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  1. Going to Vegas again soon which means totally gorging myself on tasty food! Hopefully I get to go back to Battista's Hole In the Wall. SOOO much tasty pasta. Or another All-You-Can-Eat sushi place, last time I tried Gorilla Sushi and was very happy with it.

    Does anyone have a favorite spot in Vegas I should try?

  2. Adora_Belly

    Getting bigger 💕💕

    Is it just me or is my belly wayyyy bigger?
  3. Another round of all you can eat sushi count!

    avocado salad, 4 salmon nigiri, 2 albacore, 1 MASSIVE deep fried roll(like 12 pieces)

    1. Bruno49


      Funny GIF by Rachael Ray Show

      Would love to see what all this sushi has done to your body 🍑😍😍

    2. Filburt89


      Sounds tasty! Keep up the great work!

    3. bellydance4me


      Buttons in tact?!

  4. Sushi count! 

    Bunch of edamame, 4 salmon nigiri, 2 eel nigiri, 2 albacore nigiri, 1 monster roll

    Can a feeder daddy tell me you're so proud of me?🥺💕

    1. Zaklux480


      Well I'm proud of u 😉

    2. Bruno49


      How I Met Your Mother Thumbs Up GIF by Laff

      Good Girl proud of you 😘

    3. Filburt89


      That’s really impressive! Hope it was delicious. And I bet next time you’ll be able to go even further

    4. LordLurker


      I'm very proud of you, Baby Girl! I also know you'll do even better next time!

    5. Young_Yeetling


      Sushi is good and filled with great nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Not to mention Omega-3, fatty acids, and other things that make someone feel good, and feed your brain and keep you going! 

      While if you eat too much fish, it could lead to Meecury poisoning, it sounds like you are consuming a responsible amount.

      Not to mention, many people may not even be able to have sushi, afford it, and due to Tuna shortages it's great that you could get some quality Tuna, and shows you have a refined pallete.

      Very proud of you, keep it up!

      -Dad-dy 👨‍✈️


  5. Having all you can eat sushi today! How much do you think I can eat? Should I film a video after about how full I am and how much I ate and how hard I tried to stuff myself?

    1. CurvyCannabisCat


      Eat lots of sushi for me!!! 🤣 soo excited for you!!!

    2. Adora_Belly


      @CurvyCannabisCat I'll be sure to have an extra piece when I'm past my limit for you!! 

    3. CurvyCannabisCat


      @Adora_Belly that’s the sweetest thing ever 🥺🥰😍😘 enjoy your sushi 😘

  6. So many big things coming to you guys!! 

    Photosets, videos, a mini series with a special guest! 

    1. Bruno49


      Jimmy Fallon Yes GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

      Cannot wait 😍😍

  7. Just got a super cute lil set design going which means you guys are gonna be getting some very cute pictures soon!

    Can anyone guess the theme?

    1. NYbbwlover26


      Winnie the Pooh?? 

  8. I try on a swimsuit you got me but its SO small. When modeling it for you, you seem to really like how tight it is, making me muffin out of it. I ask about getting a bigger size but you’re too horny for the idea of me being on a beach in this swimsuit! Knowing how much you love this on me I agree for us to go swimming at least once before getting it altered. You just love watching me show off my chubby body and want the world to see it stuffed into clothes that are just too tight.


  9. new clip comingggg

    1. Bruno49



      Excited Scott Evans GIF by NBC World Of Dance

  10. Wow. No one has said the term belly bacon to me before and its so hot😍
  11. Did a poll on twitter yesterday for what my dinner should be and damn I’m so glad they voted Calzone. SO GOOD. And massive



    1. bellydance4me


      My word! Are you waddling or rolling after that!

  12. Since its about to be 4th of July I wanted to make a special themed overeating clip! Red Hot buffalo wings, blue bubbly drink, white ranch and bikini! My mouth was watering while slaving away make the buffalo wings from scratch (butchering and cooking the wings, making the sauce) so when I get the full plate of it ready to eat OHMYGOD starving. This clip has some speed changes! Wanted to make sure you heard the burps at regular speed but watching me eat much faster is very satisfying. How many wings do you think I can finish?!


  13. Eeekkkkk! 

    Tomorrow my 4th of July Stuffing clip comes out and I'm so excited for you guys to see!

    Screenshot (2058).png

  14. Since I got new bikinis I thought I’d show you your favorite part of my body, my stretch mark! They’re so fresh and dark right above my downstairs and the ones on my sides show up so well! Never show off my back ones but in this clip, you can see them clear as day. Hope you enjoy this effect of my weight gain!


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