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  1. Hello my Sweetie!🐷 I'm all oiled up for you! Playing with my fat, and talking about how much I love my big body💞 Would you oil me up like that too and play with me?😘💞🐷


  2. New video dropping soon😘 

    Oiled up piggy🐷🐷🐷


    1. Hal9000


      Wow. You got HUGE 😮

  3. Running a sale on my latest vid😋💗 

    Go and check it out💗💗💗



  4. Do you like my big soft body?😋 

    New vid dropping soon♡



    1. Guest


      You're so sexy, yes your soft big body is quite lovely 🥰

    2. SomeGuyNamedChad


      Your body is absolute perfection. I don't know how I've never seen your posts on here before, but I'm happy I saw this one.

    3. romeos92


      one of the sexiest bodies in curvage and one of the top models...i hope your gaining so far from over and my only thoughts seeing you so much bigger than your current size!!😍

    4. PrinceForFlabby


      You are really the sexiest and hottest model  on Curvage, thank you for making my day,Gorgeous 😊

  5. Hey my Sweets! Ordered too much food just for myself!🤭 And enjoyed eating it! I love some oily foods, I can eat it much faster! Come and enjoy my stuffing with me!🖤


  6. Wanna see how I stuff myself silly with fast food?😋


    1. Guest


      Um, yes! Looks delicious, food looks yummy too 😋

    2. SomeGuyNamedChad


      I love it. You're gonna get nice and big eating like that.

    3. PrinceForFlabby


      OMG You are beyond gorgeous!

  7. Have you seen my new Slow motion vid?😘💗 

    I bet you gonna love it! 

    ♡check itt out and tell me what do you think♡


  8. Hey my Sweets!😘💜 I hope you love my new lingerie as much as I do!😘💜 I think it fits perfect!💜 A short slowmo vid with lots of jiggling 💜


  9. And have you seen my newest video?😋💗 I play with my fatty body for you in a beautiful lingerie!💗 Tell me how much you liked it😘💗
  10. Can I devour you?😋🖤



    1. Submissivefeeder
    2. SomeGuyNamedChad


      Yes, please! I'd love to rest inside your big belly.

    3. AthleteTurnedFatty


      You look amazing you can absolutely devour me I’d love if you did 

    4. Dirk690


      I would love to have your beautiful fat body devour me.

  11. ♡♡♡Check out my newest vid!♡♡♡

    Come and watch how I play with my big fat belly for you😋🖤



    1. ItalianStud9


      You look beautiful and delicious 😍

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