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  1. That is so fucking hot, you look ready to burst, gotta lay you back and get the oil out to give you a good belly rub as you groan about what a hog you have been, then fireman carry your fat ass to the bedroom lol 😉🤣
  2. Ohhh yes playground, plenty of tight spaces there 😈
  3. It screams date night, wear it under your clothes for dinner then have hubby unwrap you later
  4. You really are a goddess alright 😍
  5. You are a very beautiful woman, lookin very fancy today 😍
  6. Fuck me running with a spoon woman I can almost smell the wine and melted chocolate remains
  7. This is so hot, makes me want to see you in some stuckage even more, squeezing and bulging out watching that gut be uncontainable and un movable 😍
  8. Your podge is deffo sitting further in your lap ya little fat knacker 😉🤣
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