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  1. The double chin was looking good in the recent episode. It is a great weight gain, and nothing is confirmed, so fingers crossed it's just a gain!
  2. Her in the grey sweater in lost in translation is just mint
  3. How'd we miss this one? She looks fantastic here
  4. somethingoranother


    That is massive for someone who was in kpop. Adorable.
  5. Couldn't help but notice that the Australian contestant in Eurovision tonight looked quite delicious! it is a Eurovision song so brace yourself for cheesiness.
  6. This her most recent vid on insta. She's looking good, and a lot of comments discussing her weight. Someone early on comments asking if she's put on weight, to which she replies...
  7. It's called Shangrila. Very different and fun experience to say the least!
  8. Ive been in Japan and today visisted the chubby maid cafe. All I can say is that it was a fantastic experience. They have a roster of maids starting from chubby (they say slim, in comparison to the big ones) maids to fat ones. The heaviest being 120kg and the lightest being 65kg (Which for japan is still fairly heavy). They are super friendly and really did their best to get across the language barrier. The food wasn't too bad, and it's fairly expensive but thats what maid cafes are like. They are open to talking about their weights and so I asked a few questions to the one who I felt was in line with my ideal level of chubbiness. She said that she gained weight while working there but had lost some recently. That she was now 65kg from her high of 80kg. I ended up buying ber a parfait which she finished so fast and thanked me for many times. I shared pizza with the other two. Next time it may be an idea to just gift them food as theyre very enthusiastic about it. After some jokes I saw a scale on the floor and asked them to weight themselves so they all gathered around and the one who said she was 65kg was actually 72kg (she seemed a bit surprised and spoke with a bit of a laugh to her friend. Maybe her diet wasn't going as well as she'd hoped) she then jokd to me saying that her clothes were 2kg and the parfait was 3 kg. All in all it was a lot of fun and I thought i'd share it here for others to enjoy and let them know the place is well worth visiting!
  9. Amazing pictures, wondering if the purse being held in front of her tummy on purpose in the AQUA shoot...
  10. Great post, hope she stays wide from now on
  11. Really enjoyed this mate. Keep it up!
  12. Cute on Conan, slight double chin action
  13. She has gotten thicker, delicious!
  14. Just had a look, and agreed she has definitely put on some form of weight since the start of the series, I am sure a master of screencaps would be able to rustle something up...
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