favorite donut lady. 😈What would you do when girl like her passed you on the street? 😏Would you ask her out?🤔 Also rate me from 1 to 10. I want to hear how fat of a piggy I am!🐷🐷🐷
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    💕 Mindlessly Hungry & Softly Swelling ✨
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    I think I’m a bit fat?
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    Morgan Louise (Moloweez)

    Some nice throwbacks
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    Hi, I'm Alice

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    The gf

    So these are from march. I didn’t realize there was so much of a difference from then to now. I also think I LOST weight since then. Why does my belly look bigger now 😂
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    Kaleena Steinback

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