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  1. lol we don't want you hurt or bent or bruised period.......well unless its the fun kinda bruising 🤣
  2. Anything you come up with will work and non of us want to see you hurt over a bit of role play, yeah sounds tricky, if you can you can, if not don't fret 😘
  3. That will work, I know your boobs are bigger but the thinking was they would squish more then hip bones with added chub lol stuckage has come up before from a few of us i think that but with your big boobs bulging out would rock
  4. The struggle of watching you trying so squeeze your podge into the non stretchies would be good 2 sizes to small as then we get to see you sit, bend or even eat till they burth at the seams, as for the videos, well, having been dropped home after your date, you tummy swollen from dinner you find you have locked your keys inside, you remember the little window round the back might be open, its much smaller then you remember, you manage to just squeeze your boobs through and with great effort huffing and puffing inch by inch your now engorged ** belly, as the lip of your tummy pops inside the frame you love handles and hips plug the window, out of breath your tummy expands even further and you can no longer get it back inside the window, your chubby thigh begin to kick trying to get a grip on the outside of the wall your plump rump jiggling several inches either side of the frame, then you phone rings with the bf telling you about how he would like to see you gain............. just a thought......
  5. This is so fucking hot, what I would not give to play with that seductive podge 😍
  6. I say open it up and keep your options open, it can get a bit full on here, just come and go when you feel like it, looking fantastic as always, stay safe and watch out for that rona 😘
  7. squeezing into tight clothes is always good and tight spaces? maybe getting stuck?
  8. In this world you can be anything and everything you want and more, sex, booze and that tummy ooze ❤️
  9. Looking hawt throughout and im loving your podge being squeezed out from under that tight top 😍 you are sex, drugs and take out!
  10. You would just love to have her sit on your lap, leaned back and play with those curves 😍
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