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    This video is a bargain but it's also the best I've seen in a long time🍾. A beginner belly that is presented in an absolutely sensual way. The fishnet stockings are pulled over the sweet belly at the beginning, then the belly is freed and extensively tested. This was always one of my slim fat dreams that PeachyMomo made come true by now🏆 .....
    peachymomo's first video shows weight gain due to quaratine👍🏻🍩🍫🍟🍔🍕🥞there is probably nothing that is more sexy than when a young woman's slim fat condition is exceeded. she struggles with the short skirt 💥. the skirt has become much too tight overall, the weight gain has evenly enlarged the beautiful legs, the sweet bottom and the little pudgy belly. a body that invites you to stroke and caress for hours. she wears a nice crop top that allows some looks on her growing belly. there are many nice camera positions of her pretty round bottom🎬😻🤸🏻‍♂️ can I have some more, please!!!!!
  1. such a beauty with a sweet little pudgy belly!!!!! looking ultra sexy.....😻🤸🏻‍♂️🎵✨🔥
    "what would you say to me if you saw me pigging out in public? what would you do?" one question for a hundred answers✨🍕🍕🍕🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🤸🏻‍♂️🔥😍 pint-size is different, very. she takes a lot of time while eating, precisely comments on the consumption of a simple but wonderful cheese pizza. she has a very special way of moving and expressing herself, exactly and incredibly erotic. the lower part of the face you can see, the neck and the fingers are very fine and slender. she was a very thin woman who assumed the identity of a pig🐷💖👀. i love this metamorphosis🦋 the presentation, her voice. the completion of a work of art, I hope it never ends ..... 🎭🎨✨she presents the results of this newly discovered lust for eating in a very charming way: a growing, perfectly shaped little belly, trapped in trousers that have recently been much too tight. she seems happily amazed at the weight gain in a very sweet way. the little kiss at the end of the second video part will probably never leave my imagination😘
    you want me to eat more? This question at the end of the pint-sized first video can only be answered with a clear YES !! she forgot the french fries🍟🍟🍟and the dessert lol🍩🍩🍩. it looks so absolutely cute and sexy when a very thin girl gets into the slim fat stage. with a beautiful voice she comments on the enjoyment of 3 burgers and the growth of the 2 sweet rolls on the belly. i especially love the side view on her belly when she is on her knees. I hope for the next episodes ......PLEASE✨🤸🏻‍♂️🎵🔥😍
    the latest video looks fantastic 😻and sounds good🎵✨ there is probably no girl who would look better with the extra pounds🔥🍪🔥on her body. it is the optimal distribution of the most beautiful curves. plus the face of a beauty queen👑. She charmingly hits the soft potbelly🥁 and makes sexy noises. Absolutely good sounding percussion work🎵✨🎵, I could listen for hours .... another 10 + production 🌹🧁🌹🥛😘!!!!
    what a wonderful feminine creature!😻🎵✨ I couldn't dream more beautifully!🧁🎂🍟🍔🍩👙she knows what is important! a video reduced to the basics: the fridge, the good food, the soft, fat potbelly and its erotic presentation. she just keeps getting better and better......
    What can an already beautiful woman beautify? a plump, soft, squishy belly🎈😍. curvy taylor has this fantastic attribute completing her model look👑. she charmingly demonstrates her love for food, which is certainly responsible for the growing belly🍔🥛🍟🌭🍪. plus a cute measuring and belly play. she is in top form, great video🔥✨.
  2. you have set up a nice, soft playground. sexy little pudgy belly🔥🤸🏻‍♂️✨👗🍪🍔😍
    What a great surprise !!!🧁🎂🎵🎈💖Natusik has visibly gained weight again. the potbelly has grown into a large, soft ball. super sexy. she has not lost her cuteness but increased it. she looks so incredibly sweet. a princess🔥 the video is the next big step and is already guaranteed in the eternal hall of feedism fame
  3. looks like a super sexy session!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Video PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🤸🏻‍♂️✨😍
    the extremely cute arii 🎈shows us the latest results of her passion for food: the red dress👗, tightly fitting to the growing body. it shows more than it covers. a really bulging belly that sticks out. who doesn't want to check and touch. like in school, when you detect the weight gain of the girl sitting before you? sweet young curves on the hips, the thighs have grown in size. she has become rounder and she visibly likes it, she extensively presents and comments on her new sweet pounds. Finally, she shows us how she could gain weight so quickly and nibble on a delicious piece of pastry. the joy she has in her beautiful body is contagious🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, a very pleasurable video on all levels!✨🎵✨😍
  4. the best. ever 🎵😍🩸💘
  5. totally beautiful and unusual photos. As an aesthetically sensitive person, I am enthusiastic about the selection of bikini, earrings, hair bow and ice cream. On the one hand pin-up retro charm, on the other hand also up-to-date and a super sweet luscious Kellijellibelli. Well-chosen positions bring the bulging curves and belly rolls in the spotlight. very unique, cool & sexy!🎵🔥🧁😍
    this video will run continuously for me, a slim girl that is putting on fat for the first time wow🎵 😍 it's so sexy, these new curves, this maturing little plump body, plus this visible joy on the face. she really enjoys exploring her new body and laughs with happiness. and she is really pretty, charming and sweet. what a fantastic video full of positive eroticism🎈🧁🥰
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