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  1. Just got back from a very tasty trip to Detroit, MI but there's no food at home! Do I get Chinese,  indian, fast food, or a giant sub?

    I'll be posting some food pics later! Had a shrimp florantine pasta that was out of this world and so many good drinks!

  2. With no makeup on, just in bra and panties me and Felicia Fisher eat forearm size burritos. We talk about what all we've been eating, how fast we're eating, our bellies, and some spanish words! You can tell in this clip how cute we are together and what our actual conversations are like. But mostly you see how much food we can handle and how expanded our bellies get.


  3. Adora is super grossed out by belly buttons! Do they really have an end? Why do they get smelly and stuff gets trapped in them? Why do they get irritated so fast? She agrees to clean it out with lotion and a q-tip but complains the whole time being super resistant and making yuck noises. Sticking the q-tip she shows how deep and nasty her belly button is. (filmed 2018, NEVER RELEASED)


  4. New favorite easy meal is Asian Peanut Butter noodles While pasta is cooking mix peanut butter, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, chili paste, garlic, ginger(I get the paste tubes of both of those), add some of the hot pasta water until its the thickness you like, mix in noodles and you're done! Lots of fast videos/recipes of this if you want measurements. So many ways to customize it too. Almost always have all these ingredients so it's a great end of the week meal before grocery shopping again
  5. Who wants an ice cream cone??😈🐷

    1. LordLurker


      Me, I want one!

    2. Adora_Belly


      @LordLurker 3 scoops? Which flavors??

  6. Happy Feast Friday!!!

    Feedee friday? 

    Idk but I'm making potato salad and marinating chicken thighs to cook for my friends tomorrow. Lets hope I don't eat all the potato salad before then lul 


    1. bellydance4me


      Every bone in my body hoped you do and you show off your big belly as you laugh telling them why you’re ordering takeout!

    2. Adora_Belly


      @bellydance4me Hold on while I film this clip!😍

    3. bellydance4me


      Omg it would end me!!

  7. Craving a rotisserie chicken so bad but I'm already planning on buying a BUNCH of chicken thighs to make Saturday... Do you guys think I can eat a whole chicken in 2 meals?

    ...now that I'm asking it out loud I think we all know the answer is yes and that I should go the store twice in two days 😂

    1. Filburt89


      You can do it!

    2. Adora_Belly


      @Filburt89 Thank you! 100% did and kinda wanted to dip into side two of that chicken 😂

  8. Talking to someone about McDonald's vs pizza and realizing Mac sauce belongs on pizza🤯

    This feels revolutionary



  9. Just found a bunch of videos from 2018!😱

    Less tattooed, less chubby, but so cute! 

  10. Adora can barely fit into her favorite pair of shorts all because you keep feeding her so much food. She's catching on though and realizing this was your plan all along. She shows off her big belly for you, unzipping her pants to exposes her juicy squishy belly. She talks about all the food you stuff her with and how it feels when you fill her up with all her favorite food (clip from 2018)


  11. Wish there was a tip feature on this site so bad!

    Know you guys would love to have paid for my wings & fries last night along with my AYCE sushi & appetizers today 😩

  12. New stuck clip is getting submitted!

    Make sure you get it when it's out so I can use that money to buy a bunch of tasty food!

  13. Me and my roomate, Sally Smiles, are hungry and ready for snacks, but I already ate all the groceries she just got. We decide to our good friends house but Sally does have one fear about it; That I'll get stuck in the doorway after eating all their snacks. She's worried for good reason too, it happened sooo many times before but luckily she lets us head over! With a little team work Sally squeezes me in the doorway and we explain to our friend the situation which they are very sympathetic to so they let us snack up! We get apples, and sweet treats. Sally keeps warning me to be careful though, we don't wanna get stuck leaving their house again. After I've had my fill of treats and snacks we head out, with a few apples for the road 😜 Once getting out the doorway I realize something...Uh-oh...IM STUCK! Sally was right! I shoulda stopped eating! It went straight to my butt and now its trapped. I try really hard on my own before asking for her help. She shoves and pushes my butt but its no use. Even worse, I can't back out either! My belly somehow got bigger too! In denial I blame the door way and weather and snacks for being too tasty while I wiggle, shake and pout about being so stuck. I'm never getting out of here T.T


  14. 😱 I just found a stuck video I never posted????

    So unexpected! Lets hope I'm fully covered in it so it can be posted!

    &thanks everyone for the love on the Rubbing on Sunscreen clip❤️

    1. Jason Roman

      Jason Roman

      I NEED IT!!! 🥴

    2. NYbbwlover26


      If you can’t post it here where can we find it 

    3. Adora_Belly


      I'm getting started on posting it now!

    4. NYbbwlover26


      Awesome can’t wait, your stuck videos are some of the best😍

  15. Before soaking up the sun, I’ve gotta protect my pale, freckley skin and apply sunscreen! In a teeny-tiny black bikini I lotion up my tummy, thick thighs, and curvy backside.


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