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  1. Y’all gave me so many great clip ideas 🥺 I’m so grateful for everyone’s creativity!! This week got tied up in filming other clips but a lot of your ideas will be coming to life and to curvage 😘

    1. Fisherman07


      Can't wait baby!! There going to be EPIC

  2. Adora_Belly

    Diet Industry Dropout

    Told you guys I’d make a photoset just for you ❤️ This shirt is dead on especially when I’ve been eating out for I think two weeks straight hahaaa the gains are happening everyone!
  3. The pandemic is getting to me and I'm not sure what to film. Does anyone have any requests? I'd like to make three clips next week for you guys but not sure of what.

    It's so hard to not be naked!!!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Adora_Belly


      like a violet roleplay? Turing into a blueberry from chewing the willy wonka gum?

    3. Danument


      Yes! Would be amazinggggg

    4. Adora_Belly


      I'll have to keep that kind of clip in mind! just me talking about how big I'm getting? Idk If I could manage the special effects needed to make it look like I'm turning into a blueberry

    5. Danument


      yeah maybe you could chew gum or eat a blueberry pie while you talk about it like its a big fantasy of yours or about it as an experience. special effects arent necessary.

    6. Adora_Belly


      Okay I would 100% love to be a blueberry in a pie and eating it sounds really good too. You’re doing a good job talking me into making something like thissss

    7. Danument


      I think it would do really well! Blueberry clips are pretty rare so they are very special

  4. Happy to see you here!! Hope you enjoy it beautiful!

    1. Carmita Bonita

      Carmita Bonita

      Thank you thank you for introducing me to the site!! I really appreciate it lovely! xoxox

  5. While Harper Madi and I are watching food tv I start craving something to munch on. She directs me to her mini fridge in a little passageway and I’m confused why it’s there and not somewhere normal but don’t care too much as my food craving is so high! But when I start making my way through, my ass gets stuck! She laughs and is shocked. “Did you really get stuck trying to get more food?” She asks with a scoff. Shamefully I respond “......yeaaa” She tries to push me through but I’m too big and she’s too weak. I think maybe my pants are getting caught on the entry way so I have her pull them down but they’re so tight on me she can barely take them off and nothing happens! I’m just as stuck as before. Struggling and wiggling to try and escape....but I can reach the fridge.... Since we have to wait hours before anyone gets back I start to empty out her mini fridge making myself more stuck but I don’t care. Foods the reason I got in this mess, might as well enjoy some more! ....................Clip shot with Harper Madi


  6. Wearing this shirt to pick up Taco Bell!! 


  7. Truly!!! A timeless classic. Beer and most food really hahaaa
  8. Soooo I told a bunch of fellow hotties they need to join and a bunch already did. 🤪  A hot train of chubby babes is about to be unleashed!

    1. Bruno49
    2. Josie4yourpleasure


      Loving it so far! Thank you for reminding me this place existed. 💜

    3. RoxiAdore


      Hell yes we did!

  9. Hi Gwen! Hope you like it here 🥰

    1. GwenAdora


      Thanks babe!


  10. It’s date night and usually your girlfriend is so excited to go out to eat with you but tonight she’s a little down about feeling fat. She gives you a twirl for an outfit check but then releases her sucked in belly to reveal what she’s feeling down about. Her growing belly! You start joking about how shes your lil fat cow and she starts to cheer up joking back at you. Soon enough she’s sitting next to you trying to make her belly as fat as possible knowing it turns you on and teasing you saying you can’t touch her until the date is fully over and you’re back home. Its a good thing it's a longer drive to the restaurant bc you need to *looks down at crotch* unpitch your tent before we get there.


  11. 😍😍😍 Hi Roxi!! Love ya!

    1. RoxiAdore


      Hey babe!!!!! ❤❤❤

    2. Adora_Belly
    3. RoxiAdore


      You the bestttt

    4. Adora_Belly


      NO YOU!!! Ya lil hottie cutie😍

  12. Beer chugging burping clip is uploading!! 

    How much love can my burps get? 

    Should my second clip be with beer again or should I try soda even tho I'm not a big soda fan? Too sweet for me but anything for the burps!

    1. Adora_Belly


      I'll have to try that one next!

  13. After stating I’m gonna get a beer belly on curvage someone said they hope it means more belching clips and had me think...why don't I chug and burp!! This video is the result of me trying my best to “chug” but mannnnn did I find out I’m a slow chugger. Was so full and bloated after the first bottle the second was so hard to get down! Some mega burps got recorded but of course I turned off the camera just in time to miss a MASSIVE belch. Guess I’ll just have to try again later~


  14. I'm really going to have to do a 'try on' video.

    Just put on one of my favorite nice dresses and the zipper would not budge 

    The weight is reallllyyy being gained

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