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  1. She posted it with the caption “New year, same diet”, so she seems positives about her changes. I hope this year would be a Big year for her. All those added pounds looks great on her !
  2. I’m so happy that Laura Fatty/acdc34434 might have other compatriots to follow her path ! I wish the both of you the best in gaining and I hope you get really competitive and huge together !
  3. I hope it starts as a desire to have some meat on her bones and then turns into getting a thick and curvy body because she likes the weight gain process. Can’t wait to see her stuff her face and to accept her growing body, deciding to get fat
  4. Oh I’m interested and I really would love to see her pile up pounds
  5. This is a TikTok video where she is embracing her growing body, but her username is covered because it was posted on IG. So I would like to know who is she by moment she is into gaining.
  6. There was very an amazing thread about an Asian girlfriend who went for 115 pounds to 236 pounds and doubled her weight thanks to her boyfriend. What happened to it ? Is the account active even if the thread doesn’t exit anymore ? Do you have recent pics or recent before and afters from the thread taken down ?
  7. https://www.mediasetplay.mediaset.it/video/grandefratello/la-doccia-di-valentina-vignali_F309752301038C18 https://www.mediasetplay.mediaset.it/video/grandefratello/la-doccia-con-spettatrici-di-valentina_F309752301038C01 Here are the links to the video where she is having a showers at the Italian really show and she flaunts her all time heaviest body. In the second one, despite she is teasing the other with sexy moves, they are joking about her. She gained about 11 kg at the Italian Big Brother
  8. ThomGy98

    Samaria Regalado

    Long time no see toneless tummy and single layer of chub on Samaria ! I hope this time she will more gain weight than two years because she would look perfect
  9. Hi ! I’m interested too to know what happened to that wonderful thread ! I hope his Spanish girlfriend today is at least twice the size she was in 2018 Here are some her last photos Before the gain: Piling up the pounds: A before/after getting thicc Her last photos as thicc beautiful lady 😍
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