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  1. Happy St. Patty's Day!


    Hope everyone stays safe and has a great time!

  2. Am I craving too much Korean or Indian food?

    Feel like indulging😈

  3. How many parts are there to your video that you collaborate with Becky? Also will there be a video with all the parts?

    1. Adora_Belly


      There's 2 parts and then we both have BTS. Eventually I might make a compiled version with everything together but thats far off in the future. Maybe 2 years out or so

  4. Just realized I never posted some of my birthday meals! 

    Homemade stuffed pork chops, carnitas tacos, homemade chicken parm, fancy dinner where we all shared every dish. Not pictured is the appetizers 🤤 I’ve been eating good and gonna keep it going this week!






  5. Now that the lasagna is in the oven we get to make our cheesey bread! Cooking with Becky is so fun and cute, even over a video call! Hope to cook with her in person one day and get to look at her belly grow and get stuffed from whatever amazing meal we cook up together.
  6. E4025F40-B84B-4A4E-8890-CE1C687D6A6D.thumb.jpeg.53df4575f0f5d44443f331d956bc3bb7.jpeg

    my birthday body is coming in! been eating non-stop tasty meals and want another today if anyone wants to sponsor it 💗

  7. Is that last video u posted with Becky (part 1) just cooking???

    1. Adora_Belly


      Action wise, yes. You mostly see how much we truly like food and cooking and eating

  8. First birthday dinner was super delicious! One more fancy dinner planned, LOTS of Indian take out coming this week, some home cooked meals and my favorite. Trés Leché cake 🤤🤤 gonna be a really good food month 

  9. As promised Becky sent me, Adora Bell, her recipe for lasagna and once we’ve set a date and gathered all the ingredients, we get to cooking together! Becky and I have such cute chemistry and make lots of eyes at each other’s bodies while getting together this feast. Trading cooking secrets and explaining how we cooked and put together everything you see us make. You get to be a fly on the wall as we flirt, cook, talk food, weight gain and bellies!
  10. My birthday is March 7th! Can't wait for all the birthday dinners I'm going to get 🥰

    1. bellydance4me


      And cake! Will you show us the results?!

    2. Adora_Belly


      @bellydance4meHow should I show results?? Definitely need to show the results of this 😶

    3. bellydance4me


      Ooo maybe some before and afters, maybe some open or popped buttons to accommodate just one more slice, telling us how stuffed you get maybe those sorts of things? 

  11. Filmed a few new belly videos for you guys ❤️

    Can't wait to see what you think about them

  12. Like the nice boyfriend you are you made me breakfast but it made me SO full! My belly felt huge, bloated, and stuffed. Just moving a little bit makes me burp and hurt. Your food is irresistible to me, even when I’m full, I can’t stop eating it. Now I pay the price by having this big hanging belly but that was your plan wasn’t it? Having me show off how round and jiggly I’ve gotten from your cooking.
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