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    I am a man coming from France, i like cooking ( having plenty of recipes ) and as you can see, i like sharing cook, food that i ate or prepared and put them here.

    I used working in a bakery during 10 years.

    Also i like eating too, going to the restaurant and spent good time with my family and friends too.

    I enjoy bbw, ssbbw ( with huge belly, soft arms and biceps rolls, weight gain, and feederism ( feeder tendency ) and also for those who enjoy curves ) ) ). The bigger, the better as we say.

    Also, i enjoy sports, hiking, talking with people and making new friends, nature.

    Sorry if my english isn't perfect, but i try to do my best.

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  1. Good morning :). Have a nice day all curvages' friend :). Happy thursday day :).Β Happy Thursday GIF

    1. I'llFeedYouWaaayTooMuch


      Thank you! Good morning to you too!Β Β 

  2. Amazing pictures with beautiful belly too πŸ™‚
  3. And your belly will continue growing too with beautiful soft arms and biceps too.
  4. Yes sure :). You will enjoy the community.
  5. Welcome to Curvage. Hope you will enjoy the community.
  6. Welcome to Curvage. Hope you will enjoy the community.
  7. Aligot, it is a potatoe recipe that i ate. I made it with a sausage and with mayonnaise too.Β 


  8. Welcome to Curvage. Hope you will enjoy the community :).
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