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  1. Make sure to get clips while there is a 5% discount!


    Discount ends today!

  2. So excited for December 1st 👀

    Might be dropping a video with a very special guest who you guys will be so addicted to

    1. Adora_Belly


      Count down 6 days until this video is released!😍

  3. So ready for the Thanksgiving Feast but always get confused on what to eat the week of it!
    What are you guys making during the weekend & week?

    I might eat out most the upcoming days and mix together weird left over things in my pantry 

    1. Wishuwerebigger


      My family always expects me to go so hard as a former chef, so I typically do a couple big reheatable meals: lasagna, stew, shepherd’s pie, etc- so there’s just easy dinner ahead of my big showing on Thursday.

    2. Adora_Belly


      @Wishuwerebigger Oh I'd definitely expect you to show out if I was at that thanksgiving too. Sorry! hahaaa Reheatable meals is a smart move though! Just made some stuff out of pantry things last night. 

  4. Thanks so much everyone for buying that new clip!

    Love seeing you guys enjoy something and support me!


  5. After Thanksgiving I come to talk to you about how big and bloated I feel. Your family just kept feeding me and feeding me...that was your plan??? You wanted me to gain weight?! My belly hurts we ate so much. Just look at how my belly is in these jeans now. I barely fit in them! Since you're being so nice about me gaining weight we start comparing my body to thanksgiving food, taking off my pants and laughing about big my belly got from just one day of eating.


  6. If you've been wanting some cute costume Feedee/feeder, tummy worship things for the holiday season I've got you!👻




    Everyone loved the ceviche! Made tostadas with it mostly which has mayo on it 🤤 Then had the idea last night to make it like a Lobster roll and put it in a toasted roll with a LOT of mayo & avocado HOLY HECK so good like that

    Friend loved her birthday Alfredo and it turned out so cheesy garlicy creamy 🤤 one serving of that left that I'm going to DESTORY later today

    1. bellydance4me


      Sounds amazing!! Hope the rewards are in the waistline?!

    2. Adora_Belly


      @bellydance4me only time will tell but we can hope!

    3. Adora_Belly


      @jdarg18Thank you! I always try to have fun when eating leftovers and make something a little new with them🥰 So filling each time!

  8. We’ve gone on so many extravagant dinner dates and I think its catching up to me. My belly looks so big in all my date night outfits! Just look at how round and big its gotten. Turning and modeling my new thicker middle and saying how much I like our dinners where we try so much of a menu. Getting apps and meals and more. I’m glad you like it so much so we can go to another right now! I’ll go ahead and get changed


  9. Gonna have another huge food week!

    Making a MASSIVE batch of ceviche to feed so many friends family and me of course

    Making friends birthday dinner request of Alfredo plus garlic bread and cake

    Going on dates which include eating lul 

    1. Wishuwerebigger


      I LOVE ALFREDO. Probably my favorite meal to make or eat. Enjoy!

  10. Filmed a new "Why I Gained Weight" Road trip edition! Should be out in the next few months. 

    Realized after filming that I REALLY should have filmed my adventure in trying on jeans. Even though I'm not the biggest, it's still impossible to get jeans that fit!! Probably tried on upwards of 20 pairs 😵 Was such a long day lul

  11. I'm envious of how much tasty local food you have to choose from!! Went out on Halloween with a local friend but don't think he took us to any clubs playing bounce. It was a blur of a fun night though so very possible!! Ended in a karaoke bar which was bumpin all kinds of tunes.
  12. (another old clip has been found! circa 2018) It feels like you're genuinely hanging out with me hearing me talk about a trip with my belly out, jiggling it around. 10 minutes of me talking passionately about food I ate, places I went and how my belly feels after spending a week in New Orleans.


  13. Just bought all the snacks for my road trip! Fruit cups, rice crispy treats, chips, cheese, sandwich stuff. Nom nom nom Can't wait to eat all that first week and second week eat out for every meal 🤤 I just know I'm coming back with extra weight

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